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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  January 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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ilbert. and i'm eff barnd.more on the presidentts second term inauggration is juss few minutes minuttsbut first ballimore is -3 baaking nnthe glow of thethe 3 players and ccacc harraugh are talking about the great vvctory over the patrrots last night. cunninghaa is streaming live - at the under armour performance center in wing milll... mills......where john harbaugh just fiinshed speaking to reporters. 3 vo olllue: "the last po-rrunn foréthis particular group.." 3 pith ray lewis on
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3 hhs sell-described last ride, possibility he won't be alone...there is alk that ed -3 reed coold retire in his hometownand then theee's centee matttbirk, who is in his 15thhff season, and iss making his irst supperbowl3 a long time to wwitt but birk -& sayshe's not reelly focusee on that right now... 3 "nobody deserves it more thhn matter how llng you play. to just think thh closeness f journny thaatwe've been -3 through the last - well, y four years here - you know every year getting close, --3 getting lose; to finally & break thrrugh is pretty special." -3 3 ad lii 3 3 feeeral hilll..
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3 was lloddd... last night- / as... huudreds f ravens fans... gathhree ouuside-/ watching... the gaae... & on the biggscreen. pcreen. fox 455s amberr - miller reports assthe finaa seconds of the ame clock ran out---theesccne coulddonly bb described as sheer madness. 3 there was dancing and there were cheers- ravees fans overwhelmed with the thought of mmaing it back to theesuppr bowl---aad he possibility of baltimore. 3 3 ((nat sound up)) it's the match up of historic porportions---((nat sound up)) the ravves andd49ers sqauring off & in uper bowl 47.people in fedeeal hill sunday nnghtt goonggbonners abouttthe opportunity.((nat ound up)) up)))ot
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brothers and going for the ssper bowl. it'' just greatt> huuddeds gathered &pputssde in ront of a bigg scrren watthing eveey play... p(nat sound upp)ll & confiddnt the aaees would go all the way.some aking drastics meaasues just to see the chaapponship game.sot- and when it was finally official- the streets & eruuted...((nat sound upp) everyone ttrowing caution to the wind. -3 ((nattsound up)))22:22:20 ww bleed purple. we bleeddpurple. & always.> sot- ccrubacky
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painted purppe and black.sot- zack koterba
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3 openness; an eedless capacity foo riss and a gift ffr reinvention. y fellow americans, we are made ffr it - so long as we seeze it together (clapping)." 3 the crowds were 3 a lot smaller for this inaugurationnthan president ooama's first one four years ago. ago.jeff bell has been in washington d- c all day... and hhppening outside offthe ceremooy... jeff p3 3 3 3
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3thattbrings us to our question &pof the daa.are you better off than you where four years agoo & when preeident obama first - took the oath ffice. -3 3 go to ffx-baltimore dot com you can also sound off hrrugh facebook. send us a tweet.. & aa foxbalttmore. and you can textt our answer to 45203. pnterrfox45aafor yes.. or &pfox45b for no.
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33 continuing... doctor... martinnluthhr king's legacy ...of... pubbic serrice... on this holiday. holiday.a... group... of about... 40 wwst baltimore community... andd.. from the... university of maryland school of social work... volunteered today.... 3james... mchenry... elementary- middle school...///.the... group... is... working on... repaiiing....the libbary... and... -3&p getting help... 3 3 10:16:24-10:16:43"we ann to make sure that we are ableeto proviie them with materials,, &peduuation materiaas that aae up to date and current because a lot of thh books are at least 10 years old or older, &pwe're doiig that through a bbokkdrive. we actually had some volunteers bring in some materials todaa to help s and pur rr-shelving prrcess..- process.the library... reeair... takes 3 eautification,.... 3 books... and... the dedicatiin of a corner. 3 it was the same sttry over inn ???? ballimore.but instead of & a libraay... members of the sixth bbanch came out to & volunteers painted fences and 3 ground to create a safe area for children to play.memberr
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say t's all part of doctor - kinn'' legaay. 11:58:48-11:58:57"ww're trying -3 to bb helpful in baltimore and -33 this sort offembodies ome of theethinns r. king was pommitted to and we are too.""--3 too.""oeration: oliver' is about identifying probllms in a nnighborhhod, prioritizing them, and taccling them s the resources become available. toniggt?carrieepeirce has our trafffc edge report. report. mapmdott 695 greenspringgdot- 695 balt & natiooal pikemdot- 95 north of a year- llng 3 celebration for one church in
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baltimore... kicks off ttday. playing, people singing & singingpeople gathered at saant francis xavier churcc inn easttbaatiiore to celebrate 150 ears as the nation's oldest african- american catholic churcc.the theme this 3& catholic!"church members says even though faaes change... the messsge of community stays the same. 3 0001fs10:01:22--0:01:36"for mm i've been herr since i was 9 years old.. i've seen many fammlies grow, i've seen many come and weere still here with there's nothign like it- tt 3 ttat."the church has planned several events hroughout the year tt cellbrate the milestone. 3 much mooe ravens to cme inn the tonight at 5:30... for a ticket and trip to the big easy..-3 3 an assassination attemptt..
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caught on camera... why the gunman never got offfa shot... even thougg he was only a foot away from hisstarret. 3 and on this martin luther king day....ewtown connecticut gets a special guest and message during its haling process.
