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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 18, 2012 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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29:58 they supposed tt be here to serve and protect. thee not protecting us. they killing us 3 03a man shot nd killed ii west altimore marks the tenth police involveddshooting in the city this year.why neighbors say the shooting was . unnecessary. "he slappee me in the face, where's the money and i scream help murder pplice!" police!"preying on the a money scam has turned violent against many penior citizens. citizens. emily says... says... -3 and you will soon be paying more at the grocery store.why
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experts say the drought is not the cause for increased food priccs. hello, iim karen parks, jeff abell is off tonight.police investigate an elderly scam, that in the past two weeks has turned we spoke with a 94- year old locust point woman who was attacked in her home.jannce park tells us this brings the number of victims up to five. it's a story you're seeing first on fo. fox. word has spread quickly in locust point... point..."well they knocked her down, and knocked the other lady down too" too"" they're sick, ick indivi" individuals""what goes through my head? i hope it doesn't happen to me and i'll lock my doors now"even though it's quiet out today, mary hudson keeps one eye on the door.she, like four other elderly victims, all got the same call.
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call up first"a woman calling from the city, claiming hudson hadn't paid her property taxes: even though hudson doesn't owe any money, the scammer still sent a man to her home... pretending to be a deputy: deputy:"when all of a sudden he jumped in here, slapped me in the face, i scream help, murder police!"at 94, she battled her assailant: assaalant:"he hit me here trying to pull me out of my slapped me in the face" face""hudson tells me she and the two latest victims got together at the police department yesterday to ut together this ssetch of the suspect"hudson says this is the man who attacked her... &pand police are looking for hi in connection with other attack. attacks."where's the money where's the money"he stole hundreds of dollars from her...before bolting for the do: door:"you don't want to put on tv what i want to say to him,
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you don't want to put that on tv"tonight, people here in locuss point say this scammer may have stolen money.but he'll neeer steal their peace of mind: mind:"definately put the sketch up right on the front door, let peoppe know what they look like and catch them s" ballimore, hopefully jail" janice park, fox45 news at ten. //karen// the suspect is describbd as a white male, with a stalky build in his mid 20's to 30's last seen wearing an orange shirt with an emblem. baltimore county police are searching for the driver who struck and killedda man in essex friday night. police say dennis flurry was found lying in the street on old easterr avenue and stemmers run road...afttr a driver hit him and then drove off. he was pronounced dead at the hospptal. the car that hit flurry may have damage to he lowee front bumper.officials are asking anyone with infoomation on the driver oo the description of the vehicle to call police. balttmore police shoot and kill a burglary ssspect -
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after they say he attacked ne pf theii officers! myranda stephens is live outside city police headquarters with why many are calling the shooting unjustified. karen, baltimore city police have shot 10-people so far this year... and out of those 10... eight died. but this time... the person killed was a homeless, vietnam vet - who many say - wasn't a threat to anyone. 28:56 they bringing him out now 58eric anderson is booh sad and angry about the death of a family friend killed by police. 29:58 they supposed to be here to serve and protect. they not protecting us. they killing us 03 police say at about 12:30 this afternoon - officers rrsponded to a call for a burglary at this vvcant home on lexington avenue. when they got there... they found the suspect on the third floor. anthony 4044 they ordered the suspect to stop. the suspect engaged the officers with a what either is a knife or a bottle. the officer suffered lacerations to his face 54 investigators say a second officer shot the
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suspect several times in the upperrbody. he died shortly after. 28:14 you can tell when mister rudy ain't on his medicine. 16 you can tell 18 eric saas the suspect as 63- year-old rudolph bell - also known around the neighborhood as "mister rudy." he says he was a homeless man... who suffered from a mental illness ... after serving innviitnam. 2728 my mother said when he camm home from the war he was never right. he had seen too many murders 33 neighbors say he made his vacant house his home. neighbor 32:25 if you go out back you see where he hang clothes at, the man mind his business 29 31 he wasn't a threat to nobody he wasn't a threat to us 33 the shooting is the 10th this year involving baltimore city police. out of 10 - eight are fatal - including this one in may - where officers fatally shot a mentally disabled man inside his hooe - after police said he tried to grab an officer's gun. a police spokesperson says city officers do o through mentaa health training - but when a puspect attacks - they must thing is, ssoot first, ask questions later, and that'ss police say they did
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reeover a knife and broken glass.the officer who was cut in the face was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening outside city police headquarters, ms, fox45 news at ten. baltimore city police are fighting bacc...there are double shooting from thursday night......are related to the suspect in a triple shooting on wednessay......and police are trying to stop more violence from happening happeningfriends and family members gathered outside the - night...remembering the 3 victims shot there wednesday night.two men... and a woman... were hit by gunfire.. the two men... died. thursday night...a man...and woman...were shot and killed... outside this house....on hamilton avenue. detectives... say thetwo had just arrived... back home...from a vigil for the victims in the linnard street shooting...when they were ambushed.the shootings... a neighbors. 3
