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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 11, 2012 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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murder in midtown..... two men are gunned down on the front porch of a mount vernon m. mansion."it's an outrage, for someone to do that and jjst not care" tonight,, a desperate search for the killer -------------------------------- after a suspect is handcuffed and search, a bullet ends up in his brain. brain. i think they killed him.. mean, my son wasn't suicidal suicidal why the fbi is investigating the officers who arrested this young man. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- plus, aacity bus cartwheels through the air and it's all
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caught on camera. the unbelievable damaged caused in this transit terror. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- 3 3 good evening, i'm jeff abell. 3 abell. and i'm karen parks. gunfire leaves baltimore's mount vernon communiiy in crisis tonight. tonight. an early morning shooting killed one man....and left a community leader fighting for his life..... and as janice park shows us tonight, the community is now &pfighting for justice. justice. "he's the unofficial ayor, the go to guy" every hot summer friday night... night... "he'd be sitting on the top of the steps, there would be a lot of people around laughing, chht-chatting""eighbors say larry peterson would take his seat...atop the steps of his bed and breakfast...fittingly named the empire house. house. "like he was holding
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court, it was nice"the former home of the governor more than a century ago. ago."what could be happening 4 o'clock in the morning, what could be going on"but early friday morning...on this normally peaceful street, neighbor curtis parker was woken up by 7 gunshots: gunshots:"it's very disturbing, i don't know what to say about it"neighbors try to make sense of the crime that has left 40 year old joseph ulrich dead...and peterson critically injured. people here...say peterson was a leader, involved in local politics.aad a man whose kindness spread quickly, radiating throughout the neighb: neighborhood:"it's an outrage, for someone to do that and just not care" care""police tell me in response to this shooting until further notice, they'll have someone patroling this block on foot.tooight, police will continue to patrol the 3
10:03 pm try to restore the peace peterson workeddso hard for.a person...people here say...they need: need:"i'm thinking who would want to hurt a guy like that he's always been generous to pveryone, never had harsh word park...fox45 news at ten. peterson is in critical but stable condition at johns hopkins tonight.... so far, police have just a vague description of the suspects. a 3-year-old boy is injured after he and his sister find a gun in a parking lot in hagerstown. officers say the boy and his 7-year-old sssser were playing in the parking lot behind a building on west franklin street friiay morning when they found a loaded 22 caliber beretta in a bush. the boy started ppaying with the himself in the chest. hot - "its a shocker for this town i know it is. and i know its something thats going to send
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this town through a loop for a few days but i believe the town is resilient enough o bounce back. im just hoping itll be a lot of support for i hope we find an answer to what really happened really fast." at last word.....the child was liited in stable condition..... police say the gun was not stolen. and they are still trying to track down the owner. a glen burnie man is behind bars tonight after police say he threattned to caary out a mass shooting at the child support enforcement office in a. annapolii.police say james armstead caaled the office oo tuesday, threatening to kill employees and himself in a "batman-style shooting" reminiscenn of colorado's movve massacre last month. he was arrested today and charged with telephone misuse and threateninggto injure a state official.a search of hii home, turned up no weapons, but police did find evidence that armstead was trying to buy an ak-47 rifle. a baltimorr county high school assault after police say he
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his home. police arrested aaron joseph back in july. the franklin high school science teacher is accused of pointing a gun at three workers removing trees on a property next to his home in carney. police say joseph was arguing with crew members, apparently unhappy about a new development going up behind his home on finney drive. (mr. einberger/neighbor) "he's going to pull a guu on guys cutting down trees, that's crazy. they're trying to do their job.. job."(ms. wellmann/neighbor) "in light of recent evenns it over trees! i mean, pull - they're people, the trees, really. it's just ridiculous." ridicclous."baltimore county schools are not commenting 3 specifically on joseph's case but say employees are typically placed on administrative leave when they face felony charges. joseph is free on bond. &p3 the woman who claims sse was sexually harrassed by anne arundel county executive john leopold says she has a lot more to say about her time as
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one of the county executive's top aides. aides. today, karla hamner launched a website to raise mmney for her legal defense fund. she's suing the county executive alleging he ordered her fired after she advances. in depositions released yesterday, three police employees appeared to bolster her case. as the lawsuit progresses, hamner says she knows more and is (22:32:58) "i want the truth to come out and i will say that over and over again. i really truly elt that this was the right thing to do...." do...." in one day, hamner's legal defense fund has raised 625-dollars. 3 friday night in annapolis... the enate gives final approval to a bill to expand gambling in maryland. it would allow table games like poker and black jack at all casinos and would approve a new casino in prince george's county. but opponents say building another casino
