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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  January 4, 2013 6:00am-8:59am EST

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baltimore is gearing up for the ravens' big game this sunday.where you can gg to be a part of the purple caravan. innates.. suing an alcohol company.whaa they're accusing the beer- makers of doiig.. thattlanddd them behind bars. hamilton says: "it was a great question."jjckson says: "it can't say the word."ion if you interview with samuel l. jackson.the word a reporttr wouldn't say.. that had thee star cting out. p3 friday, january 4th 3
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3 a nation-widd concern... with effects being felt right here people are catching the flu. map from theecenters or disease controllall but 5 ssates arr seeing regional or wide spread outbreaks of the flu. doctors say they see flu cases everyyyear... but this year... the fluuseason hit us uch earlier than expected.and now... emergency rooms are flooding with patients.we met jay payne there... he's one of &pmore thaa 100 pattents admitteddto ggb-m-- this week for flu like symptoms.he was so sick he had to be rushed to (45:24) chills ever i couldn' was pwfull.....(45:32) i've had tte flu before two three times
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but never this bad. pad.doctors say they havvnnt seen volumes like this since over the avoid all - getting sick... remember to wash your hands... cough iito ffoo people if you're sick.ay also doctors say itts not too llteeto get a flu shht. the 0-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet on new year's eve has dded frrm her injuries aallyah bbyer passed away last night. she was on life support at a children's hospital in wilmington delaware.police say she as shot in the head monday nnght while visiting family n elkkon.thh faaily was watching fireworks outside when aliyahhcollapsed. from what policeeare calling t - "celebratory ggnfire."pooice are searching for suspects. today... formerr rizona congresswoman gaarielle giffords will visit newtown, connectiiut... &pgiffords herself... is still recovering... after being shot in the head at a campaign pvent in 2011. sheeis expected tt take part n a private meeting this afternoon.last
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month's ssooting left 20 students and 6 adults dead... after gunman adam lanza opened firee nside sandy hook the weeks following the shhoting... giffords has been vocal for ssricter ggn laws. meanwhile... this was the &p4-hundred sandy hhok students shooting is still part of an onnoing a former middle sccool in nearby town was re--urposed... nd reeamed sandy hookk to give the stuuents a sense of objectsswere brought tt their new school. a number of parents also spent the day there... discussing sscurrty and school officiilss th police (woman parent) "it was like everybody, there were l, counselors, there wwre therapy was a littll bit oo anxietyy - but i think verybooy was i think happyyto gett ack in tte swing of things." -butt to- off the bus, mmst of the kids were excited, they had seen frienns, tthy hadn't see in awhile, they anxious to ggt into the hallways and meee up could see the teachers had the same response, they were quite police are expectee to haveea -
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presence forrsome time. in the governor is announcing a new advissry commission that will laws, mentallhealth support, and school safety..hh ays he's hoping connecticut ill become a model for the entire country. in the wake of last month's sandy hook shhoting... a group pn connecticuu is forming a buy--ack event... not for guns... but for violent video g. return... those whh &pbring back games... wiil get ggft certificaaegroup memberss say they're not claiming media and sandd hook... but that violence in videe games can act as a catalyst in shootings. :37 the use of violent video games does cause an increase in aggression, an increase in fear and anxiety and deseesitization abbut acts of violence and those are prrven &pfacts. the evvnt will be held on january 12th.
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it may be he hottest ticket in town right now... but the &pbetter business bureau is warning ravens fans... to make aren't fake. fake.the bureau says it's complaints... about conterfeit tickees to sunddyys game against the indianapolis colts. it saas no atter how hard teams try to maae their artists always seem to find a way. 3&"but we have to remember thos holograms and watermarks can also be duulicated and copied bb any goodd ounterffiter." counterfeiter."the most commoon pomplaint usually comee from online purchases... here the buyer sends payment... bbtt never receives the ticcees. stay tuned to oo45 morning oo this story.angie barnett ffom theebettee bbsiness buueau joins us live in stuuio... to talk about &pwarning signs to ook out for... and whht to dooif you think youuhhveea fake ticket. that's ccming up uring our 7 coming up...
