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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  August 10, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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friday, august 10th.
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3 3 3 3 gambling takes center stage in annapolisstoday... s maryland lawmakers eeter their special session, to debate a bill to expand wagering. it's already won approval in aa senate committee, but that doess't mean it's a done deal. deal.joel d. smith is live at the proposed site of a new
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casino in baltimore to explain. gooddmorning joel d. good morning tom, we're usually talking about something else in of year.... the ravens and that are talking about competition. this is the proposed site of baltimore, to open up in 2014.. will it have it have competition in a 6th maryland casino, this one in county? that's what the special session is in annapolis again, public decide if table games, and maybe a 6th casino, this national haabor, are the right moves to protect gambling revenue maybe expand it. some fear it would simply be gamblers that already exist, while others, protesters in annapolis already, are trying to make goes to their county. either way, the senate committee not mean it's a sure bet to pass the house easily. (jacobs) "yoo know, the governor's people say it's a done deal but i don't think there's definitely not the votes in the house yet." (miller) "we need no the same time we need to build schooll and keep maryland number one in terms of increasing gambling to table games like poker and blackjack would add jobs as hundreds in the form of dealers house members start their hearings on the mmasures today. voters would have to approve gambling.joel d. smith, fox 45 good day animal advocates are rallying to protect pit bulls by chaaging a maryland law. law.they're upset with maryland law. law.protect pit bulls animal advocates also in annapolis.... baltimore.good ay baltimore. also in annapolis... animal
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advocates are rallying to protect pit bulls by changing a maryland law. law.they're uuset with a recent court of appeals decision declaring pit bulls inherently dangerous. the ruling stems from a case involving a pit bull seveeely attacking a towson boy. advocates say pit bulls are
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(burton) "it is discrimination against one particular breed, it says that this dog is inherently dangerous, that is not true." true."yesterday...a senate committee approved a bill that court decision oo pit bulls. senate.l now goes to the full - a man wanted on a warrant in baltimore... is shot and killed by an officer in columbia. it happened just before eight o'clock thursday night.howard county police are not releasing the man's name... but say he was wanted by baltimorr city police for holding his estranged girlfriend at gunpoint for several hours before fleeing withhtheir 2 year old child.he was tracked to a home near snowden river and robert fulton drive where police say he was shot after refusing to compll with officers demands no one else was hurt in the incident. a fire in prince george's county claims the lives of two
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children.... and leaves a father in critical condition. at a home in chapel oaks, killing 15-year-old rickey cole and his 5-year-old niecee jade buffaloe the family was napping at the time .... the girl's father, james, woke up and was forced to jump from a second story wwnnow. he tried to et back inside but the fire was too intense. "iq: he's outgoing, like sports.... oq: everywhere he went, she went." went."it appears the fire was caused by an electrical overload from an air conditioner plugged into an extension cord. the centers for disease control says a new strain of the swine flu has been found... and at least 145 cases have been reported in four states. as many as 120 cases are in indiana. a doctor from the c-d-c says many of the cases are aaresult of human-to-pig contact at fairs. they expect
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the number of cases from the h-3-n-2 variant will grow in the coming weeks. a mysterious illness is causing áfinger nailsá... to grow out of a woman'ssface. face.because of that... shanyna isom is now the focus of a medical study at johns hopkins hospital. hospital.the illness came on after the tennesseeewoman suffered an allergic reaction to steroids... used to control asthma.these pictures show the tiny fingernnils growing in patches on her body. doctors say she produces 12 times the number of skin cells per hair follicle... aad hat &psuffocatessherrskin.her physicians are able to connrol her symptoms... but the disease is still a mystery. they've tested me from a to z everything was coming back negative.--butted to-- everywhere hair grows, nails are growing. also leaving her in debt..her - insurance doesn't cover her out-of-state care or thee
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medications she needs to stay healthy. friends and family members have hosted fundraisers to help pay down the debt. more people are viiiting maryland.the state tourism office reports nearly 34-and-a- half million visitors visited the state.that's nearly a 7- percent increase in the number of domestic travelers vvsiting the state in 20-11.the state tourism director credits the increase to a marketing strategy launched in 2008. if you're flying somewhere... the chance of you getting there on time is improving. improving.the department of transportation says the nation's airlines sst an 18- year record for on-time performance during the first half of this year.the report also says tarmac delays of 3
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hours or more have ádecreasedá drrmatically. there were 5- pundred-eighty-six lengthy the first half of 2009... but just áfourá during the same time period this year. some amazing video this morning out of idaho... where 4 people survive a plane crash... and it's all caught on camera. camera.((crash nats)) nnts))the cookpit view shows the plane hitting trees before it crashes and rolls onto the ground.the crash happened back in june... but is drawing a lot of attention now since the 7 minute video was posted online.two of the guys in the plane escaped with just cuts and bruises... a third had a concussion... while the pilot suffered the worst injuries ... with a broken jaw.