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could wind up hurting existing casinos. (pipkin) "there are some saturation for the third largest ccsino already up and county, a seventh largest casino planned for baltimore ci" city." the bill moves onto the house where debate begins thereemonday. 3 3 mitt romney makes it official..... wisconsin congressman paul so far, president obama is keeping uiet about the selection.... but as ed henry shows us, democrats are already going on the attack. as he headed to chicago to raise money, president obama had nothing to say about the bbg news... letting his campaign team do the talking -- with tweets and text messages charging the republican vp pick is "radical" ... and immediately rolling out a tough new ad that's anything but subtlenats ad: "..the gop budget plan hurts seniors, it
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and it hurts studeets. all to pay for tax cuts for those at the top..mitt romney and paul ryan: back to the failed top-down policies that craahed our economy. top obama advisers can hardly ccntain their glee... thee election is now what they've wanted: a "choice" about the next four yearr -- instead of a "referendum" on the last four .... though ryan quickly made clear wwth unemployment high and the debt soaring ... he'll hammer the president on the future and the past.sot - ryan says: "... he did not do things that were centrist. he stayed hard left so, if he can't run on his record. if he didn't moderate then what's he got left? he is going to divide and distract this country tt win an election by default and you know what? we're not going to fall for that." ahead of their one face--o-faae debate on october 11th in kentucky, vice president biden placed a call of congratulations to ryan ... while he's previously laced his attacks with classic, biden-esque caveats. sot - biden sayy: "... decent smart guy -- congressman ryan -- i disagree fundamentally, smart decent guy." biden allies now suggest he'lll outshine ryan on everything
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from the economy to national security.sot - doyle says: "... paul ryan has laid out theevery clear right wing blueprint about how to help rich people in this country... does anyone really think paul ryan is more ready than a world leader like joe biden? that disconnection will be fans scoff and say the yyn's - american people are hungering moore says: "...paul ryan is the real agent of hope and change. it's interesting that was 2008 campaiin theme off barack obama. he's not running on hope and change now. he's kind of running on the status quo and fear -- and paul ryan is an optimist." notice that after days of stories about the president's likeability ratings will take a hit because of negative attacks like that cancer ad, mister obama himself is staying above thh fray. but starting monday, when he's on a three-day bus tour through iowa, the gloves may come off. president has series of fundraisers in chicago this weekend but aides he's not planning to blast
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&pryan. at the white house, ed henry, fox news. fox45's news on the go subscribers were some of the first to learn of the ryan pick. if you want to be ahead of the game.... just go to fox baltimore dot com and click on the news on the go link.... you can find out how to sign up for alerts on your smartphone. even easier, text wbff to four, five, two, zero, three and you're ahead of the game. another orioles legend is forever immortalized at camden yards! myranda stephens is streaming live from camden yards - with how thousands honored hall of fame first baseman - eddie murray. former orioles first baseman - "steady" eddie murray - is no doubt one of the greateet in baseball history. and now... everyone who comes here to camden yards... we'll know it, too. nats of music??from the bottles of chaapagne... 222 nats of champagne popping to &pthe bright orange bow-ttes...
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it was only the best... for one of baseball's best. nats 239 eddie murray!!nats 345 eddie murray! let's go! inside camden yards... thered anxiously awaiting the arrival of former orioles first baseman ... eddie murray. karen 743 i just love eddie and his work ethic and how talented and gifted he was 48 the next orioles legend to be honored in bronze... at legends park.nats of unveiling!!willie 4304 i think it's a fabulous statue . fabulous. i've watched him hit that way many times most of em home runs14 he great number 33... 8-time all-star and membbr oo - the 3-thousand hit club. brother 4012 well the eddie's the 3rd boy out of 5 and we all played professional and he's the one that came through &pso it's like we all won 22 an off the field.. a quiet leader and loyal friend.eddie 3345 it's nothing better than winning. i wish i coulddve won more than once. 1983 was thatt only year (applause) 56 still
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humble...but now forever immortalized as the reatest first baseman in orioles history.4326 each one is a little betttr than the other 28 butt bites!!!4330 it gett better and better as it goes along yes 32 murray is the fourth to be honored in the orioles legends celebration seriis. frank robinson, earl weaver, and jim palmer had sculpture unveilings earlier this season. the only two left are cal ripken, jr. and the great brooks robinson. live at camden yards, ms, fox45 news at ten. 3 with one preseason gamm down... the ravens know they are far from ready for their monday night football opener against cincinnati next month.morgan adsit was with the team today in owings mills... morgan.
