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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a ggn. gun.(ms. wellmann/neighbor) "" it's just ridiculous." ridiculous."the people he may have been targeting and why neighbors says its so outrageou. outrageous. the fight over expanded gambling in maryland. maryland.(13:55:56) (norris) "the increasing competition take."why some say more could mean less. an increasing threat of thunderstorms as we move toward the weekend. when the worst storms could arrive and the day when we'll finally see some great weather in my skywatch forecast. forecast.and a fond farewell 10:17:32 "the customers that've stucc by us all these years have really ecome friend" friends."why a pikesville department store is closing first tonight... powerful thunderstorms moved
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through the area this evening.. evening..meteorologist tony pagnotti joins us now... tony... what do the skies look like ? ? it's a high stakes game in
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annapolis.maryland lawmakers roll the dice on another casino. casino...(governor) "it allows us to create jobs and it will allow us to realize almost immediately $100 million in revenue for our pubbic schools." schools."and today... the real fight begins some say the numbers just don't add up... ...and taxpayers lose... ...because others hold all the . chips... (3:14) "this is basically a special session for special interests. tonight...maryland's big bet... gambling on a new casino gambling takes center stage in annapolis maryland lawmakers begin their debate on a bill to expand gambling. it's already won approvalin a senate committee.
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but as john rydell reports lawmakers are still sharply divided on the controversial bi. bill... in historic annapolis...summer. all about tourists. ((nats))but in the state house...public officials make a rare least for august. they've been called back into special session to consider bills to expand gambling. senate president mike miller... says it's crucial to keep pace with other states.. and...boost revenue. (miller) "we need no more tax increases, at the same time we need to build schools and keep maryland number one in terms of education."but some lawmakers are resentful...they've been called back into session yet again...this the heart of summer. (jacobs) "i don't think we should be here. i think it's a waste of taxpayers' money, i think deals were cut behind closed doors.""no gaming in prince george's."outside...those who oppose a casino at the national harbor...make their voices heard. "why would our
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elected officials not take care of prince georgeans but try to award billions of dollars to national harbror and watch the money leave our county."while others....are mind. (washington) "it is my hope and expectation that if the casinos do come into p.g. county and we are for the revenues that it brings, that it's just going to boost our community as a whole.(rydell) "and while the senate is expected to begin a lengthy debate over the gambling bill on friday, perhaps the biggest obstacle could come here in the house where a similar gambling bill failed to even come up for final vote in the regular session."(jacobs) "you know, the governor's people say it's a done deal but i don't think there's definitely not the votes in the house yet."but the outcome...may not be known....until next week. innannapolis, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. the bill being debated by maryland lawmakers does not call for internet gambling. if the measure passes, proponents say the additional revenue will be used to fund ed. education. lawmakers madd the same promise when voters first approved slots two years ago.... but so far, critics say education has not
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benefitted from slots proceeds. (9:02) "not one extra penny has been used to increase education spending. instead the slott money has been used to supplant education spending not to increase it....!" it....!" one group that 'will' benefit from the expanded gambling proposal is casino operators. they'll get a huge tax cut if the measure passes. maryland isn't the only state thats chasing the gambling dollar.... at least fifteen states now allow casino gambling.... and as competition is fierce. fierce. in the battle for the gambling dollar....the stakes are high.... with each casino that opens its doors....others feel the drain. (13:55:56) (norris) "the increasing competition iss one casino, if not two in the - state and three moreeare about to come online." right now, almost every state allows
