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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 15, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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why you should think twice.. before getting that payday loan... tomorrow on expanned gambling passes through thh maryland general assembly.what's expected to happen now innjust a few hours... plus reaction from lawmakers. the controversial petition that's now being published... and how to find out if your name is now out there. (nats: john anderton! you could use a guinness right about now!) and... the movies... become real life.the new technology that uses your identity to create custom adss.. and how to make sure you don't get targeted. 3 3
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today is wednesday, august 15. 3 &p 3
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3 3 in the wee hours of the morning... the maryland general assembly passes a measure to alllw a new casino in prince george's county as well as table games like poker and roulette at all casinos. casinos.the govenor is exxected to sign it in just a few hours.but it's still not a done deal yet. good morning guys,here's how it all broke down...after the house of delegates passed the bill 71-58 last night...the senate voted early this morning... passing it by a vote of 32-14. that vote nnw sends the
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o'malley... to give final approval of his own gambling bill.after that... it's up to you... the voter to decide in november if gambling should be expanded.again... this adds table games and a sixth casino in the state while allo giving new tax breaks to casino owners.the governor believes it will raise tax revenue and creat jobs.but not everyone agrees... in fact someesay marylanders. 22:34:35the legislature raised taxes on a lot of marylanders and all of sudden if you make 100 thousandddollars a year you're rich then they give massive tax breaks and cuts to multi millionairs who own casinos it's a bad bill this makes it worse. worse.also... last night... the house did give final approval to a revised bill that affects owners of pit bulls.ii overturns that court of appeals decision declaring pit bulls inherently dangerous. while animal advocates worry it could prompt landlords to
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tell theii tenants to get rid of their dogs or move out. supporters say it's a reasonable compromise. the senate still needs to take a final vote on that measure. i'm megan gilliland, fox45 porning news. george huguely ... the man convicted of killlng his ex- girlfriend... will be sentenced later this month. sentenced august 30th.he killed cockeyyville native.. yeardley love... at her apartment in 2010.both were u-v-a lacrosse playees.a judge denied a request to delay the sentencing. a trial date is set for the baltimore county police officer charged in the death of a randallstown teen. teen.james laboard's trial is set for december.he's charged with manslaughter in the death of 17-year-old chris brown... who was killed in june. if you signed the petition to send the gay marriage question to the november ballot your name and address is now being made p. public. the washingtoo blade... a weekly d-c newspaper claiming to be the voice of gay community... is publishing the names and addresses of 110-thousand
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marylanders on the petition. the board of elections... and is available to anyone ... but by publishing the information on its website &pthe paper is drawing both support áand á shame. 3 (2:23) "signing a political petition is a public act. we don't let lawmakers vote in secret and we don't let petitioners sign in secret." (16:38:56) (vatz) "the fact that something is public rrcord does not mean its going to be publicized publically." publlcally." the paper also tried getting names of those who signed the... "dream act" petition but so far no success. today... a coalition of african ameriian churches will hold a prayer vigil... to pighlight its members' opposition to same sex marriage..embers of the national black church initiative will gather to pray... at israel baptist church in east baltimore. earlier this year... governor martin o'malley signed a bill legalizing gay marriage... but the measure has yet to take effect. voters will decide the issue in a referendum this fall... after opponents launched a successful petition
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starting today..., hundreds of thousands of undocumented people can apply to stay and work in the u-s without fear of depprtation for at least two years. years.people younger than 30 who arrived in the u-s before the age of 16... pose no criminal or security threat, ann were successful students or served in the military can apply.and as andrew spencer explains... participants must prove they've been living in the u-s continuously for at least five years. years. yes we did! yes we did! supporters of the new program rejoiced after president obama signed the executive order in june.the pew hispanic center says up to one-point-seven million people may qualify.for me this is, you know, reelly important because i actually have an order oo deportation. and this is actually going to be lifted off so i get to stay here in my city that i love so much and my community.there's this perception that it's just mostly latinos who are undocumented but we have
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asians, we have people from over the world, africa, india, even some europeans.for some, the first step is getting identification. thousands gathered and formed long lines in houston tuesday -- to get i- consulates of mexico and el salvador.i want to get a job. i want to be able to have kids and for them to live the dream everybody wants you know.i have been here since i was a baby. this is my life. i can't even imagine having to start over in another country.tte president's order includes some provisions of the controversial dream act -- which failed to win enough republican support to get congressional approval. republicans reacted to the order with outrage, saying it amounts to amnesty and overrides congressional june, republican presidential candidate mitt romney said that as president, he would seek to provide.. quote "certainty and clarity for people who come into this their own by virtue of the actions of their parents."i'm
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andrew spencer repprting. the forms can be found at the weesite for u-s citizenssip and immigration services. there's a 4-hundred-65-dollar application fee. the t-s-a is opening up an investigation... after alllgations of racial profiling.some officers are accused of targeting pinorities for questioning... based on their race or ethnicity. the t-s-a says officers are trained to flag passengers for additional screening... based áonlyá on observed behaviors. the f-d-a gives the go-ahead... to a new flu shot for the upcoming experts study global patterns flu are most likely to infect people. and one of this year's flu strains... is the same as last year. eech year... 5 to 20-percent of people in the u-s develop influenza... and more than 200-thousand are hospitalized. doctors recommend that those 6-months oo age and older receive an annual flu shot. a recall today... involving cantaloupe and honeydew melon.the f-d-a says
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they may be contaminated with listeria... that's traced back to a north carolina packing facility.the melons were sold to distributors in 18 states... including here in maryland.consumers can identify the affected cantaloupes by stickers that say either "burch farms" or "cottle strawberry" oo them. honeydew melons do not have a must call the store where they bought them and ask where the melons came from. your guilty pleasure... is about to come with a little less guilt. guilt.chemists in britain say they have discovered a new form of chocolate... that has áhalf the fat.áthey say the trick was to use a little bit of juice... to replace the milk.sccentists say the chocolate is just as tasty... what kind of cone do you want? want?president obbma cooled off on the campaign trail with a quick treat tuesday.the president indulged in a snow cone and even bought some for a few kids while he was
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stumping in iowa...a key battleground state in this years election. social media... election. social media... going a step fu. further.(nats: john anderton! you could use a guinness right about now!) how your face... could help you find out.. where great available..,3ilable. ((break 1)) 3
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last night's storms caused all kinds of dangerous weather. hail fell in parkville.
