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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  January 29, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EST

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3 a car... oes up n flames. what the owner ddd just seconds bbforeethe exxlosioo... that you probably do everyday beffrr getting in -your car. 3& and... thhy've been right &p7 out offthe last 9 times.who - "mmdden" ppeddcts will win the superbowl. 3 3 - 3 tuesday, january 9th. 3 -333 3 3 3 3 3
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,3 pessimmny continues in the phylicia barnes murder trial following a draaatic day in showed a ideo to the jurors... of barnes and er - suspected killer michael johnsoo. johnson.mmgan gilliland is
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live from the mitchell courthooss downtown ith more - on what wws released and what happens from here. 3 pood mornnng guysjurors will return to couur his morning yesterdayy.. that showed 16-year old phhlicia barnes... ddunk nddnakedd.. touching phe man now accused of killiig her. video... recorded eeea parne's phone... ttat's phylicia'sshalf phonn... that's phylicia's half sister. phylicia's half phooe... that's video... ecordee it was a 20 minute video... recorded deenn bbrre's phone... that's phylicia'ss michael johhson... aad one off johnson's teenaged brothers were bothhin t.while membbrs of the jury coulddsse tte video... the television was courtrrom from seeeng it. made a paas at phylicia that defeess team maintains that client's guilt. & 3 they keep coming up emppybutt piiehe'ss tated nntte onset 3 with her disappearance. &pdisappearance.when the state
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her to make the video... deena teettfied ... there was no reaaon.we also heard hhw johnson... was hard to reach the day phylicia went missing. p3 but there was more informaaion... he state entered as evidence to try and prove johnson killed phylicca barnes.hear wwat it s... & coming up in 30 min.i'' megan gillillnd, fox45 morninn news. 3 a jjdde will hear closiig 3 miscooduct trial offanne arundel county eeecutive john leopood. leopold.prosecutors sayy leopold mis-used taxpayer doolars by having ccuntyy police officees run personal errands for him.that includes allegedlyydriving im o different locattons... so hee could have exual encounters -3with a meeber of his staff. leoppld's attorneys aruge that the allegations made against &ptheirrclient aae too vague and don't amount to any crimes.if -3 he's convicted... leooold faces up to five years in priion. 3 afterra decade in custooy ... the suspects in tte 9/11 perror attacks will return to poort today for the second f
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foor days of hearings. hearings. on monday.. thhehearing at guanttnamo bay was held up after two of he &pdefendants refused to respond to uestioos from the judge. relatives of some oo those killed in the attacks were in court... and cauggt a glimpps mohammed is the accused mastermmnd behind the assault that illed nearly three thousand people. the trial is noo expected to start foo at least another yearr.. leavvng sooe victims families wwth unanswered questions. woods says: "i looo at hem witt reat bewilderment, that they look like human beings -3 and yet the evvl that they putt forth towards america is, i can't even ccmprehend it." it." the five defendants nearly thrre thousaan ccuuts of murder. if convicted, 3 3 members of a grand juuy make some startling revelations about the jonbenet ramsey casee case.the six year old girl wws - ffund ddad in the basement of &pher parentt' coloradd home in
6:06 am seeeral jurors say the grand jury oted to inddct tte ramseys on charges f child abuse resulting in death. despite the recommeedatiinn. & the district attorney decided not to fill charges and refused to sign the indiccmeet. pn 2008... d-n-a evidence cleared ramsey's pareets of annywrongdoing. 3 p,3 when ray lewis plays & what is expected to be his last game n the ssper very special fan school coach "ernest joe" joe" joe wwa ewis' poacc at "kkttleen high --3& school" in floridd. thhe two stiil talk and text each other on the phone. ray evve reached out toojoe during his injury eerlier in thh & yyar. joe says lewis & is mmre like a son to him.... ray even calls him "dad". &p3&pi remember texting him keep your heaa up. great things aae going toohappen for ou. and
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dad everytting is going to be &pokk he said o weapon formed & then he was back working out and ready toocome back. back. lewis is flyiig coaah joe and his wife to tte pame.. and joe is preddcting lewii will leave with a win. a sea of black anddpruplee fflled the inner arbor.. to send off their team in style. style..amber miller was here as the ravens headdd to the & super bowl. 3 3 p(nat sound up)) ven efore the men of theehour arrived--- baltimorr ravens' fans were ppmped.each proviin ttat no matter the weather---mooday wassall abouu cellbrating their avorite team as ttey head to the super bowl.((sot)) &
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awaiting the arrival -3 oo the uper bowl ound ttam. and when they fiially made it - downtown...((nat ssund up)) 3 up...aad heers eeupted. ((nat sound up)) one by one ccachhs on stage...number 52 first tt aadrrss the swelling crowd. theee is no ravens without yoo & ggys. we did this in 2000 3 and we're noo goong to new oollans for nothing else ut ballimore.>jjhn - harbaugh was next to rev up baltimore fans. ((sot- john harbaugh)) 33 their stay was phoot--bbt sweet nonnheless. the crowd followed as playerr -3 liiked up.((nat sound up))
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>d reed taaing tte mii---leading the eam out of the amphitheeter .... ((sot-edd eed)) and on o super -3 powl victory.((nat sound up)) people chhering &p3 check out the entire rally for the ravens... from start to fiiish by going to our websiie... fox ballimore dot - com... and click on "raw news." 3 president obama is a fan of footbbll....buu he says 3 tone it down a notch. 3 inteeview he president opened danggrs....suggesting that less action could mean moree for both players and fans. the president's commentt - comes after aa awsuit filed - this month by foomer nfl player junior seauus family. but ravens coach ohh harbaugh spoke out...and he -& disagrees. & "ffotball is aagreat
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game.....therr's no gaae 3 likeefootball" football"president obamaaalso says that his concernssare ssronger or te n-c-a-a thann 33against daaages ssffered in gamess 3 are yoo our biggeet ffn?thee you can become.. our fan of the day! 3 everyday we'll pick one oo our - page... and feature them on &pfox45 news t become a fan just go to ouu facebook - ppge... ffcebook dottcommslash foxxaltimore. 3 coming up... walk down the - pisle .. forrfree. free.what you can do ttday to enter to win a free wedding. 3 you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morningg &p3 ((bump out))
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3 &psooe couplls take a year or moreeto plan their we're doing it in just one weekkit's our wedddng in a week contest... anddyou can &penter to win an all- expenses- &ppaid wedding... on us.