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some form of gambling..... fifteen have casinos..... and as states struggle for gamblers becomes fierce. when maryland opened its first casino two years ago.... revenue in delaware began to slump. so that state approved sports betting and now online gambling.... (15:42:14) ((miegel) "you can get a delaware phone number and sit home in your pajamas and invite all your friends over have a pizza party and gamble all day in maryland and not have to go to the maryland casinos and play the delaware slots online...." eeen if maryland lawmakers approve table games and a sixth casino, critics say the state will still be lagging behind its neighbors. still, analysts predict it'll produce millions in revenue in the shortterm..... but longterm..... (13:58:25) "what we need ii a good accounting. we hear what the casinos are producing but what we don't hear is the costs so we really don't know what those costs are...." experts aren't sure when the market will become saturated.... but for now....the race for the gambling dollar is in high gear. jeff abell, fox 45
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news at ten. 3 when maryland opened its first casino two years ago, casinn revenues in delaware dropped 40-million dollars. that brings us to our question of the you think maryland can compete with other states when it comes to g? gambling? here's our facebook page...a lot of you are talking about gambling tonight...most of you say we are way behind other states. join the discussion right now by going to facebook dot com slash fox-baltimore also in annapolis...animal aavocates...rallyfor a change in marylandlaw to protecttpit bulls.they're upset with a recentcourt of appeals decision that declared pit bulls inherently dangerous. the ruling stems froma case where a towson boywas severely attacked bya pit bull.but advocates say pit bullsare unfairly being singled out. (burton) "it is discrimination against one particular breed, it says that this dog is inheeently dangerous, that is not true." true."late today...a senate committee approved a
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bill which would overturn the appeals courtdecision on pit bulls. the bill now goes to the full senate. a baltimore county high school teacher faces felony assault charges tonight after police say he pulled a gun on workers near his home. his name is aaron joseph. and he's a science teacher at frrnklin high school in reisterstown.... police have charged joseph with three counts of first-degree assault, felony use of a firearm and a handgun violation. investigators say joseph pointed the gun at three workers removing trees on a property next to his home on finney drive in carney. police say joseph was arguing with crew members, apparently unhappy about the new homes development going up behind his property. investigators say joseph went inside his home..came back with a gun. that's when someone called po. police. (mr. weinberger/neighbor) "he's going to pull a gun on guys cutting down trees,
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that's crazy. they're trying to do theer job." job."(ms. wellmann/neighbor) "in light of recent events with gun violence and to pull it over trees! i mean, they're people, the trees, really. it's just ridiculous." ridiculous."baltimore county schools are not commenting specifically about joseph's case but say employees are typically placed on administraaive leave when they face felony charges. meantime, joseph is free on bond.. until his day in court. police now say human remains shopping center were those of a young woman who was murdered. we first told tuesday during fox45 news at five that a decomposed skull was found in highway.a short time later, a body was discovered nearby. police say the victim was between 18 and 20 years old with brown hair. she's believed to have died from trauma to the upper body. they've checked missing persoos reports, but so far have not een able to identify her.
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a man is stabbed near a 7-11 in northwest baltimooe. he then stumbles into on-coming traffic and is struck by a car. as crime and justtce reporter joy lepola explains... explains...this man's murder has led police to ake some unusual steps. steps. 3 3 this stabbing took place between two buildings in northwest baltimore... on one garage where cars fixed. it's a busy area.... despite that, no one has come forward to help. it's led police to release photos of a group of people they believe did see something and just aren't talki. talking. here are the pictures. take a close look... police say they may have been in the area when this crime occured. take close look... you may recognize one of them. i spoke with a man today.... who is often in this area ann was actually here shortly after the killing. he said... it didn't surprise h. him. roger- 8:22 it's a rough area
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daytime and nighttime i don't come up here after dark being as old as i am :32on-camera/joy police say someone saw what happened. detectives just hope tonight you'll come forward. joy lepola news at ten. ice investigators need your help to identify a woman accused of producing child pornography and rescue at least two underage victims. victims. investigators call her jane doe, seen here in these photos, and they say she'' producing videos of herself and a man engaging in sexual contact with two children.the videos were turneddover to the naaional center for missing & exploited children. the center determined the victims have not yet been identified or rescued.invesitgators do not know where jane doe lives, but say she has a large mole on the back of her left thigh. thigh.anyone with information should call the tip line at 1-866-347-2423.
