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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 17, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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automattc riffes and high accompany thoseeweapons has becomeethe center of great debate... on he national level and thh sttte.. when you pooo at maryyand's gun control laws .... tey re already - among some of most stringent.... yee thht's done little tt llmit the number of 3 baltimoreecity. 3&p while the mayor blames peadees in annapolii.... those agaiiss stricker laws arrue... aren't the answerr as it stands now... in maryland... -3 before you can obtain an assault weapon legally... 33 carry no mmre than 200rounds and a background check iss pequired. ttere are also stttutes that pertain to how handguns need to be secured and stored. 3 3& "i've tried, i've advocated fro strongerrguunlaas in annapolissfor years, and we''e had extreme ddfficulty to get & psme of the legislatoos to
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underssand hh it's impootant." 3 05:42:52""o i believe we need -a 2 step approach, we need to look at assault miiitary style weapons how we cootrollthhm or pdal with them while amendmenntconsituional right tooown guns." guns."1:50::7 we have very ptrict gun laas and we have a high murder ate. new jerrey, new york, california aad pllinnisshave strict gun laws and lltt offpoeple getting killld. 33 what a lot of gun shhppowners tell me they've seen ovee the past coople of days.... arr mooe peoppe calling and coming 3 of people are interesteddin buying these weapons now... out of feaa hht tte law is fox 45 news at 5530. 3 goverror marrin o'malleyy aso
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weighed in on the debateeover -ggn control.he says marylandd & already has somm of the poughest guu laws in the nation &pbutt the reeent rash of shootings means that it'' ime to talk about new ways to regulate guns. 3 "i think every cariig and rraional being has to look at our lawsadn he way we diagnose and trearttpeopll who &pass ourselves how we can do more." 3 3&pttree days after one f the -3 worst school shootings innu-s history... the rieviig coommnityy - olding he first & funeral services. 3 two young victims... &plaid to ress today. 66year-old oah pozner... he -3 loved learning how things worked... and jjck pinto - -3 also 6 - a new york giants ffn & - funerals are pllnned throughhut the week... as the iivvsttgation continues. -3 p policc say the shootee -- 20 year old adam lanza -- had -3 hundreds oo roundssof ammunntion... enough to kill about every student in he
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to thh school... he shot his mother four times in the head at theii home... -3 3p43-54""e have begun processing phe evidence, analyying the evidence. every singleefacet of the weaaons wwll be analyzed." annlyzed." 3 investiggtors areereviewing the cooteets of the gunmanns computer, phone and credit card records... to find out & massacre. -3 3 we've also learned tonight that the parenttof one off yoong victims of the connecticuu scchol shooting 3 . robert gay wws a graduaae of calvert hall igh sshool n 1978 .his seven year old &pddughter josephiie grace was among thhse ho lost theer &plives on friday. maryland schools reected to -the shooting ttday by &&pincreaaing security and 3 p3 baltimore couutys crisis plan was updated earlier thhs year after theeshootinggat perry hall high school. still &pofficiill are reassessinn
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&ptheir building for safety. todaa they had extra secuuity on handdand they madd sure coonseloos were availabll. 3 " we knew that kids were going &pto have questions....outcue: tt answwr those questions pqestions 3 officials did not see any decline in attenddnce, thoogh morr parenns drove their ids &pto school today. -3 3 first on fox a stabbing inside a school in balitmore city. city. . t hhppeneddat - pree iddle school on centrall avenue. chhol officials say a women did not follow ppopee protoooo after enteeing thh & school. the admmnnstrator sufferrd ccts to his hand ndd was senn to tte hospital..the woman was arrested. 3&p "tte kids need more's craayy! p,33 the school was in emergency lockdown duriig the incident.
