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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  January 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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3 eenifer..... police havv prrested michaellfaarclothhand garrrtt sserlook... both men multiple handgun gun charges...... 3&p poliieeand atf agents showed us tte weaponn aa a nees conference today..... 30 3& southweet baltimore where the suspects crashed into a parked car. investigators say the mennbroke into a gun store iinppnnsylvanna yesterday thenn drove toobaltimore to ssll the weapons oo the streets. atf -3& agents nnpennsylavania alerted poliie here.. gave a -3 car. patrol offiicrs 3 after a brief chase..arrested & the men. - 33 (comm. batts) "two of our plcohol tobacco and fireerms guns off theessreet. if we
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hadn't done his good work, these ggns, no oubt in my &pmind, woulddhaveeresultee in taking young lves on the streets of baltimore." 3 we're told ddctors are treating the uspeets at ssock trauma tonighttfor injuries &pthat police say are not life-threateningg live at - cciy pollce headquarrtrs, keith daniels, foxx45 news att 3 a judge has found annn arundel coonty executive john llopold pisconduut innofffce. -3 leopoll was charged ith using his sscurity detaal for personal aad pollttcal 3 ppwer by forcing a counny employee o emptyyhis urine & from a catheter rainagg bag. pere's what oneeformer county employee had toosay about the guilty verdictt. 3
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at this hour we arr still waiting for word on the sentencing for leopold. 3 3 in just 5 ays... ray lewis hopes to lead the avens to a super bowl victory.../ &p and this will erve as a reminder that he's done it - beforre../ the trophh from super bowl 35... i now on display at the sportss legends mmssum at camdenn five ..wws the first and only puper bowllffr the ravvnss.. & since arttmodell renamed nd relocated the teammto -3 baltimore.... they defeated the new york gianns -3& that yearr34-7..../ & pay lewis was named mvp. 3&"iq: its huge and its a very
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3 have." 3& the trophy will be on display at through suuday... along pith other memorbilia from &ppuper bowl 35... including briaa billick'' laybook...and the super bowl is still ore than few ays away but ravens fans are startiung to trickel in. in.bruce ccnninngam... joining 3 new orleans with hat media day was likk wwtt ll thee - fans... brrce. 3 3 -3 3 &p ,3
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3 it's time to trash talk thhse 49ers fans. the twitter fight is on.. seed a twwet & po thooeesan francisco fans
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&p uue tte hass ttg "49ers beat down". see whht ravens faan and 49err fans aae saying byygging to on "tweet beat" nder hot 3 for mosttpeople who live in - baltimorr, goinn to theesuuer bowl would be a dream come truee & wwy would oneeman... - then... ell themmon e-bay??-amber miller... says... it... isn't to... turn -3 a prooit--/ 3 forward...//. 3 wayneeruth and hhs wife are huge ravens fans.but affer buying twootickets to the super bbwl for 850 a & piecee--they couldd't bbing themmelves to keep them--- insseaddthey ppsted them on 3 the couple is asking for a -pttaa f 3 thousand 5 hundred - dollars.all proceeds going to sarah's hope--an emergency & shelter in baltimore that seevvs hommless women nd children.ruth is a long time -3pvolunteer..he says beinn able ttopresent thh rgannzatiin &pwith a check wwuld mean more to him than sittiiggin tte ptands in new orleans. 3((sot--wwyne ruth))
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firrt ttoughttof course s 'oh gee, let's fo to thh super bowl' buutthen we thought e have ttese greaa friendd- aal polunteees, all juut wonnerful peopleeann we'reeclose to saaah's hope ttht- yes it was anneasyydecision in the enn.> 3 at last chhck, there were nn pids or the tickets.if they dd ot sell by thuusday ruth &psaid he will go o new orleans and give them to sooeone at a non profit orgaaization that 3&pp it's neeer too late too get your ravens super bowl merchanddse../ in rossdall,,one retaillr... is or nighh... 24 hours a day, -3&pthii "ravens fever" tent... is always open...//... it's run byy"dan thh t-shirt man"".. collectionnof ravens shirts we've ssen yet..../. locaaed at... hiladelphia and &&prossville avenues.../ , 3 some gooddbusiness overnight.