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&pa group of inmates is suing beer companies... for the ccimes that put them behinddbar. bars.why they claim... it's reaaly not their fault. you're waachinggfox 45 morning nees.. all local.. aall morning. ((bump out))
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3 3 lettthe spprit move you..... or not. the bbltimore museum from the balttmore museuu of industryyjoins us this morning with todays hometown hotspot.- tell us about the exhibit. - is the ouija board.... a 3 game or real?board.....a game board originate? id the ouija - 33
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let the spirrt move you: ouija, baltimore's mystifying baltimore museum of ndustry until the enddof thii month. coming up... the aurora theater... where a gunman opennd ire during a midnight screennng of the new batman mooie... is just dys away ffom reopeeing.what tth th families too o... that's causing outrage. hamilton says: "reaaly? t!!""- periouuly?jacksso says: "we're not goiig to hav ttis
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ccnversatiin unlesssyou say it. and one reporter's pncomfootable interview... with samuel ll jackson.whatt the actor wanted him to say. you're watccing fox 45 &pmorning news.. all local.. al mmrning. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with hot, juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and bubbly melted cheese. all piled-high on our signature freshly baked bread. made hot, toasty and just for you. and don't be afraid to put your spin on this deli style deliciousity -- add your favorite ingredients, like spicy jalapeños or crisp green peppers. get to your local subway and taste some perfect pastrami today! subway. eat fresh. 3new his morring... congress
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is cheduled to vote ttday... on aid for victims of &psuperstorm sandy..heehouse is expected to approve 9-point-7 billion-dollar measuree.. to pay for flood lawmakers ssy thh money is -&u victims... who haav been awaiiing claim checks since late october. outrage today in aurora... where family members of those killed during last summer'' asked to attend a speciall re-opening of the heater... where 12 people were killed. theetheater... whicc is set to reepen on jannary 18th... is posttng special rivaae screening for victims' fammlies... a day before the public reopennng. some familiis say it's nothing short of disgusting... and
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feel like this is a wayyfor the theater to use them to we donnt have really the time to grieve and they throw this at us... and bsicclly, how we view it is that they're looking to boost their own ticket is that they're looking to aaically, how we iew it throw this at us... and that they're lookinn to boost their own ticket sales for their grand re-opening to the public. we're trying to move oo and trying to remember oor loved ones and the lass tting we want to do is sit n a movie theater where our loved ones died....they paid the pinal tickee price. not all family members are joining the boycott. sooe will go to the screening and some are encooraging others to goo to the theater as a way to &premember theer loved ones. 5 idaho inmates are blaming crimes that put them behind bars.and now... they're goong as ffr as to sue them.they're seekingg1-billion dollars fromm
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88of the largest beer,,wine of alcohhl where they started drinking as teenaaers.the inmates blame boooe for a rrngeeoo crimes... including manslaughter grand-theft and says he sees no need forra warning label... because it's commoo sense. "if you put these guys through depositiins and you ask them: what do yoo knnw about alcohol? i think it's pretty be addictive and itts well to known to be sometting that causes you to reducc your inhibitions and to do thingss you otherwise wouldn't do." anheeser-busch, miller-brewing and the makers of jim bbamm none have responded to the coming up... phe 6-year-old boyy wo was suspended for making a gun gesture with hii haad... is speaking out.what áheá ays happened. :29 jaccson says: "we're not &ppuustion?" and things 3- get a liitle uncomfortable...
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during oneereporter's jaakson.what the acttr was trying to get him to say. you're watching fox 45 morning newss. all loc [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people, like you, are choosing advil®
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the fiscal cliff. now - it's a nee year ... with a new but that doesn't eann ssses
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that have been round for a while aren't coming with us. our d-c &pinsider and political joins us for this week's wwshington wrap.-the old issue that's on your mind is universal healthcare ... yyo call it the "universal control"-you say if
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the president can control healthhare .. he can
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control largerrsociety .. that seems backkards-you say the most important thing is our health ... so why do you have a problem with plan that makes sure everyone can haae hhalthcare whether the masses are smart n enough to know what's going on coming upp..
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chances are... you know someone who's sick right nnw. what the c-d-c is sayyng... abouu aarecent spike in flu caaes. you''e watcchng fox 45 mooning news.. all local.. all morning. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. turkey sausage. turkey what? amazing.
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how baltiiore is shhwing its spirit at a huge rally for the ravens. 3 -live look mchenry row- purpll caravan
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3 if you're feeling sick... you're not alone.there is a flu outbreak... happening all across the country. country.take a look at this recent map from the centers wide spread outbreaks of the flu.and the effects are being ptarted treating patients in - late he emergency rooms are flooded with patients. patients.just this week... &mo admitteddfor ffu like symptoms. dootors say they haven't seen volumes like thii... since have seen in probaaly two to three years in one 24 hour peeiod...(45:38)i've just &pbreathing... confusion... or
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fainting... octors say it's best tt check with your in to the emeegencyyroom.this - can help redcue some of the heavy traffic avoid gettiig sick... remeeber to your elbow... and stay way from people iffyou're sick. also doctors say it's not too late to get a flu hot. a double stabbing in perry hall... leavesstwo men in life-threaaeniig happened just before 8 o'clock last night on winding ayy.. no suupects or otives at this time.poliie are still investigating. a 6-yearrold ffom silver spring... who was suspended nnw speaking out.the boy ssys he got in trouble after pretendinn his scissors were a fun and games.
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pointtng your fingers like this, and he did the 'poo' sound. i just went like that then i got sent to the ooficc agaii.""and i'm theeone that gets susppndeddfor nothing." nothing."his arents argue the schoollwent oo far with the punishment... and wishes it had handled the situation in a ddfferent manner. school thereewas a serious discussiin with the ssuddnttand parentt about the boy's probllmatic samuel . jackson is makiig headlines today... for an critic.the accor was tarantino movie called "django unchained."theemovii has been receiiing some criticiis... for its constant use of the n--ord.duringgthe innerview... &pjackson tries to get he reportee to say it. hamiltoo says: "theee's been a the usage of the n-word in this movie and--."jackson says: "no? nobooy? none? the word would be...?"hhmilton says: "" don't want to say it."
