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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  January 30, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EST

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responding sunday's game. 3 the surprising food that's -3 responsibbe or half of aal food oisoning... and it's not &pmeat.. &p3 and... he aarrort hat made & he list as the best in the entire ountry. 3 3 3 3 wednesday, january 30th
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3 3 map 175 map
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3 3 3 pmid all tte superbowl 3 ccntroversy.a magazine article &pbanned suustaacee pubstance.megan gglliland is 3 meens for the legendaay lineeacker and sunday's big gamee -3 3 good morniig guyssit was thhs ppayoff game agginst the colts... that ray lewis returned to the field after earrier inntheeseason.but a report by sports illustrated says... it was a substance -3 callld deer antler sprry that pelpee hhm recover so qqickly. 3 mitch ross... the owner of sports with alternativessto steroidd says he aasisted &plewiisin his injury rehab.ross ffeeeof chaarg... in retuun... he told lewis to tell the truth.
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3 (mitchhross))(1:50) ray lewws ii not wrong for using this 3 not wrong for getting on the prottcol they areeactually thhir odies frrm damage ad injjuy.... injury....ross claims he producee uman rooth hormone and testosterooe..eer velevee hassbeen ussd in chiness meeicine for ccntuuiess.. and while doctorr say iis & harrless... he ssbstance is & panned by the nfl. the fann... to let us now how you feel about the accusations..- on oor facebook page...tonn & for that... haters!and alisha sayss ray lewis is a positive leaderr so let's look forward -3 to theesuper bowl!! ets go rrvens! 33 now in his 17th ear withhthe - failed a ddug test.and unless he ccmes oot and says heedid use the substannc....sourcess and what he has to sayyaboot
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the allegaaioos coming u in &p30 miiutes.iim megan gilliland, foxx5 morning nees. 33 that rrngs us to ur queetion &ppbout the accusation that ray lewis used a banned substance toohell recovvr ffomman injury? we'll take your callss in our 7 o'clock hour. 3 you can allo go to fox-baltimore dot coo and tell us what you thinkk.. sound ff tweet.. at foxbaltimooe..- 3 governor o'mmlley i scheduuee toogive is "state oofthe afternoon.the governor is 3 efforts to reduce the staae' buddet deficit... wwile maintainiig it's triple-a credit rating.a pecial membbr & of the audience is lso listen to he governor... then & meet with legislatoos to show her support for he repeal of the death pennltyyin arylann. the gennrrl assembby will tackle the issue duurng the - mayoo stephanie rawlings-blake donates er winnings from the -3 ravens a-f-c hampionship victory over nnw englann... to people in need.the ayor took
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&the seaafoddfeast she received -3 to the cottage aavnue & community n pprkkheights serves as a transitional hoosing program for homelesss amilies. rawlings--lake got the food.... - including mussels, sccllopp, boston mayor thomas menino. -3 3 you say yyu'lllbe a ravens fan for life... so are you ready to mmke thattcommitment permanent? 3 ravensstaatoos are a veryy populaa item right now in - maryland, and joelld. smith is live in south baltimore at a tattoo parlor offeringgup ggod morning joel d., hich one are you getting? 3
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3 3 we have ou ccoered on our -3 websitee.. aal the way sunday.head to fox baltimore dot com and ccick on the &p"ray's last ride" anner att thh top f the'll -3& see interviews with thh players....stories on tte ravens ssuer bowl run...and links to other ssper bowl pelated sites. & ccn also click on 3 fiid a page dedicated to super -3 inforrmtiin leading up to thii suudayys game... anddffcts on -3 all 6 past super bowls get starreddby oing to fox & baltimorreddt com. 3 some couples take a yeer or more to plan heir wedddng.but
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we're oing it in jjst one &'s our wedding n a enter to wii n all- expensss- paid wedding... on us. enter.. tell s in a hundred words or ess why you should wwnnseed your entryyto "wedding in a week".. 2000 west 41st treet in paatimore.. 21211... 3 or log onto oxbaltimore dot com to enter... be suue to -3&pread the officcal rules and --3 include a photo with your entry! & entry!and it's all brought to &ppou by the balttmore bridal -3 show at the baltimore convention cennte feeruary 2nd 3 3 cooing up... ii's been named a nighhmare... for travelers.thh country'ss worss airport... for caachinn we'llltelllyyu 3&pyou're watching 3 fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 p(breaa 1))
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3 33 3&wear red for a night out oo support a good cause.diamond's rrd night outtis taking place 3 emily graccy joins s for this mornings homettwn hotspot. - & ell ussabout tth ddimonn's red
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baltimore dot coo ssash mooringg 3 p3 - p3 map wwtgg(mw 2) map ,
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3 call in ann win! 3& to get your name in the bbxx. & go to facebook dot ccm slash foxbaltimoreeand filllout the & caa also gg there o prad omplete contest rules. 3 coming up.... 3 pew information... about a deadly night club fre inn &pbbazil.why the band performing at the time... ii being blamed & for einn ácheap.á morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 2) whether you'reon a turkey-cheddar-bacon in the afternoon or a tuna salad when the job is done sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'. new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek.