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we want to know how áyouá are fighting back. against crime? tell us... what you're doing in your community... o clean up the streets..../call 410-662-1456. the public service commission will hold a hearing... about the fee b-g-e can charge you... even if you lose power. power.many of you got upset about it after the derecho at the end of june......that knocked out power to more than 700-thousand customers... some... for more than a week. the charge is supposed to make power the company says is needed to maintain the power grid.the hearing is scheduled for september 24th a family forced to flush their toilets with water from their fish tank!this has been going on for four days.paul gessler explains why it's taken until today to get answers to their water woes. wwes. taneisha: "they keep giving me confirmation numbers..."in the corner house on brehms lane and kentucky avenue...(rattles
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off conf. numbers) confirmation numbers give no answerstaneisha goodman: "i can't even wash my baby's pacifier off. i have to use bottled water." taneisha goodman's repeated phone calls..taneisha::"dry as a bone."and dry spickets. taneisha goodman: "it's ridiculous!"her family has been without running water since sunday.taneisha goodman: "it'ssa shock. it's an eye-opener and we weren't prepared or this at all."the family's 90-some gallon fish tank is running low.maurice goodman, father: (pumping out water from fish tank) "today might be the last day..."water is pumped from it: bucket by bucket.. and taken upstairs (nats going up stairs)to fill the toilets and bide time. taneisha goodman: "call 311 goodman: "i feel like maybe r) if the mayor lived next door, that i would have gotten a better response. that's how i feel."finally, this afternoon-- answers.(nats: shovels)but, not the answers taneisha was hoping workers repair an old meter around dinnertime thursday. city officials told her any
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pipe break past the meter would be her took several more hours for the city to confirr that to us. taneisha goodman: (wiping tears) "i feel like giving up, but i can't."basically, it took four days for the city to a plumber.taneisha goodman: "i feel like i'm not important enougg. i feel like me and my children don't matter."onn big question answered--but, now many more up the baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. the goodmans have been staying at a hotel to sleep and shower. city workers delivered water to them... when they came to work on the meter tonight. 3 10:08:18 "it was opened in 1892 by the fields family." 3 the icon in pikesville... that's closing its doors...later on fox45 news at ten a child quietly abducted ...and molested...the new advice parents need to give their prevent thisafter the break
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book all of our destinations online prince george's county police release surveillance video of what appears to be an abduction of an 8-year-old girl!myranda stephens has more about how to protect children from predators. predators. the video was shot outside the value village thrift store in close attention to the little girl and the man nat sot 00:08:31 reporter: she's following him. robert: yeprobert lowery is executive childrenndivision of the national center for missing and exploited children.nat sot 00:01:01 these abductions are often very subtle.he reviews surveillance video from prince george's county police....allegedly showing 25-year-old charles amofa of chillum leaving the thrift stooe on june 9th with an 8-year-old girl.lowery says
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this type of abduction is a parent's worst nightmare. robert lowery 00:01:19 runs: 09 they are so subtle they're not noticed. and as you see in your video, you have workers present. we have gentlemen unloading the truck, right there, who aren't alarmed by lured the girl to a vacant property near the west park playground....but she fought off his dvances and managed to get away.police say a 6-year-old girl was rescued by a county officer...but not before amofa sexually assaulted her near the playground swings.sot 00:01:08 runn: 07 someone would think of a child being grabbed and pulled and the youngster kicking and screaming. abductors don't want that kind of attention brouggt to them. lowery says it's no longer enough to tell children not to talk to strangers...or to just say "no" to anyone asking them to do something they don't want to do.sot 00:01:52 runs: 06 if thht person tries to grab or pull at you..kick, scream, do whatever you can to bring attention to that situation.myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. charles amofa has 550 facebook friends.police say they're
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examining his online activity to see if they can find evidence of any other victims. a fire in prince george's county claims the lives of two . children.... the fire broke out wednesday at a home in chapel oaks, killing 15-year-old rickey cole and his 5-year-old niece jade buffaloe the family was napping at the time .... the girl's father, james, woke up and was forced to ump from a second story window. he tried to get back inside but couldn't rescue his daughter or his younger brother. "iq: he's outgoing, like sports.... oq: everywhere he went, she went." went." the father remains in the hospitalized in critical condition.... it appears the fire was caused by an electrical overload from an air conditioner plugged into an extension cord. sikhs are going back to the temple in wisconsin today... for the first time since the