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no students weee injured.. sourres ell us the 21 year -3 old oman aa ttempting to -3 deliver a urprise birthday 3 people everywhere are showing their concern for the families ann victims oo friiayy evastating school massacre....especcallyyhhre in baltimore. baltimore. instead of their annual holiday -3 gathering... students at the university school of social work deecded to do a card-making party tt express their sympatty to the families & f sanny hook. "rather than sitting back ann doing nothing about it i thought that this woull be a good way to ring people together for a common cauue that everyone was tuch by." by." dozens of 3 give their words of & encouragement. p3 it was a big day at st. joseph & medicalccnter...where -&&pbaltimore's archbiihophelpedd ceeebrate aahuge &&ptransformation.john rydell & joins us with more onthe completion of a big merger...john... 3 jennifer... it's nw ""fffcial.""st. joees" ... has -3been "acquured" "university" oo maryland... medical systee. and hat years...of turmmil...and the ttwson hhspital. hospital.
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((music)) in the chapel at st. & jjseph's medical center... there is cclebbatton.(nats) itts a bbessing of a new mergee betteenthisscaaholic -&phhspital...and tte university ofmaayyand medical system. but - before aaceremonial ribbon- cutting...there'ssa moment - silence...for the victims oo that horrifii connectiiut."so when tis terrible news came, it strucc arrival in baltimore...archbis hoppwilliam lori...was the bishop of bridgepoot, - connncticuu. heeofferss prayers...for he mann survivors.(lori) "especiilly for those parents wwo lost - tthir liitle ones who suffer a grief like no other grref."so in this place of hhaling...tte a newly
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joe's....ill now be knoon as...the unversiiy of maryland-..t. oseph...medical penter..(kelly) "this 3& hospitall hey had a few blips, they got some bad publicity, diin'tt pply to - everything here, 999 of everything is going great - here."but frankkkelly...who now joe's -3 poord...admitt heee werr sooe difficult times. 3 caadiologist..dr. mark midee pprformed... hundreds oo un--ecessary stent operatiins. and in the past four & years...the hospitallost 100-million dollars. ((ats) 3 but adminsitrators...say the porst...isbehind them.and they're now celebbating...a nee this & ospitta's....hissooy.(kelly) "st. jjo's' has beenna -3 catholic hospital for 148 yeers, ww respect that,,and we believe that we'll be able o & st. joe's...will "iientityy"aad itss chairmaa...says there were"no" taxpayer dollars...invvlved... ii the merger. john rydell, fox 45 news at 5:30. 3 todayybaltimore welcomed a prooram that'll help us
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bbtttr preparr ffo natural ddsasters. 3& mayyr stephanne rawlings-blake along with barbara mikulski held a 3 new national civiliaa conservation corps. the rogram will run aa the former saared heart of mary 3 of ameriioop thattdeploos youug adults to help n base ppojectss 3 "im looking forward tt having these new residents in thh &pcityythat are going to e pepllyed throughout he region in volunteer effoots therr but allo thh workkii chaaging these young peoppe in creating the cenergies thha help us have a safer anddbetttr and 3 altimore is -3 only 1 of 5 locaaions oo the n- triple ccthat train ameriiorp volunteers. 3 some serious fog s disrupting traael pllns for hunders off -3& traaelers at bwiithurgood tonight.kkith daniels is - ssreaming live inside the airrort ttoight where the ccowds aae thick and -3 frussrattins are rising.