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çia÷ happy valentine's day. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. share the love with cupid's choice or new brownie batter donuts. america runs on dunkin'. 3 new this morning... 7 people - are taken to tteehospital & aater a fireeruck, semi trailer and and s-u-v collide &pin prince george''scounty. & now in happened &pjust ovee an hhur ago on route 50..ll of he peoppe have non--iffethreateninn - injuuies... but ww of them are in serioos conditiin.wee
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interview wiih princeegeorge's - minutes. police innphilaaelphia are offfring an 85-thousand-dollar - school kidnapping -3&psurveiilaaceevideo shows a - pooan walking into aa elementaryy chool earlier his mmnth... ddessed in uslim & clothing. the woman -&pttkes the child from her -3 classroom... just inutes aftee she wws dropped offfthe &plittle girl was found within &24 hours... buu authorities arr ssill loooing for innfrmation on theeabduccor. 3 residentssin braazl are demanning jjsticc... for the moor than 2300lovesslost ii club fire last weekend. authorities have revealed new perrormiig when the fire fllres mmant for áoutdoorá cheaper than inddor flares. policeesay the club's ceiling was covered with combussiile maaerial... which appeared to havv beee ignited. he capacity or the club is under 7-hundred... but 3 were there thaa nighh.
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3 when it comes to the best piiport for travellrs... atlanta comes ouu on top. that's accorring to a new 3 grrup"... whhchhrrnks hartsffelddjaccson tlanta internationaa aarrort as est for catching a connecting - fllghh.atlanta is also highly regarddd for its dininn, amenittes aan business traaeler services. the survey &pinternnttinnl aarrort as the worrttfor connectiig flights. comiig up... 3 meeting up... befooe the superr bowl.what he harbbughh &pbrothers are eporteddy doing awkwardly. 3 areeyou still in the plane?? e aae in thh plaae. nd the 3 water. but next... the 3& happpes again.hhw one passenger... desccibes the - mmmenns offchaossyou're watching foxx45 morrinn newss. pll looal.. all mmrningg
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in)))- 33 a small plane lunges into the ffigid waaers offthe hudson &privvr near yonkers, new york. mman aae calliig it... anoohee &p"miracll on the hudson.""ut as tiie... the whole thing iss caught on 9-1-1 taae. &ptape.3 regarding surrvvaa. a small, single engine lane lurched pith tto people onboarr.are you still in thh plann? we are in thh ppaae. and the plane ii
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taking on water.okay. i it possibll for youuto get out? we can gee out if we have to..-3theetteeplane is ggong down. gettout. get oot. get outt - it'' gging head irstt gee ut of the planee ok. the plane is &pdefinitely. ww're going down. when you hear those 911 tapes..what goessthrough our head?it puus me right bacc in &pthe water...student pilot instructtr deniece de priester beffre they were plunned nto currentt1:44 i aa going to lose you. i am going toolose you! oo. it's freezing. sir? the water is freezing. i know. &pi understand that. i need you tooget ut of the plane so you are not trapped ii the plane. not going toomake it to shore. &pi'm ssrry? i'm ottgoing to - makk it to shoreokaymy ind 3&pcold ii was. i couldn'' evenn
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my arms. but denise was very pverral when we werr in the waterrde priester sayy she ccedits her survival training & skkllssas a formee flight attendanttnow urred pilot for heeping themmsuuvive.but & timing was verythingg several &poff duty oliie fficers jjstt happened to be in the area and goo ccess to a small boat...all the while smidt 3sooi knee i was carryinng - sommbody yeeled back and saiid we know where you aree help is 33 minuues in thh icy waters, ssidt aad depriester weree pulled oosafetyyand tteated for hyppttermia.two days -3 later,alonggide tte fiist rrsponders whoosaved him, smidt revealed hhed first && alleddhis wife efore dialing 9-1----to ake sure is family knew he llveddthem. amonggthe rescuees, officee annel -3 higgins anddhis 12-year-oll pon. he fficee admitted hh dddn't think therr was much of rrscue.vvry slim...a lottof -& people
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said that. i'm just ggad it was a rescue and not -3 recovery. 33 ccmmng p... 3 thh harbaugh brothhrs meet up for one last hoorah... before the superrbowl.what ttey -3 reportedly plannto do... átonight.ááyouure wwtching fox -3 45 morning news.. aal local.. 3 3&pp(break 4))
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3 weight.why when you at lunch 3 45 news at five.3- 3
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&pp,3 3 3 map ttg map
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3 we aae continuinggto fooloww- breaking nees jjst into our newsroom....abbutttheeaccident ii priice gorge's couuty 3 about.we have aliciia franccs... asssstant fire chief from he p-g county ffrr departtent on the phone right now for an update. -3upddte.
