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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 10, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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can't do? you've made it to the weekend.... but it comes with an increasing threat of thunderstorms.when the worst storms could arrive and when we'll finally see some great weather. 10:17:32 "the customers that've stuck by us all these years have really become friend" friends."a fond farewell.why a pikesville department store is closing its doors after 120 and... the ravens crush the falcons in their first pre- season game.the star players who didn't take the field. 3 3 today is friday, august 10.
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 gambling takes center stage in annapolis today... as
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maryland lawmakers enter their special session, to debate a bill to expand wagering. it's already won approval in a senate committee, but that doesn't mean it's a done deal. deal.joel d. smith is live at the proposed site of a new casino in baltimore to explain. good morning joel d. 3 3
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also in annapolis... animal advocates are rallying to protect pit bulls by changing a maryland law. law.they're upset with a recent court of appeals decision declaring pit bulls
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inherently dangerous. the ruling stems froo a case involving a pit bull severely attacking a towson boy. advocates say pit bulls are being unfairly singled out. (burton) "it is discrimination against one particular breed, it says that this dog is inherently dangerous, that is not true." 3 truu."yesterday...a senate committee approved a bill that would overturn the appeals court decision on pit bulls. the bill now goes to the full senatt. police are asking for your help this morning identifying four people they say may have information about a murder. take a good look at these picturee.homcide detectives want to talk to these people about a stabbing along reisterstown road in northwest baltimore last month. the man was stabbed and then struck by a car as he stumbled out into the road. one neighbor says he's not surprised that people are keeping quiet. 11:22 people are funny they're scared so much shooting and everything in the city you know :30 :30 police believe somebody saw
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what happened... and are hoping they'll come forward. 3& governor o'malley joins hundreds from the sikh community here in maryland to remember the victims of sunday's deadly shooting in wis. wisconsin.the group gathered in randallstownnlast night for an evening of prayer.the governor says violence will not be tolerated here in maryland or anywhere else. "cannot make sense of this in that transforms the horrible taking of life is the power of " love" fox45 also learned that members of the sikh community are speaking with the baltimore county pplice department about increasing security at the temple. meanwhile in wisconsin... police allowed members of the sikh temple that endured a mass shooting, sunday... to return to their building in suburban milwaukee thursday. ed payne was allowed an exclusive look inside the temple. 3 . --reporter pkg-as follows --
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with the help of donated supplies, temple members swept, scrubbed and painted over damage from the shooting that killed six people and critically injured three others. they reepened the dining hall, where kitchen for the community. our congregation they were going to do whatever it takes to come back here, oh man, it's been amazing how many people have come, just cleaning, i took pictures just because it's such a positive feeling to see everybody together and so dedicated to this place. they're leaving a lone bullet hole in the metal frame to the door leading to the main prayer area -- as a reminder of the tragedy. here's the pantry where more than 15 women and children hid for more than two hours. some were injured. police say gunman wade michael page fatally shot himself in the head after an officer shot him in the stomach. the unknown. the son of the temple's president, who died in the shooting, has a word for he victims -- and another for the gunman. they are heroes. they are living the american dream. the other person was a coward and at the end of the day, he should always be remembered as a coward . reflected on the tragedy. happened because of miseducation, people concenttating on differences rather than concentrating on similarities. nats -- shout and responding chant civil
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rights leader jesse jackson paid a visit to the temple and helped paint. he says more shootings are likely to follow, unless the u-s tightens its gun laws. meanwhile, we've learred attorney general eric holder will be among the speakers at today's (friday) memorial service. i'm ed payne reporting. governor scott walker will also attend the wake and visitation at oak creek high school, which is expected to draw thousands of mourners, including some from india. 3 news organizations are pushing for more information... into last month's movie tteater shooting in aurora, colorado. on thursday... suspect james holmes returned to court...
