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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 23, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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thh cold weather holds on...and there is a threat of get and when tempeeattres will start heading back up in my skywatch ffrecast. the bizarre case county executive.arundel - executive."its better then he movies you dont have to pay to get in" in"what john leopold'ssformer chief of seccrityyrevealed on the witness stann today. today. hhllary on the hoo seat. diffeeence does it mmke?" make?" the questions about the &pbenghazi tragedy that led to her emotional response. pesponse. and sseed camerr tickett on hold. should be surprisse or alarmed alarmedwhy the cameras have month. hello i'm jennifer gilbert.'s... &palready... very cold... outsi. outside....and nnw, we're getting ready or some snow
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that could affecttyour morning .'s a live look outsideeat the inner harbor tonighh........s you can see clear> so... what... will happen overnight? winter blast.../ here's... chief reid find... many of ratures...
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baltimore's homeless.... shelter....///.er....///..- karen parks is live from downtown baltimore and tells ussmost of baltimore's shelters are filled to karen? here at n?? jobs....housing and reccvery.....they aae and wommn trying to tay warm......but in frigid temms like &pthis.....not finding heat......culd tuun deadly.... deaddy.... 3 3 (13:22)its frigid as freezing temps bear down on 3
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baltimore......(17:46) (cover) its hard its harr being out there all day it can break you down.....hundreds of homeless citizens......are desperate to find heat.....(11:26)somme people i've seen on vents down ii tte ity to stay warn or in certain laces corriddrs with boxes its sad.....eugene temps.....that forces drastic measures.....(18:06) if you are not designed too going from nicc warm weather to weather we are havinn now it could be a drastic not easily solved......(12::8) this place right here saved me....gilbert jett.......has lost four friends who's boddes froze to death....(13:56) if you ind yourself in ttouble......there issa shelter hotline....that number is 410-433-8145....
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weewiil keep you up to date on any ccool delays and cancallations...traffii trouble...and the latest fox45 morring news..nd...yooun - can ggt all of thht tickkr...eeen duriig -&&pcomme starts a 5 a-m thii cold weather justtadds more complications complicationsa water main break in north bbltimore created the threat of an icy
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the ddpartment of public works . paas the break occured in a ten nch main,,but says no water customers were affected. that... gas... oming out... a... gas leak./..on... &p delmar aaenue.. betweee.... highways...//.construction... crews... last word.../the... gas line... áhasá been... were evacuated.most people ... home...//but a few families are still displaced tonight now the latest on the misconduct trial of anne arundel county xecutive john an officer testifies that leopold pompetitors camppiin signs. as kathleen ccirnssrreorts.... a lot of the testimony tooay centered on the politicianss actions.. particullrly durinn the 20100campaign.... 3outside the courthouse in annapolis"i guuss your glad to work yes..." erik robey ackk- leavee court after testifying for several hhurs aaout his job s chief of staff to
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county executive john leepold.. rrbey ann cpp mark told ttem to do...which they duties. the trial involves drawing a crowdd "its better then the movies you dont hhvee toopayyto get in" this man wont ggve us his nameebut s quick to share his pinion courtroom four cc "i think hes judge sweenee to determine w - that"in court cpl mark walker dessribbs how llopold ordered him to pick up dry cleaning... put up campaign signs and deposite campaigg checks. hee allo ordered him to drive too an annapolis bowling aaley where leopold would meet with his girllriend in her car. afferwards the officers say llopood describee the enccunter as.... great sex.. "get a roommjohn!!(((cairns prove... job description"also watching tte estimony in court... karla hamner.. who has a pending civil sit against eopold. karra hamner)"iis leopold.
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one man... another injured.... in... a... double shoooing... n... southeast .we... were... on tte scene... around 9-30... last night...//. police... say... the... two north milton avenue.../ east monument street,.../ when... they were approoaced... by a suspect... who pulled a gun...//.one... head... ann died../ . the... second victim... wassshot... in theechest... and... is expected to survive...//.no rrests... have been made. a conflict that started last &pweek at city hall, has llad t an aarestt today police handcuffed and arrested activist kim truehart.
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truehearttwas banned fromm city hall last week, after a run-in with the mayorrs security detailthe scufflee began after trueheart trieddto puestion the mmyor aaout city spenning ..ruehart has been charged with tresspassiin. no banned from city hall. 3 the ravens and the 49ers havv histtryon their mindd as they point toward the uper bowl, bowl, it's... probably... not the kind of hiitory...// spprts diiector... bruce cunningham... is... hereeto explain. ssper bowls tend to produce a lot of coopelling storylines.. lewis, playing his final ion.. gamee..but you'll also hear an mmtchup,which is, of iiself, histooic.... never beeore in american haveetwo coaching brothers ry s quite literally, the nfl announced it will do somethinn history: a joint prees conferencewith both harr brothers on friday morningg..
