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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 15, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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tto convicted killers... preeare... to... tand trial for the third time. poliiarpio espinoza and adaa canela were back in a baltimore city courtroom this believe the two could soon go free, jeff..... 3 two jury's in two lengthy trials have heard thh ggaphic detaals of how three youngg children were staabed to death. now, it appears, this case is going to trial for a third time. 3 3&pthis morninn, prosecutors offered policarpio esppioza pnd adan canela a plea deal.... guilty pleas to three ccunts of murder....prosecct orssagreed to a sentence of 40- years in prison. but thatt &pdeal was quickly rejected by convicted six ears ago in the stabbbng and ecapatation killings of three young relatives. but last year, p high court overturned heir
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murder convictions....and now they're set to stand rial a third time on march 1'th..... but the case could be a lot more difficult to prrve this time. onn of the key witnesses has died.... mexican priion. in court - today, defense aatorneyy maintainnd their clieets are innncent...and are ready to go to trial. jeef abell, foo 45,,news at 5:30. the city fire deparrment recovers a woman's body from the harbor in cantonn canton.just beeore 5 this morning they got aacall for a person n the waterr n boston was pulled from the water and pronounced dead.nooword on an identity. a prince george's ounty sheriff's deputy has shht and killed a man who police say happened wednessay night while officers wereetrying to serve a peace order at a home in riverdale. "a female subject allowed the deputy into the homee... oq: and pronounced at the hospitta." hospitall"the suspecc has 3hosp"
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hospital." the suspect has not been identified but police ssy he's leave -- which issstandard ve - procedurr in officer-innolved shootings. city police have arrested a girl. police say 22 year old brian maye approached hee victimmlast friddy.she was walking along edmondson avenue at cooos lanee whhn he pullld up beside her in car.pplice inside his vehicle. maye is - charged with rape and several &pother sex offenses. &pa woman who was pulled from house fire in reistersttwn has 3 the fire broke out wednesday porning aa a house on blake court.when firefighters arrived at the scene... they pound 59-year-old karen diener traaped on the second floor. she sffered buuns to half of herrbody... and died a short time later at the hospital.
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still no word oo what started the fire. 3 3annther ... energy drrnk ...supplement... fire.paul gesslerrjoins us to tell us why five- hour energy is now beiin reviewed. the f-d-a confirmed yesterday they are loooing into claims this popular dietary supplement is inked to 13's not the first time thissindustry is taking heat. heat. actor: "i don't wanna get up."the commercials depict dreary morninns... and 3 shelves.flying off the with product dollar industry...with product lying oof the shelves. 33
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a statement for 5-hour energy &psays they take the reports 'very ssriously.'it gges on to say they re unawwre of any
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police... need 3 help finding a 15 yearrood.... reisterstown girl ./.. missingg.. for nearly... two months. months. sssha... arianna... sam--lal .. was reported misssng... september 21st..../she... a... blackkhonda... wwth tinted wiidows ...aad... a... whhte honda sticker... across the ttp windshield..../ the driver was ...a.... hispanic male...//.sasha... ii... 5 feet, 55 inches all.../ and weighs 140 pounds...///. she wasswearing ...a.. t-shirt and blue jeaas..../anyone ...with information... should call... bbltimore county pollce. a... father's... arrested... &p after police say... he brought a gun a peeting... at his son's school. it happened wednesday morning... at the academy foo college and career exploration in hampdee....//olice say rodney parkee was cclled to a disciplinary meeting for his son. he arrived in a ccbband &pdropped a .22 caliber handgun as he was ggttiig out of thee par. the cab driver reported it to a police officee moments the front ooe was
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injured. also new at any crossing guaad...and they'll &ptell yyu about the close call kids afe. safe.but today, more thann60 baltimore ity interssctions guards.áno longer havee rossing parents obviously extremely upset...saying the departmmnt of transportations decision to take away crossing guards at &p66 city a safety hazarddbut the ity says ttey spent days surveying saa, at some erseetions.they intersections...only one r two children were crosssng in dot says they are simmly gging by the federal standard...where they will only put crossing guard on a 40 kids...and 250 cars per ss hour. pthese kids nned a crossing guard, in morniig time, whose adult"what if a hild gets hht is the city going to ppy fr &pcosts?" "we are working with schools and parents, if neee to be put back n place we're happy to
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the ccty says they're not firing or letting go any will just be moved to s they - different intersections. residentssinnone baltimore county community... are troubles.and it's aal because oo confusion over their street's name. name.melinda roeder explaans how a issaken detour iss causing a oo of damage. &presidents of idlewylde ... typically enjoy a quaint, quiet lifestyle...which is why they want drivers to know truck stop.borhood... is no --3 3&in the ast two yyars... they've seen a big increase in big rigs... rying to navvgate their tiny street... ofttntimes... leaving big ruts pn theirryards.the trouble seems to be over the nnme of their street -- beechwood road. well. it turns out there's a beechwood road in towson - nd - in ddndall. by one tte wrong 3
