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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 18, 2013 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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where best friends are made. first i chse my favorite... next i stuff her... time to make a wish! then i dress her. thanks, mom! my turn. [ female announcer ] build-a-bear workshop. animals and outfits sold separately.
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[ female announcer ] build-a-bear workshop. keep away f uuuuhh! hmm. please, chris, i don't want to fight you. i don't understand, tails. why is knuckles running away? knuckles probably doesn't want to fight 'cause he's afraid that chris is gonna get hurt. chris: let's go, knuckles! why won't knuckles fight? quit running away. come on and fight me. i'm not gonna fight you! hey! [ grunts ]
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scarlet: that chris thorndyke certainly is brave. tails: especially when the other guy's running away. why don't you just forfeit so i can win? okay, but look who's in the next round. hmm? uh. i'd have to fight amy or rouge? uhh! [ thinking ] rouge will do anything to win that chaos emerald. and if amy gets mad enough, she'll knock me out of the stadium. there's no way to win. [ gulps ] [ groaning ] my appendix! get me a doctor! knuckles moves on. i think you made a very wise move, chris. yeah. i see you have your mom's acting talent. [ laughs ] mr. stewart, how would you rate your opponent? franklin? what are you doing here? i just look like me! my cover's been blown!
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brace yourself, my little friend. i am going to stick it to you! aaaaahhh! hah! [ beeping ] oh, no. uh! i think i'm on the wrong end of that stick. ohhhh. i give up. [ applause ] yay, emerl! [ bell dings ] let's go! this oughta be interesting. i'd really be going to the hospital if i had messed with one of them.
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aaah! [ panting ] this just proves a hammer's no match for a bat. [ grunting ] scarlet: we're down to the final four now. emerl versus lucky and knuckles against rouge. [ both panting ] i need a break! do not stop! they are gaining on us! you won't get away! if you want to keep up with me, you'd better take flying lessons! scarlet: the semifinals begin with the showdown between robotic rivals. [ beeping ] [ beeping continues ] [ beeping stops ] uh-oh. it looks like lucky's grandstanding has used up his power supply. emerl is the winner!
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[ applause ] that means emerl's made it to the final round! yay! yay! [ bell dings ] knuckles is a heavy hitter, but when it comes to brainpower, he's a real lightweight. i'll have to figure out some way to outsmart him. that's the only way of getting my hands on that gorgeous emerald. i've got it! hey, knuckles, maybe you and i oughta settle this little thing in private. in private? mm. just you and me. hey, we paid to see some action. [ indistinct murmuring ] i can't see a thing in here. rouge, how am i supposed to fight? like this!
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we don't have any way of knowing who's winning the match right now, but it sounds like knuckles and rouge are in a slugfest. who do you think is winning, tails? bats have sonar ability to sense things in the dark, so i'm pretty sure that rouge has the edge here. [ both grunting ] rouge: ha ha! sweet dreams, knuckles! ugh! [ indistinct murmuring ] things get intense in tents, but i'm still standing! scarlet: rouge the bat is on her way to the finals! rouge: uh! ugh! tails: hey, wait! i guess i stood up to her. knuckles is moving on to the final round! [ cheers and applause ] go away! you're like a wad of bubble gum i've sat on
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and no matter how hard i try to shake you off, you stick to my tail. i'm not gonna let you get away! i don't know what new plan is brewing in that messed-up mind of yours, but i won't rest till i stop you! oh, yeah? well, my latest and greatest scheme is so brilliantly planned in every detail that not even a loose cannon like you can blast it apart! sure, that's what you always say, doc. you think you're funny, don't you? well, this time, i'm gonna crack you up, once and for all! okay, eggman, it's game time! [ screams ] well, looks like i hit a grand slam. [ screaming continues ] announcer: and now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the final match. the winner will take home a chaos emerald. in this corner, we have the world's toughest fistfighter -- knuckles! and in this corner, we have the master of computerized combat, emerl! go show everybody you're number one, emerl!
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with fighters this closely matched, i'd say we're in for the most grueling bout of the tournament. hhhaaaahh! come on, emerl! hey, knock it off! emerl copied that from sonic! aaaaahhhh! ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. knuckles is totally outmatched, grandpa. looks like knucklehead won't be winning the chaos emerald either. uuuhh! poor knuckles is hurt. he could use a hankie.
