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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 6, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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áácheeringáá cheers as the mars rover makes a succesful landing. the role maryland is playing in a mission millions of miles away. -------------------------------- -------------and where's the truth in advertissng? advertising?(mos #2)"they make it look appetizing and it's usually not." not." we test products to see if they live up to their packaging. -------------------------------- ------------ more heat.. with a threat of storms this week. how hot it will get... and when rain could arrive... in my skywatch forecast. -------------------------------- ------------- profits are down at a maryland casino. the numbers casting doubt on the need for more gambling in the state. good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.jeff barnd is off tonight. baltimore police open fire on a man outside
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district court. crime and justice reporter joy lepola brings us his fiancee's harsh words for baltimore police policefirst on fox tonight tonight ((pkg))8:32:00 ambulance leaving 8:32:15 nat of officer talking tavon williams made it as ar as the sidewalk outside his son's daycare before officers ordered him to the ground. 8:43:16 i'm devasted i don't know why they had to shoot him. he don't carry weapons i don't know why thee shot him. i don't know i don't know what's going on :19 chemia ross is the mother of williams son. she learned of the police involved shooting from williams' mother.8:43:55 i hate it i hate them :57 i hate the police they don't help us they kill us i don't like it what ended in this neighborhood... ... began miles away...8:51:25 the shooting took place right here in the parking lot williams was inside district court.... when officers placed him under arrest. he had a warrant out for his arrest on a traffic violation.8:50:10 from my understanding now the suspect requested to go to restroom when the handcuff was released
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that's when he was able to get loose :22stand up 8:53:39 police say williams was actually in custody when he ran from the courthouse butt stand up8:54:31 he made it as far parking lot before offices opened fire shoooting at him 3 times.8:49:39 were now being told the suspect jumped in the vehicle backed up and tried to run the officer over ;45 fearing for his life, the officer opened fire hitting williams in the right arm. a shooting those closet to him still have a difficult time understanding. 8:43:39 he's a good person he's a good father i don't understand why he was shot i don't know. joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. the officer who shot williams, has been with the department for 38 years.the officer wasn't hurt during the ordeal. our "news on the go" subscribers were among the first to know about the shooting this the app from your android or i-phone app store...or text w-b-f-f to 45-203 to receive text meesages we now know the name of the
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elderly woman who died in a fire in reisterstown on saturday.this is cell phone video of the fire that killed 80 year old carolyn conrad.she was the woman found dead in the back bedroom of the home. firefighters believe smoking was a factor. there áwereá working smoke detectors in the home. in spite of tragedy like that one, fire deaths are actually down in the first six months of this year....22 people died in fires in maryland,compared to 28 during the same period last year.that represents a 21 percent decrease. this fire at the m-and-t bank on ritchie highway sunday night...caused 750-thousand dollars in can see the smoke billowing out of the building as fire crews from anne arundel county worked to knock it down. it took more than fifty firefighters to bring it under one was injured. investigators are looking for a man who they say set fire to a crowded restaurant in harford countyit caused more than a half million dollars worth of damage.melinda roeder
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tells us how and where the fire started started
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the owner tells fox45 that the restaurant has been around for 25 years...the 60 people who work there have been laid off authorities in anne arundel county need your help identifying the teens in this picture.police think the two are responsible for a fire on friday inside the food lion grocery store in illegal firework caused the fire.the boys are about 14 or 15 years old... one was wearing a black and white striped shirt with shorts.. the other was wearing a light colored tee shirt.anyone with information is asked to call anne arundel county police. the man accused of shooting several people including gabrielle giffords in tucson last year.... is expected to plead guilty. guilty.jared lee loughner is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow... where psychiatrists are expected to announce he's competent to stand trial. 6 people died...