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hamiltonnsays: "i don't likk tt say it."jaakson says: "have you ever said it?"hamilton says: "no sir."jackson says: "try it.."amilton says: "i don't like to say it.""acksonn says: "try it!!"hamilton says: says: "we're not going to hav this conversation unless you say it. you want to move on too another queetion?"hamilton says: "ok. awessme! umm...(laughter) iidoo'tt says: "oh come n!"haailton n says: "will you say it?" jackson saas::"no...(beep) no! they're going to bleep it when they air he show, so say it. hamilton ssays "i can't say won't make air."jackson says: - &p"ok forgettit."hamiltoonsays:: "it was a great question." jackson says::"it wasn't a great question if you can't say the wood." word."the reporter says he stands by his decision not to ssy the word..ideo of this uncomfortable interriew has since gone viral. 3 the town is painted purple... nnw ii's time to see how ready those purple fans realll are! are! joel d. smith is livee
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at mmhenry row for hh purple caravan to see if ray lewis' petirement has the fans playoff excitement at a whole new level. level. 3 3 3
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coming up... your tax refund... couud takk a bit longer to et to you year.we'll tell yyu why... and wwat yoo might notiie on our 11-40 foom. you're watthiig fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all mornnng. (((rrak 5))
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((buup in)) ((ad lib meeeorologist)) 3 3
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3 33
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3 3 3 3- coming up... the number of flu cases... is country... being hit the hhrdest.
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and tax refunds could be delayed this year... becausee of the last-minute fiscal cliff deal.whaa the i-r-s is doing... to avoid that.youure watching fox 45 morning nnws.. aal local.. alllmorning. p(break 6)) 3
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3 new this morning... we're &pjust hours way from leaaninn lasttmmnth's unemploymmnt numbers.the llbor department is expected to release december's job report around 8-30 this morning.analysts are predicting it will showwthat 150-ttousand jobs were thousann dded in novembee. there's no word yet if your tax refundsswill be of the last-minute deal on the fisccl cciff. the i-r-s saas it's reviewing the details of this week's tax legislation... and assessing what impact it willlhave on thissyear's several lines are istee as preserved." the i-r-s says those are placeholders for several iscaa cliff provisions it was waiting on
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the centers for disease control is warning thh flu -3y parlier thaa usual. rene marsh is live in washington dc and rene ou spoke toothe c-d-c... &pdoes the agency now why this flu eason seees to e so active compared o years past? ---ullscreen mmp frommc-d-c take a look at this mapp the areas in brown indicate widespread flu -- areas in in certain areas but it's not widespread yet. --vo-- tte c-d-c says the south andd southeast section of the country issgetting hit hard. evvn people ho received the flu shottcan sttil get sick.
6:50 am
young), meddcal officcr in the influenza division, centerss for ddsease control-- number one it does take ssme time forr the vaccine to take effect and if you are exposed to influenza a veryyshort tiie affer getting the vaccine you can sttll get infected. umber &ptwo there's a lot of iifluunz viruses out there. the influenza vaccine will protect against three of those viruses. --reneeon camera-- there is one theory thattthe to the possibility that thh flu vaccine does not includd the strain that is currently spreading across the country -- but the c-d-- disagrees, paying the influenza virus people are being infecced withh appears to be covered by this 1) sinne flu season started so eerry... is it too
6:51 am
people at risk for more severe complications from the flu -- thh young, elderly and people with respiratory problems.... is therr anytting else that may help them if they are exxosed to the flu?
6:52 am
stiil ahead... whethee ii's real or fake... ouija boarrs are popular enough... that they have their own exhibit.what you'll learn &pby going to áthisá onn... cominn up n our hometown're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morniig.
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p(break 7))-3 3 3ray says: when god calls, he calls and he's calling. more at he calls e to be a father, he says its ooay to be ddddyy he says its okay to be daddy, but the hapters that are opening re verwhelming 3 the day has's still difficult for many of us to turniin thee aae.. aad moving on to the next chapter in his life.earlier this week, we learned that he will not be on tte field next season.
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people frro around the ountry are talking about the big announcement. candacc is here with reaation from celebrities have to pinch myself wwhn we ttlk about thhs.. e knew the dayywould.. but we didn't want to facc the realityy. have seen so many facebook posts.. tweets aaout what rayymeans to people... the thouggts are just mooingray meant a lot to bbltimore.. and to people around the coontry @therock: ray lewis --my miami thank you forra masterfull& inspiring 17 @nnl seasons. --3n shout out to my man ray lewis, one of the greatest of all timeeretiring at the end of peen aa inspiration for me and many others. #respect
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hats off to ray lewis! what a great competitor and long tiie rival. i'm going to cherish our battles on the ffeed alwwys. you helped make tte phe best innthe nfl. it's an honor to have played ag the game has ever known. best pishes ray. p, coming up in our 7 o'clock hour... ray lewis isn't the only one making headlines... newwrule... that's putting the green bay packers in the spotli.
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45 morning news...all local..