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here! that's it. knuckles gives up. our winner is emerl! [ cheers and applause ] no. he thought my hankie was a white flag. please wait, sir. there's been a mistake. i was trying to help knuckles. he didn't quit the match, honest. but i did quit. huh? chao. chao, chao, chao. i feel a lot better now that i know you didn't lose the match because of me. not bad, emerl. we'll have to have another match when i'm not feeling so beat. i deserve some credit since i'm the one who wore knuckles out.
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and your choices could be in th [ cheers and applause ]al. now it's time to present the grand prize to our champion. that's you, emerl. go up and get your chaos emerald. then everybody will cheer for you and you can take a bow. let's hear it for emerl. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations, emerl. that was great. bring the award. the chaos emerald that the president is presenting to our winner is the most valuable prize ever awarded in a sporting competition. emerl, as we build a fighting force to combat dr. eggman, your victory is an inspiration to all our fighting robots.
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i could've snatched that chaos emerald if it wasn't for you two lead heads. why is it our fault? why do we always end up losing the blame game? hmm. speaking of games... [ all scream ] on behalf of the whole nation, i congratulate emerl. [ electricity crackling, whirring ] [ all gasp ] [ all screaming ] emerl, is there something that made you angry?
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why are you attacking everybody? [ beeping ] [ screaming ] stop before it's too late! i'll save you! emerl, that's it. i can't be your frnd. i'll knock emerl out so we can open up his control panel and check out why he's malfunctioning! aaaaahhh!
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sonic, come help me! emerl, this isn't a game! you've got to stop right now or somebody is going to get hurt. cream, look out! are you okay, cream? i am. he's gaining on us! look out! why is he acting this way? my guess is that the chaos emerald suddenly caused emerl's memory unit to reprogram itself. but i don't have any idea how or why it happened. can't we just fix emerl and change him back to the way he was before?
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that would be very tough. wow! it looks like emerl was a big hit in this neighborhood. he is a real blockbuster. emerl was designed to destroy. he was built a long time ago as a combat robot. and when he got that chaos emerald, its tremendous energy activated his original programming and changed him from a nice, docile robot into a mean machine. [ laughs evilly ] i'm ready to fight you again. only this time, i'm adding a little twist! chuck: emerl's copying ability gives him a huge advantage. knuckles' fighting skills don't matter. emerl can match him blow for blow.
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when knuckles attacks with all his might, he gets attacked withhe same force. it's almost like he's fighting against himself. he can't win. give it up and give us a shot, knuckles. i still have a chance. yeah, a chance of winding up in the hospital. let us handle this. i am not a quitter! i'll stop that robot! amy! you saved me again, sonic! not that i needed saving! that robot must have some weakness. i'm gonna take emerl apart! let me have a crack at him first, tails! sorry. that's okay.
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well, now what? maybe if all three of us fight it at once. it's our only chance. i'll cut him off! then we strike! i'm scared, mama. chao. i hope they know what they're doing, chuck. i don't trust that emerl. that robot's extremely clever. where do you think emerl's running to, grandpa? hey, i bet i know. he's leading sonic straight to the sea! sorry, boys, i can't keep up with you. uh-oh! i bet emerl led them to the sea 'cause he knows sonic doesn't like water! oh, oh, oh, oh.
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[ grunts ] sonic, be careful! let's go, cheese! thanks, cream. i know how much you hate to get wet. knuckles! emerl! you just wrecked the city. and you attacked my mother and my friends. i want to help you, emerl, but only if you promise not to hurt anybody else. do you? chao! chao! [ electricity crackling ] no! that was a real close one.
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ugh. he's almost as tough as me. [ groans ]
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[ whimpering ] chao! chao! ha! cha-a-a-a-o! whoa. they're tough. but how could they hurt emerl? they're just a couple of squirts, but they've got that robot swamped. chao! emerl can only copy the skills of one opponent at a time. if you work together, he'll be overwhelmed! that might work. what do you say? i'll try anything to knock off that knock-off.
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sonic: no. why not? rouge and i can take him easy if we attack him together. yeah, i know. but i think we should let cream and cheese handle this. now, let's go! chao chao! emerl, i wish i didn't have to do this. [ gasps ] goodbye, chris. [ laughter ] uuhhhhh!
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[ crying ] chao, chao, chao. chao, chao, chao, chao. don't cry, cheese. we had to do it. aah! goodbye, emerl.
