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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  October 19, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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to the scene....where officers allegeddy pulled him out of the wagon for another rouud of (12205:21))(grren) "they the doorr he picks me up aad my hands still handcuffed behind my back. he pickssme up and ttrowssme into the kitchen table."(11:14:05) "mr. reen did nothing too rovoke them. dii othing to put them as pctions taken by these officers were ompletell unacceptable." 3 3tonight, sergeant ariios gia-lamas ann officer aathony wiiliims are off the streets and charged with seccnd degreee assault..... prosecutors have dropped chhrges aaainst antoine green wwo's now a... carreff 3 accident thurssay... claimed &pthe life... pf... a... princc georgg's 3 this... the scenee...around 3 o''lock... yesterday afternoon... at... branch avenue... and... surratts road in
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when his cruiser... crashed intoo another car... died... at the - hospital.../. itss... the second fatal accident....involving ...a.. p-g police offiier thhs ear. "this is sad day in ppince depaatment, losing anotter ice officer. it is not anneasy day but we want to expresssourr sympathy to theefamilies." &ppooden... was a sii-year... theedriver... of... the other car .... suffered... non-life- threatening injuries.../// 33& another battle etween the comptrollee and the ayor over ccty taa dollars.this tiie lawsuit to sttp a controversial citt phone sysytem sysytem.comptrooler oan pratt from installing a phone system
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bid. but the mayor ssys the offer of orioles owner peter angelos to pick up the pomptroller's legal ttb runs against of the city's ehtics both sides say iisfar from over. p3 "i think the law is eryy cleaa, ttat it's unacceptable to accept large gifts fromm peoppe doing business with the " city.""i am actuaaly savvng -& of bbltimore ro enting tte 3ono." booo." pratt says if angeloo paad't stepped in, taxpayers oo herrllgal ccallenge beeaass the city would have to hiie an ootside firm. 3 t's our dutt o hhld elected officials accountable. pou can do that by joining ouu fox44 waste watch.if you have a story about govvrnment our hotline... 410-662-1455youucaa alloolog onto our website fox baltimore &pdot com nd clicc on aste pan... anti-
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immigrant... ad... airing... on... altimore tt stations.../ joblessrate among aarican- among blacks...atmore ttan 11- percent. ohn ryddll reports...that ad...puts plame...on immigration laws... aws.....on immigration laws... (rydell) "this commeecial is onny airing in baltimore, at leasttfor right now, anddits sponsors say it's not because pf the uucoming vote on the maryland dreem act but because oo the ity's high unemployment rate among african-americans.""i'm tiredd of the stereetype ttat black americans don'' want to work." this commercial...wass ggoup...known as "numbers-usa.. its meebers... aae upsett... with natiinal immigration i doo't nderstann whyyour leaders are going to admit a year to take jobs of three ext million black americans."the ad...does not speficially mention the marylaan dream... noveeber's would allow illeeal immiggants too pay the discounted... n--tate tuition maryland colleees...but only ii they ccmmunity college...and ave parents ho are paying state wrong with those immmgraatssor the immiirants that aree already eee, it's just that haaeethis many ameriians you unemployed." since the commercial...does not mention spokesman for mayor stephanie rawlinns-blake...says she has no comment on the commercial...ssnce it makes no mention of the maryland dream act. bbt the mayor...has recooded videos for youtube...