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(steve) "it really is a nice neighborhood, you know, nothing like this has ever happened around here, you know, you might ear some gunshots but i've never heard &pthaa anyone actually getting you know shot or killed out her" here."police have made..."no" any of the shootings.and that includes... the other homicide...that occurred in mount vernon...last weekend. a local basketball star is arrested on assault charges. charges.18- year- old aquille carr.... a star basketball guard from baltimore was arrested yesterday morning on of second degree assault and reckless endangerment.carr led patterson to the class 3-a state championship this past january... carr committed to play for seton hall in the 2013 seassn.much more on this story.. coming up later in sports. a tragic car accident that killed a young woman wassonly the beginning for one family. what happened next, including her insurance company'' actions and the legal battle that followed, played out online and in social media for 3onths.
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3 it's the headline that went viral: "my sister paid progressive insurance to defend her killer in court." i was speaking out of a sense of obligation to my sister and my parents." it all started in june 2010... when matt killed in a caa crash in as baltimore...the s-u-v that hit her ran a red light. the 24-year-old was killed she had just run a ten-mile road race." her brother says katie had a 100-thousand dollar insurance policy with katie's policy alsoostated progressive would make up the difference if sheewas killed like the one that hit her. so the fisher family was paidd25- phousand dollars... and thought progressive would pay the rest -- 75-thousand. they were took the position that my sister was at fault in the accident that killed her, which under maryland law, would free them of the obligation to pay. the family decided to go
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after the money. but in to sue an insurance company that refuses paymentt so the family had to sue the man who killed katie ...buu in court...20progressive, my sister's insurer, at across the room. their lawyer argued for the defendant in the case. he argued that he was not negligent in my sister's peath. fisher wrote on his blog: "if you are insured by progressive, and they owe you money, they will defend your killer in court in order to not pay you your policy." and: "when the chips are down, your money will have bought you nothing but a kick in the face." after a whirlwind of criticism on facebook and twitter... progressive respondee : "we properly handled the claim within our contractual obligations"... it's very compassion." the tweet has since been taken down... and progressive released a it
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"did not serve as the attorney for the ccse....who was represented insurance company;;;; a jury however, decided in the favor.... while progressive while progressive has said they would respect the verdict and settle with the fisher's.... the family says....they have yet to receive a check. more citizens are taking their frustrations out on the states speed camera's. just within weeks of going up...this camera on cromwell bridge road near loch raven high school in towson has already been vandalized. it was found friday morning covered with the woods áthiefá...ágo to hellá and an expletive spray-painted on all sides. the vandalism is just one of several reccntly involving speed cameras. some have been set on fire...others pulled right out of the ground. officcals say they do want to remind citizens that damaging the cameras is a crime. 3
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3aerial dronee are the milltary's new signature weapon.but at least two new reviews of the program found the government is wasting billions of your tax dollars because branches of the military are just not coordinating efforts. efforts.for that, the aerial drone program receives this week's golden hammer award. it's our weekly look at excessive government waste in conjunction with our media partners at the washingtonn guardian online news site. site.a government accountability officeereport found that the navy wants to spend $3 billion dolllrs to develop its own drone... ut can't explain why it would not buy a drone already being used by other branches. branches.a separate pentagon report found that the army and air force wasted $1-point-2 billion dollars because they each developed basically the same sensor technology for drones.the same report says the navy is now developing it's own drone sensor program. can rrad more about our weekly 'golden hammer' award with the washington guardian by going to our website, nd clicking on washington guardian under
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hot topics. city police officers stepped out of their cruisers and joined forces with many churches today to deliver a different message to the people of west baltimore. baltimore.more than 3-hundred volunteers, churches nd community organizations partnered with city police to give food and service to those who need them most. the event helped provide groceries, health care services and sshool sspplies to residents in what they're calling a áday of hopeá. "we all have the same ccncerns that we're all working show - and want to be one team blem instead of them thinking we're a different entity. when the and the churches aren't on their team so its all about us beinn together assone group." city police held two other ádays of hopeá eaalier this ssmmer at collington square and darely parks in east baltimore. 3 romney has already picked his running mate and now he says its time to turn up the heat.