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gonnahappee...we're talking 33 &ptom brady hears froo the nfl.. pnd john harbaugh salltes you, the fans..that's coming uu at 10050 and 11:30as ports unlimited continutes and... e'rr following ray's tt the superdome in new orleans...///.sse oor sttries... on thh ravens playoffs.... / hear... aw innerviews frrm the ppayers...
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/ and... find other wwb links... by going to.../ . foxbaltimore dot coo....// click on... the... "ray's ast ride" anner ...on role models ..., paullgessler ..- shows us... a school custodian &ppn severna park.especiallyy.. chhmpionship push. thee - oakkhhll elementary school has pak hill custodian:"i'm a custodian. 've been here 11 yearss help clean uppthe uilding--somebody's gotta do it.""ike ddvvll is loyal to custodian:"yeah, we (have) got to lean these lockers p little bit. little bit dusty."but, nothing an top... hhs loyalty to the baltimore . ravens.mike: ""veryyday is purple. monddy, tuesday, saturday and sunday..."kayya mireles: "he wwars ravvns jerseys, ravens beads, necclaces, hats. and, he gives put purple bird bucks for ravens."(ravens chant begins) every day t unch,(ravens chant continues)is part chickee attie... part... pep rally.mike duvall, oak hhll
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custodian:"" need some raven fans over here!"misser mike-- as tte kidsscall him-- s a season ticket olderrmike duvall, oak hill custodian: everyyay, my man drinks purple for the ravens!!but, his table.mike duvall, oak ill h cuutodian:"alright,,guys-- whh's your favoriteeplayer?" principal:""fter a game on sunday, they can't wait to get ttowwrk on monday to talk tt mr. mikeeabout the ravens hees always kind to e and hee loves the ravens like me!" pierce breener: "i think, because, he's the iggest ravens faa i knoww" we didn't tell mmster mike we custodian::who's gonna win the super owll guys? ravens!" gonna win the super custodian:"who's mike duvall,, oak hill today.the cafeteeia &pwere coming to mister mike we we didn't tell know."biggestt ravens fan i know."we didn't tell mister mikk we weree coming o the cafeteria today. mike duvall, oak hill custodian:"who's gonna win the super bowl, guys? ravens!" the face paint, is not for show... just or the kkds.mike pdvall, oak hill custodian:"thhy doo yeah... theyyre like, 'what happened?' i'm like, 'i don't know. i woke up, i was purple. maybe tomorrow, i'll be all puuplee'" pierce brennnr: "it's really funny. it's really silly..his loyalty showw on his facee.. aad in his cheers.mike duvalll oak hhll custoddan:"ttey love me aad i love themm you know? thaa's the bottom line."as for whhtherrhe's talking aboot... the kids...
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mister mikeewent to he neew enggand game last week....and hii priicipal, deneen houghton ....will be in new orleaan next week. week.she.. has tickets... to the super bowl. we... asked yyu show us... your & the childress famiiy enn us this photo from bellair.... theeentireefammly isscheering on the ravens ... even thhir ddg elliott is a fan. donna... sent us... - this photo... of hhr son... ryaa... // sporting... this bold haircut... for the big game. you can upload photos and viddos to us through purple t fox baltimore dot com. ...//// and you can see those pictures on our... "see it shoot it send ii dot com..../// our facebook pagee.. at... -
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facebook dot com slash... fox baltimore.... click on "innide foo45". a balttmore llndmark ii celebrrting an anniversary :04////- baltimore's conservaaory and potanic gardenss s the secood oldeet glaas conservatory in in druid ill park or 125 years.tonight tte city kicked off thh anniversary celebration with a conservatory .. noo named &pafterrmayor stephanie rawlings blaae's father...the late state delegate pete raallngs has yeaa-round displays of p3aats from arooud the world. - thh violence... near ooe club in west baltimore... the action police want to 3 pbeyonce> allo ahead......we may áfinallyy aae aa
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whether this performance... was live oo tape...later onn fox45 ews at en but lawmaker pill not bring in enough money. the othee ways he suggests
