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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 29, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 tuesday, january 3&p22th. & 33 3 299h. 3 - old bay's "bay-lieve"" campaiin- the baltimore lieve"
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campaign- he baltimore &praalies at harborplace on thuusday, riday and saturday-- & thee sent us ttis
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3pggeat gearr!- 3& 3 & 3 -3 3 p3
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3 3 testimony contiiues in the phyllcia baanes murder trial following a dramatic day in -3 court yesterddy.prosecutors showed a video to thh jurors.... f barnes nd her & johnson.tom rodgers has more &on whht was released and what happens from here... along with your other top sttries. stories. jurors will return to the -3 mitchell ccurthouse downtown 3thh ight most likell connemmlating a video they were shown ... thattshows 16-year old phylicia barnes... pruuk and naked... touching the man noowaccuued of kklling her. was a 2 minute video
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recorded onndeena barne's phone... deenaais phylicia'' older half sister.allo in the video...suspected kkller michael joonsonn.. ann one of &pjohnson's teenaged brothers. jurrrs also heard how johnson pade a pass at phylicia thaa same night. but johnson's defense team maantains that none of that... provesstheei 3 members offa grand jjry makk some sttrtling rrvelations about the jonbenet ramsey case. founn dead in the basement of her paaents' colorado home in ssvveal jurors say the grand jurr votee to nnictt the ramseys on chhrges of child abuse resulting in death. despite theereccmmendation.. the district atttrney deciied -& not to ffle chargee nd cleared ramsey's arenns of &pany wrongdoing. 3 "theeboy sccuts of americc" is considering changing its stance on ggy -3 membbes. he months after the organization -&preaffirmed its policc f & that ecision was reached lass &pjjly after a nearly 2-yeer evaluution. tte move
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came undee eavy criticism....eeen preeident &obama opposed the ban. -3&pphe announcement issexpeeted -3 nni wallenda tackles yet anotter death defyyng stunt. laaer today... the daredevil will walk on a wiie 180 feet above the ground in ssrasota, commission gaveehim permission too ross a busy highway... tt & a condominium builddnn, without may remember, walllnda alked the -3 ttgghrope here ii baltimore, back in maa... across the - inner harbor.his latest stunt -3 begins at 10:30,ttis mmrning. -3 3 3-
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3 nats of ed singiig"i ot twoo - piikkts tt paradise." paradise." 3 that was ravens safety,ed reed belting out a tune at the pavens rally yesterraa. oof the superbowl in grand &fashion at the inner hhrborr ravens players... ast and present.. along with city officials wished tte team well.. as they prrpare to taae on the 499rss. in the even before 3 forecast.
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3 thhs super bowl run has been a bonaaza for ravens retailers. 3 booanza forrrun has been 3 3 p jjel d. smitt is live in rosedale... with some of the - newest merchandise outtthis weekkanddanother eason why football success in baltiiore 3 gooodmorning joel d..-3 3
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3 coming up... walk down the eeter to win a free edding..- you're watthing fx 45 morning nees.. all locall. all -- morninn.. & 3 ((bumppout)) ((break 1))
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3 3- 3&pbrinn your sense of adventure
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and llarn how animals in the baltimmoe is hosting an adults only at the zoo. 3 emily gracey oinssus for this &pmornings ometown hoospot. - &pwhat's sex aa the zoo? 33 - how old dd you have o be too 3 attend thh event?- what can we see??-
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3sex at the zoo is february 14th from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 -3 p.m. on theemaasionnhouse porch. to learn more loggon to fox baltimore ott om lash porning. 3 commng up... it's the ravens..
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before.the locker room icture one of the plaaers just tweetedd tweeted.and... a first of its in baatimore.the ppocedure that willlchange this youug soldier's life. you're watching fox 45 goo how long is your list of excuses for not getting the flu shot? and what about the old fashioned 'ounce of prevention' you swear you'll do better at this year? for skeptics, there have been almost as many reasons not to get the flu shot as there were to get it until now. new advances in medical research that could make the flu vaccine more effective for more people and maybe even eliminate your list of excuses
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3 3 we are all pumped for super bowl week and we cannonly &pimagine what the experienceeis & like for the players. players.they have been taking so many pictures oodocument their journny leading up to -3 the big game. candace is here to showccse a few of the snapshots 3torrey smith tweets a lot... he's posted a lot of pictures. i wanted to pic the best of the ess.this wws the start oo tteir ourney... esterday.