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vooccng her support...for the dream aat. (rydell) "numbersssa says it's aware of thh marrland dream act and be disappointed. in baltimmre, five."ydell, fox45 news att - here's... our question of he &pimmigration hurting minority employment in maryllnd? pgo... baltimore dot comm ..// tell us... wwat you think.../..sound... off... thru... faaebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. att foxbaltimore.../. text... your answer too ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a for
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yes.. / &pfox45b foo nn. 3&the dream at is gaining suppprt, according to a new washington poss ppll. poll. 59 percent of likkly voters &psaid they would vote in favor of the dream acc, which offers in sttte tuition to llegal pmmigrants.35 percenn said they'd ote against the 2011, but opponents gathered enough signatures to orce a referendum and put the issue onnthe november ballot. new... numbers maryland... laattmonth. maryland... employers added... 98-- hundree... jobs... in september, .../ &pa... gain entirely... from the privatt sector..../ the... p state's unemployment pate... dropped... to... 6.9 percent.../ from... 7.1 than the natiooaa nmployment - rrte.../ , which standssat... 7.8 percent. ttmorrow morning mmreethan 8 around the inner harbor for might think that heaat disease is something that affects adults.but tonight jennifer gilbert
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introduces tooa very young, and verr brave survivor. survivor. aiien richmonddis a playful child.....nats)(sot nnkkii10 54 56he's jjss a social butterfly.quick, with a little boy's smile.(nats?)and a grown up's story.(sot aiden)11 19 33 they're taaing care oo my heart and y pace only 66 ix years old....aidee should.... about heart disease. (sot aiden)11 19 21 of me.(sot nikki)10 46 4 care - becauseehe had been in thh hhspital the first four years of his llfe, he neeer really got to be a kd.hours aatee defect. he was rushed ffom a t - hospiial in hagersttwn to center in d-c.(sot nikki)10 500 14it's hard. i mman i was a really young mothhr not pnooiin what to expect abbut being mothhr, and what doo you exxect to know about, your kid has eart diseass.i mean i was just terrified.aiden woold have foour pen hhart surgeries..... by the time he of his mmm, niiki, a single mother, now working hhr way through ccsmetollgy school. (sot nikki)10 54 35i drew my strength from him because if he can ggothrough all of his and be this trong then need to e even stronger. because i needdto be there for him.aidenn faaes a lifetime of meeiicl prooeedures, to replace his pacemaker.... nd heart valles. in spiteeof is ddsease.... (sot nikki)10 55 43hees just an aasome kid.a little boy... withha very big hagerstoww, jennifer ilbert, fox 45 news at hagerstown, jennifer gilbert, fox45 news at :30.inn hagersttwn, jjnnifer giibert, fox45 news at hhgerstown, jenniferrgilbeet, pox45 ews late dition.
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and jennifer will bb there tomorrow morning for the greater baltimore heart walk aa rass fielddit'' not too late to sign up, or dooate. donate. for more information, go to how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. reeort. mapfiberlibertyshawanmap335
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a... lot to bomb ...the federal reservv &pwhat we're earning abbut he reaction from the suspect's pamily. "everyone please take your seats. otherwise, clint 3 a night of humor insteaa of zingers from bott presidential - spared... bird wasntt -you a - i was veey madd i saw he 33
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the bold reaction from a ns -3 3 --adbllb weather tz-- & ♪
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pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. earning 1% cash back relatives f a man - accused of trring to bomb the federrl reserve building in new york - say they're stunned y his arrest... police say 211yeer-old quazi &pnafis tried tooblow up what h thought was a one- thhusand-ppund bomb hidden insiie a van. it as actually a sting ooeration involving undercover officers.... and
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the bomb was nnt real.nafis' father is standing by his son.... he says e's innaaable i donnt believe a feerful boy like him can do anythinn so risky....and without any doubt i can say he is not linked wwth it." it.. investigators say nafis had connections o l-qaedaa-- aan goinn after the nation's financial instiiutiins. militarr targee in baltimorr was originally on hii list, the.... &ppresidential candidates... from ampaigningglast night.. . to... showwoff ...their cooedic side.../ at... an... annual black-tiiefundrais. fundraiser.president obama... and... former romneyy... were... - in... new york... &pfor the... dinner...../he .. charity event... hootee bb thh cathollc archdiocese off nee york... for prrsidential iooaa stop... candidates...//.it ... gave....both men... a &pand ggt few laughs. people seemed to be very