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new developments in a spending fox. &p state prooecutor issued subpeonaa seeking reco who alss worked for a rpe.... contraator called digiccn. controverry over the purchase of phone quipment by the mayor's office.... that led too found conflicts of interest... and wastee. today ... the &pr ptate prosecutoos iivestigating corruption. 311:30:25"i had a report of such a coomunication like 3
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montts ago. we have not been asked to reacc damine sharpe so i don't have an answer for y" you." we reached... phooe.../ he... join... our waste watch. if... you see government waste.. call... ur hotline.. go to ox-baltimore dot com. for... the... first time,... in a long &pbaltimore's... phot enforcement program ... &p is... all but... shut-down...///; jeff abell... shows us, .../ the... cameras are dark.../ .and... the city... is... losing thoo. thousands. since the firrt of the year, speeders and red liiht of a camera.....aped tte sting 3the city hasshired a new ccmpany to operate its photo transition from the old the - company is ccusing the ameras to gg dark. the city is replacing much of the current equipment and says it could take as long as four montts -& complete. many motorists may be getting a free ride.....but city coffers are
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gettingga lot lighter. the shutdown could wind up costing the city more than a &prevenne..... (11:29:055 "nobodyyssould be surprised or alarmed. e all knew there would be a ransition that &pwouled need to be managed and we are hoping it'll e as smooth as it can be." there have been so many prior problems with these cameras that, today, a state delegate introduued legiilation caalingg for many of them to be shutdown....for good. jeff abell,,fox 5, news t ten.... increased n more than s not be- 20-years.but s john rydell reporrs...statelawmakers are once aggin exploringgttatt option...and otters....o help boostrevenue for projeetstation projectss- for years....rivers avv been telling their lawmakers...don't raise gassline taxes.but ooerror o'malley says without...a new infuuion oo revenue...many projects...could be in ssnateepresident pikeemiiler...isnow eeploring annoption....hat would stiil
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have drivers paying more. (miller) "evvrrbody would pay a modest gas tax,,a thhee percent sales tax tacked on at would raise $300 millioo hat admits...that alone...wouldd not fully pay for eeer weel s mass transit...and future projjctss (rydell) "staae trasportaiton officials have made it cleaa that without a ignificaat increase in fuuding for transportation, the proposedd red line in the bbltimmre arra and purple line in the ddc. suspended."so miller...also... wants to ggve urban and suburban subdivisions the authority to raise their ownn - exammle...officials in bbltimore cityy..and anne arunn countiess.. could raise their propeety taxes...and use the proceedstt fund mass ttansit. (miller) "and thh ooly ay we can do it is if those areaa lawmakers...still obbect to a higher tax gas.but they find...intriguing...the idea thhttsubbrran rrsidents pick up xpand...
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ask the drivers from westtrn and eastern shore to support mass transit projects thee're neverrgoing to use."but iller admits...this latest proposal...willneed the backing of the governor...some rrpublicans...anddmost annapolis, john rydeel, fox 45 news at ten. a spokeswwman for governorr &po'malley...says the gooernor is still consideringseveral transportaitoorevenue...but &pproppsal. itted toany one - does .. maryland... need... a... third sppn... of the... bay bridge? &p considering... a study.../ of... how... much... another bridge would ost...//. supporters ... sayy.. it's needed.../ because... traffic... bbck-ups.... n... future years.../// will e... (pipkin) "one day the mega pind that kindof problemm" but... pipkin says... te cost of aacompleteessudy... could... wind upp.. costing... tens of millions of dolllrs.
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3 3 3 3 33 3 3 33 3 3 3beyonce beyonce beyonce
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beyonce beyonce live orrttpe?a possible answer... coming up phe attack on the consulate in
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benghazi...hillary clintonn answered questions about itt today.the questions... that got her angrr......and the were apparently break americaas.../
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in... libya... in september../.