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it's the song of the summer... and it's bound to get stuck in your head. head. ((singing call me maybe)) maybe))coming up... we'll introduce you to the girl pehind the song... and find out if she's a one-hit wonder... or if there's more to come. quick fix to aad body and bounce to yoor hair.... plus... how you can also enjoy a day of beauty... for a good cause. wkk enjoy a day of beauty while
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supporting a good cause.leslie rogers with the claudia mayer cancer resource center is here with more on "cuts against cancer." - what is the cuts against cancer 3 haircut-a-thon? - what else
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is going on that day? - what are you doing to the mmdel here?
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to find out more about the services you can receive at "cuts against cancer"... log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. a photographer makes a real splash at a wedding. wedding.((music nats)) nats))coming up... a cameraman fall into a fountain... but it's how the crowd reacts that may surprise you even more. - a wet morning out there... how much rain we got ...and how long it will last... next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 2))
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((music nats)) nats))a surprise baptism for a wedding photographer. photographer.he falls into the
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baptismal fountain during a wedding ceremony.but what's hilarious... is that everybody keeps their composure... no one laughs... and the camera person stays focused on the bride and groom. 3 3 3 3 33 p3
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3 for more information about the spca go to our information aaout the spca go to our website foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. a single tweet a single tweet launched this mega-summer hit. hit.((singing call me maybe)) maybe))who is behind the tweet that launched carly rae jepsen's career... and how hh's helping her take her
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popularity to the next level. level. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ♪
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♪ i'm thinking sweet ♪ and i'm thinking new ♪ i'm thinking all these brilliant colors ♪ ♪ shining through ♪ i'm thinking sunshine ♪ i'm thinking sunshine
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♪ i'm thinking [ whistles ] ♪ i'm thinking [ whistles ] [ female announcer ] 40 delicious flavors that feel as good as they taste. yoplait, it is so good! ((nats of song)) song)) there's this song.. you might have heard it before.. it's called "call e maybe".candace have you heard it? it?nope... this song has launched carly rae jepsen to national stardom...this morning takes a break to reveal life in the fast lane it's a true cinderella story in the music business, as canadian born carly rae jepsen tops the billboard singles charts with "call me maybe" for the 9th week. jepsen says: "very surreal, very bizzare but also quite
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wonderful... it's all just blown my mind, everyday i wake up i'm in a wonderful dream." coming in 3rd on canadian idol, album, but it states, until justin bieber tweeted about her single "call me maybe". jepsen says: "the journey of the song has been a crazy adventure to the day justin tweeted about it to being at the illboards, then the teen choice, it keeps getting better and better." at 26, she's learned a lot in her short career, including
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how to conquer her fears. jepsen says: "i'm getting used to doing something terrifying everyday and i find out i quite like to scare myself, its' joyful onne you get past the fear." carly is working on a follow up album...and getting ready to tour...jepsen says: "next single, then an album out in the fall, then i'm tooring with justin beiber." 3 this week candace catches me st. stealing...that's right... and
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someone on our staff tells patrice she's all coming up in a segment we like - to call say what?! what?!plus... he's already made his mark on the music world..this morning... will downing joins us live to sing us a little rhythm and blues. stay with us... you're watching ox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 4)) [ male announcer he emotio. not everyone can understand it. the worry. the endless collection calls. we know what it's like... to be in your shoes. we're the providers of careone debt relief services. bernie dancel, who created careone, has been in your shoes. he once had his own battle with debt, which motivated him to start what is now the nation's largest brand of debt relief services. so call right now to speak to someone who understands -- and get your free customized plan. our certified personal finance counselors
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3 3 3 the special session is underway in annapolis, and already, the senate committee has approved the bill 11-1 to expland gambling. joel d. smith is live in baltimore at the proposed site of the city's casino to explain why competition there, is just one of the reasons, the bill is no sure bet to pass the house. good morning joel d. good morning tom, we're usually talking about something else in of year.... the ravens and that stadium, but we competition. this is the roposed site of baltimore, to open will it have table games... will in a 6th marylaad prince george's casino, this one in in a 6th maryland it have competition will it have up in 2014. baltimore, to open harrah's proposed site of competition. are talking about stadium, but we ravens and that this area this time something else in talking about tom, we're usually good morning d. good morning joel house. bet to pass the the bill is no sure bet to pass the house. good morning joel d. good morning tom, we're usually talking about something else in this area this time of year.... the ravens and that are talking about his is the proposed site of baltimore, to open up in 2014. will it have table games... will it have competition casino, this one in prince george's county? special session is all about. again, public officials need to decide if table 6th casino, this one at the national harbor, moves to protect gambling revenue in maryland, and maybe expand it.prince george's county want a new 800 million dollar casino at the national ringing in major profits there in a but at the