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3 3&pbaltimore is gearing up for theeravens' big gaae ttis sunday.where you can o to be a part of the purpll caravan. "and i said 'lets go, fight me likk a man."" ann... aaffggt over an order... gets a subway worker fired.what one man wanted on his sandwich.. that cauued the clerk... to flip out. 3 3 3
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friday, january 4th 3 3
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3 aanatioo-wide concern... ith in maryland.more and more people are catching the flu. flu.ttke a look at this recent map rom the ceeters for disease control.all but 5 states are seeing rgional or wide spread outbreaks of the &pffu. doctorr ay they sse flu cases every year... but this year... the flu season hit us much earlier than expected.and now... emergency rooms are
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flooding with patients.we met admitted to gg--m-c this week for flu liie symptoms.he was so sick he had to beerushed to the hospital. (45:24) chills fever i couldn' wass awful......(45:32) i've had the flu efore two three times buu nverrthis bad. baddddctors ssy they haven''t seen volumes like this since 2007... and t's happeeing all over the avoid getting sick... remembee to wash your hands... cough into yoor elbow... and stay away from people if you're sick. also doctorr say itts not too eight hospital workerr in indiana are out of a job today affer refusing to gee their hosptial employees to get fluu - vaccines.more than 2 dozen wwrkers appealed.. sayiig they didnnt want the vaccine for religiius or medical reasons. schrock says: i justtfeelllikk it's a toxin i don't want in my body. there are side &peffects with it. thhre are n ggarantees that it's even goinn to protect you.. -butt
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and afety of our patients is be. people are entrusted to us to ake suue they get healthy. the law waa enacted a man ho collected social securityydisability benefits whhle working for the agency is sentenced tootwo years in prison.50 year old christophhe perry of baltimore begann receiving the benefits in 1999....but went back to wook later that 2207 he got a job as a benefits authorizer withhthe social security administration... here he worked on long- term disability cases.prosecutors say perry was overpaid more than 150-t housand dollars n benefits. 3 new details in a story you aw firsttoo fox.boycott threats help a pizzaahut driver get his job back. back.samm wicegood was demoted tooa cook aater using a week.but after reciving phone calls from customers
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business... the company hass agreed to put sam back in thee driver's seat. a fight over a sandwich costt a florida worker his job...and could sent him to jail.a customer called poliie because to kill him for askkng ffr ed ketchup on his cheesesteaa.the worker claims he only said thattbecause the customer moutted off at him.the details are hairy... buu neither dispute what happened next. p"hat's when i flew off tte handle.""he shoved a chair to the side, liie knocked it down to cooe at me and i saad.. this is gging to be serrous!" "and i said 'lets go, fight me like a man.""i was scared. next thing i'm thinning a gun's going to cooe out." ouu."theecustomer callee 9-1-1, but by theetime police got theree...he worker hadd already taken off.he was &pfired.. but not arrested.the case might be orwarded to the 3ossible charges..-office forr - it's the playoff tradiiion ttat's been paying off with
7:06 am
wins the last 4 seasons... the "purple caravan" is back and ready to ramp up the raven fans excitement one more time. joel d. smith is live at the green turtle at mcheeryy row to see how this post-season cmpares to otters. otherr. 3
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it's friddy anddthat means it'ssyour turn to sound off on annthing you want.llt us knoo what's n your mmndd- and yourr response could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot ccm slash foxbaltimore to becooe aafan and join the conversation. coming up... make sure that ticket wiil really get you nto he stands. &pstands.what you need to look &pouu for when buying your ravens playoff tickets. tickets. you're watccing fox 44 morniig news..
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all local.. all morning. (((reak 1)) ççççpñpñ
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3 3-
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3 ptill aheaa.. a dollar doesn't buy much any more.the newwprice that wendy's is putting on its dollar- menuu tems. items.and... who's moving it?? the mysterious ouijia board.... you'rr watching fox 45 morning news.. allllocall. all
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morning..- vr3
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33 new this morninn...the straa bullet on new year'' ve pas died from her injuries aaliyah oyer passed away yesterday. she was on life support at a children's hospital in wilmington delaware.police monday night hile visiting family in elkton.the family was watching ireworks outside when aaliyah collapsed. from what pplice are calling t - ""elebrrtory gunfire."police are searching for suspects. offshore drillinn firm "trans billion dollars in fiies in connection with the 2010 gulf provided the crew of thee deeewater horiion ig.. here an explosiin killed 11 men.. and triggered the worst oil spiil in u-s historr.trans ocean was contrrcted by b-p... whhch pleaded guilty to pay over 4 billion dollars in - penalties. turns out you can't get
7:21 am
much for a dollar annmore. wendy's s adding some ppicier &pitems to their "99 cent vaaue menu."the fast food chain is changing its valueemenu to include itemssunder two dollars... instead of under one dollar. 3 is the spirit moving you? or are you moving the spirit. the baltiiore museum of industry explores thee ouija oard. catherineedunkes from the baltimore museummof indussry poins usswith his mornings hometown hhtspot. - tell us abouttthe exhibit. - what is the history of the ouiia bbard?- what elseecan we
7:22 am
ouija board??istory of the - what is the history oo the ouija board?- what else can e see at the museum?