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adddess in a g-p-s... or incorrectly ead a map... and you'll end up on the narrrw, &pooe-way stteet... that runs through idlewylde. drivers get ssuck there and hee have to turn around. < "a lot of these drivers tell us theyyve been up all night, they're tired... they looo for a quicker route." this is a very hilly neighborhooo... them diilodged rom yards."> theetrucks have caused several hundred dollars in damages.... knocking down fences... tearing the covers off water lines... ann scrapingguttlity poles.but the county is renamed the "otherr bbechwoodd road. and they're going too post warning signs soon. melinda rooder - fox 45 news at 5:30. how are the roads looking tonng? our traffic edgg report. report. maplibertymapshawwn395map
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p, stop yoursslf from getting
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sick.... 3 &pdoctor..... the quickest way to knock out a cold...... and notice symptoms. 3 get ouu, i got a gun." (gunshots) 3 can shoot each ther.... how s - it prepares you or real life scenarios.... and tth reason its so popular among women. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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a gun range in florida is letting its customers fire
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shots -- at each other. ppople can bring theii own guns toocombat city, where they meet with owner dave kaplan.he modifiesstheir peapons aad puts a restricter innthe barrel so a live round it's beccme popular with women pike tiffany chapin, a single mom who believes the real-lifee scenarios are the best way for women to learn how to defend themselvess depends on the woman or ii depends n the erson. but for the most part mosttwomen walk out of here feeling very -&emp kee." 3&"there is supposed tt be a degree of pain with it o hat you do learn from tt.. it... 3it... it... 3 employeee at combat city say tteir facility tests a person's nervv and elps them to know if they have it in them to shoot another person ttey say firing at a paper target only teaches people tt shoot straight in perfect conditions. little ttred... maybb your
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head starts getting warm and signs that you may be getting a cold. so what do you do when you first recognnze the syptoms? how do you ight it &p chicken soup? vitamin c? here now to discusssthee puickest wayy to knock out a coll is docttrrkathleen mathey... family medicine physician from gbmc at pprry for minimizing cold symptoms:1- use a humiddfier pcetaminophen or ibuprofen to reducc fever and diicomfort3 - rest4 - increase fluid intake to maintain adequate hydration beverages that contain electrolytesto nclude beverages that hydration and remember to maintain adequate 4 - increaseefluid intaae 3 - r ibuprofee to reduce 2 - take acetaminophen nasal saline spray1- use a hummdifier and nasal saline spray2 - take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce fever and ddscomfort3 restt - increase fluid intake to maintain dequate hydration and reeember to include beveraags that contain electrolytes5 - avoid overuse of otc cold and flu produccs, i.e., decongestants -3 3
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these are these baby'ssfirst
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steps...but it's what the dog does thaa steals the show. pwo obama campaign taffers get quite a surpriss when he president of the united states askk them to tell im a e and personal storyy 3 &p--adblib weather tz--
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&phhw ... many... engaged couples... get... to share... their happy news... with... the president of he united statee? statee?that's what saaa sanniie... two obama campaign back in august... and it's justtnow surfacing on youtube. the president asked thee couple how they got engaged... and after matthew toldd pome ssoud advice courtesy of 3 beyonce! guy: i'm stressing here..girl
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rinn nnit ( he does the move) move)pressdent obama also also posed foo a president obama also posed for a picture with the happy couple. -- react to story --overcast badd..howwdo we look for ot tha friday?chief meteorologiit vytas eid... &p we're saying thank we're saying thankkyou to our
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tth new we know why.smith has not bben healthy...not at all
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allin fact, heeunderwent surgeryytoday to repair a spoots one is saying out long the former number oe draft pick will be least 3-4 weeks...and in the familiar nflllexicoo, that &pmmans next man this ccse, corey grrhaa will ascend &pinto the starter's role... "any time you're oottthere you wanttto make plays. it's not going t be any different thann &pany other time being out there and mke plays. i can't speak opportunity that's what you live for, that's what you want." 3 you want." p anticipatinn smiih's problem, tte ravens went out and got ome depthhthis week.....vettran chris johnson, the former raider...and he's not gonna have much of an acclimation period...right now, it looks like he will be the niiklebackk &pcome sunday night... career that i actuaaly had to 3 come in during midseason and try to just help the team out. it's reelly exciting and ffn for me to be able to be with a good orggnization and ccme in and just contribute." 3 and remember you can see the securityyplus federrllcedit union miaa ccampionship game
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thhs saturdayyat 7-30 on our sisttr staaion tte cw baltiiore...calvert hall aad gilman battll for the "a" championshhi nly on the cw baltimore. we'll preview the miaa championshhp game oming up att 10-50 aan 11-30 on the late --toss to vytas-- &pvytas-- 3 3
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it's... a... special moment... in... eeery parrnt's life.../ step.unforrunately for one s - couple... their child's exciting momenttwas stumbling around the room... avoidinggthe dog... before making her way over to hee sofa.everyooe is excittd... includdnn the little girl... buutyou can see the dog leav his excitement on the rug next to the baby..ut then this happens... the baby rolls right into happens... the baby but then ttis right into the dog's ittle present. that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family
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feud" is next. next.and we'll bb ack tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thanks a lot, everybody. heh heh heh! welcome to "family


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