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topaz: headquarters, this is the seahawk. we've run into heavy fog. visibility is near zero. come in, headquarters. do you read me? man: you're breaking up, seahawk. please repeat. i don't know where all this interference is coming from, sir, unless there's somebody out there jamming our signals. what's that? you spot something? we're picking up a large object heading straight for us, sir. what is it, a ship? i don't think so.
6:29 am
sound the alarm. headquarters, this is the seahawk calling, over! go ahead, seahawk. we've encountered an unknown vessel, and we're under attack. seahawk, what's going on? over! turn us around before it's too late. hurry! seahawk, what in blazes is happening out there?! [ indistinct shouting ] mayday! may--! seahawk, do you read me? seahawk, come in. seahawk?! seahawk?! seahawk?! ♪ go, g-go, g-go, go, go ♪ gotta go fast ♪ gotta go fast ♪ gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ movin' at the speed of sound, quickest hedgehog around ♪
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♪ got ourselves a situation ♪ stuck in a new location ♪ without any explanation ♪ no talk of relaxation ♪ don't, don't, don't, don't, don't blink ♪ ♪ don't think ♪ just go, go, go, go ♪ g-g-g-go, go ♪ n-n-n-n-n-n-na ♪ n-n-n-n-n-n-na ♪ sonic is on the run ♪ sonic -- he's number one ♪ sonic -- he's coming next, so watch out for sonic x ♪ ♪ gotta go fast ♪ sonic ♪ gotta go fast ♪ sonic ♪ gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ go, g-go, g-go go, go, go, go ♪ ♪ sonic x ♪ gotta go faster, gotta go fast ♪ ♪ gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ sonic x
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nal authorities report that the sing at sea.awk resceaeaeaeaeaea are mbing the area for its last-kwnosition. so far, there are no signs of the vessel. these pictures were taken two days ago when it left on its mission.
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details of that mission are being kept secret, but sources tell sstv that everything seemed to be going well until early this morning, when the crew radioed to report heavy fog... see, that's why i can't stand water. you like it if it's in a glass. that's a start. chao. maybe the ship hit something after it went in the fog. a ship like that has instruments that let it navigate through fog safely. there may be something else going on here. what do you mean, grandpa? what if the seahawk's disappearance wasn't an accident? other vessels have encountered strange phenomena in that area. perhaps we should take the yacht and have a look. does that mean you're going out on the ocean? yes, that's possible. you're thinking that emerl's down there somewhere. hey, cream, i'm gonna go outside and pick a whole bunch of flowers. want to join me? sure, we can give them to my mom and ella. chao! chao! [ indistinct yelling ] mayday! may--!
6:35 am
our rescue teams searched the entire area but haven't found a single sign of the seahawk or its crew. how could a ship of that size disappear without leaving a trace? well, what if somebody made the ship disappear? if a thief was planning to steal a ship, he'd make sure not to leave any evidence behind that could clue in the cops. maybe we have a robbery on our hands. i hope you're wrong, rouge. that ship is packed with top-secret communications equipment that could easily tap into data from all of our military satellites. what's your point? mr. president, if some maniac were to capture that ship, he'd have access to all the data in our defense network, and he could easily bring the entire country to its knees. hmm. i think i smell a rotten egg. eggman. i hate to say it, but you may be right, rouge. this is just the kind of insane plot he'd come up with. ♪ da da dee dee dee computers make evil so easy! [ laughs evilly ]
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you have been hunched over that keyboard for hours, doctor. it is bad for your posture. at least try to sit up straight when you type. otherwise, you may hurt yourself. i already have a big pain in the! "knuckles discovers world's oldest map. "renowned archeologist dr. cadbury studying the ancient document at pukapito palace." hmm. let's drop by. this map proves my theory. i can announce that the world's oldest mystery has finally been solved. are you ready? for the first time, i feel totally wrapped up in my work. huh? what the -- silence! grave robber, give us our map!