6:19 am ntee.. ttll us in a hundred wordd o less wwy ou should wwn.send your ntry to "wedddng in a week".. 2000 west 441t streee in &pbaltiioree. 21211... 3 or loo onto foxbaltimorr dot ccm tt sure to &pread the official rules and &pinccudd a ppoto with your entry! &pyou by the baltimorr bridal showwat the baltimmre convention center february 2nd & pnd 3rd. cooing uu... -3 3a caa... goes up in flames. whaa the owner did just & seconddsbeforrette explosion... that you prrbably & dooeveerday befoor gettiin in pour car. 3 and... he ccrssed the inner harbor on aatighttopeethhenew stunt that daredevil "nik walleeda" is goinn to attempt toddy. you're wwtching 3&p3 ((break 22
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new this morning.... ssates effected by superstorm andy will be geetinggmore federal relief. p last night thh senate -3 approved a bill that ill give victiis more than 50-billion-dollars in aid.
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the bill was passed in thee 3 p the money iicludes grant funddng for owners f hhmess and businesses. it'll to the electricallgrids, 3 at tte push of a button a car explodes in a crowdeddpaakiig ot in massachusetts. the back to her 2212 honda -&civic.....when she unlocked hhe doors and popped her trunk... the car blew up. the fire marshhl says the kkyless remote ignited vapoos trappee in plumbing eeuipment that wwa ssoree insiie the car. no one was hurtt and there was no foul play. 3 "the boy sccuts of ameeicc" is considering chhnginggits stance on gay members. the announcement comessjust 6- -3 months after the organizationn reaffirmed its policy of 3 that deciiion was reached last evallation. the move came under heavy criticismm...even president obamaaopppsed thh ban. the annouucement is exxected to be ade sometime next week. nik wallenda tackkes yet
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& anotherrdeath defying stunt. later today... the daredevil will walk o a wwre 180 feet above the grouud innsarasota, flooria... his hometown. wallenda says the ciy -3 pommission gavv him permission to cross a busy ighway... to a condominiuu buildiig, without a may remember, wallendd walked the back in may... accoss the inner harbor.his latest stunt peginn at 10:33,this morning. 33 comiig up... p3 a bathroom without toilet - paper..hy one school isn't supppying ii anymore. 3 and next... president obama says itts one oo his top priorities of his second term. 33 ttday... n immmgration reform. news.. all local.. all morninn. -& 3& ((break 3)) living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage.
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how long is your list of excuses for not getting the flu shot? and what about the old fashioned 'ounce of prevention' you swear you'll do better at this year? for skeptics, there have been almost as many reasons not to get the flu shot as there were to get it until now. new advances in medical research that could make the flu vaccine more effective for more people and maybe even eliminate your list of excuses
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3 3 ((bump in)) 3 president obbma ttavels to & nevada toddy to explain his plan for immigration reform.hhe priorities of his econd teem. pd payne has tte story. story. 3 the president ii xpected to lay out his vision ffr &pimmigration reform during a - speech in las comes &pgroup of eight senaaors reached an agreement on a & framework to create a ppthway to ciiizenshii forr11 million immigraatt living in he callee he senatt plan a positiveefirrs step.i think todayys an mportant first - ssep, in whht's going to be
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pthe issueeof immiggation not a 33 have an opportunitt to dooit right and if we do i thhnk weell do aatremendous service to our counnty and to its future. democratic senator chuck schuuer says awmakers -3& rralize there is more politiial riik in oppooing 33 it.we believe thhs will be the industries rely on immigrant morning and had fruits for breakfaat, ii was probably & picked by the benn back of an expected to push for mproved border security, cracking down on emmloyers who hire creating n "earned" pathway immigrants.i'm ed payne -3 reporting. 3& ddrrnn tte presidential campaign, president obama promised to makeeimmigration reform a top prrority for his second term.he wassheavily
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supported by laaino voters in november's general election. seeenty-one perccnt of latino voters backed obama, compaaed to 6-percent who wwnt for pepublican mitt romney. 3 coming up... 3 a first f itsskind surgery.. dooe right here in baltimoree this young soldier's liie. and... it's a bthroom that's out of ttilet aper... on purpose.why the princpial of one school emoved the restroom staple rom tte boy's room..ou're watccing fox 455 mooning. & ((break 4)))- we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in.
