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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 22, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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train derailment. new information on the investigation on fox45 news at five.3 3
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3 3 3 3 so many questions remain as investigators sift through train that derailed yesterday killing two college girls. girls.the pictures behind us show the scale of the wreck.21 cars from a c-s-x train jump the tracks... and investigators are trying to gather enough evidence to figure out what happened. happened. joel d. smith was
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among the first on the scene yesterday after it happened and he is back there... there...streaming now... with the latest on why the emergenny brake is at the center of the investigation. good morning joel d. right now..... c-s-x crews are carefully up- righting wrecked cars.. and removing spilled coal.... but so many questions remain as to how we got to this scene... a wreck that killed two 19 year old girls. the ddrailment around midnight tuesday killed , elizabeth nass and rose mayy, bott college students. the railroad crosses over main street in ellicott city, and investigators now believe the students were sitting on the railroad bridge with their backs to the side of the train as it passed a few feet behind them.... you can see where the coal is pouring out there... this is where they might have
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been, when for some reason, the train jumped the tracks, causing open cars filled with coal to tip over. police found the girls buried under a hill of coal.. dead. initially, investigators wanted to know if the engineer slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting the young women.. perhaps triggering the crash. but investigators say the crew members on board, including an engineer trainee, say they did not hear or see anything before the derailment. so many questions remain, and the answers could be anywhere. (southworth/ntsb) "it's looking at the locomotives themselves.. it's looking at the track, it's looking at any relationship up there, the operations of the trains, the signal systems, the communications.. everything." everything."a team of national transportation safety board 3 investigators is sifting through the wreckage.. including nearly two dozen of the csx trains's 80 cars that flipped over... an pnvestigation, they say, that will be a long process. investigators say the train is equipped with a video event recorder... they say it's one of the many pieces of evidence that the ntsb will examine.
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live in ellicott city, joel d. mith, fox 45 morning news. 3 we're learning more this morning about the two teens killed in this accident.both young women were graduates of mount hebron high school in ellicott city and were attending colleges out-of- state. megan gilliland is here with more on what the girls tweeted before they were killed... that could play a key role in the investigation. good morning guys,the victims are elizabeth nass... a student at james madison university in virgina... and rose mayr... a student at the university of delaware. both of them were just 19-years old. old.voice only: (diane connolley)"how quickly things change in life." life."in the moments before they were killed... the girls tweeted this picture of themselves.the caption read... levitaaing.earlier tweets stated... drinking on top of ellicott city sign with rose petals and looking down on old ellicott there's a crowd on main street... looking up... watching the
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clean up and speculating... (michelle suazo-mother of three)"trying to get that good shot was more important then thinking about what they were doing"(marlo geist-19 year old student in ellicott city)"i would assume if they heard the train coming which you can definitely hear from a ways away that they would have moved.. butt.(shrugs) i dont kn" know"some teens at the crash scene admit to us... the railroad tracks are a hangout for kids. we're told one pastor is already preparing.. for the funeral. so far, no details have been released about those services. i'm megan gilliland, foxx5 morning news. the crofton man accused of threatening to shoot up his workplace has been released from a psychiatric facility. facility.a prince george's county juuge released 28-year- old neil prescott to the custody of his parents tuesday. prescott was ordered to continue taking medication and attend counseling while he awaits arraignment. police say back in july ... prescott threatened to load his guns and shoot up his workplace. he has been charged with one count of telephone misuse. a special task force begins
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examining whether people with mental illness can legally purchase firearms. the commission was created long before this summer's mass shootings in colorado and wisconsin.right now... it is against maryland law for anyone with a criminal history of violence or mental illness to own a gun.but state police say it can be difficult to investigate whether somebody has been treated for mental illness. (durst) "we are not in favor of exclusing mental illness all together as a disqualifier for being able to own or carry weapons, but we want to make sure that the definition of people who are not a danger to themselves or other people." people."the commission will submit its findings and recommendations to governor o'malley later this year. animal rights groups react to a reeised ruling on pit bulls from maryland's highest court. the court of appeals has reaffirmed its earlier decision ... pit bulls are inherently dangerous...but it exempted so-called "mixed- breeds" of pit bulls. maryland's s-p-c-a says this
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negatively impacts humans and should not have to choose s - between their home or their family pets 3 in your wastewatch report, this morning...a new development... involving the phone system in city comptroller joan pratt files a "freedom of information act" request with the mayor's office. office. the request seeks details regarding the mayor's top aides and their involvement in the purchase of a controversial phone system. pratt accuses the mayor of skirting the city's competitive bidding process to purchase the system... at the same time her office was evaluating competitive bids. the inspector general is now investigating the purchase. three delaware childcare employees face serioos charges for encouarging toddlers to fight.dover police are not releasing the cell phone video from march ... but say it shows the female workers ennouraging two 3-year-olds to fight.the incident was
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reportedly discovered during an unrelated investigation. police say in the video... a daycare worker can be heard telling a crying child... "no pinching onll punching"" 21-36 "the kids was crying. obviously did not wanttto partake in this and was basically urged to continue on so again as i said it's sickening to see it. it's unfo" unfortunate."tte daycare's business license... is now suspended. an authorized biography... about the life of late penn state football coach, joe paterno... is now on sale. sale.theebook talks about his legacy at the school... and also his relationship with jerry sandusky... the former assistant coach, convicted of sexually abusing young deecribes paterno's hatred for sandusky... and fallout from the scandal. :25 "i don't think the book takes sides as to whether or not he was guilty and known what was going on or not." not."paterno passed away in january at the age of 85.
