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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  January 27, 2013 10:00am-11:00am EST

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it's time for baltimore restturant eek!what's on thh menu... for just 30 bucks... - mmnday on fox44 morning news. 3 3 3 3 casey anthony 3 files for bankruptcy. the ffnancial hole she'ssin... 3 á((wipe vo)) the sag awards ake center stage tonighh. the nominees ann the favorites. 3 3 33ááaddib over weather shotáá 3 dateááadlib chat with
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3 tonyáá
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3 3 it was a deadly night of fires in baltimore. city fire rews - brrced the freezzng
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tempeeatures to fight three fires in one nighh...including oneethatt claim ed the life of a 100year 3& child. amber mmller joins us now live from the scene n the 66-hundred block of harttait street with the very latest. patest. 3& this house in he 6600 block - of artwair street in dundalk - was up in flames juss before 11 last night. in addition o the 0 year old who died as a result of the fire, four other children and two adults were inside as well. we spokk to a neighbor who says ciff lacey pives here--his wife pat passed away about to years go and had been raising his grand & daughter. just receetly his pon andddaughter in law moved in with their kidd. theresa sappe used to babysit some of cliff'' grand kids and reeains in shockk 3
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power line""we called 911 and i ran out back and the house was blazing. " 3 fireeighters say some of them who got out of the houss suffeerd from smoke inhaaation ann attleast one person was hurt after jumping out of a escape the flames. at onee point firefighters had to evacuate the home to keep pheeselves safe--instead fighting the fire from outtide. te s no ood on the cauue f the ffre. marianne. 3 fire crews are still determining what caused a row house to go up in flames in wwst baltimore. 3 p juut before midnight saturday a vacant 3-stooy home street and north arlington avenue. crews were unsafeeconditions. - control in an hour. 3 police arr lookiig for
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&pphe perssn thaa shot a man in &psouthhbaltimore. the man was shoo in the head and twice ii the neck juss around four-thhs mornnnggat --3 valentinos near hhrford road &pman is in seeiius conniiion. 3 at this time. 3 pooice are still investigating a stabbiig out of south baltimore. this the scene last night & where police say a mannwas stabbed in the face at the & intersection of washington boulevard and carey street. poliie shutdown the aree....searching for suspect. there's still no word on the ccndition pof the victim. -3 3 a man is in jail 3 the libbrty bell. 3 the man....who 3 leavinggtww black backpacks in front of the "liierty wheels wheelchair anddscooter rental & shop" in downtown philadelphia. police quickly called a bomb squad to determinn what was inside.....but found thh explosives. the suspecc is expected to be
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casey anthony files for bankruptcy. anthony... the floorda mom who acquitted of murdering hr two-year- paughter... made the filinn on the same ay an appeals court threw out tto misdemeanor charges agaiiss her.. phat court upheld tww other - ponvictions. anthony's 3 million dollars. and... most of that stem from legal 3& 3& ann... johnn hopkins unnvvrsity is receiving a massive donation from one of its famoussgraduates. new - york ayoormichael bboomberg issgiving 350-millioo dollars 100 milllon of that is for financial aid for -3 studentt-in-need. bloomberg has donated more than a billiin dollars to the school since he graduated in -3 the mid-600 3 3 with the ravens headed to the super bowl....there's aahuge demaad for everything purple -and black...and one local & businessman... is working overtime to fulfilllyour
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3 "dan the t-shirt man" has set up shop at the corner of philadelphia and rossville roaa in essex.he's selling &pravens geaa... including items 3 24 hours a day... 7 ays a -3 week... until thh mondayyafter & the super bowl. 3 55:05:17we figured the baltimore raaens are wwrking -3 hard, the whole ity of baltiiore, theewhole state of maryland is working hard. we're gonna wook haad too and be open 24 hours. dan ann his family are manning -3 the stand in eight-hour shifts. once the super bowl is over... he's planning to scale back the operation. 3 we're followinggray's last riie all the way to the -3 superddme in new orleans.see our stories on the ravens 3 inteeviews from the players... and ffnd other wwb links by going to our website... foxbaltimore dot on on or homepage. 3 four ccampionn are honored for & theer outstanding work in our community... and dozens of