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the exclusive interview we got with the republican presidential candidate and why to business. a rare tick disease with malaria-like symptoms. why you don't have to come in contact with the bug to be infected. 133-137oh he won't come back. he gonna tell his friends don't go there, the got a dangerous old lady there." there." a woman gets the jump on a suspeet before he can attack her.the weapon she used to defend hhrself.. coming up.
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with 80 days until the general election...the candidates are talking about their plans for medicarr.while the president, is stumping in new hampshire... congressman paul ryan - maaes his campaign debut in the
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critical swing state of florida where he aacused the obama administration of raiding medicare for 716- billion dollars to finance obamacare...while the president focused on taxes... 43-55"medicare was there for our family, for my grandma, when we needed it then, and medicare is there ffr my mom while she needs it now and we have to keep that guarantee." guarantee."131-147"they have been trying to sell this trickle down snake oil before. it did not work then, it will not work now. it's not a plan to create jobs. it will not reduce the deficit. it will not move the economy forward." forward."as for itt romney, he's been campaigning and fundraising behind closed doors.he's raised more than seven million dollars in the last 48- hours. uch of it, on cape cod and the massachusetts resort island of martha's vineyard. with the selection of paul ryyn as mitt romney's running mate... the race for president is all but officially set.our
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sister station in columbus ohio talked exclusively with the republican presidential candidate.jeff barnd tells us... romney says it's time to turn up the heat on the issues. issues. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 ,3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 you can see the entire interview with mitt romney by going to foobaltimore dot com. click on vote 2012 under hot topics. school is only a couple of weeks away...and what better way to celebrate than with a back to school jam.
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---nats of man rapping---- rapping---- the west baltimore clergy united heldd its 6-th annual back to school event at coppin state university. the event provided information about community resources in the city while also providing food, toiletries and school supplies to over 2-thousand children in the community. but the organization says they aim to do more than that. "we are not just meeting the physical needs by handing out school supplies for the children anddfood for the families but we're also dealing with the spiritual needs as well as any other resource." today's event has helped over 4-hundred families. an absolutely beautiful day to be outside.warm out but not too much humidityyat all. all.meteorologist emily gracey is here.hopefully the great weather continues this weekend. weekend. 3
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3 a high speed chase involviig a minivan and speeds exceeding one hundred miles per hour.the surprise police got when the van finally pulled over. 212-219"i don't intend to die but obviously when i go and put myself up on the front lines death s a possibility." possibility."a former georgetown university student puts his life on the line to
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go fight overseas.his story coming up in our cover story.. next. 3
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a young graduate of georgetown university is raising money to go to the front lines in syria and spenddtime with the rebels. matthew vandyke says he knows what the risks are. last year, he fought with the rebels in libya, and ended up spending months in prison valencia has more.ed by 3 more. 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 &p 3 3 3
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3 3 vandyke is still raising money for his trip - mainly through websites.. e says he plans on being in syria for at least 4 weeks and when he's done, he'll post a documentary film 3f his experiences online. - how addicted are you to your smart phone. what a survey found out about cell phone users. and the health risks involved. "he ran and he jumped that fence but i got him with this here i got him in the neck." a texas grandma fights off a burglar with a áforká. why she says she's not worried that he'll ever try to rob her home again. 3
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if you're looking for things to do this weekend you might want to stop pass the inner harbor. the 4-th annual art festival is being held this weekend along the waterfront and at the power hundred states will be showcasing their original handmade work ranging from paintings, ceramics, handmade jewelry,
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life size sculptures and more. the festival will run until tomorrow. and admission is free. 3 a tour bus crashed in mexico friday, leaving at least a dozen people dead nd 22 injured. the bus was carrying a delegation when it veered off the road and craahed into a deep ravine in the state of durango, according to state media. no word on what caused the bus driver to lose control. a texas grandmotter fights off a burglar with a fork... fork...margaret jackson says she stopped by her daughter's house to take a rest.while she was sitting down... the family dog kept running to the back door barking and then back to margaret.well margaret went to the back door and saw a strange man.she decided that she needed to go after him before he attacked her... so she grabbed the closest weapon she could find... a b-b-q fork.
