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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  January 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3&phe'ss.. been thheatend... -3 with... fines... a day...// ciiy leaderss.. say... "how dare... a maa... whoo owns... his house.../ &pgrow... natural - plants... in... áhiss... front yard...// seems... 3 3 one familyy.. is... fighting back... aater... break... into their home....// welcooe... to the late edition, i'm jefffbarnd. 3 aad i'm jennifer gilbert. -3 the search is oo for a suspected burglar and police 3 suspect's victim snapped hhi picture before he could gettaaay. away. keith daniels is streaming live tonnght in catonsvilll wwere the orrdal has a neiggborhooo keeping a closer wwtch tonight.. keith. keith. jeff..... 3 road nearredmondson avenue..... people hereecall it a quiettplaceeto live.. and relativell crrme-free. - but tonight, a bold burglar has changed that. 3 baltimore county police say they eed the public's heep
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identifying this man....he's described aa a bback male, 44-to-50 years old, 5- feet-8-inches tall.. and 220 pounds. investigators say he tried sing hedge trimmers or bolt cutters to break into - this home on north bend road but the man who lves there arrived home and fouud the that's when theereeident pullee is cell phone.. neighbors ay the suspect trred exxlaining hhs actions to the victii.. before running away. 3 (mmr bullon) "he told him that he was on drrgs and he had a drug problem. but then riiht after he took that picture, i think it dawned on him that he took thh picture of him.. and he ttok off like, like somebody covered him with hot water. i turned around and boom, he wassall the way down to the alley and turned left!" 3 if you have any information tte suspect's identity r wherabouts call metro
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crimestoppers.. that number is on the screen 1 866 7 lockup...and you can remain anonymous and could get a cass reward of up to $2-thousannd dollars. live in catoosvilll, keith daniels, fox 45 news, laae edition. 3 3 we have breaking news tonight out of colorado. a pudge has rulld that james holmes is fit to stand trial for the massacre in the urora -3 mooie theater. theeter. prosecutors ... convinced the judge... that there is enough evidence that the shooting... was intentional... and a... deliberate act... of ásaneá person....// all this week witnesses... described... the massacre in the movie theater...///. holmes... for the murddr of 12 people and wounding 58 othees. holmes will bbeback in court to enter a plea tomorroo. 3 p... man. shot... n... east baltimore. baltimooe.police... were on the scene...
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shortly... bbfore noon... at... east hoffman ...andd.. north... chester streets...//. p... man... was 3and... back...//.he... was taken to the 3 where... his conditionn.. issunknown....// .no... word ...on a suspect or motive. 3 four people were seriiusll injured tonight when they were hit by a car in glen burnie. police were on the scene just after five thirty tonight when the four were struck on quarterfield road. he 3 busy road when the accident occured near the on-ramp to route 100.. alllffur victims were taken toothe hospittl. in critical condition with liie-threateeinn injuuies.. 3 a bill under consideration by baatimore city council wwuld make sure he city keeps &ptrack oo traffiictickets &pissuee toosccool bus drivers.... drivers.... the city owns and operates about 50 buses... private companies.... and those private operators have received more than 800 speeding tickets since is to stabllsh accountablity and standards for dissipline and firing of nsafe drivers...
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3- 3& ou can just see them flying just like they are driving a racecar its a major problem - in baltimore city.....- city....what we're establishing witt his aw is a record of alllthe citatiins issued on a quarterly basis in balttmorr city to ellow -& school bus drivers.... 3&pthe private contracttrs make sure they're re not stuck paying tickets that bellng to driverr....- 3 maryllnd ii named firss in the natton for public schools... according to educction week" magazine. it'ssthe fifth consecutivv year for the top honor.but some education experts are qqestioning that ranking..- ranking.of course - governor o'malley is celebrating he state's staaus. he visitedd with teachers and studdntt today at jones elementary school in severna park. o'malley says he's ppouu of the schools - and the pprents who've bn involved.but crittcs say state leaaers are schools rather than promoting grades and graduation rates. state investments in education was among heetop ccittria for
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still has a significant achievement gap mong minnrity and low-income students. 3 >- proficiently."> theegoveenor addits there's still work to do... bt says teachers, students and parents achievement. 3 that brings us to our question 3 maryland schools are the best in the nation? nation? 3 head to facebook and search pox 45. like our page then day to see what parrntt aae saying about our schools. 3 3 thh cdccis calling this the worst flu seassn in a 3 it ii not too late to ggt the vaacine. - in the baltimore region, hhspiitls report emergency 3 flu patients. the symptoms are strong and cannlinger for days. meanwhile, we found one & eastt altimore family that is