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a recent study finds many americans are putting almost half the food they buy... right into the trash. trash.according to the natural resources defense council... the average family of 4 winds up throwing away up to more than 22-hundred dollars a year in food. the study found fruits and vegetables get tossed out the most... followed by seafood, grain products, meat and milk. "barnes and noble" is reporting better-than-expected sales... and it's all thanks to one book in particular.the book store chain says the "50 shades of gray" trilogy helped boost sales by 28-percent... compared to this time last year.the chain also credits two other factors... "borders" going out of business... and more people buying the nook e- reader. heat.just how long it will in your skywatch weather forecast. forecast. ((break 1)) 3
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when it comes to whale watches... it doesn't get any closer than this!take a look at these remarkable photos... captured off the coast of california.they capture a humpback whale... surfacing amid boaters and paddle boarders. experts say humpback whales are often seen in the area around this time of year. but rarely are they seen coming out of the water in such a dramatic fashion.
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3 3 a dangerous dare... dare...nat sound from video on youtube of someone saying ouch ouchhow a reckless game can cause serious in our cover story. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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3 table salt and ice cubes have becomes the latest tools for many thrill-seeking's known at the salt and ice challenge. crime and justice reporter joy lepola explores the dangers of this latest scars it can leave.. in our cover story... story...a chilling game. game. 3 ((pkg)) nat sound from video on youtube of someone saying ouch it's a dare that has kids
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sprinkle an area of their skin with salt, press an ice cube ontop and see how long they can withstand the pain. 10:32:07 it's very disturbing doctor peter beilenson says this new trend called the salt and ice challenge is turning a chemical reaction into a potentially dangerous situation for countless people. 10:34:07 (cover beginning shot is pulling out)... i think parents of young kids young teenagers should be aware that this behavior may make it to their middle school or elementary school and so if they find or hear that kids are making these dares to let the kids know that this is very serious issue and can cause permanent bodily harm on line... this chilling game like youtube where challenge takers can upload their feat and compare their endurance to others. nat sound of another youtube video(stand-up) so we wanted to find out just how drastic of drop you would see 15:21:05 we wanted to see 3
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exactly how drastic of a drop occurred in the temperature once you added salt to the ice 15:21:26 salt pours15:21:50 the temperature of the bowl of ice without the salt registers at 30 degrees15:22:19 cut to temperature appearing 15:26:05 now lets take the temp of the bowl of ice with the salt . it comes in at five degrees below zero that's more than a 35 degree drop and doctors say that could easily result in second degree burns 15:22:44 tight of neg 5(vaeth)15;13:51 look for these burns they are either very red in some cases not small doctor jack vaeth - (vaath) is a psychiatrist who is all too familiar with the ice - salt challenge and those who do it. 15:17:04 there is the psychiatric realm who do it because it relieves stress tension depression anxiety in my life and there is the attention seeking realm that is i'm doing it to be famouu because i can endure more pain then other people but regardless of which category a young adult or tween may fall in... the danger it poses and the severity injury remain the
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same. a behavior teens themselves are being warned to watch for.10:34:41 if they see their friends doing this it is a reason to let a parent know about this... this is an attention seeking cry for hell :49 in baltimore county joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. you can learn more about this by watching joy's entire interview with dr. vaeth...go to our website, and click on raw news. the orioles try to bounce back against the rangers... rangers...see if it ii sports. ((break 3))
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3 bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. 3
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... back to school shopping... will set you back a pretty much money... parents are expected to spend this year... on áeach child.á we are learning more about the victims in that fatal train derailment in ellicott city.what the young girls were doing just moments before they were killed.
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