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same time, maryland live are concerned all the new casinos profits away from them, and not dd to the overall gambling revenue bg he w -ne &coetiotsif-states3 if the bill passes,
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proponents say the additional revenue will be used to fund ed. education.lawmakers made the same promise when voters first approved sllts two years ago....but so far, critics say education has not benefitted from slots proceeds. (9:02) "not one extra penny has been used to increase education spending. instead the slots money has been used to supplant education spending not to increase it....!" it....!" one group that áwillá benefit from the expanded gambling proposal is casino operators. p they'll get a huge tax cut if the measure passes. 3 the ravens come out the gate in the preseason... ready to win! win!the ravens took down the
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atlanta falcons in their preseason opener.some of the team's best vets didn't take the field.. ray lewis.. courtney upshaw or matt birk... aad ed reed who participatedd in just one series. series.and ii wasn't looking good in the second quarter... the ravens down 14-0... andd joe flacco gets sacked twice. but then flacco connects with ed dickson for the touchdown. in the third... curtis ainter finds tight end billy bajema in the end zone for 6... and ravens tie it at the closing minute of the quarter.. painter lofts it for pndrafted rookie deonte thompson for a touchdown pass. ravens lead 24-17... and win their first preseason game 31- and win their first preseason game 31-17. show us your pprple can upload photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- com. can see those pictures
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on our "see it shoot it send it" page attfoxbaltimore dot com.or you can go to our pacebook page.. facebook dot com ssash foxbaltimore... click on "inside fox45." nik wallenda... is at it again. again.the dare devil walked across a tightrope one hundred and twenty-five feet above the atlantic city boardwalk thursday.wallenda made it look like a cake walk... much like he did back in may... when he walked across a tightrope high above the inner harbor. he then went on to become the first man to walk across the niagara falls in just 26 minutes. some heavy rain to start the morning. 3 morning.find out if the wet stuff wiil stick around into the weekend with your forecast . he's got a rich voice that just sings to the soul... coming up... will downing performs right here in our studio. 3
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it's time to caption this! this!today on our facebook page we posted a picture of a cat striking a's what some of you captioned it. tin-neil says "no moomy. i haven't seen the birdie." bbrdie."thomas says, "hey!! is my head straight?" straight?"dionne says, "oh there's waldo." ((toss to weather))
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((ad lib meteorologist))
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ease into the weekend... with some incredible music. music.((singing)) ((singing)) he's spent two decades recording romantic hits like this one... one...and up next... will downing joins us live in studio to tell us what brings him to baltimore ... and he'll even perform ?p?p?p?p
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jack kennedy was asked the question -- would he keep his church separate from his presidency? now mitt romney faces the same scrutiny. while some voters distrust mormonism... others see no issue. and one of those who isn't worried, is mitt romney himself... "no authorities of my church, will ever exert influence on presidential decisions." take a closer look at the mormon faith and what it could mean to a romney presidency... 3
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he has been singing for more than 20 years and he's still going strong.many of you know this man right here... will downing... he is performing in baltimore this weekend at the bluford drew jemison stem academy and this morning he's here to give a little sneak peak at his show. - what is taking place this weekend in baltimore? - how
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have you maintained such a long lasting career? career? 3 ((break 7)) [ female announcer ] safeweway presents
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this week we went a little ga-ga for google. of our guests decides she wants patrice fired. fired.and megan and i have lunch...while joee d. almost becomes lunch. llnch.all that and more from the week thaa had us going... going...say what?! what?! saywhat8/7((22:23:50 playing))((22:23:57 i stink!))saywhat8/7saywhat8/7 ((22:24:54 things you can do to pass the time. keyboard))) saywhat8/7you think i should text saywhat8/7((22:26:09 patrice, you're fired!)) ((22:26:15 um....patrice does not want this message!.. maybe you altogether.))saywhat8/7 ((22:26:25 ask her if she wants to step in front your i'm joking))((22:26:37 somehow joel managed to text that correctly. patrice u saywhat8/6((22:27:23 megan stealing from seinfeld truck.)) 080712rrj((she did something stupid trying to impress me that's all it was.))saywhat8/7 ((22:24:01 i swear to you, patrice. i was playing ..
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can't even clear a hurdle (whine!):10))((22:29:18 candace: no ((22:29:47 steve: no sun saywhat8/6((22:24:20 i gotta ask ya, tom. are you a got an airhorn handy, use it! :29))((22:24:10 whoa, we're underwater))080912ssh((joel swimming with saywhat8/9 ((22:29:28joel: just when... whoa that's a 080912ssh((joel swimming with sharks broll)) ((22:25:08 brought back 2 sandwiches.. 1..2...3 :16)) ((22:26:11 candace has her mouth full and i want her to go on the air right now :14)) ((22:26:21 candace: mouth full :24))saywhat8/9right there... feed me :355)saywhat8/9can't do this! :40))saywhat8/7b ((22:24:23 did you see saywhat8/9((22:25:27 (shot of meg eating) oh!)) 080712rrh--this is the weeeeeeee!((want to go again? not today!)) 3 3
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3 you're [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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nature valley, hurricane season... the possibility that we might be seeing more serious storms than lasttyear... on fox 45 news at five.
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3 áá7 day forrcastáá &pforecastáá and just a correction.. we want to make sure everyone knows... will downing is performing tomorrow night.... the 11th... at the bluford drew jemisoo stem acade. academy.for ticket information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.
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