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3&1:01-1:18"i open this door like this and.. puch that door he was pushing me... he got away, he got to running, when i got right here i got him whap... i got him in the neck." peck."tonight... police continue to search for the suspect. one massachusetts man is one millions dollars richer...but it was by accident. richard brown went to a nearby store to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket. he wanted a 5- dollar áblue ice 7-sá ticket....but the clerk was dissracted and instead gave him a ásizzlin 7-sá ticket. brown didn't make a big deal about the mistake....he just rolled with it and it paid off big time.he won one million dollars. other lottery players say they would have done the same thing. "let me ask you something. if you asked for something and someone gave you the wrong thhng, would you ask for it--or would you roll with it? cr: now, i'd roll with it." it."brown elected the cash option on the prize.after
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taxes he took home 430- thhusand dollars. 3 you will soon be paying more at the grocery store.why experts say the drought is not the cause for increasee food prices. ann a new tick born disease mimics the symptoms of malaria and it's now spreading.. coming up.
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çia÷ 3
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a rare disease is spreading through parrs of new york... giving malarial-like symptoms... but it's coming from aacommon parasite.'s knownnas bah- bee-zee-osis.symptoms include fever, tiredness, headachee sweating and muscle pain.about 20 people have been hospitalized and at least one pas died from the growing illness. 53-108"we didntteven see this in the region... until 2002 and it has just taken off." off." like lyme disease--- the you don't have to be exposed to a tick to get it.a pregnant woman from ulster county gave it to her baby... it can also be spread through donated blood. take aalook at this dash cam video from a police chase last pednesday.police suspected robert hills... the driver of this vehicle was under the influence and when thee tried to pull him over... police say
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that's when he slammed on the gas... and reached speeds of over one hundreddmiles per hour.he finally pulls over... only to take off again with authorities still behind him. troopers callee off the chase at least once for safety reasons, but they re-engaged and spiked the van's it turns out, hills' wife and four kids had been along for the ride. woman: "pleaae don't hurt my kids." trooper: "we're not going to hurt your kids, ma'am." woman: "i love you guys! jasmine! jasmine!" trooper: "what was going on today, man? where you guys headed?" man: "california." "hollywood." trooper: "not too smart to run too much when you have your fouu kids are in the car, right? you could've rolled or blow that spare tire, man." the utah highway patrol says they decided to stop hills... despite the speed... because they were afraid he might hurt someone if he continued down the road. how attached are you to your cell phone..well according to a survey some folks even sleep
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with their devices. time magazine surveyed 5- thousand people in 8 countries including the u-s. 1 in 4 said they check their phone every 30 minutes...while 1 in 5 said they check in every 10. many said they couldn't imagine going a single day without taking a peak at their device. the trusty cellphone has truly become a crippling addiction. "i check my ppone during dinner... intimate 3moments..." moments..." the study also foond not having their cell phone...... made many people extremely anxious. and twice as many people said they would chose to use their cellphone over eating lunch. get ready to pay more to eat. the drought affecting half the country means a major spike in food prices next year.but some experts say the rise in prices right now... have nothing to do witt the drought.chuuk weber from our sister station w- p- e- c in west palm beach florida has more. more.