7:23 am
let the spprit move you: ouija, baltimore's mystiifing oracle is on display at the baltimore museum of iidustry until thh end of this mooth. still to comee. don't get ripped to know if those layoff tickets &pare he real deal. you're watccing fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 3
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((bump in)) question eveeyone is hyped playoof game. but don't that you miss tte scammers de &plooking to rippyou off for some green! tickets are being sold aat ann furiously ... but you waat to be sureeyours is the real deal. angie barnett isswith the better busiiess bureeu aad she jjiis us with whattyou need to know..if online how do you know the
7:26 am
tickets are real and the card or paypal so you credit - can disputt...look for company on bbb...ask for picture of the tickkts and get a receipt -buying on thee street-buying from auccion site -buying fromm auction site-buying from
7:27 am
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coming up.. inmates.. suing an alcohol the beer- makerr of doing.. that landed them behind bars. bars. you'ree watchiig fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning.. ((ad lib horoscopes)) geering uppfor the playoffs. how baltiiore is shhwing its spirit at a huge rally for the ravens.
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3 greennpring map ,3
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a double stabbing in perry hall... leaves two mee in liff-threatening happened just before 8 o'clock lasttnight on winding wway.. near west joppa road.there are &pno suspects or motives at thi tiie.police are still invvssigating. a 6-year-old from silver spring... who was suspended from school for maaing a gun gesture with his hand... is now speaking out.theeboy says he got in trouull after preteeding his scissors ere a gun.but to himm.. ii was all fun and games. 1:01 rodney lynch "just pointing yyur fingers like this, and sheedid the 'ppw' sound. i just went like thaa (pointing his finger).""and then i got sent to the office again.""and i'm the one that gets suspended foo nothing." school went too far with the - punishment... and wishes it had handled the situation in a
7:34 am
officialssmadeea statement there was a serious discussion with the studdnt and pareet behavior..boy's problematic dozens f new laamakers are as a part f the 113th connress. congress.members werr sworn in on their agenda... old ver.but - problems. with the looming debt ceiling crisis, lawmmkers cut spending, which as proved not to be an asy task with partisan politics at ppay. the new year we'll focus on is seeing if we can put a paccage little bit less drama, a - little bit less brinksmanship. this coogresssincludes the fiist openlyygayyseeatorrann the first openly bi-sexual member from either also ncludes a record number of women - 20 in tte senate and 81 in the house. the new congress is scheduled to vote todayy.. on aid foo viccims of superstorm sandy. the house is expected to
7:35 am
billion-dollar measure... to pay for flood insurance claims. some lawmaaers say the mooey is urgently needed for storm victtms... who have been awaiting claim checkk sincc this was the scene thursday... as earry 4-hundred sandy hook sttdents resumed class.tte siteeof the shooting is still part of an ongoing investigation... so former middle school in nearby town was re-puuposed... and reeamed students a sense of familiarity... desks and otter oojects were bbought to their new school. a number of &pparents also spent the day there... discussing security and other concerns with police anddschool officials. (wooannparent) it was like theefirss day of school, everybody, there were dogs, all the parents, there was a littte bit of aaxietyy but i think everybody was i swing of things." butt to- &p(officer) ""atching ttem get &poff the buus most of the kids were excited, they had seen friends, they hadn't see in aahile, they anxious to get pnto theehallways and meet up could see the teachers had the same espoose, they were quite policeeaae expected to have a
7:36 am
presence for some time. in the mean time... connecticuu's governor issannouncing a new aavisory commission hat will consider improvements to gun aad school safety. he says , - pe's hoping connecticut will become a model for the entire couutry. 3 purple... now it's time to see pow ready those purple fans peaaly are! are! joel d. smiih isslive pt mchenry row for the purple ccravan to see if ray lewis' retirement has he fans playoff excitemmnt at a whole new level. p3
7:37 am
7:38 am
3 the green bayypackers are also in the playoffs.but it's a new rule at he stadium that's maaing headllnes tths morring. the team will cut ooffalcohol psles at half time... instead pf at the nd of the 3rr quarte. quarter.the packees are taking on their rivals the minneeota vikingssand that's why the team is beefing up security getting too unruly. p idaho inmates are blaming alcohol companies... for tte ccimes that put them behind as far as to sueethem.they're &pseeking 1-billion dollars fro &p8 of the largest beer, wine and liquor ompanies in the world... saying they knew nothing of the addictiieness
7:39 am
drinning as teenagers.started - booze for a range oo crimes... incllding manslaughter grand-theft and drug convvctions. one attorney says he sees no need for a waaning label... because it's common sense.the defendantssincludee anheiser-busch, millerrbrewing and the maaers oo jjm beam. none ave responded to the filing.. it's yoor turn to sounddofffon our facebookkpage about responss could air in our "faaeeook feedback" segmeet. segment.just go to facebook dot ccm slash foxbaltimore to become a fan aaddjoin the conversation. still to come.. put your smartphone to work. workk.he apps that'll help you
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lose weightt.. and here's a hint... one of them involves zo. zombiess you'rr watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all mooning..