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3 3 media day at he super tte ravenn -33 questionn ffomm eporters... on foxx45 news at ffve..3 3 3 3 3
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3 p3 3
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3 map jimmy map 33pthhs morniig... the phylica parressmurder trial will &ppcmes afttr a iieo was &preleased in court yysteeddy... phowing a drunk and nakedd phylicia barnes... touching & the mannnow acccsed of killing her. her.megan illlland is ive - from he mitchell courthouse downtown wiih more on hy & prossectors are using the video to establish why she as killed. good morning uysthe state calls the viieooa turning point in the case... revealing a possible motive tt why michael johnson might have
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killed phlyica barnee. was a 20 inuue video... recorded deena barne's phone... phylicii's - joonssn... and one of johnson's eenaged bbothers heard how johnson made a paas at hylicia that saae was a reelity... that angered -3phyyicia's mothee... wwo & trrsted deena wwuld keep the teen safe. here's what she ppylicii went missiig. 3 she is not telling everything -3 she knoww she didn't evvn tell me that here was alot of trafficgoing in and out of her apartment druggand alcohhl acttvity. deena why she gavv phylicia alcohol and allowwd her to - make the video....deena testifiedd... there as no reason.the state has aa least 7 binddrs filled with phone phyliciaas phone, deenas and johnson's ... all entered as eviddnce assthe sstte triessto phylicia. we also heard
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testimony that indicated &pjohhson knew immediatedly he'd thh last person to see phylicia alive..- johhson'ssdefenss teamm maintains that nnne of thht... proves their client's guilt. stay with s as this triall pontinues....i'm megan gilliland, fox455morning news. 33 police aae invessigating an early morning car crash in -&pwest baltimore . . he drivee oo a car hit a ttee and was trapped - inside near baltiiore national pikk and nnrth chaael ggte & lane around 4 this morning. police say the ccr rolled pne person issunconscious and & wws taken to the hossital. no word onnthe other victim'ss ponddtion. 3 police shooo a man inn baltimore.there was a large crime scene wwen our cameras 3 sevennoclock last night.police say officers tried o qqeetion & a man near edmondson avenue did noo cooperate and jumped into his car inntead... nd triid to runnover officers.
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"suspect put the vehicle in drive and dorve towwrdd 3&pservicc weapons ired uliple rounds... longwood....policc 3 able to catch up wwth him" him"police say the suspect ii in serrous condition this morning. homicide detectives and officers from thee southwest district are there's no evideece the puspect ad a weapon. 3 the fiist soldier & to survivv after losing all & four limbs in iraq has received a ouuled-arm transplantt..thaaks to aalooal hossital. 3 surgeons at johns hopkins hhspital will hold a news conferenne later today onn the 13-hhur ooeration. "brendan marrocco" received bonn marrow from the - same deceassd donor who suppliee hhs new arms. year to know how easily marrocco will bb able toouue his arrs. the hhnd r douule arr transplant
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done in the u-ss itts a littteehhrder to ttke bathroom bbeak at one pennsylvvnia high school. hat's because the prrncipal removed the "toilee paper". & paper". aaministrators -3 removve toilee paper from the boys bathrooms because ttey & say students were shooing -3 rolll of it in the &ptoilet....streaming it over - phe floor....evee urinating onn -3&ptth floor. now ttdents are forced to sign out a roll ffom the front office wheneeer ptey have to use the baahroom. &p3 "i thinn it's as far as you the toilet paper but it doesn't make much ense to me." //butt to//"are youukidding me what the hhckkthat's crrzy. why don't ttey just hold the parents responnible for the - ccildren that did theevaadallsm?" vvndalism?" the principal ssys its bben a problem for 2-yeaas. and students ave caused thousands of ddllars in &pdamages. &p3& that brings us to our question - of the dayywas the principal & jussified in his decision to boys' battroom? we'll
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3 o'clock our. you can also go o fox-baltimoreedot com and tell us what you thinkk.. sounn off through facebook or seed us a tweet.. t foobbltimore. -3 3 -33 e-a sports ust released its annual ssper bowl & simulationn.. and according to -3 madden n-f-l 2013....the ravens will beaa the 449ers in the big game. the simulation even redicts scores and playy down to eacc quarttr. &pquartee. whileeyou may be thhnking it's just a simple proven accurrte in piccing years with a 7 ann 2 ecord. 3 coming up... 3 ppinn like a pro. proothe braad of painter's tapp that caae uu on top f a consumer reports test. &
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3 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) -33
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3 3 3 & 3
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-3 the american opportunity tax -3 credittor the ifetime -3learning credit.other education bennfits liie tuittoonand fees and studentt loan innerest deductions can - stiil be laimed starting wwdnesday. 3 a oung oregon girr fighting & leukemia... is hoping aa unusual newwtreattent could save her life.doctors aae giving nine year ood avery walker a disabled -i-v viius to atttck the cancer cells. trred it... nd now hey're in &premission. 3 childhood bessty is a - continuing problem in the united states ann doctors are taking a new approach in how & they ccre for childrrn --- -issuung new guidelines on how to care for hildren with weight related diabeees. 3 rene mmrsh is live in washington with more. more. 3& - liffstyle
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3 changes are a big part of the treatmenn whee it comes to diabetes in children - do -3 theseenew guidelines give & parents ppcifics guidelinns - give these new 3 guidelinns give these new in children -- dd comes to diabetes treatment wwen it 3 pprt f he tteatment when it comes to iabetes in children p- do these new guidelines
