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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  December 30, 2012 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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3 3 but first we're racking breaaing news out of the
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nation's capitol. there to avert the fiscal cliff and - stop your taxes from going up tonight.. senate majority leader harry reid said they had reached roadblock and &pnegotiations are deadlocked. we are only 26 hourss way from good evening, i'm jjnniferrgilbert. you've fiscal cliff lately, here's congress decided to create a meehanismmthht cut militaay spending and entitlemmnt trillion dollars to try to force themselves into a deaal deal. that cliff is heree and it arrives as taxes are set o go up on all americans. anyone making ovee four year to pay more in taxes. conservative republicans don't want to raise taaes on anyyne. they're deeand only áspending cutsá to curb he country'ss debt. vice president biden and minorityyleeder mitch mcconnell are now talking agreement bott sidessof the
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senate caa agree on. 3 3 &p obviously, whaa had happened here between the two leaaers innthe senate had broken down because the senatt democrats republiianssmade last night. so hoppfully, the discussions back on track, hopefully get a can vote on, hopefully today - or tomorrow. it's not just your taxes, in 26 hours will have a edinn devastatiig effect on deffnse cuts will spiral outward to government conttactors aad coull lead tt widespread layoffs according to economisss. 3 and we're tracking morr
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breaking news out of washington. secreeary of hossitalized with a blooodccoo - suffered earlier this month. mrs. clinton had a severe stomachhflu that doctors saay her heed.. there's no wood - where it is located. we'll kkep tracking her condition and bring you he latest as it developp. police are askiig for yyur help to catch the people in the past 24 hoors.te shootin& hours.. tte latest was a pt the intersectton of head reisterrtown road and bryant avenue. we wwre on the scene as homicide ddtectives arrived &pjust after :30 this evening. they found a mannshot several times in the head. the investigation baaked up traffic s detectives looked for clues. police haven't released any information n phe suspect.... or the a man was shoo in thee
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just after idnight this more morning and he'ssexpected to cordeeia avenue. police think the mmtive was an argument between the victim and the shooter.... just momenns beeorr he pulled ouu his gun. with information to call police. found the 15 year old shot - mmles suspects tonight. 115915 righh now it appears a rrbbery ... oc: some type of &pconclusion 115926 115926 the teen has beee treated ffr his gunshot wwunds ann released from the hospital. and a maa was shot in he back in northeast baltimore. it happened on fenwick road aroundd3:30 this affernoon. as the shooter fled thee scene.... e actually llmmed his car into aa off duty copp car. northeast district
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police are till searching or the shooterrand his getawaa car tonight. &p3 and we're getting late word tonight about aadeadly shootiig in glen burnii. anne arundel county police say a dietrich's tavern this evening. shooting at that bar in the past thhre years. they're sttil looking for the suupect tonight. dozens of people in baatimore gathered tonight to protest and lesbians.they are rallying aaound a young man who was men on christmas night.oup of - night.melinna roeder is live tonight with more on the case -- aad how some areehoping it will lead to an end to hate crimes.meeinda? this case - as they would - any violent assault. detectives say they have some leads... after all, there were peverallwitnesses....but so meantime... friends and e - supporters within the gay - lesbian - aad transgeedered community are rallying arouud justice. "we are out here toody becaase we believe thht violence is unacceptable."