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3 in the eaa of ay's laas -3 ride... sports illuutratee stirs p some controveesy.the &pmagazine cllims ttat the linebacker usee banned paster.megan gilliland is heee -& witt morr on what rry lewis is -3 saying about the accusationss 3 suundy'' big gamee &3 good morning guyssthe aatiile -3&pantllr ppay... or deer velvee... to reeover from aa --3& torn triceps muscle faster.the
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3 in chiness medicine foo say its harmless... lewis ayss it's all a liee -3 lie.((7:077telllhim to trr to -3 get is storryoff somebody else elsewhile llwii denies the pccusations... mitchhross the he assisted lewii in his injury rehab. rossssaas he & ppovideddthe ppoddctt free of charge... ii rrttrn... he told -3 lewii too ellltte ttuth.he claims that he prrscribed a program which produces human growth hormone and &bbnned by the nfl. (37:07)i've been ii this 3&pphs ever got p withhme every morning anddttained wwtt ee every teet i've eeer takenninn the nfl here's never been a & ttought bout using anything 3 sttpidityin his 17 year careerr... lewis has nevvrr & likely that aa investtgation
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comes out ight now and says &he did use tte substtnne... sources say he will play on sunday. sunday.we''e been asking 3 know how ou eellabout the accusations.oo ourrfacebookk page...jacqqeline writes-- eeery one needs o ssop trying po put him down on his last game.. this is happening because everyone knnws thh -3 ravens re unsttppable..uliana says- he dii it for the ssoor pe loved.&p3&pkeep the rrsponsesscoming... weell keep readdng them throughout the morning.i'm -3 megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. will they r won't they?that's phe questionnmany people have peen askinn... about whether the hhrbaugh broohers will boww.well nnw weere llarniig phat the two may in fact meet & átonightá... over inner. that's according to the ravens website... wwhch aas thh two 3 fiiddng ooveesation starrers. as offnow... nothinng s officially confiimedd &
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3 we continue to ee nnw t-shirt designn everydaa for 3 about some team loyalty that staas withhyou, even when your - clothes re off? 33 pgtting ravens tattoos!! &pjjel d. smith is livveii soutt baltimore to see which 3 ann even whicc onessare on sale. goodd morning joelld.
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3 coming up... food-boone illnees... onn hee & rise..he type of fod... - that's rreponsibbe for half of - all food poisonnng.and here's aahiit... it's nottmeat. and...we are continuing to foolow this maasive aacidenn the hospital in p-g county. wheeeeit'' happening riggh pant to avood on your way into - fox
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5 morning news.. all
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3 ((bbup in)) &&pp,
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,3& (((a lib meteooologist)) 3 3 & 33
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,3 & 3 &p3 3 3 3 3 coming up... 3 astronaut mark kelly eads to - his ase.buu it haa othing to do wwth naaa.who he's -'re watching pox 45 morning news.. all & locall. all mmrning. 3 ((break 6))
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hall high sshool stuuent & accused of shooting a school is expected inncourt tooay..awwers for 15-year-oll
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robert gladddn wiil eeuest thatthis case be ttansffrred &pto juvenile court.gladden has - nine counts oo attempted first- deerre murddr. 33 todayy.. astrrnauutmark kelll &pwill go p against the n-r- a... on cpitol hill.kelly is married to foomer ppongreeswomanngabby giffords. ggn control ttrouuh aa organization thhe recently started... called "americans & 3 the centeessforrdisease controllessimate that 48- & million people get ssck every ann ussngga ddcades worth of data... the -d-c released stats n the ources oofthese outbbeakssfor the very ffrst time. 3 ttis morninggrenn marsh is llve in waahington with alll theefindinns. pindings.ggod morning, rene. --rene on camera--- tis is aa - very etailed stuuy roo thh c-d-c. not only did it analyye outbreaks and tte foods that -3caused it -- it broke down whiih kind of pathogens were the most dangerouss --voo- the ccd-c says from 1998 to 22088
6:53 am
of the illnesses. specifically 3 ccntaminattd leafy vegetables mmst ooten. espitt that tey meat and poultry. poultry accounted forrmoot f thh peaths because of listerii and & sallmnella inffctions. thee pategories -- siccness wws linked tooall of those food categories s weel. --reneeon camera-- the c---c saas the porovirus in foods made the -3 most people sick and salmonella wws theedeadliest. & 3 ccming up... & veggie chips... put to the &pnutritional test.why consumer reports says... they're worse for you than regular cchpp. news.. all local.. all morningg & 3 p(breakk7))
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-3 3 pwthhsuper bowl ssaaon upon & us... many people wiil be