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...and... we're... ástilllá... trying... to... fiiure out... exactll... what happened. hillary clinton answered te - puestions about the attacc in front of ongress today... ...and craig boswell hows us the line of questioning... annry. secretaay of state hillarr ccinton fireddback aa repeated questions from republican sentors about ttee description of who was behind the deadll attack n the u-s consulate ii benghazi.clinton says: "we had four dead americans. was it bc of prooests, or guys out for difference does it make?" &pit does make difference.. johnnon... why is it the administration refuses o provide full text of emails withhdeleted al qaida talking points." ambassaaor chris stevens aad three other attack. secrettry involved in tte early talking was a spontaneous response tt coordinatee terrorist attaak.a -
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clinnon says:: "we have a disagreement about what did happen..." clinttn testified she nevee sawwmultiple securiiy requests and nnver denied themmin the time beeore the septemberr11th attack. security puestions topped the houue foreign affairsscommittee p "led to grosssy &pinadequate security in benghazi." while pecretary clinton says most off the 29 recommendations of a implemented some lawmakers &pquession whh clinton was ott questioned for the report. rrs llhtinen says: ""ow ((she is holdinggup report)) pot asked to speak with accountability review board duriig investigaaion."boswell is determined to leave the he 3 boswelllfox news." in washington craig boswell fox news." there appears toobe eeiience... ...that the u-s government... attack on the consulate...e - beforeeit happenedd happened. so... what... were... the warning to... the libyan....
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[broll of us consulate on fire &p-- picture of stevens -day after shots of consulate]hourr bbfore the u.s. consulate was stevens ann three americans were killed -- the red flags posiiion to rrspond..[bboll two shots gray]c. boyden gray is a former diplomat ann u.s. ambassador toothe european union.[sot c boydee ggry]in 13:11 "why wass't there more pecurity buildinggup to thiss why ass't there more &pprotection in benghazi where we nnw it was a hhtbed of turmoil."trt=:14[broll of emm] the washingttn guardian rs at - obtained the memo ssevens' sent to secretary of ssate clinton, hours before the attack. [solomon sot ]in :088 the ambassador himself, chris stevens tells hiillry clinton, the secretary of &pdied that the militias, the local securiiy that was providing much of the secuuity could no longer be trusted." trt=15[libyan brrll ]about 48 ---leaders of the libyan
10:29 pm
securitt force told american &pofficials they were angry -- put off by the u.s. acking of a man that wanted too become libya's next prime the atmosphere s a... [take graphic "stevens" in eric's share folder]"statt of maximum alert""broll off imeline package]nothing was maximmm &pfrom the white house. september 14th --- three days after the attack in benghazi --bbfore the obaaa administration acknowledged it publically. inniilly bbaming it on an anti muslim viddo. ptill maintaining that's what happened onnseptember 11th - five days after the attack . it would take more than a the state depaatmmnt stated it pwas errooism...aad still another two days before the event was connected to al- qaeda on seetembbr 21st.[take aftermath video innlibya] why didn't the state department react ssoner to mbassador stevens -- the ed flags were there -- thii was not aa mission that nneded toopiecc leaves. [broll oo bongino]
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daniel bongino is a former secret service agenn and for a time protected president george w. bush. [take sot dan bongino ]in 109:37 "i don't think they missed it, they had it and theedecisions and not security based..trt=:07 [c boyden gray ]sst in 19:08 "the mistake thht people make over anddover again is the been something of a cover-up thh washington guardiannjust -3 go to fox-baltimore dot com... guaadian" in thh "hot topics" the scrren &p3beeonce beyonce live... or tape?what one pprson... apparently close tt the inauuuration... says about 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten
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p3 &p3 3
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new at 10-300ttnight...the owner of a west baltimore night club is facing a seeies of criminal violations &ptoniggt...aniie park is headquarters and and tells us the club has been aammgnet for viilence. janiie? police say if theeclub is ddtermined dangerous...they have the ppwer to shut t down for uppto a year. in just over aayear...6 people hhve been shot...outside his restaurant, club...and sean rhodds...a father of four is dead...hissfamily tonight is demanding it be shut down, tonight outside off ras-a-ter....a sign hangs...saying the club will no longer be open until the wee hours of the morning. police tell me the owner has been charged with operating the establishhent as an pilegal bar.january 13th...sean rhodes was shoo and killed outside thh bar...aad two others were shot as well.this follows a quadruple shooting ootside he club that appened in decemberr 2011..onight...rhodes ffmily,
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is among thooe want the club phht down: "mayor rawlings wwoever, answer to me, thhs s my child, 25 years old hee killed him" &phim" "happeninn over and over again, these after hour clubss no pollce protection" i tried to contact tte owner &pseveral timessand was unable information on the homicide oo baltimore baltimore, jp fox45 news at pen. in... tte triall.. of... michael the... man... - accused of kiiling ...16-year-old... phylicia barnes...//. barnes... was... found dead... in... the... susquehanna river../ after... sse was reported... missing...///.crime... and... justiie takes... &ptakes... a... closer look... at the case... /
10:36 pm
&p ass.. ((pkg)) it was 166yeer old &pphyyicia baanes hall sister deena... the teen would visit here in baltimore. a relationship re-kindled betweee two isters after years of being separated. &pphylicia's mother trussed deenaatoowatch ovee her daughttrr ruut that pqickly turned to anger after phylicia's dissppearee. (missing girl pkk) she is not she didn't evee tell me that - there was alot of traafic going in and out of her apartment. drug and alcohol activity. ttese are allegations that testimmny is expected toosupport as witnesses begin to testify. ((pylicia barnes 1 year later) what everrhapppned to phyicial happened rightthere. deena barnes' and michael johnson ived together in the apartment.butttth two had recently broken up.when phylicia disappearee... johnson was moving ut. back here sparks a ot of emotion definetely.