6:37 am
[ gasps ] mission accomplished. we hit the mummy load this time. now we must book back to the base. [ alarm ringing ] dr. eggman: good work. you deserve raises... if i start paying you. [ laughs evilly ] now let's check this out. bocoe: oh? where is that? it's this world as it looked ages ago. and the computer can take us even further back in the past. decoe: wow. that is cool! can you visit chat rooms? can it, you clods! now, where could it be? aha! there! heh. now i have exactly the information i've been looking for -- the geographic location of murasia! what is murasia? i don't know, but it sounds contagious. my dream of building an eggman empire is alive and well! thanks to the map, the people of this planet will finally be forced to acknowledge that i rule! [ laughs evilly ]
6:38 am
ah, hello, knuckles. very nice to see you, ella. uh, have we met before? no, madam, but i am delighted to make your acquaintance now. tanaka: dr. cadbury. tanaka! you were in my archeology class years ago. your perfect memory has not failed you. that class changed my entire life, doctor. [ crying ] you mean, that's what inspired you to become a butler? yes. you taught that household servants played a vital role throughout history. [ grunting ] you always were unique. i was at the palace doing some research when those two thugs attacked me and ran away with the map. it's not a total loss, though. at least we have a digital copy. interesting. why were you studying it? are you familiar with the legend of murasia? is it a place?
6:39 am
murasia is a continent that sank into the sea. it was the home of a spectacular civilization that flourished and died long ago. according to the legends, the murasians possessed a highly advanced culture and accomplished spectacular feats of engineering. however, in spite of all its amazing achievements, the magnificent murasian civilization was wiped out in an instant. if the legends are even partly true, then the ruins of that civilization could hold priceless secrets. first the seahawk is lost and then this map is stolen. i have a feeling there's some kind of connection, but i'm not sure what it could be. the seahawk was searching for murasia. it was using this map as a guide. you see, the map reveals the continents of our world as they were in the distant past. here, i'll show you. now, when we adjust the data, it reveals how our world appeared prior to the volcanic eruption that destroyed murasia.
6:40 am
you see there? one piece is missing, just like in a jigsaw puzzle. it's the final clue we need to find the lost continent. tanaka: i see it now. that is where murasia was located. exactly. further analysis reveals that a piece of the continent survived the disaster -- a tiny island, which exists to this day. and that's exactly where the seahawk disappeared. [ music plays ] bye-bye now! chao chao! have a safe voyage! later! bye, guys! we'll take lots of pictures for you! bye, sweetie! cream: bye and be careful.
6:41 am
getting there won't be easy. that island is really just the top of a huge volcano. there's a whole chain of volcanoes underwater here making this one of the most unstable regions in the whole world. this whole story see wacky to me. the doctor knows what he's talking about. you're just getting nervous because you're surrounded by h2o. water doesn't scare me anymore. i just don't like getting wet. well, there it is, guys. let's go ashore now so we can get off this tub. you're not in charge here, sonic. [ all gasp ] huh! look there! [ all scream ]
6:42 am
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with a winx club toy in your mcdonald's happy meal. that ship belongs to eggman. [ laughing ] captain eggman has an important maritime message for you.
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surrender to me now. my new egg battleship has enough firepower to take on the navy, the air force, and sonic, too! you stole that map from dr. cadbury. you think so? now, why would i do a thing like that? just because you're so despicable. that map led me here to the world's hot spot. i don't follow you. i do. a hot spot is supposedly the weakest part of the planet's crust. if a volcano inside the hot spot erupts, all the other volcanoes in the world erupt, too. but no respectable geologist believes such a bizarre theory. well, excuse me, dr. i know everything! but whether you realize it or not, you're floating above a hot spot right now! now i see what you're getting at. the legends are vague, but it's possible that the murasians somehow caused the deadly volcanic eruptions. didn't any murasians survive? it's likely that the murasians were all wiped out.
6:46 am
there's no trace of them in the archeological record after the volcano erupted. i don't have time to listen to you academic airheads discuss a bunch of scholarly mumbo jumbo, thank you. the murasians cracked open that hot spot once and sank a continent. now i'm going to blast it open and cause a worldwide catastrophe! and on the ruins that remain, i'll build the eggman empire! oh, yeah? uuuhh! please. sonic! mr. chris! don't worry, i'll save you! uhh! thanks, tanaka. fire! fire!
6:47 am
[ grunts ] it's okay, sonic. i got you. [ both scream ] they're in danger. can't you fix this thing faster? i'm trying, amy. we need a little more ti. [ all scream ] it's hard to swim. the waves are really rough. we have to try. [ laughs evilly ] captain: sir, we've spotted something on the sonar. can't this wait?! i'm a little busy right now! but, sir, there's another ship coming this way. it's surfacing now! who could that be? we caught him by surprise. dr. eggman has his defenses down. now we can blast him out of the water.