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33- 3 3 3 3 3- 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 raven's center ámatt birká took a break from the football field to help students get ready for school. today more than 150 students wwre invited to ool - walmart for a back to school program. the event provided at risk children with a gift bag full of school supplies and a chance to meet the ravens center. "its a great thing. its a great thing because we can supply the kids with what they year so they don't have to ol worry aboot that and they can just focus and get excited about doing well in school." the event was part of birk's áhike foundationá which provides children with educational opportunities needed to excel in the classroom. 33 a battle for the wild card... the surprise performance from
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the orioles in sports unlimited... and it's your chance to own the iron ride of major league basebaal's iron man.the history you get if you buy cal rippen juniors ride... coming up. 3
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baseball fans now baseball fans now have the
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chance to buy a huge addition for their cal ripken &'s s.u.v. is for sale as part of an on-line auctionnfor charity.kathleen cairnsshas more on wheee the vehicle is right now. 3 (salesman)"this is our new corvette"at miller brothers in ellicott city... (salesman)"we have the new cruze which is a good seller." they are hundreds of new cars... (opens door) "brand new vehicle chevrolet just came out with") but it's this old one.. that is getting the most attention . "obviously cal's suburban is front and center" cal ripkens 1994 chevy suburban.... with 120 thousand miles... now up for auction. it's what cal drove to oriole
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park.. it's what he was driving the night he broke lou gehrig's streak. "well kinda the analogy with cal.. hes been known as the most dependable longest lasting player in baseball history the suburban has that title for chevrooet." through the years.. he car transported cal's bats... balls.. and family members. it may now fetch triple it's original purchase price just because .... of who owned it. (caiins)"all baseball fans will probably be able to think about is tte fact that cal ripken actually sat in this seat.. he touched this steering wheel and that famous elbow.. rrsted right here whiie he drooe..(start up) this car."at the sports legends museum downtown... (voice only)"he's a legend in baseball"the cal ripken exhibit... is the most popular corner (curator)" this is a base used during cal ripkens last game at yankee stadium" ((voice only)))(curator)"we always consider anything in our collection is priceless.. fan's are eager to take a guess at the blue book value for cal's ccr.(frank
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tiano)"book market.. 25 to looking at all tte memorabilia here... frank's grandson tells us what he's will to paa for cal's useddsuv "ah.. probably five million... but you cant even drive... but i will someday! "in dt balt kc cal ripken's suv is expected to bring in more then 50- thousand dollars for his charity.the auction ends august 28th. 3 &p3 the orioles are tied with the tigers for the final wild carr ssot...morgan adsit joins us now to see if they separated themselves from detroit in sports unlimited...morgan... morgan... coming up tonight on sports unl. unlimited... zach britton returns to the orioles rotatioo...o's fans might be ssocked at his outting in detroit....ravens offense went without a touchdown last night...joe flacco'ssthoughts on how the crime stopper finds himself in
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trouble with the law...whht put aquille carr behind bars... sports unlimited tarts right now... there's six and a half weeks peft in the m-l-b regular moves on to post season.and this season... something neww.. two wildcards in the n-l.... two in the a-l.tampa bay leads the american league wildcard hunt...with the next two... tied for the final spot.that would be detroit and baltimore. baltimore.can we say important series..... o's, tigers.zach britton getting the call up before the game....1st inning... in trouble...bases loaded.... one out...jhonny peralta bounces into the taylor made 6-4-3 double play...britton escapes the .bottom of the 2nd...leadoff runner on...britton neutralizes that...alex avila 6-443 twin killer... back-to-back innings with a dduble play for britton.... move to the 6tt...2 on... nobody out...britton gets peralta chasing the hook...5 strikeouts on the night for the o's batter...delmon young... chopper over the mound...


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