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tackllnggtheir salt cravings -3 with a ag of chips.this - chips to the teet... and the & results mighttsurprise ou. &pyouu.- 3 plenty o kids unch oo eggie & chips, ooten because wwll- iitentiooed parents ttink thhy & pottto chips. (sot: anthhny) & aaways so, say the experts aa -3 consumer reports, who &five of the snacks, which calll themselves veggie chiis, are - actually made froo otato not nutritiooalll superior o potattochips!(sot) "tteyydo have a dash of vegetable 3 add cclor. but ttey ave aboot potatoochips, and a lot more &psodium." thhy aasoocost an average 30 percent moree these garden vvggie strrws, snydee's &peatsmart naturaas garden veggie crissss and whooe foods chhpp. consumer reports ssys a healthier alttrnative are chipp maad frommsliced & vegetables, like top-raaed terra exotic vegetable chiis. &pphey're much lower nnsoddumm
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- and re madeefrom real slicess-3 pf root vegetables like sweet pooato and parsnip. (sot: errn gudeux)"keep n mind, this s not crudita. thee'rr still friedd they're oaded with fat and calories."chips made ffom beans offer a nutritional boost. boolder canyon naturaa & foods ummus ccippsstood out & in the taste teets. (sot:: erin gudeux)"and because they're mmde from chhckppe flour,,you get some prrtein -and fiber, oo." pair these vegetablee withouttadding a 3 comiiggup in our 7 o'clock hour... eatinn... to lose wwight.the time of daa... that could hell you trii he ounds the're watching fox 45 mmrning news.. allllocal.. all -3 mmrning. 3 ((breakk8))
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3 accusations aae swirllnngabout rayylewis using a banned he's responddng punday'ssgame. & 3 a massive accident senns sevvn people to tte hospptallwhere it's happeningg ight noww.. -& and the roads you'll want o -3& 3 pnd.. the bess time tooeat 3llse eight.. 33 wednesday, 3 january 30. 3 ,
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3 p,3 - 3 &
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3 aaiddall the superbowl excitement this week... comes - controversy.a mmgaaine rticle accuses ray llwis of using a pannee substance. here with more on what this & means for the legendary linebaacer aad sunday's big pame. & good morning uysit was this playoff gaae againnt the colts... ttaa ray lleis returned to the field after tearing his tricep musclle earlier in the season.but a reporttbb sports illustrated payss.. ii waa a substancc - called eer antler spray that helped him recover o quickly. 3&pmitch ross... the wner of -3&pspprts witt alternatives o pteroidsssays he assisttd lewis in his njury ehab.ross -3 says he providee tte ppoducts
7:04 am
33 truuh. 3 (mitch ross)(1:50) ray lewis is nottwwong ffr using hhs protoccl.alabama playerr arr &pnot wrong forrgetting on the 3psmart because they are saving -3 their ooies from damage aad iijuuy.....-prescribed a program whhihh produces human growth hormone 3 has been sed in ccinese medicine for centuriees.. and while doctors ayyits bbnned bb the nfl. nfl.we've been askiig ou... & the let us knnw hhw &pyou feel about the ccusations. on our facebook page...jamie raaenssmaking t t tte superbowl... instead f aal the hattrr.and pat sayss it's caaled desperation! they just 3i will ignnre it! go rrvens! powwin his 177h year wwth the n-f-l.... lewis assnnver failed a rrg test.and unless & he ccmes out and ays he did pse the subbtance... sources say he wwil play on sunday. here from theeman himselff... & and what he has to ssy about -& he allegations coming uppin
7:05 am
30 inutes.i'm megan 3 ttatt rings us to oor qqestiin &pof thh day.what do yoo thinkk aboutttte accusation that ray lewis used a banned substancee - to helpprecover from an injury? we'll take your calls laaer his hour. &pthis morning, the muudee investigation f a nineemonnh old abyygirl continues in jjppa.hee 199year old mother remains in critical conddtion...charged with the phhriff's deputiis won'' ay how tte baby died buttdid ssy the mooher slii herrwrists - afttr kiiling the baby in theirrhome on scanneel court, oo tuesday. p anne arundellcounty executive 3 of misconduct in office. offtwo counts... for siig his police seeurity detail to -3pperform all kinds of personal and political chorrs.a wooan whooonce worked for leoppll... and who haa now filedda cciil 3 (hamner) "i would venture too - ssy.....reemvv
7:06 am
3&this man from office." a sentenccnn date has not yet & been set. john kerryyis confirmed s the 688h secretary of state. state.the lonntime senator 3 demmcratii presidenttal nominee was ooerwhelmingly the enaae.the vote was 94 to -3three.kerry's confirmationn 3 of presideet obama's second-termmcabiiet to e instaalld. 3&&p s what does that mean - for the outgoing seccetary, hillary clinton?sheesays... 3&pplans once she leaves office on friday..but she is looking forwarddto sseep.. 3 "i ammso loooing ffrwarr to & monday when i have nn mmndaa when i have "i aa soo loooinggforward to monday whenn i have nn schedule, no office to go o, no responsiiilities.""--3&
7:07 am
responniiilities."assffo he distant future off2016, cliitoo says sse hhs no planss to un.but sseehasn't ruled it &ptt worr on behalf of women and girlls 3 you say you'll be a ravens peady to make thattcommittmmnt permmnent? 3& ravens attoos are aaveey popular item right now in maryland, and joel d. smith is live in ssuth baltimore aa a & ttttoo parllr offering up -3 super bowl sspcials. -3 gooo morning joel d., whiih onn are you getting? 3 -3& 3 3&p
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3 p33 217-dollarss..that's al one africa naaion haa in the bank... liteeally..- llterally.thh major reason aacount! yyo're watching fox 45 morning news...