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3 he tweeted this piiture and wwooe "them boys! joe coolland - ray rice" you can see they are in the lockerrroom... ready &pfor the week ahead. -3&p33after the guys left the - training facility.. they - boarded buses and headed powntown foo the ravens send offfthe crowd was takiig pictuues... but the guys were aal on sttge wiit their phones.. ipadss. cameras... thhy were napping wayyhere'ss one from leet taakle bryant mkinnie -3 mmkinnie 33 currently at our send off ddwn at thh harbor & 3 it'' time to &ptrash talk those 44erssfans. & theetwitter ffght is to thoss san francisco faas whaa you hink oo how they'll baltimore.. use the
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see whht ravens faas -3 andd49ers fans are saying byy going to foxbaltiiore dot com ann click on tweet beat" -3 under hot opics. 3- 3 3 3 -3 3 3
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,3 3 sooeecouples take year or more tt plan theer wedding.but -3&pwe're doing it in just one's ouu wedding in a enter to win an all- expenses- paid wedding... oonus. & enter.. telllus in a hundred worrs or less why you should win..end our entry to - "wedding in a week".. 2000 baltimmre.. 21211...
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3 or log nto foxbaltimore dot - com to enter... be suue to pncludd a photo with your entry! ennry!and iitssall brought to you by the baltimore ridal show at the bbltimore convention center february 2nd and 3rd. & ccming up... &p3 a carr.. oes p n flames. phat the owner did ust seconds before the pxplosion... ttat yyu probably yyur ccr. 3 and... one vvewer wnats too bulk p her caavess. but not - her highs.that's just one of youu queetions that our - fitness expert is going to answer.our hone linee are open now....410--81-4545. youure watching fox 45 good day ballimore.
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3 danny lle from goods gym is baak taking your calls foo get
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fit witt fox.if yoo have a 410--81145-45you can alls post a question to our faaeeook or twitter pagg- do ww have to takeecross ccmbat gym? can we do it at home? p3 phhlicia- parkville
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3 pphlicia- parkviilesara--brooklyn brooklyn 3 3 kelly- "i want to bulk uppmy caaves but not my thiggss what 33
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3 coming up... - 33 whyypeople are paying ooer a hundred ollars.. to eat dirt.. ,3 you're watching fox 45 gooo & day baltimore.
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3 3 3
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3 3 3
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33 sshwan ap -3
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3 a judge will hear clossng arguments todaa n the & mmsconduutttrial of aane arundel county xecutiie john leopold. on ttat... along with your &pooher top stories. 3 prrsecutoos ssy leopood 3run personal errands ffr him..- him.claiis innluding allegeely &pdriving him to different locations so he could have sexual encounters with a pember of his staff.leopold's & attorneys argue tte allegatiins against their client are ttoovaggee ndddo &pnoo mount to any crimessif &phe's convicted... leopold faces uppto five years in -3 prisonn ffderal healtt offfcials are - blaming tainted ground beef for a salmmnella outbreak that's sickened at least -3 sixteen people in five ssates. the -d-c says alf of the people had to be hospitalized. pso faa... no deeths haae beee -3 identtfied as the likely pources of the outbreak recallee more than one thousand pounds of ground eee. -3& p3 aa the push of a 3 crowded parking lot in
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3 ownee sayssshe was walking civic.....when shh unlocked herrdoors and popped her - trunk... the car blew up. -3 the fire marshal says the keyless emote ignited vapors traaped iiside from pllmbing equipmeet hattwas stored inside the car. no 3 fool play. 3 theefirrt soldier &pto surrive after losing all foor limbs in iraa as trrnsplant...thanks to a llcal hopkins hospital will hold a news connerence later today... detaillng the 13-hour "brrndan marroccc" receevee pone marrow from the samee deceased ddnor who supplied &phis new arms. yeaa to now hhw eaaily - marrocco will be able to use his new arms. the & popration is the 7-thhdouble hand or double arm transplant pommleted in the -s. 3 3 fans can't seem to get enough
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purple in their livee aad and pthat desire is paying off for 3 joel d smmth is live inn rosedale to expllin how so maay are eeeeiting from the success.ggod morning joel d.d. p3
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3 3 3 we have you covered on our website... all tte way leading p to super owl sunday.head to ffxxbaltiioree &&pdot com and click on the
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""ay's ast ride" banner at thh top offthe screen. 3 with the players... stooies on theeravens supee bowl runn. and links t other super bowll cliik oo "harbaugh vvrrus haarbugh" to find a page 3 47.itthas all the informaaion leadiig uu tt this sunnay's & gamee.. and facts onnall 46 past uperrbowws ggt started &pbb going to fox baltimorr dot - com. one tokyo reesauranttis making headdines for its down and dirty menn. & named "please don't leave" is -3 ssrving a dirr course. sneakerssand pry from your kid's mouth. 3 but none of ,3&pthe ddshes taste like actuallyycoffee grinds and palm fiber.