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shootings that left 6 people dead... and 3 others critically injured. injured.the f-b-i finished its investigation at the temple... ...where wwde michael page opened fire on the people leaders and construction crews went in to clean up the damage.they hope to re-open the temple tomorrow morning. two children are emerging as heroes in the wake of the shooting at the temple on sunday. an 11-year-old boy and his nine-year-old sister were outside the temple in oak creek when they saw a man get out of a car. they say he pulled two guns ouu... and just started shooting. that's when they took action. ((he was shooting those two people and then we ran as fast as we could inside to warn everybody.i feel like a hero.)) hero.))the children said they hid with others in a pantry after sounding the alarm.meanwhile the f-b-i said it appears the suspect... wade michael page... died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. here in maryland the sikh
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community braved the stormy weather to honor each of the six victims tonight.janice park reports from randallstown that the governor also came to pay his respects. respects. "the governor joined more than a hundred members of hte sikh community. rabbis, imans and reverands also came and had the same message. the governor said this is all about transforming evil into love"it was an evening of peace here at the sikh temple ii randallstown. singing and prayers to honor the 6 shoting victims...whoss pictures were displayed here in md. the governor says violence will not be tolerrted here in randallstown or anywhere else. we're told members of hte sikh community are in talks with homeland security through the balt co police dept. about increasing security at the teeple. members of the sikh community say helping others is teh conerstoe of thhir relig: religion:"cannot make sense of this in logicial terms,,the only thing that transforms the horrible taking of life is the power of love" love""whenever something like this happens they are joinginn
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us in prayer that's a great thi" thing""jp, fox45 news at ten" coming up in about 10 minutes...another shooting caseethat made national headliness...the reason why lawyers for george zimmerman... ...say all charges against him... should be thrown out a stormy evening in maryland... maryland... meteorologist tony pagnotti is back...with a look at the forecast for the rest of the night... tony? tony? 3 3 ...a woman... feeling sick in
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a department store...the crime she becomes a victim 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten 10:15:39 'my osh, the ppace
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is an icon." icon." open... for 120 yyars...but now... its about to close.the reasons "fields" is shutting its our cover story after the break [ male announcer ] good paying jobs.
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better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't happen if the special interests get their way. with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you. in a weak econnmy, it can be a real struggle for small businesses to hold on.even iconic stores are being forced to out of business. in
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tonight's cover story - melinda roeder - explains why field's department store is closing it's doors - after 120 . years. (cover with exterior shot) 10:08:18 "it was opened in 1892 by the fields family." it's a mainstay on the main drag of pikesville.10:16:18 check out ladies."but after 120 - years- fields - is about to close - for good.10:09:04 an easy decision, but on an emotional basis, it was difficult."the store - and lunch counter - (cover) 10:06:10 "everything is good." ... have been serving customers for generations... 10:05:17 "since i was a child." 10:15:39 'my gosh, the place is an icon."10:22:53 "this is my 93 year old grandmother." but - modern technology has taken a big bite out of sales...10:06:50 "amazon and things like that that people buy directly from."10:21:23 "you shop on the internet, you're not paying sales tax." higher taxes --and inflated costs - haven't helped small businesses in this bleak economy...09:56:35 "what a small business generally wants
10:28 pm
from their government is nothing, but to be left alone... nn additional mandates. no additional tax increases. no additional fees." ellen valentino is with the national federation of independent businesses....she knows firsthand - that main street maryland - needs a boost.09:53:32 "we've seen taxes going up. we've seen regulation continue to come on board. we've seen policies put in place that make it hard to compete."she points out some of the vacant storefronts near her office in annapolis... 09:57:53 "some businesses tend to hang on, if they own the building."and finds it personally heartbreaking - when she hears about the demise of stores - like fields. 09:55:26 "fields is a fabric of pikesville... that family has had to make."10:29:11 "your total is $12.19"it is no doubt - the end of era.(cover) 10:09:57 "we're in an age of specialization and we're a small variety store."10:12:01 "to a certain extent, we're a little like the blacksmith when the automobile came along and that's not a good place to be."it's a bittersweet countdown - for the couple who owns it. they actually met