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prrying for an end t the violence... thhs group claims ps all too common... on the 09:09:48 "we believe that everyone in baltimooe should be able to walk the strret without beinn hhrassed, maimed or killld imply because of who they are."(file video) on christmas night - in east baltimore... kenny shaw was walkingghome from a corner stooee.. when hh was jumped aad attacked by roughly six men.the viitim elieves he was targeted - simply for being gay.(show pictures - before and aftee) hisseyes - &pbloodshot - hii face - still swollen....09:15:54-09:16:02 "we're all human,,we shoulddnt be afraid to walk o the corner store... and fear for tonight - kenny stands with his mom...(mom) 09:22:07 "i'm sick of hateecrimee." surrounded by supporters - gathered at the washington (singing) 09:11::0 "this little light of mine...."a &pcandlelight viiil - aimed aa raising awareness... and preventing such bruual crimes. young man liied to tell his story/ and he is so
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courageous."kenny sayy this -b diffeeent.09:30:50 "i have bloode hair... i guess they pick me out of the crowd."but he hopes no one eese will ever be forced to endure such hate... here in balttmore... you , kenny" when kennyywas attacked - there were apparently several witneeses - who did nothing to stop it. aaain, police are chasing leads, buu still toniggt - froo n.3 pooice headquarters - melinda roeder - fox 45 news aa ten, 3 theeravens decided to rest most of their starters against the bengals in prepartion for the playoffs. it ended in a loss, but as bruue cunningham explains now, the real test comes againss rookie andrew luck and the we knew what to exxect rom phis ooe going in...both the ravenn and the bengals hhd
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already nailed down playoff spots, and that meant we were gonna see a lot of backup playe. ppayees.. 3&ii the ravens' case, that meant number twooquartedrback tyrod taylor, who layed thhee and a half quarters...this is the highlight...a 28 yard run thattgot the ravens deep inside bengal terratorr.... ...and thaa led to this...anthony allen owering in from the two...and the ravenn led 7-0.......6 minutes to go in the ballgame...tayloo's pass is tippeddby carlos dunnlp..and dunlapbriigs it down and then that sealed it, bengals beet regular season finale... &p 3pearller thissevening, we
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learnee that the ravenswill take on the colts next sunday at 1 pm in the nff playoofs.. much more from today's game coming up,including morgan adsit live from cincinnati... that's coming up on ourr expanded sunday niggtedition of sports unlimitedd immediaaely following this newscast... 3 despite the loss today, ravens ffns ren't worried, they're jjst ready to see what ill starters back on the field nnxt sunday. sunday. 3 p-j decided to smmle and let real battle will be at m and t bank stadium. double ero is hopinn he can áwillá ray lewis back into action. p3 and ell and aaryn look lik they've been hrough alot watching the game today.. eli is spooiig the perplexed look oo a true fan under his &ppavens blankett and aaryn looks like she may have been pulling her hair out trying to anottee win. e and black to and ww want o see your purple prrde. post your pics on our facebook page or sendd them to pics at fox baltimore dot coo.
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preparations are nearly compleee for baltimore's new year's celebration.paul gessler reports from the baage housing fireworks that will ring inn20-13. 20-11. 3ryan 'neil, pyrotecnicc: shells up here oo this barge right now."on thissbarge,ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico:"do you have ape?" ryan o'neil nd workkthough the cold, windy - morning.ryan o'neil, pyrotecnnco:"we're standing on one of he barges that'ssgoing to be sed for the fireworks show forrthe nye celebration." aboard are nearly two thousand differeet fireworks.ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico:"these are tte loud guys. (cut) whenver this is one offthose going r, off."the explosivee will be baltimore's innnr harbor... er set to music... nd sponsored by the baatimore oriolee. dionne cconkey, city of baltimore:"without t, ttere's a possiblity ittwouldn't happpn."the o'ssare the primary sponsorr.. for a show that costs as much as 60 thousand dollars to put on. ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico: "everything's all sscipted to music, ttat way, that ay ii alllgoes off at certain expect orange and white bombs 3 bursttng in air... to the ttne of orioles magic.dionne mcconkey, city of baltimore:"stay over in hotels, shop downtoww, eattat restaurants, so it'' very
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pyrotecnico:"theee are part oo actually ll wired ttgether to go off of one squib." balttmorr's new year's eve fireworks show is more than 30 years old.dionne mmconkey, cityyof baltimore:"it adds to tte holiday and makes it extra speccal."paul gesslee, reporttr: "as for a timelinee thooe barges will leave curtis bay by midday. thhe will be pere in the harbor by sundown. and the fireworks will beein , - promptty at midnight. foo now, we areereporting frrm the the m-t-a metro and light raii serrices ill e extended another hour tomorrow night. today was a really windy daa in baltimore. flags and trees winds gusts topping 35 miles h - per hour. and the high wiids even &pprought ddwn this tree on 41s ptreet this morning.this is just befooe tte bridge on the onto a power crews workee to clear the road of debris.theepower line did not power was loss. and hat wind.... made it feel
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really chilly out there. there. let's go to meteorologist tony pagnotti for a look at what's happening noo. &p(((((take nats))))three ssconds cop car
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carcrashed and splli in two. dramatic new video as a jetliner goes down in russia. and the reason the deaah toll wwsn'' much worse. the worst day of his presidency.barackkobama talls the school assaarr will shhpe &phis priooities for his second term. hatt crime on tte tracks.what police say caused a woman tt the connectiin to 9-11. coming up on fox45 news attten.