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3 4004 we do, we have a couple guys here overnight, a couple pf thh doctors overrfrom franklin square is clooe to us. and cab rivers aad thosee whh work nightt hifts,,ttey really appreciate that we aree open 24 hours. 3 one more item make this place special... look at hese havre dd grace.../ . they'ree.. about 200 dollars each.../ 3 if michael johnson did murder 16 yearroll phylicia baanes... it's uspected he help. as day three of - teetimony ends, crimm and justicc reporterrjjy lepola -3 investigates ow rrcking &pthose closest to the accusee killer...cooll hhlp get a conviction. & ((joy)) tonight new innormation... aaout the family of michhel johnson... pnd the search warrants &pexecuttd fter phylicia'ss 3close family tiis.... to a johnson's guiltt this as tte state focuses on google -3 brotters may have donn & folllwing ppylicia's disappearaace.... toorecords from the rental car omppny
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wheee anooherrone of johnsoo's this important... phyliciaas how the north arolina teen onlyyknnw her own family here in bbltimore and those who 3 here's a look at onn of the first three wittesses to testify today. it's johnson's older brother.while e and -3& pther relatives didnnt spend a the answers they provided offfrrd a great deal of insight into where johnson waa.... folllwing barnes' 3& each ould have played in covering up the crime. many of the searrh warrants execuued pftee phylicia disappeared.... took place... at the homes of &pjjhnson's relatives. one oo - the moss memorable... tth well... which sits juss feet from the apartment... of wheee allee lived. fox 45 showed & you that weel back in jjnuary 2011. today e fund out... that aacadaver dog indicated a
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body might be in the well and that's what led detectivee to pump itt p(joy)) lso to come out in pcurt todaa... how... detectives witt the altimore city pplice departtenttwent out of their keep ccrtain aspects of ttis - inneetigaaion quiet. that'ss michael johnson have family baltimore city police depaatmmnt. the teen's uncce sergeant robert jackson testified... he uestionne disappearedd.. but it wasn'tt in an fficial capacity 3 concerned abouu his looed one. 3 3 hhw are the roads lookinn tonnght? tonight?brandd procctr has ouu traffic edde report. & report. 3 mapsgreenspringbatl natl pikee- shawaamap395
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3 coming up... an extreme punishmeettfor bad grades. &p3 what a man is accused of ddinn 3 that landed him behind bars.
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3 costly changessto sscurity at & baltimooe county schools. ptudents saferr thattstory, cooing uup+ 3 &p --adblib weather tz--
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internet and phone for just $94.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus, get a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card. verizon. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. 3 a minnesota father in big trouble tonight... afttr pplice say he pointed an -3 assaulttrifle at his daughter! &pddughter!but get this ... kiriil... -3 bar-tah--hev'-ich.../// alleggely pointed the ak- 3 daughter hhd bad grades!
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3 pbd were her rades you ask? &pstrriiht a'ss... and instead p... got two "b's!" 3 49-112"i have oohing to ssy about it. i didn't point an ak-47 at myydaughter. that's &pall i can say. did you have an you." according tt ccurt &precords... bartashevitch's worryyaaout him being alone 3 balttmorr countyy... officials... aae takiig big - steps... to... make schooos & safer...../they... lln to ppenn... several millions... on... ewwteccnolooy... and --3 police training ffr teachers. teachhrs.melinda roeder explains - why they say it -still ay not beeenough to pprevent tragedy. couuty execctivv kevin kamentzz calls this new afety plaa is not a cure-all. nothing could haae prevented wwat & happened lass monthhin -3 newtown, connncticut. but these new easures are a start... thht could better prepare teaccer and police.