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students wwo participated in a fox44 essay contest were alss recognized.karen parks has -3 more rom our annual ccampions of courage breakfast. 3 3 p //(nats of story)here -3 attthe tremont hotel in ddwntown baltimore.....(nats bank recognize community &pheroes and essay finalists in m and t is very proud to and everything it means for the community and the students.....vaaessa williams......raymond lucas.....natasha tturmon and caaeron miies are hissyear's champions of courage.....those who exhibit qualities of dr martin llther king jr....(9:57) its good for the little guy to be recognized and think it encouuages people to get involved even mooe when ttey poing something over time to be recognizee for working wwih people and not get paid to do
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it.....cameron miles is the director of mentoriig male teens in the hood....(11:19) we're trying to help younn malee in a group program process o do better staa out of trouble stay outtof gangs stay away from drugs rrspect wooen....pprents and teachers weee honored....essay competition winnerssand schools received ssholarshipss and cash prizes....(13:00)its pn honnrrto justtbe aroonn congressman people that are -3 doingggooddin their community and it makes me wan to ssep up and do good wwssa day of musicc......a day f inspiration....and a day o rrmember and reflect on he dream of dr. marttn luther kinggjr....(cover this biie) & p10:19)younggppoole need direction they eed guiiancc they need to know people other than family members caae about them and don't mind giving back to them. - 3 more thann200 guests celebrated at the was emceed by our very own chiif meteooologist vytas reid. 3 commng up... nearly 50 hikers are saaed in a drammtic rescue in a natiinal forest.
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the signals that made it all 3 3 you're watching foo 45 morning news.. all local.. all &pmorniig.
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3 ááadlib weather ccatáá
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3 coming up... a eadly ire rips through aacrowwed -3 nightclub. the pising death toll. ((mar-wipe vv)) more athletes are getting caaght in &p catfishing scam. the n-f-- team that has been taageted. you'rr watchingg fox 45 mornnnn news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((brea
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3 3 &p3 new this morning... a fire ripped hrough a crowdee nightclub in southern brazil early this morningg killing at leastt245 people and leaving broke out at the club whill a band was performinn. the caase offtheefire is not yet known. - 3 a large-scale rescue operation in arizona paas off... close to 50 hikers trapped in national ooest by raging floodwatees.rescue crews had toouse cell phone pignals to help finddthh people who were scattered throughout bear canyon. after a massive searchheffort, everyone was ccounted for.the floodwaterr came rom runoff from heavy rainfall near &ptucsoo earlier ii the day. pn onnlne haaking group says it's "declaring war" on the p-s government after hacking tte federal sentencing & commissioo's website.thh -3 group... known as anonymouss.. is demanding thh u-s rform its justice systee...anonymous of so-called hacktivists" who oppose
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attempts to limit internet freedoms. a note ffoo the group exxressed angee over the death of internet - activist aaron swartz, who committed suicide n jjnuary & 11th. waatz was facing crimiial chargessrellted to a hacking caseewhen he died. 3 therr's a report the washhngton rrdskins were getting aught in a catfishing scam.that's the scheme wiih thh phony girlfriend that notre dame star manti te'oo says e got caaght innbriann todd xxlains how ittall went doon. & down. 3 ii was about the same tiie mmnti te'o claims he first pearned his online girllriend was phony..n indication that other hhgh-profile football -3 players hhd been 'te'o'd.'aa memo went up in the locker room of the washington &predskins in december.the gist of it was::"stay away from @redridnh00d. avoid her on twitter. avoid her on pnstagram. do not converse with ttis person on any sociia pedia platform. she issnnt who according to an article on, the league's official -
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weesite,,which says theememo was posted by phiilip daniels, p former reddkins defensivee end who's now the team's -3 (standup)"the edskinsssaid phillip daniell was not available to speak toous-- and the team wouldn't put anyonee -3 out to talk to us about thh pllyers' interacttons with the woman on sscial mediaa but daniels ttld that onn multiple occasioos,,several redskinn' playersstried to arrange eetings with thh womaa- who the report says went by the pseudonym 'sidney &&packerman'."she not only wasn't sidney ckerman, the report says,,she also wass't c-j & miless tte internettadult entertainmmnt ssar whose social-media picttres, the n-f-l's nvestigatioo found, & were rrpped off and used in & correspondenceewith tte players.there'ssan unverified twitter feed registered tooc-j miles, with pictures of 3 tweets here warn fans that an impostor has used her photos, and say she feels sorry for the players who fell for the hoax.the report says -3 none oo the players were successful in arranging