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here.10:19:28 "jeffrey interviewed me and hired me and two weeks later asked me out. "a quarter century later - she still runs the makeup counter...her daughters help too...10:32:47 "your total is 68.19"but - as they say - all good things - must come to an end.10:13:19 "my wife and i will be looking for employment very soon."they have some parting words of wisdom for politicians...10:21:17 "lower taxes, certainly not raise taxes anymore."along with some last minute beauty advice... 10:22:42 "a good moisturizer." and a fond farewell - for all who shopped here...these last 120 years...10:17:32 "the customers that've stuck by uu all these years have really become friends."it's been a great run...10:17:00 "progress, baby, progress." with some fond memories. 10:30:04 "have a lovely day." melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. 3 fields store and lunch counter
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plans to stay open until labor day - unless they sell out of inventory sooner. 3 next on fox45 news at ten...a man... stealing an elderly woman's purse...all caught on camera...the additional thing about the victim...that makes this crime even more disturbing... 5636 you don't get the option to close the tank down very oft, often, we'll take you on one last dive inside the big tank in the middle of the aquarium...after the break [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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real big deals this week and every week. attorneys for george zimmerman... the neighborhood watch volunteer charged in the death of trayvon martin... say they'll seek a ástand your lead to criminal charges being dismissed.a statement posted today on the website for george zimmerman's legal team says evidence released by prosecutors shows "clear support for a strong claim of self-defense."zimmerman says he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin in february in self- defense.florida's ástand your groundá law allows people to use deadly force, instead of retreating, if they believe
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their lives are in danger. a delaware pediatrician is accused of punishing his kids.... with what he called "waterboarding."doctor melvin morse and his wife, pauline face felony charges of recklessly endangering their five and 11- year- old daughttrs.the investigation began last month...when police say dr. morse grabbed the 11-year-old by the ankle and dragged her across their gravel driveway.the girl also told police that on several occasions her father would hold her face under a running faucet as a form f punishment he called "waterboarding." authorities say the girls' mother witnessed some of the incidents and failed to stop them. a d-c man expecting a television to be delivered to his apartment... instead receives a brand new, fully- assembled, ready to fire... assault rifle. seth horvitz says the u-p-s label had his name and address on it... but the invoice inside the box was made out to a gun store in
10:35 pm
pennsylvania. horvitz sayy he didn't know what to do... since having this type of gun in d-c is illegal... and so is driving with it in your car... so he quickly called police. "i would like to know how this type of mixup could takee place, especially what's going recently, these mass shootings. i don't want to be in a situation where this type of weapon can just show up on someone's doorstep accidentalll. i would like to see more precautions taken." d-c police confiscated the weapon... and they ssy they're still investigating how it ended up being sent to horvitz. an elderly woman in north &pcarolina is robbed in wal-mar. and how it happened... is even more disgusting.76-year-old queen walters was getting ready to have shoulder surgery. she went to walmart to run a quick you can see how she began to feel sick, sitting in a motorized shopping cart. apparently it was a reaction to her medication.eventually she passed out.then, a shopper sees walters passed out.. he
10:36 pm
walks way.and then returns.. this time.. to steal her pprse.. i said oh god, i just went and got $300 to pay my bills. he didn't try to see if i was dead or alive. the guy went through the check out lane... even walks right out with the purse on his arm. police are still searching for the man.but a good samaritan who saw this story on t-v....gave mrs. walters 300 dollars to replace the stolen cash. an unlikely guest checked into a new meeico resort. resort. surveillance cameras caught a bear strolling through the hotel looks like he got in through an open back door.... but he's not the first unwelcome guest. just three weeks ago, another bear was found in someone's kitchen... and earlier this summer, a man shot a bear that he found eating popcorn on his couch in the middle of the night.experts blame the bear sightings on the current drought.