10:37 pm
upccming ttial will be just as emotional.... if not more so. just as e has in (phylicia barnes 1 yr later) ww put everyting in your hand heavenly ather. russell wwll counn on his faith to see hii thrrogh. ttis as he and other family members are face tt killing hylicia.. (p-phylicii barnes) he'' stated on the onset that i'vv had nothign to do withhher disappearanc johnson's ptttrney russell neverdon says his clienttis innocent. and he holes in the evvdence prrsecutors plan to present... wwich includes...questions wheeeabouu followinn the eens bbil review) sot i taaked witt my lient he was with his new friend. a friend who will likely be alled to estify and may e questioned about johnson's plans to leave the recorded conversations... in i feel like everythinn is ..." -
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gging to hit the fan i may shouud go too razil" all --3 possible evidence in a murder now hangs in the balance. in downtown baltimore joy lepola fox 45 news aa ten. a... gag order ... by... the jjdge...//.e... - 3 dealing... with... the... bitter cood.../ &phas... been... an... oodeal....for many peeple../.. people..//. includiin one west baltimore resident who says her cat hhs been stuck in a tree for days.... days.... patricia keels says her cat midnight an away last thursddy......the nexx day she hhgh sitting on a tree brrnch.....for the past seven days....keels has tried o coax the cattdownn. even offering ffod....but nothing has worked....sse is afraid death... 3 (52:21)its so cold........its (:45) keels aa contacted fire and
10:39 pm
police.....but no help....since "our" story aiied.....a local animal keels get midnight down..... 3 3 3 the things on the shelf at the
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grooery store....hht aae most likely o be miilabeled...or even 10 minutes beyonce siigingt ten singing ...and the new evvdence... national anthem...ance of the
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the dawn's early light" light" was beyonce's performance live? ...or was it memorex? tonight... c-n-n says t spoke witt an anonymous inauguuationn official...that says what you heard wwssááapedá.the official says theedecision was made by b. phe owner... f the company... - that ran... the audio board.... &p during... monday's... ceremony... that person says ... it's... up to the singee... to diiclose... live... - p or not. not.the wwll street journal has ideo...that makes it seem like she sang the song at the iiauuurrtion......but used a vocals.still no word from - beyonce... day...///.ddes... it matter... to you... whether beyonne... was ...lip- syycing... during... her performance.... hhre's a look at our facebook page...nearly 400 of yyu had
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does atttr...but many of you facebook dot com slash -e - foxbaltimore 3 3 a... happy marriage...may mean... a heavier... waistline...//.doctors... followee... hundredd of yyung four years of arriage...//. they found the more satisfied... the oupless were... with their union..//. the... more likkll... they were gain weight... since their weddinggday.///.. less-saatsfied... spouses... tended to gain less weight...//. just about... every kid... wants a uppy.... / so,... when... hii came asking... / - one... massachusetts man... was prepar/ prepared..../that is... until his foolproof plan backfired... thanks to facebook. carrie peirce exppains in tonight'sswwrd on the web. 3 3 what started aa facebook lesson in the power of social ma ryaa cordell thought he add the perfect plan.... "i thoughh i was being very clever by aying, well, you'd have to get a million likes."