6:48 am
all right! it's a government ship! those blasted copycats salvaged my old ship from the ocean floor and now they're using it to attack me! they certainly are clever. it just goes to show the importance of recycling. surrender now, eggman, or we'll destroy your ship. prepare to fire on my order. rouge: i want in on the action, too! you're only aboard this ship as an observer, rouge. lock on target. dr. eggman: if you want to play chicken, i'll be happy to clip your wings. uuuhhhh! this will crash their party. let's get them, guys. fire! i am so happy to see you. [ crying ]
6:49 am
don't cry. we've got enough water. do something! well, what do you suggest, micro-mind?! you have to put up a fight, doctor! how's that for starters, big mouth?! dr. eggman should've surrendered when he had the chance. everything's set for takeoff. transform x-tornado! we're trapped! there's still one way out. it's topaz. she's still alive.
6:50 am
[ laughs evilly ] stay away. if you destroy my ship, your comrades will go down with me! [ laughing continues ] eggman, let them go! fat chance! i'm holding them hostage just to make sure i get what i came for. [ all scream ] wait! back away! hostages or not, my job's to stop eggman. if you try to stop us, we'll treat you like an enemy. either way, we're doing our job. they're still attacking me. what should i do now? we could start filling out claim forms for your insurance company. those hostages need our help. no sweat, chris. ready for action, sonic? watch me! hey, whose side are they on?
6:51 am
all i need is 10 minutes, tops. okay, but when your time runs out, i start shooting. it appears they are holding their fire. now's our chance! head for the island quickly! knuckles: not her again! she's heading for eggman's ship. we have to distract him somehow! go for it, tails! uh. why didn't i just become a dentist? whoa! whoa! it's time to use our heavy artillery. you mean... you mean... i'll finish them with one blast. but you have to make the volcanoes erupt! are you forgetting that you want to rule the world? i just changed my mind. i want revenge. he is dependable. yes, no matter what,
6:52 am
dr. eggman never fails to let you down. what's that?! [ gasps ] fire energy ray! there's nothing we can do.
6:53 am
6:54 am
girl: don't look at me. second girl: your hair's a bit frizzy today. aw! ha ha! you should pick that up. announcer: every day, kids witness bullying. poor you. ha ha! they want to help but don't know how. teach your kids how to be more than a bystander. visit
6:55 am
decoe: surrender now, or we will fire the energy r in 10 seconds. we don't have any time! we can't give up! maybe if we attack it together! it's worth a try! [ all scream ] all right! we are doomed! what can we do?! oh, dear, oh, dear, oh --
6:56 am
all: we still have our hostages! not any more. face it, doc, there's no way out this time. hey, where'd my chaos emerald go?! huh? ah! stop pushing. back off. i can't steer. spread out. oh, rouge. sorry. maybe this trip was a big mistake. maybe we never should've come. if eggman finds the ruins of murasia, it could be dangerous. yes. i'm beginning to think that dr. eggman was right
6:57 am
and that this place really is a hot spot.
6:58 am
we're supposed to be at a rock concert, but all i see is rock. ( yawns ) relax, miko. the show doesn't start for two hours.
6:59 am
do you know how long i've waited to see slash monkey? - uh... - forever! and it's their only u.s. date. there's a shock. i mean, who doesn't love obscure bulgarian shriek metal? ( metallic footsteps and device beeping ) by all appearances, the mine's been stripped. but i'm getting a signal. it's faint, but it's definitely energon. whoa! doesn't make sense. this operation has been abandoned four, maybe five years. and decepticons never leave energon behind. jack: uh, guys? cool! she went in. unbelievable. really? have you met her? ( groans ) miko, get back here! it would be kind of interesting to see. - you know, if it were-- - safe? a stripped mine can be structurally unstable, jack. i promise to step lightly. just don't tell your mom.
7:00 am
7:01 am
uh, lord megatron, far be it from me to question your intentions, but i do not understand why we've returned here after all this time... alone. uh... every last trace of energon was extracted from this mine. there's nothing left. indulge me, starscream, won't you? miko! mi-- check it out! now, this would make an awesome rehearsal space! ( echoing ) hello! hello, cleveland! are you ready to rock?
7:02 am
whoo-hoo-ow! arcee... found something. bulkhead? bulkhead, do you read? - ( static ) - scrap. the mineral composition down here is causing interference. okay, maybe the acoustics aren't perfect. ( sighs ) well, we're here. ratchet's gonna want a sample. ( device beeping ) how intriguing. ( chuckles nervously ) ( groans ) incompetent fools! this mining equipment should have been relocated. why is it still here? a most valid question.