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3 33 3 - p3 3
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3 3 &p it'ss heepaat ffthee ssperbowl....mann people llok fooward to...the commerrials. commercialssnatss- pnts ,3 but finn out hy this volkksagon commerccal has some peeole crying foul... bbforr &pit's even offically aired on sunday. sunday. ou''e watching fox 5 mooning news.. 3 (((reak 2)) -3
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3 3 new thii morning... the erry - hall highhschool student -3 accussd of shooting a classmate on the firrt ddy of school is expected in court today.laayerssfor 15-yeer-old -3 robert gladden will equust pis cass be transferree to juvvnile ourt.prosecuuors chargee gladden as an adult -3 with nine counts offaatempted -3 first-degree murder.he allegedly walkee into he perry all high schooo caaeteria on august 22th... anddopened fire.17-year-old daniellboroww as ittin the aater being treated at shock trauma. gooernor o'malley is scheduled & to give his "state of the state" address this afternoon. the gooernor is expected to - the state' budget deficit... wwile maintaining it's tripll-a credit rattng.a &pspecial emberrof the audience is also expected at the address.sister helenn prejeaa... the author of ""ead
7:20 am
man waaking"... laas o listtn to thh governnr... then meeetwiih legislators to show her support for the repeel of the death penalty in maryland. legislaaive sessionn 33& oddd are.. you're richer than the natiin oo's -&pdollars n theebank.but somee payy.. thatts expeeted.the &pafrrcan nation has been sttuggling o recover from &phhperinflatton that stretches &pback deeades. get a masssge and supporttthe ammrican heerr association. diamond's red night out iss taking place thii friday. emily gracey joins us for this mooniigs homeeown hotspot. - pell us about the diamond's redd
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3 niiht out.- how can wee - purchase tickets?? what else & can we see? 33 diamond's ed
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3 night out iisfriday february - 1st t tte pearl modern spa &pand boutiiue. to learn more 3&
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3&pphow your ravens pride.. in -3 the proper gear!!- gear!!p to mmke sure - that ravens jersey.. has thee n-ffl seal of aaprovall approval.and lattr...ii's & discouraged innmoss theaters... but find ouu where one movie theater.. encourages tweeting...and the speciallway you're watching fox 45 mmrring. ((break 3))
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p as we head tooards thee puper bowwl everyone wants tt getttheir handd on ravens gear. t-shirts and jerseys arr but how do you knnw yoo're not a cheap knockkff. for this weekks confident connsmer, jody thomas with the betterrbusiness bureauujoins pu for a look at what you need to know about counterfit -merchandise.-howwcan youutell -3 if a jersey is
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33& fakk--hht about other ppoducts & / items .. -what abbot othhr
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3proddcts / iiems .. how do you tell--ealth and
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3 fiiancial isks-signn that the website is fraaulentt-&3& do yyu have more questions for the betterrbusiiess bureau abouu todayys topicc?o to our webbite.. fxbaltimooe dot ccm plash ccnfident consumer... 3 3 we're keeping youu pdated on trrafic on he capital beltway at route 50. & any pople re injured....nd the alterante routes you shouud take.. to avood he ack up..- upp 3 ((break 4)) 3 weight.why when you at lunch 3 45 news at five.
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3 p3 3 - 3 map wttg map
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7:34 am
3& jimmy map -&p3 p3 in the eat of ray's last &&prrde... sports illustrated maaazine claims haa the ssbsttnces to reeurn from his injuuy ffster. faster.megan gilliland is here with mmre on whht ray lewis is saaing about the accusaaions and whht's this means ffr sundaa's big ggme. good morrnng guys,the article says ray lewis uuedddeer 3 velvvtt.. to recoverrfrom aa torrntricepssmuscle fasser.the bbnned substance has been usse 3 ccnturies and while doctors say its harmlees....lewis says &it's all a lie. lii.(37:00)tell him to tty to - get hii story off somebody elss plsewwile lewii denies the accusationn... itchhross the owner of ssorrs ith hh assisted ewis in hii pinjury ehab.. rss says hh providde the produccs freeeof chhrgg...
7:35 am
in return... he ttld lewis to tell the truth.he - program wwichh roduces hhman grrwth hormone and & testosterone... substances banned by the nfl. &pp37:077i've been in this businnss 3 17 yearr and nobody haa eveer got uu with me eeery morninn anddtraaned with me eeeey test i've ever takennin the nfl &pa questton if i'veeever evvn thought abouu ussig anything - so tt even entertain stupidiiy stupidittin his 177year pikely that an invvsttgaaion 33 comes out right now and says - he did use the substance... sources say he will play on sunday. sundaa.we've been asking you... the fans... to let us knno how you feel about the accusations.on our facebook page...tonyy rrtes- there's no proof, heetested clean every time. let tte mmn enjoy his last ride. this storr is two years old and went no here
7:36 am
when ii assfirss repprted.and 3 fuul rry and the ravens to have tte game of their lives. go ravvns! keep tte reepooses comingg.. we''l keep reading ttem -3 througgout the morning.i'm -3 megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 that brings us to our question -3 of the dayywhat dooyou think about the accusation that rry pewis used a banned suustaace to elp recooer from anninjury? p phonn linessare opee now.. 410-481-4545. 3 pollce are investigating a 3 in labbma.the conty & sheriif's department has shot aad tte suspect ii not i custody.witnesses say there ppliie say... after frinn & fivv year old boy.nearbyy schhoos are closed toddy. 33&p if attlinn tte bulge is part oo yoor new year's the ime of day you sit doon to eat may help oo hurt your chances of shhdding poundd.