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and 13 others were injured in the shooting outside a grocery store last january. the man accused of killing 6 people at a sikh temple in wisconsin......had ties to maryland.wade michael page was part of the group "end apathy," and a linthicum-based record label released the group's music.the label released statement today... saying their thoughts were with the victims......and that it has removed anything related to "end apathy" from its website...because it does not want to profit from the tragedy.criag boswell tells us how the temple's president... tried to stop the killing killing (boswell on cam lead)police are not releasing a motive but have a number of clear clues. and while the shooter's background is coming to light...the focus turns toward the victims, one woman and five men.mos says: "he did everything he could for the congregation, everything and unfortunately he gave his life unnil the very end."in his last moments... the temple's president, went head-to-head with the gunman. kaleka says: "he ran up and tried to
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struggle with that man stabbing him with a butter knife."this is the man police say carried out the attack...wade michael page.his murder weapon, a 9m-m handgun -- purchased legally in milwaukee -- in was a 40 year-old army veteran, demoted then discharged in 19- 98.the f-b-i is looking into his background -- and checking their files.carlson says: "we had no reason to believe -- as far as i know, no law enforcement agency had any reason to believe -- that he was planning or plotting or capable of such violence." members of this community say ignorance labels them as terrorists, because of their traditional turbans and beards. mos says: "we're not 'the other' we're your brothers and sisters we live down the street."the shooting is being considered domestic terrorism. president obama, ordering the nation's flags flown at half staff until sunset, on friday. obama says: "in this country, regardless of what we look like, where we come from, who we worship, we are all one people."(boswell on cam tag) the focus this evening is on prayer services...while the community plans funeral oak creek,
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wisconsin, craig boswell, fox45 news at ten. eight people were sent to the hospital after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected at the main post office in downtown baltimore. fire crews were called to the post office on east fayette street after someone fell inside the building.crews then realized there were high levels of carbon monoxide in the least 60 employees said they weren't feeling well. "we assessed some unusual odors which prompted us to request a hazardous material task force to the scene. they're investigating revealed levels of carbon monoxide in the vacinity of the 38 parts point million." million."the carbon monoxide buildup is believed to be caused by generators outside the building ---that were activated a few hours earlier during a power outage. two employees were sent to the hospital after a chlorine leak at a water treatment plant in east baltimore. the leak happened this morning at the montebello treatment plant on hillen road. more than a dozen other employees
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were forced to leave the building. the leak was ácappedá by fire officials. "right now we have a hazmat materials on the scene they did investigate a possible chlorine leak they did stop a small leak inside the facility." officials are continuing to investigate. but they say no one outside the plant was affected. we've been following the problems beneath the roads of baltimore for you very closely. this is what people saw on kirk avenue near 29th street last wednesday......water running down the road after an 82-year-old pipe burst.we're now told that power has also been restored to the people that lost electricity because of the break and this hole in the road along monument street near johns hopkins hospital....has been causing problems ever since ii opened up almost 2 weeks agotoday, public works crews tell us that the sinkhole has been stabilized... and the sidewalks are open now... ...but the streets remain closed to traffic......and this problem will take áseveral more weeksá to fix.
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but this water main break... ...the one along light street one that caught everyone's attention about 3 weeks ago.we were there with you... in the middle of the it rushed down what should be a busy city street. street.keith daniels joins us live from the site of the break...keith... how much closer are they to getting that break fixed? fixed? jennifer.... the public works department is calling today's progress report.. good news. take a look behind me. here's why they're feeling preety good. they say crews are completing work tonight.. that could have all the pipe repair work done by the end of the week. week. for weeks now.. repairs on the water main break in the financial district has had things tied up in downtown baltimore............the streets are closed to cars.. but people are on the move on foot.(ms. krus) "each day we
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walk further down and across. i mean, they've been providing very good walkways, taking care of all the pedestrians, we're fine, really." repairs are good too. the city's department of public works says crews have now re-connected the largest of the water main pipes, which means those pipes will soon be back on line.. one giant step, they say, toward full repairs. (áááquick nats of water, etcááá) a large water main break buckled the surface of light street and sent water gushing through lombard and pratt streets about 3 weeks ago. since then, cars have been re- directed during this repair work.. and foot traffic has been steady.. but frustrating. (ms. baker) "it's a little frustrating because ou have your mind set on going a particular way, but then once you see it, oh you can't walk on the sidewalk you have to go the next block.. go all the way around it.. kind of slows you down.."(ms. lenkey) "right now, it's not bad. if it was lunch time, it's heavily impeaded. especially when the buses and people trying to get the buses, trying to get to a bus."