7:03 am
( inhales sharply ) my apologies, master. i believe soundwave was in charge of coordinating transport. ( growls ) but in fairness, during your interstellar travels, we all had to assume additional responsibilities. clearly, mistakes were made. yes. clearly. ( gasping ) every last trace of energon extracted? lord megatron, i can explain. explain what? that you've been hoarding a supply of energon for your personal use? no! not exactly. you see, i-- do not take me for a fool, starscream! ( stammers ) i have been wise to your transgressions from the beginning. not only did you pluck the dark energon from my chest...
7:04 am
but you tried to raise your own undead warrior with it. it's no secret that you lost an arm in the process, which you've since had replaced. you know about that?! soundwave is quite competent at surveillance, i can assure you. the fact is, starscream, despite your treachery, i've allowed you to carry on this long because i took a certain delight in following your string of failures. but you've finally become tiresome, predictable. you've hit rock bottom. ( whimpering ) master, please! give me one more chance! i beg of you! you have ceased to be of use to me, starscream. so you shall simply cease to be.
7:05 am
( whimpering ) ( growls ) stay down! haaah! starscream, you dare abandon me?! ( grunts )
7:06 am
scrap! ( groans ) ( yelps ) ( grunting ) ( groans ) what? ( echoing ) no!
7:07 am
7:08 am
♪ when he went home to roost ♪ dairy and fruit ♪ gave him a boost wa-hoo! ♪ the happiest day he'd ever known ♪ ♪ on the funky farm where happiness grows ♪ [ ferris ] a good spy is always on the lookout. but a better spy is always on the lookout for a happy meal. boost your senses with a spy gear gadget. there's one in your mcdonald's happy meal. ♪ ba da ba ba ba
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7:10 am
( grunting ) ( coughing ) ( echoing ) arcee? arcee! oh, scrap. ( coughing ) did i do that? don't think so. are you okay? natch. what about you? peachy. ( creaking ) whoa! don't worry, miko. i got it under control. what do you think caused the cave-in? ( sighs ) who knows? i just hope arcee and jack are safe, 'cause we could definitely use an assist.
7:11 am
just keep raising that roof, bulk. i'll get us out of here. ( grunting ) ( grunting ) ( coughing ) ( laughs evilly ) predictable, master? is that what you called me? well, now who has hit rock bottom? what's that? i'm sorry, i can't hear you beneath all that rubble! ( laughs evilly ) farewell, lord megatron. but you have survived far worse. if you managed to free yourself,
7:12 am
you would blame me for your setback, and there is nowhere that i could possibly escape from your wrath. or, worse yet, your mindless followers will come looking for you and take credit for your rescue-- credit that could rightfully be mine. raaaah! megatron! ( panting ) ( echoing ) arcee? bulkhead? miko! - ( thud in distance ) - huh? well, that could come in handy. ( grunting )
7:13 am
miko! ( sighs ) i'm feeling strong! no, you're not. i just need to... ( groans ) rest for a second, that's all. ( groans ) miko, listen to me. there's no fresh air down here. if you use up the oxygen too fast... we could suffocate! not "we," miko-- you. autobots don't need to breathe, remember? right. smack-down in outer space. ( chuckles ) that was cool. ( groans ) okay. what if i just slowed down, breathed... less... ( panting ) ( grunting ) no. you need to stop now. i can't, bulk. i have to get you out of here. ( grunts )
7:14 am
( sighs ) miko, please. don't worry about me. ( rock settling, metal creaking ) ( straining ) i'm fine. roll out. ( groaning ) ( drilling in distance ) do you hear that? - sounds like... - drilling. got to be arcee and jack. we're in... here! ( straining ) here! miko, grab something, and bang it on my foot. can you do that? ( grunting )
7:15 am
i don't want to hurt you. i know it's hard to believe, but i'm tougher than i look. now give it all you got. ( thudding ) i suppose helping those less fortunate would be completely out of the question.
7:16 am
every friend has a story! jumpin' jellyfish! it's spongebob and patrick!
7:17 am
you can make your own spongebob squarepants and patrick star, and even add the theme song! characters do not move. characters and sounds sold separately. only at build-a-bear workshop!