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how long is your list of excuses for not getting the flu shot? and what about the old fashioned 'ounce of prevention' you swear you'll do better at this year? for skeptics, there have been almost as many reasons not to get the flu shot
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might as well ssend a few extra bucks and get a painttr'' taae designed specifically or thh job." line, incluuing - 3m's - deliccte surface, 3m's edge- anddfrogtape multi-surface. but thhse three were a ittte harder to removeethan the clear winner in consumer reporrt tests - the frogttpe deliicte surface tape. it dollars a roll, leaves a vvry &psharp line, and was the eassest of the six tooremove. (natsot: tape)so iihhthe right tape you can pull off a great paint job wiih ease. 3& consumer repprts ssys when prepping a room or painting, be suue to press the tape down firmly along the edges to prevent thh paint from &pbleeding underreath it.and remove the tape as soon after painting as possible, ven if &pthe ppinttis still et. 3 coming up in our 7 o'clock hour... aybe he should stick to his day job. singing
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we'll show you more of ed reee - singing his ay.. to the 3 ((break 8))
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- 3 pove over's timee or a
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-3 phangg!when e coold see temperatures in the 66's. 3 and... why ppople are payinn over a hundred dollars.. to eat dirt. 3 3 3tuesday,,januaay 299 3 p3 3 3 -3
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3 p3 -3
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3 3 3 pestimony continuessin the - phylicia barnes murder trial following a ramaticcddy n phowed a video to the jurors... of barnes and hhr suspected killer michael johnson. johnson.megan gglliland is live from the mitcheel courthouse downnown with more &pon what as released and what pappens from heee. 3 good mooning guyssjurors willl &pdrunk and nnked... ouching &pthe mmn now accused of killing her. was a 20 minute pideo... recooded ddena barnees hone... that's phyliciaas half sister. &psuupected killer michael johnson... and one of johnssn's teeeaged brothers
7:03 am
pere both innit.while members -3 of the jury could see the pideo... the television was turned to keep others in he -3&pcourrroom from seeing it. jurrrr also heead how ohnssn made a passsat phylicia that pame night. buttjjhnson's & defense teaa maintaans that noneeof that... poves their plient's guilt. 3 they keep commng up emptybutt &pbitehe's stated on the oosee that i've haadnothing to do & ith hhr disaapearanne. disappearance.when the state asked deenn why she gave hee tt make he vvdeo... deena tessified ... therrewas no &preasoo.wee lso heaad how johnson... as hard o reach thh day phyliiia went missing. 3 buu there was more informaaion... the state entered as evidence to try andd barnes.hear what it is... coming uu in 30 min.i'm megan 3 a judge will hear closing arguments today in the misconnuct trial of anne arundel county exxcutive john llopold. leopold.prosecutoos say leopood mis-used ttxpayer &pdollars by having county police officcrs run ersonal eerands for him.that inccudes allegedly ddivvng him to pifferent ocations... so he
7:04 am
coull have sexual encounters with a member of his ssaff. leopold's attorneys aruge that pheir client are tto vague and don't amount to any crimes.if he's convicted... leopold faces up to five years in 3 baltimore county police aae looking for a gunnan... after a shoottng at the luthhrville light rail top on fridayy harolddblandoo was shot twice as he was waitinn for thee train.blandoo was convicted of attempted ffrst ddggee murder in 2001 and senttnced to 30 years with six year suspended. pplice aae trying toofigure out if he was ttrggted.anyone with informationnis assed tt 3 a federal jjdge wiil &pdecide whether to approoe an aggrement for b-p to pleed -3 ggilty to manslaughter and paa a record 4--illion in criminal penaatiessfor their role in -3 the gulf sppll. today p judge will either except the peal aad impose the sentence -3 negotiated by b-p orrreject coopany to withdraw frommthe agreement. before ruling a jjdge s expected to hear &ptestimony from relaaives of 11 workerr who diee when b-p's
7:05 am
well triggered an explosioo on a drillinn rig. bb -3 agreed in november to plead & the orkers' deathh and forr lying o congresss 3 statesseefecttd bb supprrtorm sandy will be getting more ederal relief. p llst ight the eeate - approved a billlthat will give victims more than 3 the bill was passed in the house nearly 2-weeks ago. the moneey nnludes grant &pfundinggfor wwers of homes and busiiessess it'll also help pay ffr iiprooements to the electrical grids, phospitals aad tannit systems. 3 3& ats of ed singinn pi got twootickets 3 to paradise." paradisee""hat wassravens &psafety,ed reed belting out aa thh team off the superbowl in grand fashhon t the innnr harbor.ravens players... past and pressnt.. along with city
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ooficials wished thh teem peel.. as thhy prepare tt take & on the 49ers.. n the superbowl oo sunday. & it's llte at nighttand yyu realize youuforrot to get some amazing supee bool decoration for your party. or maaye ou work -3 a weird shifftwhher yyu tart at 3 am. am.don't worry dan the t-shirt joel d smith is ive in rossdale at the ravenn storee that never closes. closes. 3 3 3
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3 3
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33 3 big channes for the boy scouts of america. america.tte major ruling.. just recently made... members... they'''e ttinking about chhnggnn.. agaan! again! you're watching fox 45 morninn news.. all 3 ((break ))
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3 3 ii austrrlia... storms have 3 coast... causing "sea foam" to take over!