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according to a public works spokesman.. once the pipe work is done this week....the street is repaved.. and reopened.. he says.. by august 20. live in downtown baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. that construction project will slow you down.and maybe this will too....coming up in just 5 minutes...we'll tell you about the new locations for áspeed camerasá in balitmore counny 3 the ravens regular season is just a little over a month away...and our first look at the purple and black on a real field is this week.morgan adsit joins us now with a preseason report, morgan. training camp's about knocking off the rust... installations... and finding the best 53-man roster... for the first week and a half... for the next month... the league adds preseason games. first up for the ravens thursday... on the road at atlanta.we know the ravens are stacked on defense... with a few question marks... starting
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outside linebackers and defensive end..the falcons will help answer some questions... thanks to a loaded's a balance this week between practice... and a game.but harbaugh says the falcons are far from his mind. 3 hear from 2nd year receiver torrey the o's start a 10-game homestand... coming up at 10-50 and 11-300 on sports unlimited... 3 25 percent of americans...are so overweight...they can't join the army...the program to fix that...later on fox45 news at ten what's 20 cents mean to you?a lot, when that's the monthly increase for a gallon
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of gas.i'm paul gessler--we'll try to make sense of it all: coming up in 2 minutes. ♪
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book all of our destinations online gas prices continue to creep up across the country.maryland is no exception. exception.paul gessler is live in north baltimore with the bottom line.paul-- it costs about 55 bucks tonight to fill up your 15- gallon tank with regular unleaded.the same fill-up, last month-- cost you 50 bucks. that's five dollars you can't spend on bread, milk or your favorite pint of beer.
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those current averages across baltimore are 3.58...up a dime a gallon from last week.and up more than 20 cents a gallon from last's still cheaper than this time a year ago, but that's not any consolation to drivers. william holmes: "it just don't make sense. everything's going up but people's salaries." / andre leonard: "that's why people's not taking too many vacations this year. they don't have the money for the gas." / carol foreman: "you have to drive. you just have to." / abdullah mateen: "sometimes you have to choose between gas and food. and you need the gas to go get the food." / carol foreman: "if someone can get the prices down, it'd be greatly appreciated." (laughter) (laughter)there have been several refinery outages and oil pipeline spills that are blamed for price spike. one of those ruptures was near chicago-- where their average is 4 dollars and 40 cents for a gallon of regular. marylanders can take solice that we are four cents below the national average.reporting live in north baltimore, paul
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gessler, fox45 news at ten. we can help you find the best gas prices in your neighborhood.go to fox- baltimore dot com slash pump patrol here's one way to save money... slow down for those speed cameras.5 new ones will start working in baltimore county on wednesday.they are on johnnycake road near southwest academy.cromwell bridge road near loch raven high school.regester avenue near stoneleigh elementary. wise avenue near atapsco high school....and reisterstown road near owings mills elementary school. three maryland casinos generate more than 48-million dollars in revenue for july. but revenue at one of those taking a "nose-dive."as john rydell reports... the operators of hollywood casino...are now explaning what happened... happened... ((nats))the glitz and glammor of hollywood casino are still obvious. but where are the crowds?((nats))operators expected theywould see a
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slight drop-off in business...when maryland live opened two months ago at arundel mills.but in july...slots revenue here...dropped 32-percent from the same month a year ago. (hayles) "so when you add in the fact that baltimore could get a casino in a couple of years, it's going to have a further impact."so hollywood casino's general manager wants to send nearly 500 of his slot machines...back to the state. (hayles) "not only would we be saving some money from a maintenance prospective, the state would be able to take some of these games and maybe use them for maryland live as they continue to grow."state lottery officials have not yet decided how to respond to hollywood casino's request to return slot machines.they say nothing will be done until after the upcoming special session on gambling. but some state lawmakers saythe new numbers confirm their belief...that maryland is tryingto expand gambling too quickly.(carter) "before we look at expansion, we need to get the five sites that were first passed up and running." (rydell) "table games.... regulars to return....they're
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already renovatingthe casino's restaurant...and buffet...and...adding a new bar. "you always want excitement in your facility." added perks aimed at players who now have more choicesin where they gamble. in perryville, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. a spokesman for thecordish company...whichoperates maryland live...says the loss in revenuefrom hollywood casino shows that maryland cannot sustain another mega-casino in prince george's county. that brings us to our question of the day. does maryland need a sixth casino? casino? here's our facebook page.some of you say yes - it could mean a lot of jobs...but many of you say no... for a lot of different reasons...some want the other ones up and running first... others say there are already enough.join this diicussion by going to facebook dot com slash fox-baltimore
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and that special session is also expected to include a debate on pit april, a court ruling declared the breed inherently dangerous. but the ruling isn't in effect yet.the decision says victims of pit bull attacks would ánotá need to prove the dog has a history of violence before making a claim.the ruling sparked controversy.... and the state farm insurance company has asked the court to reconsider.until then, landlords can't evict tenants just because they have a pitbull. the general services administration is apparently too busy throwing parties to take note of the condition of government buildings it's charged with managing. managing.we are talking about the same federal agency that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for an over-the-top taxpayer-paid party in las vegas, millions for executive bonuses and thousands more for private cooking lessons.the g-s-a's primary mission is to document the condition of almost 400-thousand buildings and keep track of how the space is used. used.the government
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accountability office reviewed the g-s-a's database earlier this year, and found a lot of problems.......including some buildings with collapsed roofs... and a warehouse with radioactive contamination--- both listed in "excellent" condition. to read more about this story, turn to our media partner the washington guardian. go to fox- baltimore dot com... and click on "washington guardian" in the hot topics section at the top of the screen. it's our duty to hold elected officials can do that by joining our fox45 waste watch.if you have a story about government waste... call our hotline... can also log onto our website fox baltimore dot com and click on waste watch. emily>> 3 3 3 3 3 still trying to
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fill the judges seat... what this disney channel star tweeted that could land him a spot as the next american idol judge. "coal is very dirty. its dirty. its a cradle of grave di" dirtiness." coal may no longer be used to fuel electricity. the new tool company's are trying to use that's áearth friendlyá.