7:18 am
you might as well use your drill to finish me. i guarantee you will never have a better opportunity than right now. well? what are you waiting for? think of the glory. seize the day. optimus would. no, he wouldn't. not like this. i will be sure to share the details of our little conversation with optimus-- the day i rip out his spark! ( grunts ) ( grunting ) thatagirl. ( metal groaning ) what was that? nothing. go on. keep banging. ( thuds )
7:19 am
( grunts ) bulkhead, what's happening? tell me! my arms-- they're starting to give. ( grunting ) does it hurt? ( grunts ) a little. bulkhead! help's coming. we just got to guide them here. hit me again. miko, do it! ( grunting ) ( whimpering ) ( drilling in distance ) are they any closer? i can't tell. the sound is all-- unh-- freaky in here. ( thudding ) ( gasps ) ( laughs )
7:20 am
yes! arcee found us! ( laughs evilly ) put any doubt of my allegiance to rest. what's he doing down here? miko, get behind me now! well, well, if isn't bulkhead and his pet vermin. my, you do have your hands full, don't you, autobot? do whatever you want to me, starscream, but let the human go! no! ( strains ) i'm not leaving you! it appears that the human wishes to remain. starscream, don't push me! you like playing with the big robots, don't you, little girl? ( panting )
7:21 am
aah! ( chuckling evilly ) ( straining ) ( growling ) that's it, autobot. i will-- what? you'll what? make me bring down the ceiling on top of all of us? run, miko! yes. run, miko. i would love to see you try. really, i would. ( thuds ) aah! jack, get miko out of here now! ( grunts ) come on! come on! run, miko!
7:22 am
( crying ) we can't leave bulkhead! ( moans ) and then there were two. you'rbring it little thumb.own. i can beat you with one finger. grrrrr! uh oh! almost got you now! ha ha. 1...2...3 whoa...whoa...whoa! i won! nothing like having a little fun with your parents. especially when it means a trip to wendy's. and the fun just keeps on going with every wendy's kids meal. all the stuff we love to eat plus awesome activities from klutz that you can play with your whole family. one in every wendy's kids meal. i won! wendy's. now that's better.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
arcee will save him, won't she? you and i just need to find a way out of here before megatron digs himself free. megatron's here, too?! ( gasps ) ( gasps ) ( chuckling )
7:26 am
if you think i'm gonna beg for mercy, starscream, forget it. yes, begging for mercy would be quite pathetic, wouldn't it? well, you're much more valuable to me alive. imagine megatron's appreciation when i not only rescue him but deliver an autobot. i believe that would restore my stature quite nicely. ( weapon charges ) don't move, starscream. hey, bulk. hey, 'cee. raise your hands. aww. we could finish them here and now. shame we didn't bring any grenades.
7:27 am
would optimus... finish them? no. he probably wouldn't. not like this. but optimus wouldn't rescue them, either, right? let's go home. ( sighs ) ( straining ) ( gasps ) master! you're alive! thank the allspark! i... i did not abandon you, master. i returned to save you! save me?
7:28 am
look into my spark, lord megatron. my intentions were true. please! have mercy!
7:29 am
>> lex, stop it! you will blow us all to pieces! >> not now, woman! something's happening. it''s... it's just one more steaming flop. aargh! >> baby...
7:30 am
>> nothing works! aargh! >> lex, forget bringing back brainiac. >> i don't need input from some crystal-gazing parasite! one who's confused a winch's grip on power with the real thing! >> this is the real trouble-maker for us. it's pure wild goose chase. look, i will prove it. i will show you what is in there. >> don't be stupid. this is science. what good is your sorcery? unless you plan to turn stone into gold? or maybe a frog? >> such ignorance. transmutation is what you want to do! >> transmutation is-- what are you waiting for? do it! >> ok! >> ok! >> by the slaughter of the innocent, by pestilence and plague, reveal the hidden unto me.
7:31 am
there, you see? just a rock. a worthless piece of--oh. >> what? >> it's not important. >> show me! aah! >> critical system failure in three seconds. two seconds. one second. >> aah! >> no, keep the image! >> ohh... >> there is still brainiac in the universe. >> there is no way to tell where it happened. >> wrong. determine the explose stars to coordinates. . tilgoose again. erwe rulworl far.