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sent the tweets, and that raised susppcions with the's sources say the woman's a redskinn fan-- didn't ass the players for monee or perks, aad didn't threaten them.but former redskins tight end rick 'doc' walker, noo a radio analyst, says the communications were fraught with risk."yeah it's pot the smartest thing you do- but you do some thingg when yyu're young that aren't real 3you grrw up- but the whole internet deal is odd to me. manti te'o deal to me is ridiculous."brian: "and the players have women coming at them from all directions payway right?""well i would assume. i don't knnw. t's nt my world. buuti know a lot of &pand i would ay that anybody that believes pros are hassnn -3 phosts is a damned fool." & coming up... allying for the rrvens. when baltimore will end its heroes off to new orleanss 3 geeting ready &pfor spprng. findd out the hottess trends for the new're watching fox 45 morning nees.. all local..
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all morning. 3 ((breakk3))
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3 3 spring is just around tte how do you -3 transiiion yyur wardrobe... and incooporate the latest fashion trends?stylist consultant freddy iaz joiis us in studio with more.
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3 tonight's a big 3coming up... gee a behind the scenes look at the ag awards - and some of the nominee's. 3 ad libs
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3 ááadlib over weather shotáá &pááadlib chat with tonnáá 3
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3 3 3 a ten year old childdis dead this morning... he result off &pa night oo fires that had city
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fire crews sccambling -3&pthroughout the area. baltimore. cityyffre crews braced the freezing temperatures to battle three fires ii one nnght. night. amber iller joins us nowwlive from theesscne wheee &&pthh child died in the 66- hundred block of hartwait street. street. 3- 3 this ouse in the 66000bbock of hartwair street in dundalk 11 last night. in addition to the 0 year old who diid as a result of thh fire, four other 3 insiie as well. we spoke to a lives here--his wife pat and had beeenraising his grand
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daughtee. just recently his son and daughttr in law moved in with their kids. theresa sappe sed to babbsit some of cliff's grand kids and remains in shockk- 3 "i fell really hellless because you ould see it was &ptoo bad o even try o do anything. " 3 firefighters say some of ttem - who got out of the house suffered from smmke iihalation and at least onn person was -3 house window in an effort to 3 evacuate the home to eep themselvee safe--instead fighhing the fire from outside. the is no word on the cause of the fire. mariannee--3 3 3 3 mariannn
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3 hhge fiie that raced through a rosedale strip maal, they'rr prrbing hethhr a grease fire -33 at jackie chee's chinese restaurant yesterday may have & fire hit three alarms and quickly spreaa to neighboring bussnesses..... morr than 150-firefighters frommthe city and county were calleddto daaage is still being totalled but, fortunately, no ne was hurt. protestors hit the streets of eest balltmore &p....after the state's attorney deeided 'not' to prosecute the & officers nvoved in the death of anthony anddrson. anderson. 239 we need to conttnue this fight...oc: &pwe're continuung this ffghh for this younggbrother 0254 & 0254
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3 yesterdayyandersons relatives held hh evvnt at the ccne of the arrest. it was last summer whenncity -3 police officers three him to the ground, rupturing his & spleen and brraking his ribss in september, the mmdical -3 examinerrruled hhs death a -3 homicide.. and this week, state's attorney regg used a reasonable amount of force and would not be &pprosecuted. the department & of justice is now robing whether an dersonns civil -3 rights were viooaaed during the inccdent. 3 0731 i fell ad, it's not right...occ i stood there and watched thee 3 kill my ccild 0744 0744 the officerssinnolved remain suupenddd with pay. they still face an nternal affairs investtgation.... -3 3 the f-a-a may have stopped boeing from flying its 7-87 - dreamliners... but tte companyy is moving full steam aheed in production.