7:37 am
& pounds.participants innthe studd who att a biger meal weight thannthose whhoate earlier.researchers conducted the tudy in spaii, where lunch is oftenneaten later ii the day and is typicalll thh bbggest meal of the day.the participants wwo ate lunch 325-percent more weeght than & 3 nats ofccmmerical with 3& jammican accent. accenttthii volkswagaon -ccmmercial is getting quite a minnesota man... speaking with an assumed jaaaican acccnt nd mmnn are calling it racist. volkswagon rrsponns to the & commmrical shows a relaaed, -&pencourainn aapositive attituue. 3 hired a professiinal speech coach to ensure the accent's authenticiiy. 33& e continue to see new &pt-shirt designs everrddy for
7:38 am
tte super bowl, but what &pabout some team loyalty that stays with you, even whhn yyur plothes aae off? off? many fann are making their alllgiance permanent andd 3 jool . smitt is liiv in south baltimore to ee which 3 and even wwich nes are onn -3 sale. good morning joel d. 3 3 3
7:39 am
7:40 am
& performanceehalls ask guests to turn off their cell phones &pbefore a show ssarts... ut &pthat's not the case at one theater in rhode islann. -3 iiland.audience meebers who cannt take a break frommthh can actually sii n a -3& specialll designated 3&pptweet seats". seatts.the producerrof each - individual shhw ecides a performance ... other times only during intermmsssinnthe - tweet seats are in the very back f the theater.people who 3 or tablet ss it's not as noticeabll..-& p3 "i think ii does ngage 3 peoppe and t encouragee them to b art oo the process." range of tteet seaters. ii's
7:41 am
3 older person. it runs the gamut in terms of the iittrest leeel." level."there are never 3 pore than 22 3 tteeters llowee in the audieece at a time. take 33 monday and tuesdayy.. it was winter....oddy....ssring makes an aapearrnce. long these pleasant temperatuee wwll stick in your skywatcc weathee oreeast. forecast. you're all looal.. ll morning. 3& ((break
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((bump in)) 33pmmteorologist)) 3 p3
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3 3& febrrary ii freezzng... so's ur free-bru-ary giveaway!everyday in february ww're giiing awwy 100- dollars aa hhur.iffwe calllyour name 3 prize rlls over into the next &phourrfor someone else o calll
7:49 am
in and win! 3to get yourrname n the box.. foxbaltimmoe and fill out te can alsoogo there to 3 ssorts illlstraaed is hell returniig from his injury ooner. hat do oo think abouttthe accusatioon ttat rry lewii used a banned 3 an iijury?our hone lineesare opee ow.. 410-481-4444. you're watchinggfox 45 morning. - ((bbrak 6)) 3 ((question of
7:50 am
7:51 am
3&pp(question of day animation)) 3 just beforr the super bowl.. controversy surrouuding ray lewissin a new article ... sportssillustrrted issclaiming -3 he used banned substances to iijuuy.thattbrings us o our question of the dayywhat do that ray llwissused a banned substanceeto help recover from ppen now.. 410-481-4545.
7:52 am
33 yolanda--bmore debbie parkviile parkville 3 paabra "can't thh worrd 3just lee anyone retire n - peacc. ffr crying out lood alls thh mannwants to do is be with hhs family." -3 pamiiy."ebony "i'' glad this story brrke beccuse all it
7:53 am
will do is maae ray showw nd - prove...he loves the face oo 3 and see what ii mean.. coming up in our 8 o'cllck & hour.. fruit.. likeeyou'vee ever seen -3 it.the innpiration behiin the big anana car.. nd how long it tooo the inventoo to make it. it.nats of commercial commercial ppus...we're putting theelens 3 live.find out if it can really &pfill those pesky scratches on your sun and your smarrphonee you're atching fox 45
7:54 am
7:55 am
infomercial nntss--3 nats 3 pll it takes is a littll pcratch to ruin a pair of promises to restore any lenss
7:56 am
to llke- new cooditiin. today we're putting "lens &pc-p-r" to the willlit worr test. test.the product ssys oo can &puse it on both ssngllssee and -& regular yegllssss.first... pet's try the sunglasses.- clean tteelenses- puttthe treatmentt ,33 solution on the lens.. to filll -3 the scratcheshow does ittlook - po far??- far?how does it look scrrtches lens.. to ffll the solutton onn preatment solution n the 3 lens.. to fill the scratches hoo doessit look so far? far?it takes 30 minutee
7:57 am
3& to set so we did hh test on a pair glasses earlier this morning. morningghere is the lens -3 itii afterwill it work? -3 work?here it is afftrrefore. hhre is the lens before.heree ii ssafterwill it ook? -3 wwrk? p3nnw hh lens c-ppr claims to and we found onn with a lot of jonathan''s his phooe beforeand here it is after..... will it work? "lens c-p-r""reeaill for 14-99. &ppor more inforrationngo to our
7:58 am
slash ewslinks. 3 cominggup in our 8 o'clock hour.. on sunday... it's nntt har bbwl! &pbowl!cominn up.. the meeting & the two brothers ppan to have.. eforr te bigggaae... ptha could end in trrsh talk! ou're watching foo 5 morning news.. all locall..all morning. 3((break 8))
7:59 am
8:00 am
3 raa llwis accuseddof using a - ssying about the allegatiins - pad what it meaas or the suueebool. 3 3 and.. the weatherr 3 just can'' make up its miid!!- and
8:01 am
when some áthuuderstormsáá could roll in. 3 3 3&pwwdnesday, january 30th &&p3 3 3 3
8:02 am
8:03 am
3 3- we are ccnninuing to follow &pthat accident ccndace was just
8:04 am
& telling us aaout.we have aliiia franciss.. assiitaat fireechiif ffom the p-g ounty rrght now for an uudate..- update..- 3- 3
8:05 am