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wheeeeeeeeeeeee! whee! whee! wheeeeeeeeeheeee! heads up. everything you love about geico, now mobile . download the geico app today. better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't happen if the special interests get their way. with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools
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on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you. because it's not up to the special interests, there's a good chance that the electricity you use everyday comes from coal.... it generates most of the power in maryland. but the coal industry is under attack and, some fear, it may not survive. in tonights cover story, jeff abell examines the dirty truth behind an industry thats fighting for respect. respect. (12:51:27) (wades into water) "who cares if it gets high...." on the waters of curtis bay....neighbors have
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long learned to live with the "other" neighbors across the bay.... (11:53:12) "so you have brandon shores to the right and wagner on the left." the two power plants have been in this community for more than a quarter century...and down the road...behind the cornfields of bowleys quarters....another plant has been generating power for more than a half century... (11:02:33) "i mean its there, you know its there but its like a neighbor. its just part of the family." but neighbors weren't always so content...especially when they learned that the plant going up in their backyard....would be burning coal. (10:24:26) "well, we all went over to towson and protested but that didn't do any good..." there are now more than a dozen of these plants in the state....burning maryland coal....and generating maryland power. (13:01:03) (abell) "sixty percent of power in this state comes from coal generated from pl;ants just like these. but critics complain they also generate another 62-billion dollars a year in additional health care costs from all
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that pollution." (11:53:53) "are both emitting extreme levels of sulfur dioxide...way over their allowable healthy amounts in the community's...." christine hill is with marylands sierra club which is launching war on coal... (11:55:52) "coal is very dirty. from the minute that its extracted to the minute thattits burned to the time its disposed of. its all dirty!" the sierra club wants to retire marylands coal plants and move the state 'beyond coal'. but in western maryland where the coal mines provide jobs and fuel to the local economy....there's a fight to keep coal in the energy picture. (15:40) (franchot) "with the proper environmental regulation and protection this is a sector that needs to be understood b y the state. right now, its just a political punching bag for folks that live in urban areas." two months ago, maryland comptroller peter franchot held a coal summit in western maryland vowing coal
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would no longer be a dirty word. (20:04) (franchot) "if you're concerned about whether coal can be burned cleanly go out there, i went out there, i'm an environmentalist i was impressed. its not just clean, its cleaner than our homes...." (12:02:15) "you and i right now are breathing in this air and all the pollution that's getting lodged in our lungs...." the sierra club is fighting to replace 'coal power' with wind power and solar power. (11:56:08) "we wanna bring those newwr 21'st century technologies online now so we don't have to deal with the dirtiness of coal...." (11:01:48) (neighbor gene hines) "its always something that they're trying to stop. i think its because they're afraid its going to make a difference..." in the neighborhoods where coal plants once drew protests.... many neighbors are now defending their neighbor. (10:56:46) "it hasn't bothered us at all there's no odor. there's no problems with the water. my kid goes swimming there...." constellation energy is now selling the three coal plants it operates near baltimore....
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soon there will beea whole new power player in the war over coal. jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten... maryland is the 18th largest coal producing state in the country. 3 (noah petro-research scientist.)"yeah.. mars is a tricky place to land" land"next on fox45 news at ten the role maryland scientists nasa's nail-biting landing on mars early this morning... filling the judge's seats.the boy band heartrob that tweeted he's in the running to become the next american idol judge. 3 homicide of young people in americaact on all o. how can we save these young people's lives?
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as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. enroll in the program that's right for you at >> i'm running this way. not for me. it's for them.