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police have arrested a woman they believe pushed a man to his death in ffont of anew york subwayy traan ttursday night. 3 ericc menedez is beingg harged with second-degree murder as a hate crime. olice sená who ii muslimá into the train tracks.... because she has hated muslims and hinduss siice the september 11-t attacks. "i ddn't think thht any person randomly start targetiig you now its very sad." sad." this is the 2-nd time this month someone has
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been shoved to their death in fronn of a moving train in new york city. thousands of people gathered in new york toody to remember a faalen fire. firefighter. flag-draped casket carryiig theebody of volunteer lieutenant michaal chiapperinii he is one of two first responders gunned down by áwilliaa fire tt lure fire crews intooa deadly ammushhoo christmas evv. injured tww other firefighters beforeekilliig himself. &p the funeral or the 2-n firefighter is set for tomorrow. p president obama appeared on "meet the press" this morning... speakiig about a lot of issues he hopes to packle in his 2-nd president obama says he's going to put forwardda contrrl, in response to the sandy hook school shhoting. he called the massacre the worst day of his presidency. but ultimately, the way this is going to happen is because
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tte american people say -- thaa's right. we are willing to make differrnt choices for the country and we support those in congress who are willing to ake those actions. the president recentll created a task force to come to reduce gun violence in the country. still ahead.... good news thh changg in his condition after morr than a month in the hospital. &pand, the crash caught on camera.the death toll ii russia.ann why hisstragedy, wasn't muchhworse. 3 3
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donnt enddup looking like a disco balllthree subtle ways year's eve ensemble... monday
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ssgns of improvement.a step in &pthe right direction for a health crisis.nt battling a - p 3
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crashed aad split in two. dramatic new video s a &pjeeliner goes down in russia. and the reason the deeth toll wasn't much worse. 3
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five people are kklled whee a commercial jet slams inno a highway. tonight we have brand new dash cam video f the crash. 5 - pumm theenatz! 17 17 that's a jet liner
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slamming into the side of the highhay near moscow yesterday.. five people were killed as the pllneeovershot the thoussndd f pieces. the death toll could have been much higher, but thereewere only ight crew memmers on this is what the plane looked like after the crrsh. you can see it split in half and the front is almoot unrecognizable. the ause of the crash is uuder investiiaaion. good news ttnight out of texas. foomer president george h.w. bush is out of the i-c-u. i-c-u. the elder bush has been in a housttnnhospital for more than a month or a coughhttat's turned into an infectioo and there's no word on when or iff he'll be able to go home. president bush is 88-years-old. 3
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3 3
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20-12 proved to be aababy boom year for animals at an england zoo. zoo keepers say they kept busy deliverinn a bbby ooanguttn, an okapi foal..... ann recently an asian elephant cclf...after a two year pregnancy or its mother. a baby black rhiio and a tte birth of a rothschild - giraffe was especially good news since there are less than 7-hundred left in tte wild. 3 3
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&pttat's all for the news at ten...'m jennifer gilbert...up morgan adsit have live coverage from cincinnati as the ravens get ready forrthe pllyoffs...bruce... coming up tonight on sports looked more like a preseason game than week 17...the ravenn and the bbngals had most of their of the 3rd quarter... long look at tyrod taylor... what heedid on one play that put him in front of joe flacco in ooe category....morggn adsit was at tte game...she taaked with jjmes ihedigbo andd art jones about next week's matchup with the colts....and speaking of's the feel gooo story of theeyear... former ravens defensive coordinator chuck pagano was diagnosis...see his emotional return...sporrs unlimiied starts after this...
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