3 3 amid ll the superbowl excitemmnt this week... cooes -3&pcontroversy.a magazine artiile accusessrayylewwi of sinn bbnned substancc. with more on whht this means for sunday's ig ggme... plus 3 stooies. p3 it was this plaaoff game against the colts....that ray after tearing his trrccp mmscle earlier in the seaaonn but a report by sports substance cclled deer antlerr so quiccly. & 3 mitch oss... the owner of sportsswith aattrnativessto sseroiis says hh assisted &plewis in his injuuy rehab.ross says he provided theeproduuts & free offcharree.. in return... 3 truth. 3 (mitch ross) (1:50) rry llwis is
8:06 am
noo wroog for using thiss - ppotocol.alabbma players are not wrong for getting on the protoccl ttey are atually smart becauss they are saving their bodies from damage and njuuy.....-preeccibedda program whhch prrduces human rowth hormone has been ussd in chineeee meddcineefoo centuries... andd while octors say itss harmlees... the substance is banned by tte n-f-l..n his 11 yearr with tte n-f-l.... lewws hassneverrffiled a drug testt &ptest.we've been asking you... -3 the fans... to lettus know how yyu feel aaout the accusation. wriits... ven if he --3 likely won't come outttill & well aater tte superbowl. look how long it took hemmto snag lance armstrong.and chris says- ii's garbage plain and -3 psmpll. 3 you ssy yyu'll be a ravens -3 predy to make that committmeet permannnt? 3 raaenn tattoos arr a very &pmaryland, and joel d. smith iss
8:07 am
live in south aalimore at a &ptattoo parror offfring up -33 super bowl speciaas. good morning joel d., which one are you etting? 3 -33-
8:08 am
3 3-33 it's an oldd- sttreetype.. japanese -3 men...keepiig their feelings -3 to themselves. 3 bbt times aae changing... &pccanning... on "looe
8:09 am
yoor wife" day innjjpan, you &pddn't just whisper sweet -3 nothings in hhr earr you -3 shout youu love roo the & roftops...or theenearest 3 looked pleassd...maybe a littte shoccee, too.. "looe yyorrwwfe aa" only started about five ears aao. coming p... it's ttnsletown... ravens style... stylee.. finddout what the players are tweeting.. 3 you'rr waachinn ox 45 morning news.. all locaa.. all & morning. p3 ((bump out))
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3 33
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3& ((brrak 2)) 3 ((bbmp in)) 3 every wednnsday we show you tte latestttweets from & celebbities..but today we are 3& here with ssmeeof the beet picturrs from the ggys in ew prleans.yesterdaa was media daa... ray lewis spokeeto sooo pany llwis sppke to media day... ay yesterdda was ,3 medii
8:21 am
ddy... ray lewis spoke to sooo many cameras.the ravens tteettd this picture. -33 & ray media day cammras swarmedd arouud he ooiginaa raven torreyysmith weeted ttis picturr aan aid "bii bro reed""-
8:22 am
33 terrell suugs posted this and said "just clownin around on media day"he later tweeted phat he was ff tt watch more & 3&plardariusswwbb on thee ipad...filming media day
8:23 am
33 it's time to trash talk those 49ers fans. & the twitter ight is & tt those san francisco fans po againss baltimore. -3 uue theehash tag "49ers 3 what ravens fans and 9err fans arresaying by goinn to poxbaltimore dot com and click on "tweet bbat" nder hoo topiccs 33 coming up... & the n-f-l and its players arr -3 teaaiiggup to tackle safety ssses. issuess a & planned study and its cost. yyu're watching fox 45 morning nnww...aal local.. all mooning. ((break 3)) [ telephone rings ] good evenigood evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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3 ((bbmp in)) they set he tone for yyur big daa.invvtatioos are your
8:26 am
guests' firss glimpse t your wedding style.but wwth all the -3 ccoices out there.. how do dionisa's designssjoins us this moonnng forrmorr on this -3 year's hottest stationarr trenns.- what's hot his year? &pinvitee.. what other ppper & weddings- how do people -3 indicate dietary preferences &pon menus/rsvp cards?- yoo're doinggthe stationery forrour wedding in a 3& stattoneey for you'rr doing 3 foo our weeding inna week
8:27 am
8:28 am
3& to learnnmoree o to diooisa's -3 3 to enter our "wedding in a &pweekk connest... tell us inna
8:29 am
-3 hundred words oo less hy yyuu & should win..end your ntry o 3 pest 41st street iin balttmore.. 21211... 3 orrlog ontoofoxbaltimoreedot com t suue to read tte officiallrules aad pnclude a hoto wiih oou entry! you b the altimore bridal showwat tte baltimore convention ccnter ebruary 2nd -pnd rd. 3 pommng up... a studd thht may -smoke.. it's says some eavy ssokers can -33 acctaaly donnte tteir lungs. you're watching fox 5 morning news.. all local.. lll 3 ((break 4))
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3 3&p 3 -3 3
8:32 am
3 3 3 &p
8:33 am
3 3 we are follooing breaking news pust into our newsroom... 3 police in alambbma say a man &phaa shot nd kkllee a bus
8:34 am
driver and aaen a 6 year old ssrroundiig a ruual proerty phere the suspected ii beliiee 3 bunkkrrthis sitaution has bben going on ffr awhile apparentty. the maa shot the river yesterday aattroon and hass &pheldd he child overnighh.we aaeeworkkng on gettinn more informatiio aad will brinn you thh lateettas soon as t &pbecomes avvialbll. 33 3 in the heet f ray's last - pidd... sports illuutrated & stirs up some controversy..te magaziie claims that the lineeacker used bannee injury faster. -3 fastee.tommrodgerr is heree - witt more on what ay lewii is -3 sayyng about the accusation plus today'' other top stooiess 33 tte article sayssray lewis - used deer antler sspay... or deer velvet... to recover from aatornntriieppsmuscle fasterr
8:35 am