10:13 pm was a good practice could tell the ravens had plent of items they wanted to improve on after thursday's preseason game with the falcons. falcons.after watccing... there's plenty of things to pick on...the first team offense struggled to get a first down... o-line missed blocks... the seccndary got torched by the falcons' first team offense... and special teams left some plays out that's what preseason games d are for... to fiiddmistakes... that need corrected.... and the ravens aren't hitting their panic button any time soon. 3 coming up in about 50 on sports unlimited...john harbaugh on his talented undrafted rookies in camp.and i go one-on-one with a healthy tight end, billy bajema. 3
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3 i think they killed him.. i mean, my son wasn't suicidal suicidal a man in custody ends up with a bullet in his brain. why his family wants arrest the police. a metro bus flips over twice and rips the shocking video caught on the buses dash cam and how everyone maae it out alive. the city shuts down four recreation centers.... and several more coull suffer thee same ffte.
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this weekend four city rec centers arr closing....despite protests of dozens of residents.... the ccty has pledged to spend more than 19 million dollars to build three new centers......and renovate
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dozens more....facilities...m anyysay won't benefit those who need them... them... //neighborhood nats// here in north baltimore.... (8:42)i had a lot of memories.....the ending of an era.....(9:24)parkview rec center was the best place for the kids to go when they get out of schoool....summertime they had summer camp in there..... micheal littlejohn spent many of his childhood years at the parkview rec center where he now....volunteers....ann days.....this community staple is much more than what it seems....(11:32)earthquake that's where all of us went at....rec center director came over and allowed everybody to come in for safety.......and now.....the parkview rec center......has closed..... (9:12)it aint a good thing at all where's the kids going to go now..... parkview is one of four rec centers closingg this month....under the city's plan to overhaul its centers......mayor stephanie rawlings blake wants to turn nearly 30 of the city's 55 centers into high quality centers....with updated facilities and expanded programs....some others will be handed over to the school
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system or private operators.... (nats of parkview) michael littlejohn says.....he and others tried to save parkview.....but their pleas fell on deaf ears....(10:54)wee had a petition started i &ppersonally took it to the mayor myself and was told to get away.....(nats)(5:16)it worries me cause the children will have nothing to do..... lawrence turner blames city officials for not putting (5:47)thee need to stop taking money putting it elswhere and put it into these buildings so these kids can have somewhere to go.. the mayor says.....10 other centers could close if non profits or outside businesses can't run afterschool programs in them.... an eldersburg family is given the gift of mobility...when a charity presents them with a car. today, un-chained charities presented susan and bill thibault with a new pontiac montana minivan.... the vehicle will allow the couples son, who suffers from 'short bowel syndrome'... to get medical help. the family was recently forced to sell
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tteir car in order to pay for medical care at homm. home. many drivers were honking there horns today and it was all to honor the baltimmre guardian angels. - honning horns- hornn-the angels were holding signs at the intersection of washington boulevard and patapsco avenue to mark their 6 year anniversary. the group helps to provide security and support to neighborhoods to build safer communities. "we want the community to know that we are here. an active force in baltimore city fighting crime profiling missing persons and we are here for the people oo baltimooe city." the group is also raising awareness for theii meet and greet open house celebration next saturday. 3 our saaurday, but some storms - are firing up tonight. tonight. but how severe will they get...? get....? let's go to meteorologist emily gracey for a look at your skywatch forecast. forecast. 3 after the controversial closing of the
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cardinal gibbons school in 2010, four ccasses of high
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school boys were sent out to other schools. schools. the boys continued their journey in the spirit of the school, but aa different private schools around the area. when the cardinal gibbons school was closed, there was a lot of concern in the catholic community, but today was all about the celebration f the successes of their young men. 3 there are still the final two classes to go through the program. the final graduates of cardinal gibbons will go through in 2014. 3 shocking video released after a metro bus flips over twice and splits into two pieces. why the driver lost control. and how everyone made it out alive. i think they killed him.. i mean, my son asn't suicidal suicidal a small bag of pot ends with a man's death.
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why the fbi is investigating the local police department for what is being called a suicide.