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3 ddscussions about improveing security began back on the fiist day of school... after the noo--atal shooting at -33 perry hhll highhschool.noww.. unveiling a plan they ope will make chools much safee. they're asking forr3-point-7 miilion ddllars worth of new 3 and a better entry system. that''son top of the &padditional 2-and-a-half 3 already buddeted ffo ext year. and all the nee cameras - will the pplice preccncts and -& pattollcars.while teachers -- - will not be armed with guns... policc--tyle training to better respond in emergenciee. 3& < "it's absoluuely esseetial that our educatoos and administrators know what to do in the event oo a crisis.... to protect themseeves and the childden they are charged 3 3 hey have no planssto install metal detectorssat this time... but they will consider hhring more ccool rrssurce & ooficerssin the future.the & county council will vote on funding for this ew plan...
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next monthhmelinda roeder fox 5 news at 5:30. 3 pacrook .. rummagessthrough a kansas police stations marrunna stash,wwoothe inhuman - culppit was. 3 3 nootoilet paper?the eetreme reason behind one school --3 makinn their students... sign out a rolllbefore usiig the & bbthroom.
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3 it's a littte harder & onn ennsylvania high sccool. that's beeause the princiial removed the "toilet &ppaper". administrators removee toilet paper from the boos bathrooms because they say students were shooing rolls f it in the toilet....streeming it over the fllor....eeee urinnting on &phe floor. now students - are forced to sign out a roll from the ffont office wwenever
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- react to story- adlii toss to vytas...
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3 we're saying thank ou to the -3&pfans that make our acebook page a success.toddy's ffcebook fan of the day iss & riiky oulddbe a fox
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45 fan of the day. & dayyall you have o doois go to facebook dot com, ssash fox bbatimore and licc the "like" button..e have a newwfan of the day... every weekday... oo 3 3 ray lewis linked to performaacc enhancing drugs... his n spprts unlimited...
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3phe ravens survived something them thannssper bowl 47... medda day in ew full hhur... surrounded byy -3 ttoussnds of cameras and reeorttrs.our own... sports diiector bruceecuuningham, one 11 years later...with offensive playerssbeing the -33 ravens a-listers. vo roll cue: "got them there"sottroll cue: "the right time" 3
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3 "we've gained a ot of - mommnttm going through these playoffs and i hinkkwe've gotten guys healthy at thh right time. our offensive line - has been remmndous as of late 3 to bb ccmfortabbe and get in a rythm and he's been lighttng people up anddhe's been exxellent ovee these last feww games." 33
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3 media ddy is a zoo... arruud 5- thousand crrdentialed people. everyone's trying to get their &pstoriee...from layers favorite hhrd &phitting ones.for ray lewis toddy... his past and past reeorts came to light. light.yee, he was asked about atlanta....a ttagic event -3 where twoomen ost theiirlivess3 rrsppctfuuly dismissed the & quessions..and now a reportt.. -3 lewis' invvlvemmnt withha &pmodern science ccmpany in plabama called sports with alternativeettosterrids... "swats."two of the commany's -3&pppoducts... ccntain deer-antler extract... whicc conttins i-g-f-1... thatts banneddby the n-f-l..again s-i... aad theemagazine's investigation and interviews withhswats founder mitch ross. lewis deniessthe report.
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3 "that was a tww-year-old story & that youuwant me ttorefrrsh. i wouldn't giiv hhm the credit to even mention his naae or hissanttcs n mm speeches oo won't even speak about it beeauss i''e beee in this -3 business 17 yeaas ann nobodd has ever got up wiih me every mornnng and traii wwth me. every test i've ever took in & the nfl... therees never been thought abouttusing anything. so,,to ven eetertain - stupidity like that, ell him toogg get his story on & ssmeeodd else." 33&pp allltheeunnque sighhs and souuds aa mmdia day.... coming up toniiht n sports uulimmted.
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3 evidence starts disappearingg station... and an internaa investigation reveals a suuprising sussect. suspect..we o have sketch artist hat came and didda rendering of who we think is responsible for the arijuana heist." -3 heist."that's right.wichita poolce believe several mice weeeethe oness ampering wiih & tteir evidence.they think the rodenns were likely loookng - for a place to stay or 3 3 3 that's all for foo45 neww at next.and we'll be back tonight for ffx455news at ten -- and
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