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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  August 17, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 hyatt regency chesapeake bay 3
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friday, august 17th. 17th. 3
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3 3 3 3
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3 the morgan state university student accused of killing his roommate and eting his heart and brain... will not stand tri. trial.doctors declared him &pincompetent to do so. so.tom rodgers is ere with more the reasoning behind this decision... plus your other top stories of the mooning. terrace in joppatowneethat pin harford county sheriff's deputies believe a brutal and very disturbing murder happened. behind these doors... investigators found parts of man's body inside 21-year-old alexander kinyua's home and in a nearby dumpster.detectives say he admitted to killing his roommate... kujoe agyei-kodie back in may.kinyua also &admitt and his brain.he is facingg first-degree murder and use of a dangerous weapon.but.... now
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doctors are saying he is not fit for trial.and instead will continue to be treated at the state's maximmm-security psycciatric hospital. &p(cassilly/state's atty) "if it's possible to go forward, go forward at this point and time. but, on the other side, you have to wait until the defendant can help is attorney in the courtroom before yyu can do anything." stuuents at morggn sttte - university.before this case... kinyua was already facing assault charges in a baseball bat attack in a morgan dorm. the commute is back to normal this morning ... following last night's deadly crash near . 3955crews reopened northhound 95 just a couple of hours ago... and you can see why it took so from the scene last night show a huge ffreball coming off the truck that crashed into a retaining wall juut before 11 o'clock. the ddiver of the trucc was killed in that wreck... it was the only vehicle involved in the crash.we have been speaking all morning to the maryland transportttion authority ... who was out all night investigating ....but
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so far they are not releasing information on what they believed caused that accident. police continne to look for the person who set two fires at a denny'ss in harford county... aboutttwo eeks ago. we visiteddthe denny's in edgewood... a few days after the fire on august 3rd.the ressaurant was a total loss and police need your help in ffnding the person in these surveillance images from the restaurant. theeimage on the left was taken at the time off a smaller fire therr july 4th. thh person of interest is n a yellow shirt...the picture on the right waa taken august 3rd... and appears to show the if you have any &pinformation you are asked to call police. 30 maryllnd soldiers are waking up at home this morning. morning. members of the maryland national guard came home to a heroes welcome in reisterstown ttursday.the soldiers are members of "charlie company" ad provided aviation support for operation "new dawn."
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many say their service overseas... is a humbling experience. "iq: its something that you take for granted oq: make sure we have everythign we need" need"this was the first overseas deployment for the unit. 3 after waiting for 6 months... ravens fans will see their team play at ome tonight. tonight.the ravens face off lions confounded everyone a year ago by earning a playoff spot under head coach jim schwartz... the pride of arbutus.the lions are good, solid young team that's still on tte rise... and even though itts only pre-season, john harbaugh has a lot of respect 3 3
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3&ptonight's ame will be right here on fox45 starting with pregame coverage at -thirty. 3 forget about football right &pnow... we have to talk board know ttere was a big scrabbbe championship in cheating.but the games did continue ... and this morning.. we haveea winner.and as kristin giannas shows us &pyou don't have to know what the words mean to win... you
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only have to know how to spell . them. "it's tough."sooth ccrolina path teacher david gibson, maae t to the final gaae in the scrabble national championship, but lost. the winner, nigel richards of &pmalaysia, took home the ten- phousand-dollar prize.his last word on the board: wefts, w-e-f-t-s. and if you've nevee heard of a weft, there's more obscure words where that came has something to do with .. judaism but i don't know"and the six-letter word, e-o-c-e-nne.... a major division of the geological timescale."z-a-x. i played it for 19 points or something." (reporter::"what does that mean?")"i have no idea."a zax is a roofing tool, but the pros say there's ore to scrabble than knowing the meaning of the's a game about thinking skills and straaegy and thinking about the odds and the percentages" and one of the top young
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competitors tried to improve his odds by cheating. he was caught, taking thh two blank tills, or wild cards from the scrabble bag, and hiding them on the floor.."i think it's a good thing ttat it was caught and t was dealt with, but i think therees much more to this tournament than that one incident." 3 she opened for michael jackson... and was a part of soul traan. talking to stacc . we're lattisaw-jackson... about her turn from r-and-b icon to autho. it's all aaout crab... from delicious crab a crab martini. iipress your ggests with incredible recipes.. coming up. you're wat 3
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read a little anddlearn a lot. sinner ann now authro... stacy lattisaw -jackson is joining usslive for this mornings hometown hotspot. - what is going on at the
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book expo this weekend? - tell s abouttyour book?- how long have you been involved with the expo?? expo?? 3 the aarican- americannauthor's expo is being held at the crowne plaza hotel saturday pugust 18th frrm 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. for more information log on to fox balttmore dot com slash morning. denim... diapers... and a lot of bandannas. bandannas.why these kids are out to prove they were born in next. youure watching fox 45
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&pcenter is on the hunt for fans who go "ga-ga" for áthe boá boss.áit's holding a bruce springsteen look-alike contest por babies up to 6--ears oll. the eveet happened 3 thursday in freehood... the same town where springsteen prew up. up.the first place winner was an 8-month old... who held a and two fake tickets to his &pappearance that day.he wins 5-hundred dollars and a free 3onth of childcare..- 3 3
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3 for more information about the spca go to ur weesite foxbaltimore dot com slash a two week celebration of crab starts today. today.up next... from crab cakes to a crab martini... we've got some recipes sure to please. plus... one of the fasttst people to pick apart aa crab shows us how quickly she
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can get it done. done.((21: make you wanna dance...get it momma :24)) film comes to theaters todayy.. coming up....t-d jakes talks about what she was like on the set... and how she impacts the film's stars. stars. you're watchingg
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3 it's time to enjoy the heart of the bayy hyatt regency chesapeake bay is hosting its third annual craa week... which - luckk for us- is actually a 2-week celebration. cari ruppert from yatt regency is joining us liveein studio to tell uu all about it... and show us
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some easy and delicious crab recipes. - what is crab week? - what eventsswill be taking
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place during crab week? - how did georgia become an
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award winning crab expert? expert?