10:37 pm
a baltimore landmark is getting a multi-million dollar makeover.... but not before joel d. smith can test the waters one more time.he true to swim with the animals at the national aquarium... until he found out his swimming buddies include sharks and stingrays. stingrays. lk they are majestic, impressive, massive. but would you say friendly?26-09 if they're not threatened, or if you're not n their territory, they don't want anything to deo with you. / i definitely heard the word "if" too many times in that explanation, but still, i'm ready . thats the way to do it right? the 3 hop slither? 3338nat ready to swim with the fishes... i just don't want to end up sleeping with them too..2438 the stingrays have barbs for defense ( so when we are in there we let them approach us for food, that way they dion't feel threatened and the need to use their barb,.mmmmm ok. barbs on the stingrays, teeth on the sharks, and i hhve butterflies swimming inside mm tight
10:38 pm
wetsuit. let's swim! it takes a minute to get my bearings, but then the magic of this momeet starts becoming real. i'm actually swimming... face to face with a sea turtle... sharks, and i can even feed a stingray out of the palm of my hand. my teacher here, leah has been doing this for 6 years, and never gets tired of this view. 24:21 absolutely. the animals are really cool. its hard to beat this as a job to come to everyday. but her workplace, and their habitat "is" about to change. 5600 the tank is 30 years old. its a harsh environment. salt water is corrosive. upgrades were needed, but instead of a quick fix, this area is undergoing a 12.5 million dollar makeover. 5636 you don't get the option to close the tank down very often, so it was a great opportunity to recreate the exhibit and experience. the new blacktip reef exhibit features more sharks, and a chance tt get even closer to the fish by walking underneath them in a glass bubble.
10:39 pm
no wetsuit required...3040 getting splashed. at the national aquarium ... in one piece... joel d. smith, fox 45 news at 5:30 3 3 3 3
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he chewed up my face. he plucked out my eyes eyes he survived an attack from a cannibal...the reason he says... a man ate his face next on fox45 news at ten ...and the test that could determine...if you're the next michael phelps...when we come back
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florida man who survived an attack from a cannibal.ronald poppo told police last month about the events leading to the attack in miami. miami.poppo was attacked by rudy euggne.and during the attack.... eugene chewed poppo's face off.poppo told detectives that he blamed poppo for steeling his bible. "he attacked me. he just ripped me to ribbons. he chewed up my face. he plucked out my eyes. basically that's all there is to say about it." it."137-152he mashed my face into the sidewalk. my face is all bent and mashed up. my eyes, my eyes got plucked out. he was strangling me in wrestling holds holdspoppo is now blind.police shot and killed
10:47 pm
rudy eugene during the attack. at the time police thought eugene was on a street drug called bath salts... but a toxicology test could not find any of it in eugene's system. could you be thh next michaal p? phelps?like many olympic athletes, phelps got started at a young, a colorado company has come up with a genetic test.. that promises to tell parents if their child has a predisposition to being good at certain sports. but some doctors aren't convinced that a test can judge a child's totaa ability. 3 demorest sayy: "there is so much to sports beyond genetics. there is the environment you live in. how hard working that you are. how determined that you aae. there is luck that is involved in some of thhs. 3 atlas sports genetics created the test... they say it's just one tool to help parents make an informed decision 3 it's about to get even easier to get your daily caffeine fix. as carrie peirce reports
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in tonight's word on the web, you won't even need your wallet. 3 3 3 leave your cash and credit cards at home....your morning coffee run is about to get a whole lot easier..... easser..... starbucks is teaming up with square.... a service letting shoppers pay with their smartphones.just download the app.... and you can pay for your latte with a simple scan of a barcode.that's similar to starbucks' existing mobile payment app... but this gives the customer another option. and eventually, the app will go a step further...and this is where it gets really interesting. your phone will recognize when you're in a starbucks and it will notify the store. your name and photo will appear at the register. just say your name, the cashier matches your account, and your payment is processed. 3 the pay by phone service will begin this fall at seven thousand starbucks locations. i'm carrie peirce and thats your worr on the web. 3 the future is now for the orioles...see how manny
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machado did in his major league the ravens first preseason in sports unlimited... a battle over a bunny..... why a family is fighting to keep their pet rabbit... and the reason their ttwn wants to take it away. the extreme heat conditions ttat more than half our country is facing right now has led to a drought. however, droughts are not a new phenomenon. in the 1930s, we experienced a devastating 10-year drought through the dust bowl. conditions of drought and flooding are cyclical and have occurred since records were kept on stone tablets. interestingly enough in the 1930s our country was also in the midst of one of the worst economic droughts of all time during the great depression. however, we also have to realize that our economy is cyclical as well- we go through periods of inflation
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recession, and boom and bust. there is no reason to expect anything different today, as we experience not only a drought from these extremely high temperatures but also one of the worst economic droughts since the great depression. what we must do as wise stewards to stay ahead of the cyclical bell curve is learn how to take advantage of the good times and conserve thooe products that will sustain us during the difficult times. nature teaches us that eing wasteful has its own set oo severe consequences whether it's with natural resources or wwth financial instruments. it is these lessons from nature that will keep us ahead of the bell curve and successful in this country, not the government that will only emphasize the status quo and following the bell curve where it may lead- even if it leads to economic destruction. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you.