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3 pooing up... seeethe hottest us.yoor ccanceeto win ticcetss to the motoo trenn pnttrnattonal auto show... is & coming up in just 5 minutes. 3 you''e watching fox 45 3 ggod day bltimore. p3 ((brrak 5))
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3- it'sstime to ccation this! 3 page we possedda picture of the ravens sendoff rally versss the's what it. 3&we aree....raaen nation. ... -3&pennogh said " ""ballimore treats the baltimore ravens with class!" class!" "juut wait until next tuesday forr &pthe baltimmrr super bowl parade!"if you waat to play &palong... join uuson our facebook page at facebook dot coo slash fox baltimore. ((toss to weather))
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3 &p 3 p(ad ib meteorologist))
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3 3&psee the hottest new cars.. motor ttend internattonal auto show isscomiig to tte baltimore conventiin center pebruary 7th-10th. pth-10th.the 4th and 5th 410-48114545 win a family 4 ppck of tickets to tte show.go 3& complete ccntest ruues. p3 coming up... 3 three courses for just 30 bucks.3&prestaurant shhws uu hatts onn theer menu for restaurant week. - yoo're watchinggfox 45 good
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3 3 don't let the week... end without enjoying a 3-couuse bbltimmre reetaarant weee as - plenty of opttons to keep you full.chef clay miller rom wit ann wisdom joinssus this
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- what are you cookinggtoday?- how long is restaurant week?- 3 3 to learn morr log
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3 on to fox baltimorr ddt om -33 slashhmooning. coming p... 3 he kkows ssorts..n editorrfrom
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- "spprts illustrated" tells uss the superbowl... after the -3bbeak. yyu're watching &pfoo 45 good dayybaltimore. 3((break 7))
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3 3 when ray ewis plays what is expecttd to be his very pecial fan
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- will be in the staddum. &pcoach ""rnnst oe" -3poe" joe was lewis' ccach at "kathllennhigh -33&pschool" in florrdaa thh two ssill talkkand ext each even rrached out to joe during & his njjryy erlier in the &pis more like a soo to him.... - ray even calls imm"dad". i remember texting him keep your head p. great things are going to happennfor you. and 33 dad everything ii gging to bb - ok. he said no weapon formee agaanst me. so i kinda figured then he wws back worring out and ready to cooe bbck. coaahhjoe and hisswife toothh game. joe is withha win. 3& the baltimore raaens are well oo their way to becommng supprbowl hampions!sports - written a ook on greatness: phe 16 characteristics of true
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champiins. don yaeger from 3 pports illusttattd joins us this morninn with more. - do chammions share siiilar & characceristics?- ow, we haae a big ggme coming up...who dd you think will winn- whha should we exxect ffom the 49ers??- 49ers? 33 to learnnmore log
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3 about his book reatness log on tt foo baltimoor dot com slash morning. you're watccing fox 45 goood ayy
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3 3 media day at he super tte ravenn -33 questionn ffomm eporters... on foxx45 news at ffve..
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