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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 10, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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hurricane season... the possibility that we might be seeing more serious storms than lasttyear... on fox 45 news at five.
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3 the special session is underway in annapolis, and already, the senate committee has approved the bill 11-1 to expland gamblinn. joel d. smith is live in baltimore at the proposed site of the city's casino to explain why competition there, is just one of the reasons,, the bill is no sure bet to pass the house. good morning joel d. good morning
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if the bill passes, proponents say the additional revenue will be used to fund ed. education. lawmakers made the same promise when voters first approved slots two years ago....but so far, critics say education has not bbnefitted from slots proceeds.
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(9:02) "not one extra penny has been used to increase education spending. instead the slots money has been used to supplant education spending not to increase it....!" it....!" one group that áwillá benefit from the expanded gambling proposal is casino operators. they'll get a huge tax cut if the measure passes. the mystery behind a young woman's remains... found behind this pasadena shopping center is till unsolved.the victim was between 18 and 20 years old with brown hair.a decomposed skull was found tuesday in the woods along ritchie highway.a short time later, the rest of her body was discovered nearby. authorities have checked missing persons reports, but so far they don't know who she is. a baltimore county high school teacher faces felony assault charges after police say he pulled a gun on workers
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near hisshome. home. police arrested aaron joseph back in july. they say the science teacher at franklin high school in reisterstown pointed a gun at three workers removing trees on a property next to his home on finney drive in carney. they say joseph was arguing with crew members, apparently unhappy about a new home development going up behind his property. (mr. weinberger/neighbor) "he's going to pull a gun on guys cutting down trees, that's crazy. they're trying to do their job." job."(ms. wellmann/neighbor) "in light of recent events with gun violence and to pull it over trees! i mean, they're people, the trees, really. it's just ridiculous." ridiculous." baltimore county sshools are not commenting specifically about josepp's case but say employees are typically placed on administrative leave when they face felony charges. joseph is free on bond. more people are visiting maryland.the state tourism office reports nearly 34-and-a- half million visitors visited
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the state.that's nearly a 7- percent increase in the number of domestic travelers visiting the state in 20-11.the state tourism director credits the increase to a marketing strategy launched in 2008. george zimmerman's legal team will seek a hearing... under florida's "stand your ground" l.'s a move that could clear martin of murder in the death of trayvon martin. the law allows the use of deadly force if necessary... to prevent death or bodily harm. and zimmerman claims he shot the unarmed 17-year-old in self-defense... because martin aatacked him. no date has been announced yet for the hearing. a warning this morning... about a hair loss prevention drug.researchers say use of "propecia"... could lead to thoughts of suicide.a study was conducted at george washington university school &pof medicine and health sciences... and will appear in the "journal of clinical psychiatry."researchers say more studies are needed beforr change can be made. today... theeconsumer product
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safety commission is recalling more than a million "g-e" and "hotpoint" brand dishwashers... aater a series of reported fires.the recall involves machines sold from march 2006 to august 2009. they range in price from 350 to 850-dollars. the c-p-s-c says no one was injured in the fires... but 3 of them caused extensive property damage. owners of the impacted dishwashers are advised to stop using them and turn off the fuss or circuit breaker to the machines. g-e says it will repair the problem free of charge. it's friday and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your response feedback" segment.facebook - segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. the icon in pikesville... doors...10:08:18 "it was
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opened in 1892 by the fields family." why field's department store is shutting down... after 120 years of business. business. there are projects.
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open... for 120 years...but now... its about to close. close.10:15:39 'my gosh, the place is an icon." icon."the reasons "fields" is shutting its in our cover story. story.the future is now for the orioles...see how manny machado did in his major league the ravens first preseason game...later in sports.later in sports. game...first preseason plus league machado did in his see how manny for the orioles... the future is now for the some places i go really gies. so i get claritin clear. this is all bayberry. bayberry pollen. very allergenic. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. live claritin clear.
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real struggle for small businesses to hold on.even iconic stores are being forced out of business. in this morning's cover story - melinda roeder - explains why field's department store is closing it's doors - after 120 . years. (cover with exterior shot) 10:08:18 "it was opened in 1892 by the fields family." it's a mainstay on the main drag of pikesville. 10:16:18 "well it's a good place to check out ladies."but after 120 - years- fields - is about to close - for good. 10:09:04 "on a business basis, it was an easy
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the orioles 20-year-old phenom makes his debut... debut...see how manny machado did in his first the preseason begins for the ravens...find out which ravens quarterback ravens find out which for the avens... preseason begins plus the machado did in his see how manny makes his debut... debut...year-old phenom the orioles 20- debut...year-old phenom the orioles 20- 3 you know what's exciting? grafaces,p into my sts debut...year-old phenom the orioles 20- 3 i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor.
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i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now.
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bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. 3 3sports. 45 morning cunningham has bruce
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bruce bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. 3 3sports. sports. 3 3sports. 45 morning cunningham has bruce bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning s. sports.
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let's take a peek into our purple pride gallery.this is aarionna...she says she's ready for the pre-season game! and take a look at this little ravens fan!she's a ravens cheerleader in the making! show us your purple pride. you can upload photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- com. and you can see those pictures on our "see it shoot it send it" page at foxbaltimore dot com. or you can go to our facebook
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page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... click on "inside fox45" on the left sidd of the screen. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... the c-e-o of papa john's says he'll probably raise the cost of his pizza.the political reason he claims... that's forcing him to do it.
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