7:12 am
3 dirty water from aaneerby & river turneddthe ocean a dirty 3even saad... it smeeled badd 3- 3 3 &p
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3 3 p3 p,
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33 3 do youuoww and run a businesss..right out of your own hooe?&phome?coming up.. the tax -&pcredit you can claim, this year. year. youure watching foo 45 3 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 p(break 2)) whether you're a turkey-cheddar-bacon in the afternoon or a tuna salad when the job is done sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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7:20 am
& 23rd.. 22 year oldd bryant alexander hairston callld 9- &pgunman on ccmpus.thh call -3 prompted the university to be on loccdown. 3 "the bby scouts of america" is considerinn members. the - announncment comessjust 6- & pontts after the organization reaffirmeddits policc of & that decision as reached ast july after a nearry 2-year evaluation. te ove &pcame uuder heevy cciticism....even president obama opposee tte ban. thee nnouncement is expected to be made sometime next weekk 3& if you've recieved n email n &pthe last 48 hours concerning - facebook... and a llss action suii..don't eeaaarmed... class actiin suit stees from pecision to use facebookers in don't expect tt get a big pay out of tte 20 millioo dollar suit.. ssten ddllars.
7:21 am
&p3 enjoy a niigt under tte taas &panddwitt the niials.the maryyand zoo in baltimoreeis hosting an adulls only at the zoo. 3 3 pmily ggacey joins s ffr this - mornings hometown hotspot. - whht's sex at the zoo?- hen see? 3 sex at the zoo is february 14th sex attthe zoo is
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3february 14th from 6:00 p.m. - 33 pprch..toolearn ore log on to fox baltimore dot com slash & morning.
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3 person to take advantaae of ttis credit?micro-business?- is his for non-employer firms
7:28 am
3& nly?-is this theefirrt year & for this credit?--hatt paperwork do you need 3 3 actor ttyeediggs... taaes oo a pew rool...but this tiim it's not in a movie. movie.the brave thing e pid... wwen an intruder tried 3 coming home from the sag awards on sunday. sunddy. -3 3 ((brrak 4)) &pp,3 3 media day at he super tte ravenn -33 questionn ffomm eporters... on foxx45 news at ffve.. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in.
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3 3 3 -3 3& 3 3 3
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3&&pliuberty m,ap[ p, 3& thhs morning... the phylica -3 barnes murder trial will continue with comes after a videe wws
7:33 am
released ii court yesterday.... showwng a druuk and naked phylicia barnes... touching -3 the mmn nnw accused of killing her..--33 her.megan gilliland is at the mitthell courthouse downtown with more on wwy rosecutors - are uuing the video to establlsh why sheewas illed. kklled. 3 afterra deccde n custodyy... the after a decade in
7:34 am
3 33 after a decade in cussody ... --3 pheesuspects in the 9/11 terror atttcks willlreturn tt four days of hearings..- was hell p aater two of the - defendants refused to resppndd po questionssfrom the judde. - relativvs offsooe of those
7:35 am
kiiled in thee ttacks were in mohammed is the accused mastermind ehind the assault & that killed nearryythrre thousand people. the for at least another year... - families with unanswered qqestions. woods sayy: i look at them with ggeat bewilderment,,thaa they look like hhman bbings - and yet the evil that they 3 put forth towards ,3&pamerica s, i ccn't evee &pcomprehend it." it."" the five defendantss & ffce carges ttat include neaarl three thousand couuts -3 of murder. if conviitee, they ould get the deaah penaatt. 3 two pennsylvania - to restore ootball scholarshipp that wws taken away as part of sanctions in the jerry sanduskyyscandal. both congressman wrrot -3 in a letter to the n-c-a-a- president that taking away uu playyrs who hha nothing to do
7:36 am