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because it's not up to the special interests, it only took 2 manny machado's up in the debut tonight.skipping over triple-a ball....and startingg at third.... batting 9th. 9th."...manny machado" machado" a standing ovation for the 20-year-old....1st at-bat...bouncer to short... 6-3 put out... in his first plate appearance....bottom of the 5th...first major league hit coming up...slices it to the gap in right-center... machado's thinking three... slides in without a throw...a
10:54 pm
triple for his first big league hit...his family loving it....machado scored on a sac fly...o's trail 7-1...he went 2-for-4 in his first game.... but the o's 5 game win streak comes to an end...royals win 8-2. there's two ways to get early opportunities in n-f-l training camp...othhr players' injuries...and older vets getting time off..that's the case tonight in the ravens first preseason game at ed reed, ray lewis, or matt birk suiting up. there's two rookies on the o- line... gino gradkowski and kelechi osmele.and rookie courtney upshaw sergio kindle got plenty of reps at outside linebacker. linebacker.ravens leading 31- 17 in the 4th...joe flacco goes 9 for 12 for 88 yards and a touchdown...curtis painter has 3 t-d passes....the first string defense didn't look up 2 touchdowns....justin tucker hit a 36-yard field goal...the only attempt by the ravens... they meet the lions in their 2nd game next can see that right here on fox 45...
10:55 pm
we'll have much more on both games....coming up on the late edition at 11-30. one family in connecticut. for - seven-year-old kayden is very attached to her pet bunny sandy.... and it's one big bunny, weighing over 20 pounds. but it's not the size of the rabbit that's the problem---- its the size of the family's property.the town of north haven issued a cease-and-desist order laat month, saying zoning laws do not alllw livestock, nor rabbits, on lots underrtwo acres. now, the family is fighting to keep their beloved pet of three years. "i don't want the bunny to go." "a bunny is not a violent animal. a bunny is not a violent dog, or a violent cat, or a rabid animal. i, it's a caged creature that all it does is give love to our family." 3 the family will keep the bunny while they appeal the decision. but if they lose at that level, it could trigger a superior court action.....forcing them to get
10:56 pm
rid of it. 3 you can't watch the season 11 american idol contestants on t-v anymore.. but you can see them sing together in perso. person.the way you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell, you don't know... the top 10 finalists are in baltimore and they will perform at first mariner arena for the "american idol live tour" tonight.we met up with them this afternoon and they are thrilled to give back to theirrfans here in charm city. elise says: 23:11-i've always had a good time here.. i know that theres good seafood ..crabs.. baltimore ravens.. so yeah.. i like baltimore(23:17)deandre says - (18:28)its beautiful waking up morning and knowing that there's at least one person that supported you there ..its cool i love it (18:37) (18:37)the american idol live! tour is at first mariner arena tonight at are still available through the box office. a boxing kangaroo causing
10:57 pm
controversy.... the comedy routine drawing crowds.... and the reason some don't find it funny. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... edition... the smartphone olympics...the events in this high tech competition...and big prize for the winner. 3 painting over a dead raccoon. how a pennsylvania highway crew explained this embarrassing mistake.
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