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parkville.our chief photojournalist bryan barr sent us this the ice fell in his neighborhood. show us what you saw during this tornado warning.send your pictures to "pics at fox baltimore dot com" ((2-shot toss to weather))
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getting deals on your phone.. is nothing new. new.but find out... how your "face" will soon be able to deals.and later...charging you more.. for your much more you'll be paying in bank fees. ((b
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what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. a newwfacial recognition
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camera that tracks your is being tested. as brian todd tells s ... it could mman good deals for yoo ... if you are willing to give up some privacy. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- (nats: john anderton! you could use a guinness right about now!) and you thought ads directly targeting you shoppers, meettminority report (nats) a new service called 'facedeals' uses cameras set- up in stores, restaurants, bars. facial-recognition matches up your image with your profile and piures on facebook then it can send you a customized offer from that
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store. but only if you give permission beforehand. 'facedeals' uses facebook's open platform but is not otherwise connected to facebook. the service was developed by the marketing &pfirm red-pepper, which use this promotional video to take you through it. log into facebook, grant 'facedeels' permission to image you verify your likeness.. "when a face is confidently recognized, the deal is set into action." the deallis then as the company says 'dynamicaaly optimized'.. that means your face is read, then matched up with your facebook 'like' history. the faaedeals system then delivers your coupon, your customized discount, right to your mobile device. it's whiz-bang, has laser-like efffciency, and concerns the heck out of privacy advocates. marc rotenberg is with the electronic privacy innormation center. (reporter: there's a surveillance camera in this store. we're always being filmed. hat's wrong with using the camera to do a little marketing?) "i thinkk the problem brian is that people will find that tteir personal information will become quickly available to thh sttres that they're
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visiting." (reporter: what's wrong with it if they sign up for it?) "well people would need to know how much of their personal information is actually being made avaiiable. it's not simply their identity. on facebook for example ittwould be their network of riends. it wouldd be their likes and interests. &pwould become available and i don't think people would agree to that." i ran that by red- actually going to be pulling mention, applications that we do for retail companies all around the country that kind of stuff--people allow apps, applications all the time. it's like allow this app, and that is essentially saying that we can have access to your etwork and i think that's sorttof a line and a comfort line that people are information is not mis-used." - what does facebook think of all this? facebook's a big part of this process and that 'facedeals' logo looks an awful lot like facebook's. a facebook spokesman told us the company is not commenting on
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facedeals... it just wants to makeesure people make informed pecisions about the apps they use. tte ed-pepper c-e-o says hissagency has been in contaat with facebook- and when this camera is actually set up in stores, the name and logo will be different. brian todd, cnn, pashington. -----end----- cnn.script----- you could be eligible for a refund...if you bought a popular children's vitamin that lied on the label. label.the ones affected..and what ou need to find out of you qualify for a payout. ((break 3)) 3
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--reporter pkg-as follows -- free checking is getting hhrder to find.. a nee survey from money-rates-dot- com finds banks are hiking monthly osts, atm charges, and overdraft fees. the bank comparison website actually found costs declining the last time it did this survey, at the end of 2011. but ii the first half offthis year, fees increesed in every category
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the survey tracks. service fees rose by 80-cents, averaging moreethan 12-dollars a month. average overddaft fees crept up by 60-cents, to nearly 30-dollars. atm fees are also rising. only 35-percent of banks don't charge monthly fees. you can avoid these fees at some banks if you have a minimum balance in your account. but even minimum balance requirements have jumped- averaging moree than 44-hundred dollars. fees are rising as banks try to mmke uu revenne lost after financial reform took effect. the legislation limited interchange fees- how much banks can charge retailers whenever someone uses a debit card for a purchase. if you're thinking of opening a new account, money-rates &precommends hat you consider online banks or smaller banks. accounns with no monthly fees. -----endd----cnn.script----- steve jobs' home...rob! robbed!what thieves took from the formee apple founder and c-e-o's home. bth - atf threats fast and furious is the
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scandal in which the bureau of alcohol, tobacco & firearms encouraged tte illegal sale of thousands of guns to mexican drug cartels. the guns disappeareddinto mexico. two federal agents were slain by these weapons. according to mexican officials, as many as 200 mexiccn citizens have een killed.this scandal has reached into thh highest levels of the obama administration. eric holder is contempt citation for refusing to cooperate in the investigation. the justice department has refused to enforce the citation. we now know holder lied before congress in sworn testimony. cover-up. there's more. recently, this station helped break the story in which the atf director threatened agents. it was atf whistleblowers - acting in accordance with federal law -- who reported fast & furious when their own agency ridiculed their concerns thatt lives could be lost.last month, in a videotaped messagee that was required viewing, director todd jones threatened agents therr would be
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whistleblowers who don't "play by the rules."i urge you to watch the videe on our website. it's chilling. it's illegall and you won't hear about it anywhere else. for more on this story visit behind the headlines dot net. and follow us twitter and facebook. i'm mark hyman. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference,


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