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3 ((bump in)) &p whether you're looking to shed a few post-holiddy pounds or need some motivation ith a new year's resolution, some smartphone apps aim to help with youu diet and fitness goal. goals.karin caifa has this week'' clicked in. in. --repooter pkg-as followss-- it's time for many to gettback
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a smartphone to work, withhn a workout. the lose ittapp for android, i-phone, anddkindle helps users create a &pweight-loss goal ann ccstomizes a ddiiy calorie budget of food and eeercise to meee that goal. the app includes calorie content for thouuands of name-brand and restaurant foods. the fooducate app for i-phone and android also lets sers keep tabs on what they're eating and how to make healthier choices. scanning a product's barcode oo a store shelf unnooks information bout calories and hidden ingredients that could throo a healthy diet off track.if your best motivation is in your wallet, ym-pact for i-phone weekly target for check-ins at if you miss it. if you meet your goal, you'll add p small rewards for each day. if you don't, you'll havv toopay up. and for aaslightly different mooivation to work out, how abouttgetting chaseedby zombies? tte zombies run app for i-phhne, android and
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windows phonns features a series of adventuues that eep you walking, jogging, or running for your virtual life, burriig off real calories, in thh process. i'm karin caifa and you're now, clicked in. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib mettorologist)) 3 & 3
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&p 3
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cominn up in our 8 o'clock hoor... a sperm donor.. fightinn a child support ordee.why the uppand next... it's time... tt let it all out.tell uuswhatt pou're thinking about... and your response might air in our you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. you're watching fox 45 mor y animation))
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it's ime for fox45 viewers tt - want. we've been asking you all morring to let us know what'' on your mind for our áfacebook feeddacká ssgment... and not surprisingly....most of you &pare talking about ray lewis ravens.willie- "ray lewis!!!!!! purple friday
7:52 am
won't be the same without him!!" this wont be my last purple frrday wearing mm purple #52. we got 3 more games to play." playy"bonnie- "ttank you ray!" ray!"shaneka- "why ray why? same."loyalty- "lewis same." congrats!!!!!i remember when you sttrttd with the ravens.. pou and crew of teammates came to my elemeetary school and dissractee the eetire class. thanks we ended up mmssing ouu writing quizzand he passeddus allldue to youu visii. thaa was 1999. 23 yrssold noo, tells how long it's been for you and i, and you mmnaged to maintain through every obstacle" announcing his retirement! it s ssill hurts ddeply." but itt caller-location
7:53 am
coming up in ur 8 o'clock hour.. chaanel the spirit world... if you dare.where you can learn all about the mysterious ouija board... ext in our hometown h. hotspot.wrestling nats persooal... with guys like these!where you can go to watch "ring of honor" wrestliig action live in pprson. you'rr watching fox 45 morning ews.. all local.. all morning.
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ring of honor wrestling ii coming tt du burns arena this w. weekend.kevii kelly... tte voiceeof the ring of honor... joins us this morning.- tell us about your role - whattcan we expect at this weekend's show-
7:56 am
are tickets still available?
7:57 am
ring of honor wrestling comes to du urns arena saturday nnght at 7.forrtickkts go to r- &pcom.and you can catch ring of honor saturdays at 1 right hhre on fox45.. and saturdays at 10 on our sister station the c-w baltimore. coming up in our 8 o'clock hour.. read your way out oo library debt.the new rogram that lets you.. and your childrrn... work offfyyor
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fines. you're watching fox 45 morning nnww.. all local.. all morning. ((break 8))
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baltimore is gearing up for the ravvns' big game this sunday.where you can go to be a part of the purple caravan. if youure going to thh game... make sure thht ttiket will really get you into the stands. what youuneeddto look out for when buying your ravens playoff ticketss and... talk about a nightmare. the alarming numbers of -3pdrivo &pfall asleee at the wheel. 3 &p3 & friday, january 4th. 3
8:01 am
3 p3 3 3
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3 3
8:03 am
more and more peopleearr catching the flu aaross the nation... and right here in mar. on thh increase n patients... - plong with your other top stori. stories. take a look attthis recent map &pfrom the centers for disease seeing regional or wide spread outbrrakssof the flu. flu.jay payne is one of more than 100 atients admittee to g-b-mmc this week for flu like symptoms.he was so sick he had ((5:24) chills fever i
8:04 am
couldn' was awful......(45:32) i've had the flu before two thhee times but never this bad. seen volumes like this since 2007... and it's happening all ovvr the avoid getting sick... remember to wash your haads... cough intt your elbow... aad stay away from people if you're sickk also doctors say it's not too late to get a flu shot. punishment come up with a new plan... to get the death penalty aaolished in maryland. & recent years... bills thht would repeal the death penalty have failed in the lead supporttr of the movement wants to bypass a vott altogether... nd instead petition the bill to the full senate.senate president mike miller saas he would not block (miller) "if the votes are on bill, and it gets killed year after year ii the committee, we will need to make ssre that entire senaae."rd by the senate."four years ago... lawmakers passee a bill that
8:05 am
prooecutors caa seek theedeath pennltt. an autopsy reveals the dallas cowboys practice squad player killed in a car accident last the time of he wreck. according to the dallas mmdical examiner... jerry brown junior had a blood alcohol content of point- zero-five percent.brown was a passenger ii a car driven by teaamate josh brent.police say pis blood alcohol level was twice the legal llmii of poiit-zero--ight the night of the crash.brent is charggd with intoxicatioo manslaughter. clinton is expected back on - the job next week.clintoo has been at home resting since eer hospitallwednesday... three days after being diagnosed with a blood clot.doctors expect a fulllrecovery. we're less than 30 minutes away from the release of the economists predict about 155-thousand jobs weee created last month.that would be a small improvement from november... ut probably noo enough to change the 7-ppint-7 tt hit nearly all of uu is he -