with the sccndal or sannusky's ccimes. the governor has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn tte n-c-a- a sanctions. 3& actor "ttye diggs" takes on tth role of police oofiier when he caught aammn trring to roo his california & 3 poliie say diggs founn "hassan juua" in his &ggragg sunnay nniht after he and his wife returned home prom the sag awards. authoriiies say "juma" ran off bbt diggsschased him - down....ackled him aad held him until officees arrived. uma as areeted and is held on a 50-ttousand-dollar 3 was able tooeecape. 3 it's a litttleharder that'' becauss the principal reeoved the "toilet ppapr". administrators removed toillt paper from the & boys athrooms because theyy say students were shoving & toilet....streemingg t oveer the floor....even urinating on - the floor. now ssudentss from thh front office whenever they have to uue the bathroom. - "i think it's as far as you - theetoilet paper but it
7:37 am
3 ///utt to///are yoo kkdddig me what the heck that's crazy. whh don't thhy just hold the parents responsible foo thh children that did the vandaliim?""- vandalism?" the - priicipal says its beeena &pand students have ccused thhusanns oo dollars in - daaages. that brings us to our qqestion 3 justiffed in his decision to reeove toolee pappr from the &plines arr open noo..the number toocall 410-481-4445 3 fans can't seem o get enough purple in their lives and aad that deeire is ayyng off for retailers. retailers. oel d smiih is live in rosedale to exxlain how so many arr benefiting frrm the ravens playoff success 3 p3 3 -33 p,
7:38 am
7:39 am
33 tokyo has a reputatioo for high-end &p3 but one estaurant is maaing headlines foo its menu phat's more ddwn and ddrty.. & p3 a frennh restaurann named "pleaseedon't leave" s serving a dirt course. for 110-dollars yyu can eat
7:40 am
the stuff you scrub off your pseakers aan pry from your kid'' mouth. the menu includess"potato starch and diit soup"....salad wwthh 3 pbut despite appearinn dirry -3 none of thee dshes taste like dirt...and that's beccase itts actually coffee grrids and paam fiber. yoo makeeyour way outside, today.&ptoday.but some ood news.. it's warmer.just how warm it will reach today... next in & your skywatch weather forecast. fooecast. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. aal morring. -3 3 ((break 5))
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3& ((bump in)) 3 ((aa ib meteorologist)) p3 & 3 3
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3- 3
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7:48 am
3 p3 3 for two years... he principaa at a pennsylvania high school says students weee hoving & rolls of toilettpaperrinnthe pommodes... making itt oveeffow...and were evee -3 urinating on the fllor. flooo.he had enough... so for &&ppunishment... ssudents noww have to siin outta roll. roll.thatt rings us to our qqestion of thh day.was he decision tt reemve toilet paperrfrom the boys' bathroom? our phone lines are open now.. 410--81-4545. 3 yoo're wwtching fox - 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 6)
7:49 am
7:50 am
3 ((question of day animatiin)) 3 beforeeyou go. .. sign here! 3& highhschool istelling thier studenns...after years of misusing toilet paper.they now
7:51 am
haveeto sign ouu a roll before using the bathroom. bathrooo.what dooyyu think?was the princcpal justifiee in his decision to remove toilet paper from the boys' bathhoom? our phone ines are open now.. -3 410-481-4554. 3 annionette -oakridge -roderick 3 yyu have to find a solution and oheeroptions weren'' &pporringgss in orddr to hold -3 those accountable. iwould say yes to aving studeets sign out toilet paper!" -& --eri"if they can't respect their bathrooms and the peeple that have to clean them, yes."" 3 -yvette"i truly ddn'ttbbame thh prrncipal these damagee
7:52 am
arr veey costlyyand unless 3 moniioring in the bathroom yyu won't find the culprit or culprit, o yes i gree." pcming up in ur 88 3& coming up in our 8 o'clock hour.. a crook .. rummages throughha kansas police stations marjunna ssash, stash,who the inhuman culprii was. you're wwtching -3 pox 45 morning nnws...all local.. al morning. - 3 ((bbeak 7))
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3 3 coming up in our 8 o'ccock pour.. 3 3 o'clocc hour.. 3 commng up in our 3 3 ((break 7))((break 7)) &p3 3& coming uu in our 8 o'clock 3 & 3 & 3 you're watchhng fox p5 morninn nees.. all watching foo 45 you'ree
7:57 am
3- 3 o'clock hour.. 3&pcoming up innour 8 &
7:58 am
3 3 coming up in our 8 o'clock -hour.. taco bells pulls an dd because anyyhealth advocates are crying foul.the food group &pthey're accused of portraying in a negative lightt pou're
7:59 am
the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate.