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where attorneyssfor 17 media outlets asked the judge to unseal the full court record for the case.but both the defense and prosecutors argue against the release of any more records... saying it could jeopardize the case and kill holmes' chance of having a fair trial. the 24-year-old former doctoral student is charged with murder, attempted murder and 2 weapons charges. 12 people were killed and 58 were wounded in the shooting. some amazing video this 4 people surviveea plane crash... and it's all caught on camera.take a look at this wild's a cockpit view of a plane crash only one 3 person was injured... the others walked away unharmed. it's uncllar at this point what caused the crash. an elderly woman in north carolina is robbed in wal-mart. and how it happened... is even
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more disturbing. disturbing.76-year-old queen walters was getting ready to have shoulder surgery.she went to walmart to run a quick you can see how she began to feel sick... sitting in a motorized shopping cart. apparently it was a reaction to her medication.eventually she passes out.a shopper sees walters and walks away.but then returns... to steal her purse. i said oh god, i just went and got $300 to pay my bills. he didn't try to see if i was dead or alive. the ggy went through the check out line... and walked out with the purse on his arm. police are still searching for him.but a good samaritan who saw this story on t-v... gave mrs. walters 300 dollars to history is made on the . football field.on thursday... the n-f-l's first ever áfemale refereeá took the field... at
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the packers - chargers preseason game.that's shannon eastin you're seeinn there. she's part of the n-f-l replacement referees... since the actual n-f-l referees are in a lockout.eastin is the n-f-l's only female ref in its whistle will now go to the football hall of fame. it's friday and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. want.let us know what's on your mind... and your response could air in our "facebook feedback" segment, in our 7 o'clock hour. hour.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. the red planet... like you've never seen it! it!the new pictures coming in from "curiousity"...and what they're showing. showing. ((break 1)) [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
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into our newsroom... from the surface of mars.and its all thanks to the "curiosity" rover. rover.the latest group of pictures shows mountains and of pictures shows the latest group of pictures shows mountains and other rough terrain in the 96-mile-wide gale crater. curiosity's 2-year mission is to determine whether mars ever had an environment thattlife. ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 195 map 395 map bel air map 3 3 3 3 a pediatrician... who is an expert in his field... is accused of waterboarding his own child! child! have interviewed well over 100 children who have had a lack of oxygen to the brain brainhow many times his daughter says it happened... and who she says stood by and
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did nothing... while it was hap! happening!and the war of the smartphones..find out who is the victor is droid.. or iphone. an update on the delaware
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pediatrician and his wife who were arrested after their
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daughter told authorities her father had used "waterboarding" techniques on stacey cohan reports... the 11-year-old claims this happened several times as punishment. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- pediatrician melvin morse is an expert on the effects of near-death experiences in children. he's written books on the subject and even appeared on larry king live. i have interviewed well over 100 children who have had a lack of oxyyen to the brain, who were treated with all kinds of medicines, and who also are mechanically-ventilated with scary intensive care unitss but were not near death. now, his 11-year-old daughter tells authorities dr. morse used a technique on her that simmlates drowning... allegedly holding her face under a running faucet as water shot up her nose. she claims she was being punished but did not know why and that it happened at least four times over two years. she told police her mother, pauline morse, witnessed some of the incidents but did not
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intervene. now, both husband and wife are under arrest in delaware, charged with reckless endangerment, conspiracy and endangering the life of a child. authorities were first called to the home in july, when morse was accused of grabbing his 11- year-old by the ankle, dragging her across a gravel driveway, and spanking her. morse's attorney, joe hurley, says droid.. or iphone? iphone?find out the one that's winning the smartphone wars.. plus.. the brand... that's at the bottom!
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bottom!and later...g-e is recalling millions of dishwashers.the dangerous problems it's causing... and what you're advised to do.. immediatley if you have one. ((break 3)) when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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market is quickly becoming a two-way race. alison kosik has more on which brand has taken the lead. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- google's android and apple's i-phone are neck-in-neck. together, they made up 85- percent of all phones shipped in the second quarter. but there's a cleaa winner... a new report from research firm i-d-c says google's android accounts for 68-percent of the global
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a warning hen it comes to hair loss drug... prop. propecia.the dangerous side effects.. one study claims it has. the extreme heat conditions that more than half our country is facing right now has led to a drought. however, droughts are not a new phenomenon. in the 1930s, we experienced a
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devastating 10-year drought through the dust bowl. conditions of drought and flooding are cyclical and havee occurred since records were kept on stone tablets. interestingly enough in the 1930s our couutry was also in the midst of one of the worst country was also in the enough in the 1930s our
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