the banned ssbstance has bbee &pused in chhnnse medicineefoo centuriee and whill doctors sayyits harmmess... lewis says it's all a liee lie.(37:07)tell him to try to -3 get his story off ssmebody else accusations... mittc ross thee owner of ssortt with alternatiies to steroids sayy heeassisttd llwis in his injuryyrehab. ross saas he providdd tte products free ff charge... in return... he told leeis to tell the truth.he plaims that he pressribed a programmwhich produces human growth hormone andd ttstosseeone... substances baaneddby tte n---l. 3 (37:07)iive been in his & ussness 7 yyars and nobody & morning and trrined ith me tte nfl there's never been a thought about using anything 3 stupidityin his 17 year career.... lewis as ever failed a drug is
8:36 am
-3 likely ttat aa investigatiin pill be done..ut nless he comes out right nnwwand says he dii use the substanne... sunndyyweeve been aaking yyu... the fans... toolett s - know how ou feel aboot the & accusatioos.onnour facebookk page... ralph wriies... seventeen yearr of pssing eveey drug test he has been given aad now someone s --3 claiming heeused aabbnned deniie sayy... looks to me likk people are looking forran & play on sunday. -& 3 will they r won't they?that's the questioo many people have & been askkng... aboot whetherr the harbaugh bbothers will 3& weel ow we're learning hat the two mayyinnfact meee átonightáá.. ooerrddnner. &pweesite... which says the two might have a tough ttme finning conversattoo starters. offiiially coofirmmd. 3 we onttnue to see new ssays
8:37 am
with ou, ven wwen your ccothessareeoff? & off? any faas are aking &ptheii allegiince perranent aad &pggtting ravens tattoos! & jool d smith iislive in south baltimore toosee which -3 styles are the ost pppular aad even which ones are oo & all. good &pmorning joel . &&p3 3 -3 3
8:38 am
8:39 am
,3 the n-f-l is making --3 another step in ddaling withh serious issuessof player &ppsfety... specially concussions. poonussionss the league and the playyrs associatiio are finaliziig a eal to fund a 100-million-doolar harvard "ddaggose, reat and prevent injuriis in looked forward o learning & more bout the study. 3 you might think thht heavy smokers make for badd lung donors. but aa new a study finds donnrs who smokeddmore han a pack of & cigarettes a day for more thann 20 years were strongg -&pcandiiates for double lung surgeoos meetingg.he authorss -3 looked att59-hhndred adult dduble lung ttaaspllnts -between 2005 aad 2011. theyyfound ttat the atiints
8:40 am
-3 who receiveddlungs from -3 smokers had similar shoottandd medium terr survivallrrtes as -3those who received lungs from heavily. 3 olks ii floriiaaare keeping 3 road.nats of car starting up&ppt's rareettat you see a piicce &pof fruit... ruising down the - streee.but check ouu this big banana car in floridd.stevv braithwaite created it and saas ittmeets all roaddsafety requirements. took him aboot 3&&ppww yyars to bbild it. &pbraithwaite is driiing it across the u-s, and s - preparing it ffr a world tour. if you're wondering what his inspiration was... it as a boow offffuit..-
8:41 am
33 coming up... beeiive it or block are back! t. 3p weell tell -& you about their plans..- 3 3 you're watchinn foo 45 mooningg & ne
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3 3 poming up... super shaals for & ravens fans. fans.the designs that will dazzlee our friends. aad new at 9... dii ii ip... &or didn't it?what the deeigner of jjnnifer llwrence'' dress... is saying about the actress' waldrobe
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) -3 3 ((bumm in)) ,3&p e are just 4--ays away from the superbowl and it's time too ffr the ladies. linda felder from liida felder designs joinssus this mornnig wiih more. - whattdo you haae for the ladies?- how long does it &ptake to make the shawls?- when is the latest we ccn order? order?
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3 paltimore dot com slash
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morning. 3coming up... the boys arr back in own! nats: you got it..- it.3 it's a blast ffom the ppst..;. the new - kidd on theeblock are ready too 3 leach says: ""t happens like every 2 minn--it keepss oing it doesn't topp" ssop."aad ew at 9... bizarre case of the hiicups... has one schhollmmking national &pheadlines.whattstudents arr you''e watccing fox 45 orninn news.. ll local.. all [ male announcer ] everyday thousands of people are choosing advil®. my name is taho and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need
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you and your underwear
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only will you get to heer the multi- platinum selling grrup ew - aaso get to see theeguys from 98 degrees. -3 3 sot: i do 3 &p ,3 98 deegees-i o ,3 pcerish youthhy have ssll more than 10 million records wwrldwide and achieved eiggt ttp 40 in the uss--3&p 3& nats: end of the road - 33 -3& 3 pte best-selling r&b group of
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3 coming upponn ooo day balttmore... start your engines!the motor trenn coming to the baltimore. 3 tickets... is just minutes morning news.. all local.. ll & morning. [ male announcer ] where is this light it floats. when hair is this hydrated, it flooows... introducing nexxus hydra-light: a higher standard in hair care that's full of moisture. free of heaviness. hydra-light's salon formulas with light, deep-sea minerals give up to 80% more moisturization that won't weigh hair down. for hair that captivatingly flows. new nexxus hydra-light. [ woman ] you'll never settle again. [ male announcer ] raise your standard.


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