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production.a boeing spokesperson confirmed he company is not only keepiig its current productton scheddle for the jets... but it also plans to double year.a shut-down would be costly fr boeing and ts suppliers... and the company still has aa order of 800 dreamliners planes to fill for airlines.earliee thissmonth, the f---a grouuded all 50 dreamliners around the world after lithiim battery fires - broke ut in tww jets. investigatorsshave ot figuredd out hat caused he fires yet. if you try to buy stamps this morning... yyu'll notice that the cost hassgone up..he u-s postal service aissd the costt -3 of first class postage by oneecent today... up from 455 to 46 cents.sending a postcard -3& pill cost 33 cents.thee -& increase comes just one year after the last one-cent buup. & 3 3 the city wwll bb giving the raaens a big seedoff ithh-3 a rally tomorrow morning at the innnr hhrbor. harbbr. the rally will be helddat the inner harbor
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starts at 10:30 ttmorrow morningg ray lewis ann coach john harbaugh will be 3 what better ay to suuport our hhom teem thann showing off ouu purple pride. autumm sent us them picture with hhr purppe and - white ravens cheerleader outfit on and her purple pom-pomss she even hhs purple hair balls and ribbons in her hair.. go raveess 3 & 3&pphere's baby caalyce. she isn'' sporting purple -3 hee cozy all-in-ooe ravenn onesse. 3 you can upload yyur photos fox baltimore dot com. and you can see - phose pictures on our seeeit shoottit send ttppge" at fox baltimore ot com. -& p or you can go tt ourr facebook page at facebookkdot coo slash fox baltimore click 3 3 an uniqquefootball forecasttr has revealed her pick for the super bowl.
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there she is....syboo the 25- -3 yyar-old orrnguuan from & freeno, california. she pulled a blankkt of one of the 3 there might be some monkey business here... she picked thee49ers. 3 1143 the bias is from me, i wanted her to pick the 49ers but she doesn't know, she'ss blanket out of the ox and the &pfiist blanket she pulled outt happenee to be the red ann gold one. & one. 3 despite the lousy pick... it's a happy time for syboo. she recennly became a mothee. mother. and we''l be taking you inside the super bowl ive all -3 week from new orleaas. our live coverage sttrts tonight 3 3 there's lot of hustle ann - bustle going onnin hollywood - big nnght.adam hhusley givess us an uu close look at whoois in the running at tonight's &psag awards.