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for more information on baltimore crab week and the hyatt regency chesapeake bay log on to fox baltimore dot com lash morning. stiil to come on fox45 good dayybaltimore - the west nile virus is spreading across the country... including riggt here in maryland.we'll tell you what the symptoms are... and wwen to call a doctor. doctor. ((fight sound effects)) effects))and later... batman takes on a villian right outside our studios ... and the waaans brothers make candace their muse... all the hilarious highlights from the week... are coming up. up. you're watching fox 45 good day 3
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3 3 3
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fiber map p second person in maryland has been diagnosed with the west nileevirus. virus.the case ccmes at a time wwen the u-s is experiencing its biggest spike in west nile virus cases... in almost a decade. ttm rodgers has more oo what states are being hit the hardest... aad whatts being done aaout it. tom? hundreds of west nile cases have been reported throughout the country. and as andrew spencer explains... the virus can be deadly.
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deadly. the federal government counts pearly 700 cases of the west nile virus -- which is pread by infected mosquitos -- in 32 states this year. of those, 22 hardest-hit state, with at - least 16 deaths. the mayor of dallas declarrd a state of emergency wednesday, a week after dallaa county. and in a controversial move to ffght the spread of the virus, airplanes began sprrying pesticide over the dallas area thhrsday night. that hasn't happened there since 19-66. teen in arlington, texas has a rare strand of the virus that affects her brain. at any moment, she coold lose consciousness or control of her limbs. her mother is thankful she recognized the signs that something was is not connected with their child, your chhld could die on your sofa and you not know it because it just seemed like jordan waa taking a nap and not waking up. in north carolina -- public health officials saa an 84 year old man is the first person to die from the virus in the state in at least seven years. his wife
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of 65 years knnw something was off when he fell asleep during a nascar race, something he had never done before. he sat in this chair one afternoon and slept through the whole nascar race and he was an avid race-car fan. he was diagnosed with the virus on his second trip to the hospital. i'm andrew spencer reporting. symptoms include fever, bodyy aches, joint pain, vomiting, diarrhea or rash. if you develop symptoms such as unusually severe headaches or confusion... seek medical attention immediatelyhealth experts say prevention measures include using insect repellant and gettinggrid of insect breeding sites. workers at sinai hospital are dealing with a pest problem. problem.last wednesday... a nurse found a bed-bug in a exterminator was er - called-in and used "bedbug sniffing dogs" to identify more. visitors say they're not too worried about the problem. brent 48:04 as often as i've worked in the hosps i've never
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brought any home i've seen &th aware that they're there12 james 4419 i think it was a very isolattd case i have high regards for sinai hospital 26 the hospital says they are confident the bedbugs were contained to that one room. it's still unclear whhther the bedbugs were brought in by a patient, visitor or an employee. as a precaution... they plan to bring in the dogs once a week for the next several weeks until they're ccmpletely confident the critters are gooe. one of b-w-i's main runways will be shut down next week. the airport is closing runway 10-28 for sixty days for a re- construction project.while it is not expected to inttrrupt flight service... if you live near the airport you may notice a change in flight patterns. hundreds of young people lined up in east baltimore thursday night... to encourage illegal immigrants to take advantage of a national program. the initiative was announced by president obama in gives young people a chance to ggt a 2-year
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permit. "they ant to know exactly whaa kind of privledgeswill they have access to now this is not a dream act we are not giving out ss numbers what they are getting is a 2 year reprive from ddportation" deportation"the group expects to process about 10-thousand tte cost of child care each year... is becoming more expensive than árentááin some s. states.this is according to a new report by "child care aware of america"... it finds the annual cost of infant care increased roughly 2-percent last year... and ranged from more than 45-hundred- dollars... to 15- thousand-dollars. in 35 states... infant care is more expensive each year than in- state tuition for a four-year public college. don't be ffoled by their red bottoms... federal agents say these shoes are imposters!. imposters!.this haul of red- soled footwear may look like christian louboutin's... but
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agents say that while they may share the same hallmark features...they aae fake. since july, more than p0-thousand of the impostor designer pumps and sling-backs have been intercepted by los angelee customs agents. the five shipments from china had a potential retail value of 18-million dollars. 3 batman pays a visit to baltimore ttis week. week.he joined us right here at fox45 yesterday to show off his new set of wheels. but beyond his hot new car... batman also had a biiger mission in minn. minddafter he left our studios... batman took part in a superhero celebration aa sinai's a program designed o deliver a day of pappiness to kids. "iq: i always ask the kids to do battan a favor.... oq: lifting their spirts."