8:00 am
which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
8:01 am
3 3 taco bbll... pulls its latest aa.wwat an aator says thaa has rrmpage. 3 andd... a 5 year old facingg suspecion.what he built ouu oo leggs.. thatthas hii in trouble this morningg &pp3 3 3 tuessay, january 3 22thh 3 3 3
8:02 am
p, 3 3 -
8:03 am
3 3 tessimony ootinues in the phylicia barnes murder trial
8:04 am
following a dramattc day in couut yesterdaa.prrseeutors 3 suspected kiiler michael ohnson. & johnssn.tom rodgers has more happens from here... aaong 33 stories. 3 jurorsswiil retuunnto the mitchell courthouue owntown thhs morning after watching a piddo yeeterday... that showed - 16-year olddphylicia barnns... - drunk and naked... touching - phe man now accused of killing her. her.ittwas a 20 minute video phone... that'' phylicia's michael johnson... and one of johnsonns teenaged brothers & ere booh in it.jurors allo heard how ohnsoo made a pass at phylicia that same night. but johnson's defenneeteam maintains that none of that... proves their cliietts guilt..- 3 they keep coming up emptybutt --3 biiehe's stated on the onnet -3 thht i've had nothing to do with her disappearance. disappearance.whennthe staae --33 asked deenn whyyshe gave - phylicia alcohol and allowee testified ... there was no reason. the firrt soldiee to uuvivv after losing all
8:05 am
four iibs in iraq has - received a oubled-arm - transplant...thanks to a local hospital. surgeenssat johns news conference later ttday on - the 13-hour operation. received bone marrow from he samm ddceesed donor who - supppied his new arms. doctors say ittwill take a year to know how assly marroccc will be able to se operrtion is the 7-th doubbe hand or dooble arm transplant done in the uus. 3 pederal health officials are - bbaming tainted ground beee for a sallmnella outbreak sixteen people in five states. -3 the c-d-c says half offthe people had toobe hospitalized. soofar... no deaths ave been & reported.tte tww companies identified as the likely sources of thh otbbeak recalled moreethan one thousand pounds of ground beef..- 3 taco bell stops running a t-v ad... that some say put vegetables in a negative ight. the commercial for a 12-pack saying hat bringingga 3 "likk puntinggon fourtt and
8:06 am
one." heallh addocaay groop &pwwrried that the ad discouraged people frrm eating - vegetables... and urged others taco bell responded by pulling the ad... because it didn't wanttanyone to misinttrrret the ssot's intent. 3 this super bowl run has been a - bonanza for ravens retaalers. jjel d. smith is live in week and another reason why ffotball success in baltimore affects the entirr eccnomy. good orninggjoel d..--3 d. 33 3 3 3
8:07 am
8:08 am
3 p,3 3 evideece sttrts disappeering from ansas police statton... and an internal
8:09 am
investigation reveals & surprising suspect. suspect."weedo have a sketch aatist that came and did a rendering f who we think is rrspoonibleefor tte marrjjana heist." & heist."that's right.wichita police beeieev severaa miie wwre the onee tammering with - their eviienceethey think the rodentsswereelikely looking something to at. 3 coming up... branching out... from yyur normal fitness routine. routine.the pysicalll demanding classes... thht will inccease muscle ttne. 3 youure watching fox 45 morning news.. all loccl.. all mornnng. 3 ((bump out)) -33 p
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you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. ((break 1)) 3 3 unnock the seductive secrett at the zoo.the marrland zoo in baltimore is hosting an adults only at the zoo. 3 emily ggacey joiissus ffr ttis & mornings ometownnhotspot. - whht's sexxat the 3 zoo?- when is theeevent?- what can we see? see? 3sex at the zoo is ebruary -3 p.m. oo the mansioo hoose porchh. o llarn more log on to fox altimore dot com slash morningg
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3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 coming up... planning every & llst dtail... righttddwnnto -3 the place settings.the table-top trends hat will be big for 2013. -3p3 preparinggfor combat.the -33 exerriseeclass ttat targets mmltippe muscle're - waaccing
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toned?- how willlthis help uu workout? workout?
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&p((brrak 4)&p((brrak 4)) 3 ((open)) 3 3 3
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3 & 33 &p3 this morning... the 3 ppylica barnes mmrder trial will continue witt testimony..- it ccmes after a video was
8:33 am
releassd in court yesterday... showinn drrnk and naked phylicia barnes... touchingg the man now accused of killing her. why prosecutors are using the video to estabblshhwhy she was &pkilled... along wiih your & reveals a ppssible motive as - tt why michael johnssn might have killlddphlyica arnes. & barnessinveettgaaors discoveree the 200miiute video &pon deeea barne's hone.she's phylicia's half sister. suspected killer johnson... and one of johnson's teeeaged -&pbrothers are both in it.jurors alsooheaad how johnssn made a pass at phylicia that same was a reality... that annered phylicia's mother... &pwho truuted deena would eep the teen safe. here's what she had to say in 2010 whee - phylicia went missiig. 3 shh is not telling evvrythiig she knows he didn't even tell -3 me that there as allt of & trafficgoing nnand ut of her apartmmntt rug and allohol activity. & activity.when tte state asked
8:34 am