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i'm running for the children that don't have even a mom. don't have parents. don't anybody to take care of them. i am running for those kids. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ]
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[ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens. nick jonas confirms that he's in talks to become a judge on the next season of "american idol".the jonas brother tweeted this weekend that the rumors are true.he says it would be a dream come true if it happens.he will fill the spot left open by steven tyler. mariah carey confirmed last month that she is replacing jennifer lopez on the show. tonight... an astonishing new picture of the rover - curiosity - as it made a nail- biting touchdown on mars. mars.this picture was snapped by another satellite orbiting
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the red planet......and it shows curiosity in the middle of its descent......its super-sonic parachute deployed...slowing it down before the "sky-crane" placed the rover on the planet. soon... curiosity will get started with it's main mission. bolden says: "curiosity, the most sophisticated rover ever built, is now on the surface of the red planet, where it will seek to answer age-old questions about whether life ever existed there on mars" mars" 'curiosity' is outfitted with 10 different instruuents......including h-d camera's, magnifiers, gas analyzers and a drill strong enough to chisel away concrete......costing 2 and a half billion dollars kathleen cairns tells us how some of maryland's top scientists played a key role in nasa's successful early morning landing on mar's. 3 at the goddard space center in greenbelt... (noah petro-research scientist.)"yeah.. mars is a tricky place to land"
10:35 pm
euphoria is the best way to describe the astronomical mood at the visitors center. (noah petro-research scientist.)"they got through a huge hurdle."the mars science laboratory... called curiosity rover... landed on mars. "its neat to see. thats why we dropped in today"visitor murray royce remembers the landing on the moon.... but says the mars mission... is staggering. (murray royce) "to be able to see last night the landing on the mars.. was pretty amazing and i think there was a lot of people holding their breath..." scientists call it seven minutes of terror, from the time it entered mars athmosphere.. until it landed. (murray royce)"if there were 72 rockets that had to go off in order.. how many times did they practice that???" it launched last november... aad traveled nine million miles. (cool shot)"the camera is facing back to the module.. and it can watch it lift off the surface."these are the
10:36 pm
first photos from the rover. it takes 14 minutes for the photos to be transmitted back to earth. (cairns)"to put it in perspective.. test soil"(noah petro-research scientist.)"it will give us the best insight into the past history.. the climate.. the environment was like on mars.. it's also about our future... for young scientists.. like austin: (austin)"landing on mars is cool but if i were to because you could see the rings and all that... that would be cool first hand" ...perhaps another mission to consider in the decades ahead.... at goddard space flight center in greenbelt.. kc fox 45 news at 10 3 3
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3 3 one in four
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because of their weight. researchers say the problem is so serious many commanders describe it as a potential threat to national security. hundreds of recruits wind up discharged early because of weight-related issues. now the military is working harder than ever to find eligible recruits. "recruits have not done as well, who have been over-weight, don't do as well in boot camp and are more likely to not complete their first term of enlistment." more than 60-million-dollars a year is invested and lost in recruits and finding replacements. now military leaders are targeting school lunch programs and vending machines to try and reverse the problem. the unemployment rate is rising, but one profession has an estimated 100 thousand job openings.joel d. smith takes us to big rig school, to see why there's so much demand for truck drivers right now. now. just 6 months ago, deuan conaway was a line cook. 54:22 it was ok, but still
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hard to make ends, he's like the other nearly 400 other students graduating each year from all state career-- as a professional truck driver. 5656 im not going to lie to you, you feel in control, you feel powerful to be honest with you.that power translates to making 30 thousand dollars the first year, and maybe much more than that in a few more years.5745 some friends making 100k a year.nats. 3127 pretty much like a regular car with clutch, gear shift.the program here at all state career starts with 10 weeks in the classroom, before students hit the road with instructors. shift sound....3230 the 6 month program costs 10 thousand dollars... and it's not for everyone.2720 when you're driving for 10 hrs a day, you can get distracted behind the wheel,5600 some get in and see they don't have the confidnece to handle a machine with that much powr. behind it. some decide, they cant' separate from family for that long on the road.:joel d: lets look at the other side of things... the positives are
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job security, starting pay, and a lot of people love the independence of being in here. and don't forget fringe benefit number one (honk) all day long.its absolutely fun 2735 5433 i had a national employer come to me a month or two ago and say i need 70, 7-0 drivers. i said you;re going ot have to wait until graduate some more dundalk, 5720 i feel really in control f my life right now, joel d. smith, fox 45 news at 5:30. the job placement rate for that company is an amazing 88 percent. ever walk to into a wedding reception or a party without knowing anyone else in the room? in tonights word on the web, carrie peirce explains how your online connections can help you break the ice before you arrive. arrive. 3 3 instead of awkward small talk, people are now opting for social seatinn. seating. for dan (prono: don) berger, inspiration came from attending a wedding. i wanted to see where the cute girls were. i didn't know where anyone else was going to be, it was a destination wedding. so i thought to myself,