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awards. p3 final preparations are underray for sunday night's "screen actors guild" awards in los angeles... connell ssys: "well 3 we haae the finest actors in - the wwrld and the most of any we have the cast and thee ensembles from all the different fflms and tv shoow it's going o be a fuu night. i know it mmans a lot for the actors themselves cauue they areebeeng aaknowledgeddby their peerss they are being voted on by peeple who - underssand the work that they are doing and we send out overr for next month's academy awards, since any of the same films ann actors are nominated 3 "outstanding performmnce by a ccst ii a motiin picture &pcategory, "lincoln"" "silver linings playbook", "argo", pthe best exotic marigold hotel" and "les miserrble" get the spotlightt hhgh jackman,
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3 daniellday lewis, tommy lee jones, jessica chastaan and anne hathaway areeaaong the & categoriis... awards will also be presented for the best of the small scrren, fox's hit show "glee" is nominatee for eesemble cast in actresssbusy philipps is serviig as the "sag's soccal media ambassaaor"" which meaas - she'll bb buss tweeting -33&phighhights from behind the scenes... phiiippsssays: 3&pthey want me to be on the look out for, people want me o be lawrence (laughs), someone wrote men's & shoes...interesting men's &palways so bbring, so if seee any really good shoes i'm going to take a picture of them. " in hollyywod, adam housley fox news
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3 who are you ooting for at tonight's sag awards?we postedd the qqestion onnour facebook page..og nto facebook--ot-com 33 slash fox-baltimore to joii the discussion. 3 coming up... they're cute and they're cuddly....but thhy neee to & stay warm. & 33 how you an keep & your pets protected from the cold. - 3 you're watching 3 fox 45 morning news.. all looal.. all mmrning. 3 ((break 5))
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3 -3 3&ppeoppe across the couutry aae bundling up this eek, to keep out the cold. but humans aren't the only ones whooneed protection.sometimes our best frreeds need a little extra help when tte temperatures - dip. maggie brown reports. 33 3 playing outside with your pet & ii fun, especially if both of you are bundled up against the cold. some pet owners aae & giiing their furry friends a little extra prrtection these daas. because it's frrezing ttday.absolutely, she needs it. that she shakeeseven, just goiig i thought today is a gooo day to have hat
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&psweater supply stooes have been busy...with people looking for something to keep their fuury riends warm and drr. whether that's a coat or maybe some booos to protect agaiist ice and salt. for some, it's nnt just about peing practical. fashhon ii &pimmortant.ah, coloring is very -3 imporrant.we''e beggnning to 3& are closer to hummn coats and that llok.yes, some coats even have hoodssbut do dogs really need to be covered up in cold weather?certainny larger breed &pdogs, german shepherds, gollen reerievers have a nice, thick - coat o begin with and most cases they don't need anything, whereas smaller dogs, like a chihuahua, might things. that ii, if they'll let you put it on them. some dogs, you put a coat on 'em and they just go into iistant paralysis anddsoosometimes in those cases it's more for our own psychological benefit versus thii store, thhy have dog coatssmade out
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of the horsee & blankets.they may be for peopll more into function than wann to match their horse and theer pet, theirrdog and so we have several blankets that fit bundled up tteir pets still have to keep and eey on them. - even witt a coat o a sweater it doess't takeethe lace of moniioring them, being vigilant, beeng awarr of what kind of signs hey're showwng -3 you cause a lot of timms
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3 ááadlib chaaááá- 3 ((aa lib meteorologist))
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3 commng up... hosting a super bowl - party......but want to serve healthy food. 3&p learn aboutt some greaa snack alternatives that will be sure to impress pour guess...annd ill still fight off hunggr. you're watching fox 45 morring news.. aal locca.. ll morning. - 3 ((break 6))
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baltimore.the ravens aae preparinn to ffce the 49ers inn ssper boww 47... and thaa means many people in the area are planning big super bowl parties.sabrina ottenko... a senior ounselor with medifastt -
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weight control centers... join &pussnow with ssme jjnk food alternatives that you can -3 the average person consume on superrbowl sunday?-what are some
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3 healthy optiios? 3 3 we'll be right bacc with he 3 3 ((brrak 7)) [ regina ] i got it when we could download an hd movie in like...2 minutes! [ male announcer ] once you've got verizon fios internet you get it -- the difference 100% fiber optics makes. but don't take our word for it -- ask a real fios customer. ask me why fiber optics matters. ask me about the upload speeds -- they're sick! [ male announcer ] so go online and send a tweet to a real fios customer. because once you've got it, you get it. and now there's never been a better time to get it. [ female announcer ] upgrade to fios now for just $89.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $300 back. hurry, last chance
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3 33& ((bbmp in))
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3 ááadlib chat - 7 day forecastáá 3 ááadlib goodbyeáá 3 3 ((break 8))
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