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carryinn around a u.vv light wand in an effort to destroy 3 (sst)"i feel secure and safe to rest tables before my family sits down iwavv.. - clean the hole table with - it.. the seats..evvrythiung... that myychildren touchee before they touch it.." it.." baltimore city health department officials say the best way to protect yourselff issby washing your hands coosistantly, nd by getting phe vaccine. 3& baatimore's job market gets a 3 labelltte website 'career bliss' dot com called baltimoreeone of the worst cities to find a job this year. 'career bliss' eiggs about ten factors, including workplace happiness ann opportunities.job agenciessin baltimore sayytte market is good for job- seekers, but many have trouble matching qualifications. 3 stephanie ranno, profiles -3 branch manager: 10.00.52 "we actually have a shortage of really good clients that we can present to our clients." &pclients." 3 judy goldman, profiles recruitee: 10.06.25 "i think it's a matter of connecting the right people with the riggt jobs." jobs." 3 devvlooment manager: 10.22.27 "it's disconcerting. we know we have employers in baltimore who arredesperrtely trying to
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fiid people to fill positions." - positions."baltimmre's unemployment rateeis just higher than the 3 3 governnr.... o''alley... is... preparrng to... unveil... his nee 3 as john rydell reeorts from annapooli...the governorrand lawmakersare still worriee about the finaaciallallout frrm thh lingering budget pattle in washinnton... washington... 3 afterrfour lean yearss..maryllnd is growing closer to erasing...its plngterm structural deficit. federal funds loommngin 3&phere in the ssate of marrland, that would put us right back ii a recession."(ryyell) for this fiscal year includes tens of mmllions of dollars in federal funds and ederal grants, that's why lawmakers here at tte state house are concerned that many of the programs ncluded in this & budggt could be eliminated
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this coming year."(governor) "ii there ere to be to those important ndeavors, it would certainly impact a lot of moms and dads in marylann and therefore our annapolis thissweek...senator barbara mikulski told state lawmakers...she's ttying.. to holddmmrrland harmless. &p(mikulski) these are very pe want to make ure that when washington sneezzs, maryland doesn't get pnemonia." (grifffth) "we would not like to haae to eal with those big weiggty decisions again, we'vee made some diffiiult decisions, we've made some major changes to our budget and e'd ccrttiily liie to be able to have a liitle breathing room." but the battle over rrising the nation's debt far from ovee. and state lawmakers hope that a ccnsensus is maryland...won't pay the price. in annaaolis, john rydell, fox 45 news...late pdition. 3 in annapolis...statee awmakerr areclose to reachiig an agreement on legislation to 33's
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in response to a &pcourt of appealsdecision llst yyar that declared pit bulls &pinherently dangerous.thh ruling has put lanlords at risk tenantss pit bullsattack visitorsslawmakers are trying &pto craft a billwhich would - pakk the ownnrs of "all"breeds of dogs liable for the actions - oftheir pets. 3 (frosh))"they shift tte burden to thh owner tt say 'look you pour fault and i think that's a better balanne." balance."bills to be conssdered would essentially overrurn the court oo appeals decision. 3 3 a... really bad day... for aabulldoo... thaa pas trapped... n... an pond. take a look... at the yesterday....// you... can sse... the dog kickinn afloat...//. the dog... has - nn chance of getting... on... the ice... ann... back to safety...//. so a & firefiggher... in a wetsuit... and... rope harness... goes
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out... .onto the dangerous ice... and pulls the og to safety...//. just moments later... the dog is back on &psolii ground... waggin his pail and happy...//. tonight... he's warm and -sleeping ii hii own bed. p it's a good day... to rescue a dog... of your own....//. harford ccunty's... humaae soccety... ii... honoring ray lewis'....hall of fame & career... with ...a... & 52---dollar... adoption speccal...//. tomorrow... through sunday..., peoppe can adopt ....ny dog or cat... for just 52 dollaas...//. &pandd.. be sure... to bring your purple pride.../ it'll... earn you... a free gift... with the adoption. 3 and... it... get's... even better... for ravens pans..../// tte... generrl now... has the hottest -3 selling jersey... in the country. couutry. ray lewis' jersee has become the n-f-l's #1 selling putteeling peyton manning. ray's retirement announcemmnt pas been great ffr all ravens peaa sales.att he raven zone - in parkvilll, theyysell 500 shirts dda...and thht's just
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online. 3 people even got in the spirit doing the ray lewis dance. 3 "it's beennnon stop since he announced he's retiring, phone calls, walkins internet" internet"retailers say they're having to put in new orderr every day. 3 a january 3 warmup seems reelly weird to saa. say. 3& and it's ven eirder to walk outside with ust a light -3& jjcket on jannury tenth. tenth. meteorolooiit vytas reid wiih aalook at hat's haapennnggnow.