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3 3
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33 traffic in baltimore poonty was backed up for somm time this afternoon dde o multiple explosions. 3&p ---nats of explosion ((wice)------ -- north aad south neer he harforddcounty line...were both cclsed around
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fly in the aii. itt elieve a one car accident mmy have hit a pole cauuing ttat pole to crack....ann wiies to bb exposed. p as a precautions fire 3 clossd for fear the pole would collapsee 3how are the roads looking tonight? & tonighh?brandi proctor hha our trafficcedge report. report. 3 mapp,3 greenspring 3 pibertyshawanmmp395 &p 3
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pwo ppllcc officers killed police caught up to the suspect and what happeeed -3 pfter a twwohourr tandoff. a big day... in the world f space.why nasa is smashing two of its probes nto the moon.... áon purrose.á 3 -3 3&p--adblib weather tz--
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secretary oo state, hillary clinton will no longer estify - this week... abouu the & benghazi attack... after & the weekend.she was expectee to appear before the senaaee and house orrign affairs committeess the state departmenttsays she became dehydrated while dealing ith aastomach virus... which caused her to faint.clinnoo s now schedullddto peed the next few days at ome to recover. 3the suspect wanted n the kklllng of two kansas police & officcrs were shot and killld outssde a groceryystore. store.last night, hh offiiers were respooding to a call about a suspiciouu vehiclee.. &pand that somehow led to
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3 away, and the two officers wwre takee to a hosppttl, -3&pwhereethey aterrdiee. the suspect wws fouud inside a home and a two hour standoff ensued... ccusing police tt uus tear gas and k- 9 units..-33 gunfire... the suspect was shot.he later died at the &hospital.the two officers killed were corpooal ddvid gogian and offfcerrjeff & athhrly. after a weekend of tragic neww... we could all use a good hug..- oakland... voluuteers - from the "hhnting happiness projectt werr delivering free hugs at theeoakland farmer's &pmarket. aa visitors browsed in jackklonddn square, phey were hit withhrandom acts &pof kindness.. hugs and high-fives... or just an encouraging worr... big difference... 56-113watkins says: "love can rrally cover p aad kinda elp you get through the day. love, i think that's something that's sttonger than anything." marley says: "it was reelly
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nice or sommone o reaah out and just be nice. somethiig e neee o do mmre off i think." think."volunteers at the "love'n aid" booth alsoowwote 3 encourrging others to step up and spreed the good will thii holidayyseasoo. 3 two nasa prroes arr expected & to crash inno the moon monnay. but tis is no accident... & coming up. 3 3--adblib weather tz--
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?ó33 a pair of nasa robotic - satellites that have been mappiig theemoon this yeaa will be going out with a bbng. the gravity recovery and interiorrlaboratoryá... or "grail"...will crash intt a mouutain on the moon this - afternoon.nasa is crashing he pprobes, about theesize
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of aa apartment washer and dryer, because they're running out of plan..nasa was usinn the &psatellites to see whattis below the moon's ssrface and 3 have formed. 3 -- react tt storyy--messy day out... 3 foogy this morning and it & never really left us.rain... moisture in 3 the air....chief ,3 meeeorologist vytas reid... 3
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3 the ravens lose another player for theerest of the & seassn...who john harbaugh said will noo be able to play &psports uunimitte... &p
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3 the eather matched the ood tooay at he ravens complex in but then, three consecutive december...has penddncc to do that.. &pthat...uut about everything that coulddgo wrong, did go -3& wrong againstteyttnnmannnig and denver yesteeday....and the fans are not happp..weeare nottused to seeeng this team struggle like this late in the seasonand the boos were raining down ssndaa...jjhn harbaugh doesnn' enjoo heering that...but as doesn't necessarily disagree with those doing it... & 3 "it's painfull there's noo question bout it, it tings, & but rightfully so. thaa's the - way we had ppayed. e had done -3& things that you just can't do -3& if you want to win a football -3&pgame against good team. we did it in thee ost inopportune first drive, and we ddd it 3 are the two situations wherr you really don't want those things to appenn mooe than any otherrsiiuatton. we deserved it. we've got to go earn those cceers. that's up to us."
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3 tteeraaens' dismal even ooe so..linebacker -3 jameel mm clain, injured in the loss to the reeskinseight days ago, has been lost or &pdiignosed as havingga ruused ppinal cordand thhre is not enough time left to recover &pand ggt back on theefield... his 2012 season ends with him having 79 tackles. 3 torrey smith alss 3udate on his younngaward winner...coming up at 11-50 and 11--0 on sports &punllmited... 3 jenn --toss to vytaa-- vvtas-- 3 3
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3 an army ad made a surprise pretuun home froo afghanistan peekend.chief wrrrnn officer eric spoerle surppised hiss thrre sonssat the housttn ptexans game against the sunday. his wife and sons were 3halffime, and presented with team jerseys. then heer dad was revealed under a giant phhistmas was in on the big surprise ffrrthe kiis 3 the secret. & 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."familyyffud" is next.and - we'll be back tonight for pox45 nees at ten -- and thh llte edition at 11...
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