8:06 am
only expected to make matters worse.people are llkely to spend less... and when that happens... businesses hire raise the debt ceiling next amm3 obama says: i will not have congress over whethhr or not they shoull pay the bills thaa they've already rackeddup" the ceiling, we could raise - default... but if something isn't done to bring down the debt, the country could e &procked with a credit downgrad. 3 it's the plaaoff tradition that's been payinn oof with wiis the last 4 seasonn... the "purple ramp up the raven fans ady to excitement one more ttme. joel d. smith iislive t row to see how this poot-season compares to others. others. 3 3- 3
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3 3 3
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3 3 a divoocc attorney in texas wants to take some of the stress out of the process. process.he'' drawing up plans forrthe "divorce resort". within three out of theii marriages. marriages.before bookkng their agreement stating thattthey will leave hh resort with a ssttlement in place. weinmaa says: "they never have
8:10 am
to>> weinmann ays: "if they rrach a point where they just neee a break, they can gg play pine rounds of golf, get a massage,,go for a swim, go to the gym." a stay at the divorce resort costs a flat fee of 7-thoussnd commng up....communicating with the other side. side.the ouijaaboard exhhbit drawing visiiors to the museum of industry. yyu're watching fox 45 mrning news.. all ((bump out)) ((breakk1)) &p3
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the spirit of the uija bbard? the baltimore museem of indussry exploree the ouija boord.catherine dunkes from the baltimore museum of industry joins us with his mornnngs homettwn hotspot. - tell us about the exhibit. - what is the history of thee ouija board?- what else can we see at he mussum? 3 let the spirit move you: ouija, baltimore's
8:14 am
8:15 am
mystifying oracle sson ddsplay at the baltimmre museum offindustry until the 3 &p3 3 3 3 month. 3 & ,3
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3 3 & coming uu... a new spin... on
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a classicctoy. toy.look up ii the sky! it's a bird, itts a plane... it''s superman. 3&the rrmote-controlled superhero... that's inspiring a new business. reaching fitness gals.the pmartppone apps that ake keepiig your new year's resolution... a liitle asier. news.. all local.. all morning. 3((break 2)) 3
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week's clicked in. 3 after holiday indulgences, it's time for many to get back on the fftness track, and put a ssmrtphone to workk within a workout. thee ose it app for helps users create a kindle peight-loss goal and customizes a daily calorii budget of food ann exercise to meet that goal. the app includes calorie content for thousands of naae-brand andd restauuant foods. the ffoducate app for iiphone andd anddoid alsoolets users keep tabs on what they're eating and how to make healthier choices. scanninn a roduct's barcode on a tore shelf unlooks informationnabout calories and hidden ingreddents that could throw a healthy diet off track. if your wallet, gym-pact for heep. set a weekly target for checc-ins at the gym, and set cash stakes if you miss it. if you meet your goal, youull add up small rrwards for each ay.
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comiig up... preying on ravens . fans."provide me proof that ttese are legitimate tickets." tickets."the important superman caught on camera... mid-fllght.the hobby that's turninn into a full-blown bussness.yoo're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 3)) ((bump in)) [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios,
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to amwe perfectedest, the pastrami sandwich -- [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. filled with hot, juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and bubbly melted cheese. all piled-high on our signature freshly baked bread. made hot, toasty and just for you. and don't be afraid to put your spin on this deli style deliciousity -- add your favorite ingredients, like spicy jalapeños or crisp green peppers. get to your local subway and taste some perfect pastrami today! subway. eat fresh. psuperman has been caught flyinggooee the
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california coast. aad it urns conttolled supermaa is really taking off! jeanne moos rrports. 3 --reporter pkg-as folloos -- he ay look liie the man of man oo lightweighh ffamm the faster thanna speeding bullet. actually his top speed is 30 miles per hour. but the sight of supeeman flying above the caalfornia oast was enough too make a cyclist stop and shoot it. he video went viral and now folks are wondering... look up in the sky! it's a bird, it's a pllne... it's were 5'2 and weighed less than the local news. the big on on quuetion is, where'd they hide the propeller (laughter) it's not nice to laagh at superman,, but we'll show you onnthe
8:28 am
female version, super girl. there's a 3-bllde propeller... batteeyythat goesson her head. (nats) ottoodieffenbach has built aboot a dozzn of these he's a foorer air force test pilot with a long ccreer in aviation. he even customizedd superman with a cape that he &phad to shorten to keep hiss super hero aerodynamic. aesthetically it adds a lot to when you ffy by it. plus, it's removable. otto and partner -g business... in a few months selling slightly smaller reeote-controlled figures (music) for under $500 each. the buyers ould assemble and customize theirrsupee hhroes. what i really like to show ff are her stiletto heels in back. (repprter: she's really shapely accually.) she actually tated as nose art, like old aircraft nose art. &&pmodeled after pinup vargas girls. but
8:29 am
supergirl's anatomy offered pngineering opportunities. (reporter: you ean her breasss are actually landing gear?) yes. silicon implants ground and do graceful ng the - to resort to sort oo sticking their landings... she's shapelier than a speeding &pbullet. jeanne moos, cnnn.. (repooter: get your hands off per gary.) eah is my wife gonna seeethhi? new york. -----end-----cnn.scriptt---- coming up... a sperm donor sued. sued.why one state thinks he should be ooced to pay child're watching fox 45 morning neww.. all locall. all morning. ((break 4)) ((opee)) (((reak 4)) p(open)) 3
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&p if you're feeling sick... pou're not alone.there is a flu outbreak... happpeing all country.tom rodgers is heee with mooe on why the numbers are up... along with your other top stories. flu ssason usuaaly peeks inn febbrary... but octors at g-b-mmc say they tarted treating patieets in late the emergency rooms are flooded with pattents. more han 100 people were doctorsssay they haven't seen . volumesslike this... since 2007.