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3 3 another school shooting. the quick thiiking by one lives. 3pdon't tread on me. the that caused one teacher to
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studdnts.& p3 taking home security to aa whole new level. ow the police stumbled upon this basement gator guard. -3
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a teen s inncustody afftr another school shoottng. student brouuht a 12 gauge photgun to school and opened fire oo a classmate at hhs &ptaft, california high school. the school is in a small & commmnity 120 miles northhest of los angells. the first repprts of hh shooting came in frrm students on tteir cell phones, who hiddin closets after the shooting started. &pto talk the suspect down after the shoootng started. -3 3 if it weren't for this teacher and a quick response, we don't know what might have happened. he had maybe as any as 20- rounds ... shotgun his pooket know what mmght have happened. ann this is a tragedyybut not as bad as we think it might
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3 the student who was shott he is in critical conditionn but expected to survive. 3 -3 3 3
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3&p stick to shakespeare. the laak of coomoo sense for one english teachee that lead him 3& ext level home defenss. theecriminal stash this alligator was guarding. &p
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here you go, breakfast sandwich from dunkin' donuts. what's in it? turkey sausage. turkey what? amazing. dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. surprisingly great sausage taste with under 400 calories. try one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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commmn sense ssys desecrrttng the flag is never a good idea. idea. 3 but that didn't stop ne south carolina english teacher ffom taking the stars and stripes, throwing them on the ground and stomping on the ffag. it was all supposed to e a lesson in symmolism, but it went way off course. tonight parents and administrators are outraged that a demonstration like this was part of the 3 3 3 "it's something that i takk greaa pride in and it bothers me to see the flag and our country dis-ressected like ttat." -3 3 3 3 "our superintendent erved nn the military, i personally seeved in the military for 22 our freedom and so many people have fought and died for that liberty, and so ww take this action very eriously." 3 3 the teacher's awyer says
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phe lesson was meant to show that aaerica was more than a material flag but a collection -3 of ideas that couldn't be trampled. common sense says there's a better way to get that message across. 3 3 common sense sayy we're throwing away mooey and one of the world's most valuable rrsources. rrsources. 3 a new study founn that nearly wasted. that's aads up to a whopping two billion tons that goes to waste. in developing countries, food is lost to out of date technology. lost to simple consumer waste. -3 common sense says solving &ppriority. common sense ssys juut hop on your skies aad get moving, buttthat didn't stop a few skierr from hanging out with a very angry bull moose. moose.take a look.jeff palmer was standing not too far from aachair lift... whee out of - nowhere... a moose starts & charging towards him.palmer quickll pops out of his skis....and runs.luckily... thh moose veers up the slope
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just moments later... after giving palmer the scare of his piie. 3 3 gators and green.. how police eeded up finding this drug protecting dinosaur.
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vr3 3 most people... woull... o with ...your simple... home... alarm system, ../ but... one... drug dealer ...decided to put some teeth... into his home defense...///. ddfense...///. 3 meee mr. teeth. police say they found him guardinn 35
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pounds of marijuann in a california home. the person who lives here is on - probation. when police went through on an inspection thhs -3 week they found what thee -3 thought was a fake alligator ovvr trunk. but then the gator started hissing and snapping.. the gator was taken to a zoo by animal control and the suspect is back in aail for probation violations. 3 a warm week that feels & mooe like spring than january. january. let's go to vytaa for a look attthe extenned -3 forecast.
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3 in aa17-year hall of fame pay is his greatest achievement????...find out next in sportt unlimited...
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vr3 3 that's all for the ate edition, i'm jeff barrd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. here'' bruce cuuniigham with sports unlimitee. 3 3 when the ravens losttto thee denver broncos, it wws probably the lowestpoint to their was the last of a 3 game ecember losing streek, and was played witha lot of backups in key positions...that won't be the caae this saturday.. saturday..the ravens were - missing four starters in the -bernarddpollard and dannell ellerre weee all misssngfrom the deeense, and marssall yanda miss he game on thh offensive side...without them, the ravens wwre slightly betterrthan average...with them, they'ree strong playoff contender...there's a very bii pifference...and ppyton mmnning sounds like he understands that.. p3
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3a lossssunday not onlyymeans the ravens season would come 3&pthe end of the line for the - face of the ravenssray lewis... 3 3 ray's on bonuu time right now...he announced his rrtirement last weekk and the ravens respondeewith a victoryy over the colts, giving him at least one more game in the purpleand black...ii which he spent his entire 17 yyar career..with the advanttof free agenny, it's pretty remarkable to spend an entire careerin one ray did, and he's very proud of -3 that fact. "you watch o many ppayees go - in and outtand shuffle ffom
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team to team. for me to be here - i was 18 ears old when -3& i came ere. i was a kid then and didn't haveea clue what was going on. now, i grew with phis city, and thisscity grew witt me. hht's one thing thht we will neveerhave compliiated. i will die a raven. thaa eing saad, that's awesome eeling. there's no greater achievement for me, myself, [than] to say that &pi've allays been cooneeted to one hinn n my whole life." 3 aad another coaching casualtyy to report...éaftee a 2-14 season, the jacksonville jaguarstoday fired mike mularkey...this after juusone &pseason on the jjb...he is the eighth head coaah to lose is job since theregular eason ended...of those 14 losses, 8 were by 6 pponts or more, and-3 thht gennrally will get youu fired in the nfl. 3 pt's time to announce our high school game of the week wwnner...brought tt you by varsityyssorts network dot com... city this week...for poly at edmondson in boys hoops...tune in tomorrow ight for the -3 highlights... 3that's all for sports
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unlimited...i'm bruce cunninghamm..tune in o fox45 porning news tomorrow -- starting at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight. -3
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vr toxic waste green. that is disgusting. you know, revulsion has


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