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"wouldn't it be cool if i saw a publishhd seating chart before i got to the wedding?" that thought evolved into social tables, his washington-based startup working its way into the event planning business -- do everything from manage their guest lists, to the floor plans for events, to the seating charts. and the cool part is we let guests interact with each other before or after, based on where they're seated. that last part is what puts "social" on the "table." the platform draws data about guests from their social networks, so planners can seat people with common interests together, hopefully trading awkward icebreakers for more meaningful conversations. planners can publish a guest list before the event to give a head start on the "getting to know you process." and for those who feel that's too much information too soon, there's the option to publish the list after the party too, which berger says more people seem to be opting for, even though he sees online and offline worlds merging. nowadays our online identity is the same as our real-life identity. and we need bridges between those two identities, because of the fact that we spend so much
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time online. and next time your online, friend us on facebook.... just go to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. im carrie peirce and thats your word on the web. 3 torrey smith had a breakout rookie season...he says year 2 is a lot less stressful...what else he's learned about life in the in sports unlimited... tired of retailers tricking you out of your money when buying processed foods. find out what you can do when what's pictured on the package doesn't match with what's our consumer reports.
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in his first two games as a rookie last season...torrey smith was quite.then in week three against st. louis...the game slowed down... it clicked... and he was off and r. running.literally.smith gave the ravens offense something it's been lacking... a deep threat.the receiver set ravens' rookie records for his postion with receptions... receiving yards... and touchdowns..thanks to the lockout... that was all without an off this training camp is the first for smith...who's been working on every aspect of his game. 3
10:52 pm
all the orioles have to do is focus on the next three games against seattle.o's are 1 game out from an american league wildcard spot.with 3 teams in front... one being detroit. tigers have a series with the yankees to worry about...the best team in the a-l's literally a win, win situation for the o's... if they win. win.i say let the tigers and yankees beat up on each other...o's have the worst in the west... seattle..bottom of the 2nd...nick markakis smokes it on to the flag court...his 11th...2 run shot gives the o's a 3-0 lead....chris tillman dominant...snags the comebacker in the 6th...he gave up one unearned run.... in 7 and a third...o's win their 3rd straight...3-1. the terps unveil their new field and o's first round pick kevin gausman makes his iron birds debut... coming up on the late edition... 3 boxed, frozen, or canned...
10:53 pm
americans spend more than 100 billion dollars a year on processed food.that's more than any other type of food. what's pictured on the packages often looks delicious... so as tom rodgers explains in tonight's consumer reports... it can be a real disappointment when food doesn't match. 3 3
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"ribbon cutting ceremony" ceremony"traffic congestion in
10:55 pm
owings mills may soon get a little better. baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz just opened a new mile-long extension of owings mills boulevard from lyons mill road to winands road. the 14-million-dollar construction began two years ago. officials are hoping to relieve traffic congestion on neighborhood streets and improve economic value. "this road is more than just a solution for traffic it also creates an economic development opportunity because we'll be linking owings mill new town with liberty road." the four lane boulevard includes a bike path and over 2-thousand trees and bushes. "nats of man cutting cucumbers." cucumbers." he's no chef...but he does have a unique way of cutting food. the new guinness world record one man is trying to create. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... edition... a shocking offer from the man in these
10:56 pm
surveillance photos.... why he was trying to give away a baby ... and what he wanted in return. 3 and a b-m-w plummets off a parking deck.... what the driver was doing when it happened.... and the damage it caused on the way down.
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a man is challenging the guinness world record by slicing vegetables with...a playing card. "nats of man slicing cucumbers" cucumbers"áye tongxiná is from china. he's been training for ten years to slice fruits and vegetables using only a playing card. standing calm with dozens of cards in hand...tongxin darts the playing cards at such a fast speed, slicing cucumbers...apples....vvnn watermelons in half. tongxin says his goal is to cut 18 cucumbers in 60-seconds to create a guinness world record. 3 3 (carter) "before we look at expansion, we need to get the five sites that were first passed up and running." running." profits are down at a maryland casino..... the for more gambling in the state.


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