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curioos as to how we prepare for the debatee. let e tell you hatt do. first, reffainn from alcoohl ffr 65 years before he debate. seecnd, &fin star and then ercilessly attack ii. ig bird didn't see it coming. in the spirrt of sesame streee tte president's remarks are brought to you by 11 ttillion." -butt to-mber bit ddfferent because he spooier alert, we got bin todaa, both ccndidates get back to workk.. campaigning anddpreparing for their third and final debate. &p an 80-year-old connecticu pommn is due ii court next week, charged wiih stealing pooitical siins. nancy lackksays she diddwhat &psheethought was right last week and removed three laan
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&ppbama wiih a hitler-style mustacce.the signs weee ppsted larouche political action pommittee... who allld police wwen nancy took off with their posterss theyy ried to holl onto the posters. i won. i took them. i put them in my car. it juss made me so angry thht they nancy was llterrarresteddforr llrceny. sse says she rralizes she'll represent herself in face up o three-months in jailland a 500-hundred-ddllar earlier we told yoo about a anti-immmggant ad. ad. and it's lld us to ourr question of the you thinkkimmmgration is hhrtingg miiority employmenn. emmloyment..tefanie writes on our facebookkpage....not, exclusively, but if plays a par" part." but keshiaa
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a lot of times."r nosss up o - &ptimes."this questioo has certainly stirrrd up a lot of strong ooinions. 3 go... to... fox- tell uss.. hat you faceeookk../. send... us... a tweet.. at fooxaltimmre.../. teet... your answee tt ...45-203..../ enter... yys.. / 3 3 sse said youu baby he smeels peally bad anddit'' not fairr that we all have to smell that." that." 3p a woman and her aby humiliated by a bus driver... what she waa forced to do &pbecause of a stinny diaper. 3 &p--adblib weathhr tz-- seettleewoman
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says ... she... was kicked off a public bus.../ the bus everydaa withhher one - year oll son, daniel.she says they were on their way tt see the doctor... whee daniel sed pheebathroom in his diaper. they were half a mmle from the saying the child ssellee really bad, and it wasn't fair to other passeegges. 3"and right after ttat she told me that i needed to ggt off the bus. i said why is thht? peally bad anddii's not fair that weeall have to smeell that.""i said my ssn isssick i'm taking him tooa doctors app" appointment."daniel hhd the sttmach flu... and on top of mmnths pregnant.she filed a pomplaint with the bus company and they ay.. they're innestigating.they also say...
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the driver ffels terrible ut had to look ouu for the ooherr 3 3 aarainy start to the day... but its cceared up out tterr.... lets check innwith meteorologiit lauryn ricketts &pfor a look at the fooecast..- 3
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josh troutt says: "i neeer thought of seeing my tacher like that." that." teens findda topless the reason they'rr eing and punished. testing the five second rule... how long eeore germs the dirriesttplaces to drop yoo. i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany.
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made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. it's official... the f-dda
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sayy thh fungus in tainned &psteroid ssots atches the one connected to the mmenngitis outbreak spreading across the thh matcc confirms the link between the fungus and maker of the ssots....tte new federal agents have alrrady - begun raiding the headqaurters...tryinggto determine if tteecompany violated its statesslicensee so far 271 people nationwide have been sicked .....16 are here in maryland21 people hhve died from the illness.
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3 that... famous... 5-second rule... is debunked!iff.. you... drop food... on the ggound.../ dont other... picking ii up./.. that... &p according to a new study... which found germs ...attacc themselves... to... ffod items... in... less than... fivee seconds../. the... studd ...also tested... where... dropped food ... dirtiest.../. aaong ... he... surprising finddngs .../ your kitchen ountertop,.. is... likely... diitier thhn your parpet. yet, buttretailerssaae getting shopppng season. expeets ssa it coold bbe it's matching the nline d - prices of its competttors. best bby and toos-r-us have also said they're mmtching online prices, too. and layaway deals are already k-mart, toyy---us and 3aa-mart.... nnw at 5:30.... the man pplice say is a peeping tom. the video that lee to hii arreet.... ann how he got ttee cameras intooa woman's
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apartmeet. 3 p-aablib weather tz-- as a pastor, my support for on 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. women nside their homes.
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tonight howard county police say they've made a quicc streaming llve from columbia where police aarested michael police arrested the 42 year yesserday but say they wwreest - floodeddby people whoo recognnzed him and they were able to arrest him the very paae day police beeieve mckenny had been viiee taping at least moss privatt places like


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