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the community of jonesboro, arkansas is after a 21-year old was shot in the head.....while handcuffed in the back of a police car. car.randi kaye explains why the young man's death is now the focus of an fbi investigation. 3 no one is disputing that chavis carter died from a gunshot to the head while in the back seat of a police car in jonesboro aakansas.. the question is.. who pulled the trigger? police say he committed suicide.quite frankly i've seen some of our people in custody do some amazing thingsbut carter'ss mother doesn't buy it.. she believes jonesboro police killed her son. i think they killed him.. i mean, my son wasn't suicidalat this point -
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it's still debatable. and stiil under investigation. here's why: 21 year old chavis carter was handcuffed fired.. double-locked behind s his back.. is it even physically possible to be handcuffed behind yoorback and somehow pull the trigger on a gun that you weren't even holdingwhen you were handcuffed?to the average personnthat's never been in handcuffs or aroundinmates and people in custody would react the same way you just did.. how is that possible? the fact is it's very possible and quite easy chavis carter and two others were pulled over july 29th, just before 10pm, first officer called for backup ..then the two of them questioned and searched the three men in the truck. when the officers first searched carter, they say they found a small amount of marijuana in his pocket and
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some small plastic bags.. they did not ind a gun. according to the officers, carter was then put in the back seat oo one of the police cars. at this point,,police say he was not handcuffeeit wasn't until officers say they searcheddthe suspecc's vehicle and found drug paraphernalia, like electronii scales and a large bag of white powder that second time. they put him back into the same police vehicle - only this time they say he was carter managed to shoot himself while handcuffed - using a concealed weapon police missed during not one - but two searches -- is a mystery to many, including the fbi who is looking at ittin their searching they find a small bag of marijuana but they miss a gun!!?? that disappointing to you?yes.the chief says the two men with carter, who were white, were released aad left the scene carter was held back after the
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discoveeed e'd given them a faae name and there was a warrant for his arrest in mississippi, where he'd skipped out on a drug diversion program.the chief exactly when the fatal shot was fired, even though they were just feet awaya& according to this incident report, one of the officers heard quote: "a loud thump with a metallic sound" but thought it came from a vehicle that "ran over a piece of metal on the roadway."don't your officers know the sound of a gun being fired?one would think, but when a gun being fired in rear of police car, it could be very very wasn't until the officers were about to leave.. when police say one of them smelled something burning in his vehicle. the chief says it was likely gun smoke. that's when police say the officer found chhvis carter bloodied, and slumped over in the back seat. the officers say they called an ambulance and tried to revive carter. he died at the hospital. carter's mother says it just
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doesn't add up.. she told reporters her son was shot in the right side of the head, but she points out, he was left-handed. police would only say he was shot in the head.theyysearched him twice - i just want to know what really happened.theresa carter says her son called his girlfriend from tte scene to tell her he'd phone herrfrom jail which to her, raises the question -- does that sound like someone planning to commit suicidd?in jonesboro supporters have held vigils. like many, they wonder what motive carter had to kill himself: a $10 bag of marijuana? white powder that hasn't tested pooitive for ddugs and is likely sugar? an outstandinn warrant? we asked the chief about theresa carter's allegations that one of hissofficers pulled the trigger.can you safely say you've ruled that out in your investigation?at this point it's a remote possibility - haven't excluded everything,
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not what it ii, though i understand how she might feel that way.there is video and audio from that night, but the trouble is, the chief says it doesn't show the moment the gun was fired. that's because the two police cars were parked trunk to trunk.. so the dash cam didn't capture carter in the back ssat. police have not released the video but have already reconstructed what happened.. using a duplicate vehicle. they are waiting for the autopsy to be finished to see if what they vissalize happened is consistent with the autopsy results. randi kaye, cnn, 3onesboro aakansas. fox45 will keep you posted on the fbi iivestigation. investigation. for more information on the case, head to our website, fox baltimore dot com and click on the cover stories tab. 3 already
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prepaaing for the next olympic games. what this country has in store for the year 20-16. and can it trump london.? survivors after this accident. the shocking video released after a bus flips over twice and lands on its top.