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&pmom ook the picture, the sig reading: if we et a million likes we get a puppy. side note dad doesn't think we can po it.once the ssin went up, million dad came throuuh oo his promise. they lab/shepard ix whiie n name your puppy?" "millie, but ii you go y her full name smore cordell."""how big is she going to be?" "thhssbig." the power of social networking propelling his story to a soldiers in afghanistan, moms while the addittonnto the .and family is exciting, dad is maaing it ccear, the pup stoop . &phere. cordell says he's learned his leeson... and wont e doing teenagers and want a car..m carrie peircc and thats your 3 it's been a tough road to
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the super bowlfor the ravens...but that's been halff the funbruce cunningham has that in ssorts unlimited. "about 10 percent of the food you buy ii the grocery shhlf is prrbably adulteratedd" the priie targees or food fraud.after theebreak
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we are staating to learbn more phh super bowl...the ravvns arrive in new orleans monday afternoon..the 49ers, sunday &pevening...and on friday,john and jim harbaugh will hold aa joint press connerence..'s ever been the brothers harbaugh took &psimilar routes toget to the pesilllint,to come from behind...and to do t on the go, it's the way thhygot to the super bowl that matters most. &p3
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3herees a nice little nuuget from the dii yoo know fiie... ray lewis has 41 and a half &pyouknnw theefirst one was on jim harbaugh?it's rue...the ravens weee playing thee olts in indiaaapolissn their hhrbaugh was their of 1996, and was the 6th pame of lewis' career...he as 20, haabaugh wass3.... john harbaugh pays tribute to coming p at 11:30 as sports unliited continues if you ttink you know what's buying,,you could be wrrnn... turns outtseveral high price grrcery items are often fakes.experts say about 100percent of theefood you buy in the ggocery is mislabeled, diluted or misrepresented.somm offthe biggest culprits of "food fraud" are ish, honey, wine and olive oillin fact... uu to 65 percent of extra virgin olive ool is actually
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diluted withhlower grade oils. "consumers haae almoot gotten defects you find in bad olive o" pil.""i think question comes down tt enforccment and clear standarrs and the u-s riggt now has neither."&neither." pood fraud costs the u-s 10 to 15 billion ollaas a year, and counterfeiters rake in the cash. areecoming out with cars that are all-eleccric - no gas needdd. severallclaim the eqquvalent of 100 miles per the... gooernnent... tax credit... of... up to... 75-huudred dollars .../ could... getting... an... electric vehicle...//. tom rodgers... has... the results ...of a &pconsumer reports test.../ that... sees... if... thee're really... worth it. itt ford calll the ford focus fuel-efficient compact ccr in america. consumer reports finds it an get the -thheequu get consumer reports ameriia. eleccric the most l-efficient - fuel-efficiint compact carrin america. connuuee reporrs finds it can ggt the equivalent of 117 miles pee gallon. the engineers compared pt wwth other all-eeectric
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caas, including the smaller sub-compact mitsubishi i-miev. (sot)"the i-miev is even more fuellefficcent, getting the equivalent of 111 miies er gallon. it'' also easy to cramped, anddit rides stiifly. in fact, oor engineers thought it was more like a glorified golf cart."with any all-cart." thought it was fact, our rides stiffll. in cramped, and it buu 111 miles er the o parkk eqqivalent of efficient, (sot)ccmpact mitsubishi the smaller sub-cars, includdng othee all-electric engineers galloo. the 107 miles err findssit can et onsumer reports compact car in ffel-efficienttelectric the worth ii. ii. electric the ost d focus - fuel-efficient compact car n finds it can get the equivalent off107 miles per gallon. the engineers compared cars, including the smaller sub-compaac mitsubishi iimiiv. (sot)"the i-miev is even more fuel-efficient, getting the equivalent of 11 miles ppr gallonn it's lso easy to park, but t's slow and crampee, and it rides stiffll. in fact, our engineers thought it wassmore like a gloriiied golf cart."with ny all- electric ccr, a primary considerationnis how far it will go on a charge. (natsot: found tte i-miev's range is "it takes 211hours to recharge theei-miev on househhll &pcurrent, but yoo can get a p40-volttcharger iistalled in your house that wwll cut that time down to ssx hours."the most luxurious all--lectricc
10:56 pm
s. it claims a range o up to 225 mmles. speccallccarging statioon can charge the initiaa impression of the r - model s is that it's quick, agile, oomm, and refined. but it's also expensive - starting at 57-thousandddollars, and the ford focus electric falls he - sooewhere in the middle. this one consumer reporrs eeted cost 411thousand ollars. its rrnge is aboutt80 miles. and a full harge takes less than four hours with a 240-volt char. the ford focuu eleccric perfoomed well at the consumer it orts test track, with - bed rest and youu beet friend. how dog's are making long hospital stays a lot asier. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on tte late edition...
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edition... thieves commng crrshing through.what the stole and hhw police caught up with them. 3 and a eacher posss a picture she's defending herself d how - toniiht..
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a new body...without diet or plastic surgerr procedures.. and he questions you need to ask.. tomorrowwon


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