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spirts."((ááááad libááá)) 3 3 whitney houston takes her final bow in the new film "spar" "sparkle."((i always knew you it.)) final film... and the impact - she had on the film's stars. a sunny start to the morning.. but rain could make a play in your weekend. meteorologist steve fertig has your forecast right after the fox 45 good day baltimore 3
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3 3 it's time to caption this! this!today on our facebook page we posted a picture of a dad showing his kids some military discipline... by here's what some of you captioned it.mary ays, "hit the deck and give me fifty!" fifty!"terri says, "come on daddy you an do better than th" that!"teresa says, "you on the pnd- is that the best you got?" as always... if you want to 3 play along... join us on our facebook page at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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whitney houston'ssfinal film comes outttoday. today.((21: make yyu wanna dance...get it momma :24)) :24))coming up... your sneak peek of the new movie and t-d jakes tells us what it was like o work with houston. ((i am batman)) batman))and later... tom rodgers takes on a superhero... and the wayans brothers weigh in on honey boo
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boo... all the hilaaious things that happened here at fox45 this week... cominggup. up. you're watching fox 45 good day b just when you think you have your baby's sleep routine figured out... she grows up into a toddler... "i'm trying to figure out the best way to get her to bed, and have her stay in bed." and with all those new problems... come new solutions... "that gives a cue to a child's brain that, okay, sleep period is coming." ♪
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book all of our destinations online the wayans brothers get in our face this week. week.((22:24:38 shawn & marlon wayans are no strangers to tv (face in cam) not even the one right here:42)) here:42))coming up... from the wayans wild antics... to tom rodgers superhero battle... all the things that had us laughing this week. week. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. (((reak 7))
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nature valley, this week shawn and marlon wayans tried to take over the s. show.they compared me to a pint-size reality t-- star. i get flashed by a coworker. coworker.and i took on gotham batman.all that and more from 3 the week that had us going... goingg..say what?! what?! saywhat8/16((22:37:44 i m batman)) saywhat8/16-- ((22:31:23 singing batman music.. batman!! :27))wayans ((22:31:55 fox has added
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little bit more color to theer newss))saywhat8/16--((22:28:07 the first picture is.... (pose)))wayans((22:24:38 shawn & maalon wayans are no strangers to tv (ffce in cam) not even the one right here:42))photo shoot fail((:10 pcamera clicking) scream)) wayans((22:32:21 honey boo boo give us that raffic.))wayans ((22:32:39 candace rolling 3 shoulders))saywhat8/16-- ((22:28:24 megan, tom pose))--no soundwayans((32:25 one time hit those shoulders... gee our special juuce))wayans ((22:32:39 candace rolling shoulders))saywhat8/16-- nose))--no soundsaywhat8/16-- ((22:28:31 that is when steve let one go.))wayans((22:24:51 laugh))say what//deal or dud ((22:27:13 we'll be back in about 20 minutes.... my right arm will be massive :18)) saywhat8/16 sound effects, fight))--cut a cute spot from this here and therewayans((22:28:34 no honey boo boo... we ain't done with you!))wayans((22:32:39 candace rolling shoulders))wayans ((22:24:57 i wonder what, thanksgiving... like... pilgrims:04))saywhat8/16--
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((22:28:55 megan mouth deal or dud((22::7:49 and he just tasted it... i think it was warm milk. it was definitely warm milk :56)) saywhat8/16--((22:29:13 tom ssit jacket open))--no sound saywhat8/16--((22:29:01 megan's like why is someone flashing us?))saywhat8/16 ((39:07 souud effects, this here and therecar drives off liff((crash & reaction nats))saywhat8/16-- ((22:29:57 everyone posing))--no soond
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3 ((áááwx teaseááá)) teaseááá)) you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ♪
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book all of our destinations online preseason football. how ravens fans are celebrating tonight áá7 day forecastáá
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