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politicians like to toss a lot of nnmbers around when it comes to making their point.. point..... sometimes those numbers tell the truth....and sometimes they stretch the truth... but ask taxpayers how much this country's in debt....or how many people are unemployed....and you could hear that two-word reply...... reply...... ......say wha? what....? 3 3 3 3 if you're curious how many days it takes
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to pay all those federal, &psttte, and local taxes....the answer would be 107..... more than a dozen people are injured after a bus flips over twice and lands on its top. and its all caught on camera. thirteen passengers were on board the kansas city bus wednesday night when it suddenly began to skid. look can see the front passenger slip out of his seat anddonto the floor. seconds later the bus rolled over and ripped apart. officials believe those rips may have saved lives. 'when you saw the bus laat night it kind of came apart in 2, piece and that is actually a safety feature so that it doos sort of break away." away." none of the 13 passengers received life threatening injuries. incident on another vehicle that pulled out in front of the bus as it was attempting to make a left turn. 3 3
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3 3 she's not
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your usual adoptive parent. the farm animal this ádogá took under her paw. it may be four years away but see how one south american country is preparing for the next olympic south american country is preparing for the next olympic games. organic artichokes, organic lettuce, organic kale... south american country is prepadoes your cauliflowermpic gahave a big carbon footprint? not at all. that's great. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. uhh... mr. gallagher. incoming!!! hahaha! it's wasteful. you know jimmy. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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only at can the sun, sand and ea of rio de janeiro really trump london's 20-12 olympic games? games? brazil hopes so.phil han shows how the city has been hard at work preparing for their turn to host the summer games in 20-16. 3 as london prepares to say good bye to the world, all eyes will now shift to rio de janeiro! (music)in four years time the brazilian city will be the first in south america to ever host the olympics. (music)since the bid was awarded in 2009, work has already begun to make the city ready for the games. the venues will be located in four clusters around thh historic city -- all connected by a series of high speed rail links and those infamous olympic lanes. much of the action will be centered in barra, where the olympic park
10:43 pm
will be. more than half of the events will be staged in barra where construction on venues village will also be here -- complete with a private beach just for competitors. the historic maracana stadium will be home to the ooening and closing ceremonies as well as brazil's favorite past time -- football. sambodromo which is home to rio's carnival will be transformed to host the marathon and archery events. the copacabana district will be sure to be one of rio's most popular landmarks. what better place for beach volleyball then this world famous stretch of sand. (music)sugar loaf mountain will also be the backdrop for the sailing events. tens of billions of dollars are being poured into the city to make it ready for 20-16, but rio needs to get some things done ever earlier -- brazil is hosting the world cup in 2014. now, that's what i call a dress rehearsal. phil han, cnn, london. a california woman who
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recently had her leg amputated says a business turned her away....and she believes her disability is the reason. reason.the 43-year-old mother of three lost her leg in may from a severe fall....she now relies on a walker to get around. but when she went for a foot massage at a business in l-a this week, she claims employees asked her to leave. "a place i've been to before when i had two legs and i get turned away like, without any question at all. just, no no no open the door. get out." the business claims the customer was denied service because employees thought she'd recently undergone surgery. summer may almost bb over but this is one camp that's just getting started. but they only select a certain group of kids. the camp was founded more than 16-years ago and its just for child burn victims.and for one week kids get to be kids. the camp teaches the children that their scars do not define who they are...and they should
10:45 pm
be judged by whats inside. "everyone is the same. there's not the difference between you being burnt and i wasn't. here its just like we're all burnt together like we're a big famil" family." organizers raised more than 150-thousand-dollars through grants and donations to fund the camp... 3 eddie murray's sculpture is unveiled...his emotional thank you to orioles in sports unlimited... a other's love really knoos no boundd. the farm animal this ádogá ttok under her paw. an unusual an unusual mother adopts an
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orphan in australia. take a look at this... a ddlamtian... taking care of a lamb. zoe's mothering instincts took over after she found this baby lamb in the country's barossa valley.the dog has adopted the three-day old lamb as her own... licking its face and following it
10:49 pm
around.zoe's breeder john her to look after the spotted - lamb. 39-52"she's in season at the moment and just happened to be in season and sort of feeling that motheringginstinct at the time that this lamb waa there. and so it just seemed to be quite a natural thing for her to pick this up and have something to mother." mother.""olton says the lamb's mother rejected it. 33 eddie murray is the latest oriole legend to be honored at camden yards... yards... morgan adsit joins us now with the unveiling of his statue in sports nlimited...morgan... morgan... coming up tonight on sports unl. unlimited... eddie murray gets his place next to the rest of the orioles legends...his emotional thank you to the making a big impact already on the ravens...who fans should keep an eyeeon this preseason....and i go 1-on-1 with the ravens starting tight end...with ed dickson and dennis pitta hurt, billy


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