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3 some terrrfyyng moments during a national conference in bulgaria this wekend. weekend.oppositioo leader ahmed dohganwas addrrssing deleggaes... when a man jumps on stage... points a gass piitol at hhs heed... and pulls the trigger.the gun misfirrs... caasing the
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security guards to wrestle him po the grounddthe suspect was quickly taken under arrest. 3 hope, healing, non-violence and the woods of martin lutherr king junior... as the community continues to recover tragedy.nneka nwoou tells us about the fammddpreacher that brought thaa message to newtown, connecticut on sunday. sunnay. -3 3 (naas)thee gatheeed together - mend hearts, restore llvvss heal divisions."peoole of different faiths...and talents...(nats)"through the dark and moving orth..."this special chuuch service...part of newtown's healing processs just five weeks ago a gunmaa -3 childden and six adults.and on ttis martin luuher king juniir hhliday weekend, newtown rights leader truly knew their his own hurch taken ffom
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their loved ones by senseless violence when his church as bombed."but it was hii message of non-violence that prevailee. noted preacher dr. james congregational church unnay . he urged the community to turn something good. "we must &pextract froo the tragedy that which really makes our town go down in history as the place wwere the most awful thing happened, but by theenature of &god's ction, things began to & e ddalt with, to be thaa out offit america...newtown leadd to a new america."and just as dr. forbes urggd neettwn residents po always look to one another - to get through tough times. 3 earlier we told
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3 you about president obama taking the oath office for a 3 term.and that brings us to our qqestion of the day... aae you better off than yyu were fourr years ago when the president fiist took the oath office.. office..cherrl writes on oor facebook page..."a little." 3 eveething has goneeup in - price...and i juss lost my job." job."a big response on this question...and most peoplee responding do not think they are better off. 3 go o fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off ttrough -3 text your ansser to 45203. enter fox45a or yess. or fox45b for no.. 3 33 if you're against getting the influenze virus... we have -3 an alternativv to tell you about..--3 3 anddshe was getting away at the break-neck speed of two miles an hour.the response this woman gave when a police scooter used in sspermarkets. 3
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5:18 pm as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmm, tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example is computer animated. it's not real.
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geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? 3101-106"but this is, this is granndtheft... i'll go back and return in.. in."a... stranne... traffii stop... in florida../.police... p arrest... a.... 23- year- old woman... who... they say... tole... an... electtii shopping cart... from a supermarkett./. and... attempted to drive... it all... the way home! police... after they say... the woman... bought her 3 and... didn't rrtuun... he cart..../// tthe.. woman... told police... her feet... were hurting... p which... is why... phe took the cart...//. -3 she... waa arrested... and taken to jail. 3 - react to story -
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- dlib toss to vytas..... 3
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ravenn players get a free flight to new mmch will it cost you for a super bowl and plane tickets to the ig easy??- and no remote control... no problemmthe technology that mayymmke tte television
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3 if yoo're against 3 may channe yoor mind. mind. the f-d-a has
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3 that's ade áwithoutá ggs or the influeezz virus. it's called "flublok" anddwas created using d-n-a technology -3 pnd an insect virus. the years-old. experts say it uses faster manufacturing --3 process... and protects against three strains of influenzz. 3 a recall is out for more thann 700-thousand honda "odyssey minivans" and "pilot s-u-vs" s-u-vs"the driver's-side aarbag could be missing ceetain parts... keeppng it from deployiig prooerly. those models nclude p009 to 2013 pilott and 20111 -3to 2013 odyssees. -3 just last month the ccmpany recalled 00-thouuand of the same odeled vehicles because of ignition key problems. 3 and "b and d foods" is recalling all of ts pre- cooked produutssfrom last month. there'' concern that the meat, chicken and pork ight haae bacterial contamination hat'sslinked to undercooked foods.
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while the tems are nottsold in grocery stores....the to restaurants and airlines in idaho, utah, oregon, washington, olorado, montann, & califoonia, and ohio. 3 for... anyone... who... ever lost... a remote control... / a... new -& moveeeet in software .. -3 couud... be... your ticket. next wave of interacting ...with your ttv... p-c... oo...tablet... may eliminate... clicking mouse, ...pushing a button,... or... swiping a screen...///.. instead... you... can just... useeyour hand... to control your t -v.. laptop.. tablet.../ & á anyá... device... with... a -3 camera...///sootware... companies... are movingg forward... with... gesture - control... for home electronics, gaaing, lappops, even cars. 3 34-45"think about tte time you sppnd to look forra reeote control. instead f that, you have your hands with you all the time. you can just rrise it and conttol the volume or & browse diiferent channels." channnls."one challenge... in the arly stages of the technology.../different -3 different evices... for the same action../.meaning... manufacturers... may have to
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-3& come up... with some standards, down the line. p3 3 the president's second &pterm.what clues did we get from tooay'' inaugural sseech. 3 if you love the ravens... you will love jerry., he is spenddng.. at least five thousand dollars to go the superbowl... and he's not shh aboot sharing his raaens pride... that story is nexx. &p3 --adblib eather tz--
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3 22:31:56-22232:03 "go ravens, we're going to the uuer bowl, woooooooooo!!" woooooooooo!!"22:24:27722:24:33 "people singing" singing"22:24:54-22:244:9 "we're celebrating the ravens win, woooooo woooooojust some of the - pxcitmenttafter the rrvens huge victory over theenew ennland


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