8:34 am
(51:077yesterday was the hhghest amount of patients we have seen in probably tww to three years in one 24 hour period...(45:38)i've just never had it knock me out like this.... i passed outt out. unless you have severe faintiig... doctors say it's pest to check with your primary doctor before rushing in to the emergency room.this ccn help reddue some of thh getting sick... remmmber to wash your hhnds... coogh into your elbbw... and stay away from peoppe if you're sick. doctors say it's not too late &pto ggt a flu shot. kansas... in a uique battle over child supporttpayments. &ppayments. william marotta donateddsperm to a lesbian couple several years ago. everyone involved signed an agreement that relieved marotta of any guardianship or visstation rrghts.but in the years since... the women split up... and one of them applied to social services for financial help.the state ii the money... becauue he and
8:35 am
the couple did not go through a licensed physician or clinic... which a currentt statutt requires. "what i would do differently is start by going to a lawyer and saying, 'wwattkinn f &pthings do i have to do to get outtof it?' to stay out oo trouble? to keep this from happening?' but i was totally would ven beepossible." marotta says he will head to court to fight the statt over the issue. the results of a ew study suggest that it may be safe for women to taae antidepressants during pregnancy. researchers studied one-point- northern europe... along with their newborns. they found that thooe who took aa common antidepressant did not have an increased risk of having a stillborn child or &plosing an infant earlyyin recommend talking to a doctor before making any decisions or medication.vlving your - americans admit to haviig
8:36 am
faalen asleep... behind the wheel.accooding tooa governmmnt survey releassd thurrday... oneein 24 people say they fell sleep while driving sometime in tte last officials ttink that number may actuallyybe highhr... beccuse mannypeople don'tt realize it when they nod off &pfor a second or two.drowsy driving aapeared to be more coomon in men... and people &pages 22 to 34. 3 it may be theehottest ticket in town right now... but the better business buueau is warning ravens fans... to make sure their playoff tickets aren't fake. fake.the bureau says t's pomplaints... about conterfeit tickets to sunddy's game against the innianapolis colts. it says no matter how much teams try to make their tickets tough to fake... scam arttsts always seem to find a way. "but we have to remember those
8:37 am
hooograms and watermaaks can also be duplicateddand copied by any good coonterreiter." comppaint usually comes from buyer sends paymenn... but he never receives the tickets. the town is painted purppe... now it's time to see how ready those purple fans really are! are! joel d. smith is live at mchenry row for the purple retirement has the ffns playoff excitement at a whole nnw level. 33 3
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3 & 3coming up... ".
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coming up... letting "cooks-n- cakes"... do the heavy lifting. saving offer from a local e - :29 jackson says: "we're not going to hav this conversation 9... things get a liitle at " uncomfortabll... during one &preporter's interview... withh actor was trying to get him to ssy.. you're watching foxx45 morning news.. all
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hey it's half oof. cooks n cakes has a reat deal for you. for just 5 - dollars, you can get a 10 -dolllr gift certificate there.adelll cothorne from cooks n akes joins us this morning with cakes offer?- what flavor cupcakes do you havee- hat
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its half off dot com right now. they are limited, so don't wait. pcoming up... getting out... of paying library ines. allows ppople to "read" their debt away. anddnew at 9... the super bowl high. how much rd to be een during the big game.3
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you're watching fox 45 mornnnn mooning. &p((breek 7)) 3 ((break 7))
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just by picking up a book .the pratt library is rolling out a new program to help you get outtof library debt.carla joins us this morning with &pporee - tell us about the program?- is tthre a limit of
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pratt bucks we can earr per visitt- can we only earn pratt pibrary?
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to learn more log onnto fox baltimore dot com sllsh morning. coming up on good day get inside the accion.your chance to win tickets to arena cross... is just minutes away. you're atching fox 44 morning news.. all local.. all morninn. ((break 8))
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