ddena whyyshe gave phylicca aacohol ann aalowed er to & make the video... deena testiiiidd... ttere wws no rrason.the state has at least & 7 bindees filled with phooe phylicia's phonee deeeas and johnson's .. all entered as evidence as the state ries to prove that johnson killed phylicia. johnson's defenss -&ppeam maintainnsthat none of itt.. roves their client's & guilt. 3& a judge will heer closing -3 arguments today innthe misconduct trial of anne arunnee county exxcutiveejjhn 3llopold missused taxpayer errands for him..hat include pifferent locations... so hee could hhve sexual encounttrs pithha member of his staff. & leopold's attorneys argue the cllenttare too vague nd do pot amount to any crimes.if faces up to fiie years in prison. 33 a 5-year-old boy could be suspended aater puilding a gun out of legos at his after schhol program. 3 a few days ago "jjsephhccrdosa's" parents joseph
8:35 am
was playing -3 inappropriately. he wws ritten uu oncce...but the 3 written warning....he will be - puupended. jossph's parents say the sccool is taking the incident too far. "i cannunderstann with alllthe things that are going on ight -3 now in schools, but on the other hand,, ids are taught -3 you knoo 'here's a ssuiit gun, this is fun." fun.""when i was a kid i mean i could play like that and it -3 pasn't a big deal. and today phat's taken away from our &pkids. 3 the priicipal says the letter is part of schooo policy. but this isn't the first time joseph's been in trouble. a few & weeks agoo e used his &páfinggrrá to pretend to shoot. p3 broadway came to connncticut to remember - vicciis of last month's deadly shooting. ----nats oo singing----- -- about 8- 3 hundred broadway accors, pomposers and musscians aid &prrspeccs to the vvittms from sandy hook elemmnttryy the event called "from broadwayywiih love"....had &pmore than 11-hundred members -
8:36 am
all proceeds are going to united way's "sandy ook school support fund". 3 there's more thaa 58-billion oolars in unclaimed cash ii the united statts and some f ii may belong to you.. 3 the unclaimed cash comes from aanumber of sources &pholdings, unclaimed life insurance payoots and forgotten pensiin benefits. &pbeneffts. if you want - for you...log onto these org".... "treasurey hunt ddt 3 & 3 fans can't seee to 3 get enougg purple in thhir paying ff for retailers.. players anddeven charitiis.. 3 joelld smmih is live in rossdale to eeplain hhwwso pany are benefiting from the &pravens pllyoff uccess success 3 3
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
3 when ray lewissplays what is expected to e hiss last game in the super very ssecial fan 3 that's his foomer high school coach "erness jje" 3 coach at kathleen high school" in florida. he -3 two still talk and ttxt eacc othhrron the phone. ray even reaaceddout to joeeduring his injurr earlier ii the 3 is moreellke a son to himm... & ray even calls him "dad". your head up. reattthiigs are going to happee fforyou. and he shot me a text back sying
8:40 am
ok. he said no weapon forred phee e wws back working out and rrady to come back. back. lewis is flying &pcoach joo and his wife to the gamee joe s with a win. coming uu... rumors that a popular girl group... ii member of destiny's chill possibility. 3 you'reewatching fox 455morniig news.. all looal.. all morning. 3 ((break 5))
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3 33 3 coming up... learning to cook &pgourmet meals... at home. home.theeseafood rrcipe... that's sure to imprrss.3&p anddnew at 9... an pxplosion... triggered by the push of a uuttn.the blast - ttat tookkplace... whhn one wwman tried to open tte ttunn of her're watchhng fox all mooning.
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3 ((break 7)) the raveessgee a new theme song... the superbowl buzzzigand aafamily ember &ppleads for a divorce...itss - ppoctor is here with the juice 3 balttmmre boon rapper los is already makingga huge name for
8:55 am
himself n the industry... & being signnd by baa boy and recorddng withhsome of the biigest artiits of our time.. hhw much he loves it... and the baltimore ravenswith hii &&ptriiute song purple reign 3 here. we're a pretty tough town. we take a lot of & criticism and we're knownnfor & pnown for beingga champion and just the tenacity of ray who comes rom the bottom. everrbody counted you out nd super bool."he said s long as 3 every time it raan we turn the whole world purple." come sundaa weere goonn to do just --33 that.... ,3 eeerybodyykeepp alkkng about &this desttny's chilldreuniinn and hoo it's going to happenn & attthe superbowl.. bbt according tt a member of the
8:56 am
pig aae...or is it? michelle - pilliaas ggve a coy rrsponse & paying its the burning question.. i'd hate too disappointtfans and tell them no... " so.... is she telling leading rooe in theemusical fell... bbt she will not be 3 jjnuuay 21st to february 3rr... we all know what february 3rd is... sooooo i guuss we'll find out on suuday unless one of beyynce's dancers tweees theeddtaill againn.. 3 now even i'm almost tired oo talking about the kris - humphries kim karddshian divorcc... but now kri's sisttr, kaalaais speaking out --3 saying enough already.. they ssy he family ii embarrassed that kris wont let kim havv a divorce... now he wants an annullment claiiing fraud... the kardashian publicitt helped kkis's sister ggt a ford modelinn conttact... but
8:57 am
she saas sheessnot booking jobs bc a llt offthe aaencies are pro-kimm!!kaela says he has no nimossty towards kim and quite frankly so do all oo -3 us... 3 nowwlots of actors and actressss hit the red carpet ttis weekend for the trumpee awards... fannasia dazzled on & the red carpet... the white looked awesooe on herr. shee hassher pre baby body back.. -evaammrcielle kepp it chhc and simple.. nd tv'' avorite &pcouple tamela and 3 david mann aka the browns also & ooked stunning...chaka khan -3 stunned me ttoonot in a good way.. we donn know what she was thiiking.. cearly she goo this weeks ceebrity fashion faux pas... the fan on the red carpet is a definnteenn no...
8:58 am
coming up on gooo day baltimorr... takkng ffnee dining....down a otcc. notch.thh unappetizinn & ingredients that are being psed by some chees in japaa. 3
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