7:32 am
kes rld so mu, chkeep yr r r r fo s s s s then may i'll lekeep i
7:33 am
>> speed it up! sinestro, don't forget the floor. i want radiation shielding from every direction. rampage... bizarro. >> i don't even know why we're doing this. uhh! >> killer frost, if weather wizard here doesn't shape up, i'm holding you accountable.
7:34 am
>> whatever. >> structural integrity is crucial. >> ok! got it. geez. [talking] >> soon, people, the secret society will no longer exist. instead, you'll become the new ruling class of the universe. you are the lucky few, the chosen. >> luthor, what kind of game is this? because so far, it's no fun. >> bear with me, toyman. you'll get the hang of it. you're going to help me collect some newly-discovered pieces of brainiac. >> swell. so you merge with a living computer, like you did before. you become more powerful than all of us put together, but what do we get? >> you'll all be my lieutenants in the new order. of course, if you don't like
7:35 am
those terms, you'd better stop me now while you still have a chance. but you'd also better remember what happened to poor goldface. >> aah! >> i'm already more powerful than all of you put together. >> excuse me. don't take this the wrong way, but what exactly are we doing? >> i was coming to that. [rumbling]
7:36 am
i reconfigured grodd's cloaking field into a hyperspatial drive. >> uhh! why is my headquarters moving? hey! what's going on? i demand to know what's going on! >> quiet, grodd. >> you. come to gloat at me again? i'm not some monkey in a zoo throwing-- >> shh. listen, i've been very, very bad. i backed the wrong pony. it should have been you. >> oh, you finally sussed it out.
7:37 am
that hairless sweetheart of yours isn't a leader. he's a thug. >> and how. i don't like to compete for lex with a dead computer. i want you to be my man in charge, like before. >> and luthor's fat head on a plate. >> toyman? >> we should be reaching the brainiac remnants soon. by the way, thank you for making me your navigator, luthor. i always love learning a new controller. >> just keep us on course.
7:38 am
you'rbring it little thumb.own. i can beat you with one finger. grrrrr! uh oh! almost got you now! ha ha. 1...2...3 whoa...whoa...whoa! i won! nothing like having a little fun with your parents. especially when it means a trip to wendy's. and the fun just keeps on going with every wendy's kids meal. all the stuff we love to eat plus awesome activities from klutz that you can play with your whole family. one in every wendy's kids meal. i won! wendy's. now that's better.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> i'd like to complete this transaction, lex. now put your hands up and have toyman turn us around. >> don't look at him, big boy. grodd is leader. >> luthor?
7:43 am
>> uhh! [rumbling] >> aah! >> finish that oaf! >> [groaning] >> giganta. you're out of jail. how's your head? >> pretty good, considering you tried to fry my brain.
7:44 am
>> grodd is mine now. >> uhh! >> hey. one creepsicle coming up. ow! you are so annoying. >> trapped like a rat. it's very weird. you were never so much fun when we were together.
7:45 am
aah! >> you wouldn't believe what this cost me. >> [humming] around the world. >> uhh! >> rock the cradle. sleeper. >> luthor! look out!
7:46 am
>> give it up, lex. you're only delaying the inevitable. >> you're right. >> you know, this mutiny was easy. the secret society hates you. >> like they love you.
7:47 am
uhh! idiot simian! half-baked objectivist! >> you're ill-equipped to lead, lex. >> a lower primate, masquerading as an intellectual. >> i'm the more accomplished, both physically and mentally. aah! >> took you long enough. i was beginning to think i'd figured you wrong. now, bow down to me. who is master here? >> you...are. >> get up. take 6 steps forward.
7:48 am
get in. >> i should have let you rot in jail. >> good-bye, grodd. it could have gone the other way. >> it really could have, couldn't it? >> no. >> you-- i'm not done with you! i'll get out of this, and when i do...
7:49 am
7:50 am
you'rbring it little thumb.own. i can beat you with one finger. grrrrr! uh oh! almost got you now! ha ha. 1...2...3 whoa...whoa...whoa! i won! nothing like having a little fun with your parents. especially when it means a trip to wendy's. and the fun just keeps on going with every wendy's kids meal. all the stuff we love to eat plus awesome activities from klutz that you can play with your whole family. one in every wendy's kids meal. i won! wendy's. now that's better.
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> can any of you give me one good reason to let you live? killer frost, you've got a future.
7:53 am
get rid of the rest. >> you got it. [beeping] >> we're here. >> darling, grodd must have used mind control. ok, maybe not. you don't ever doubt that i love you, correct? i...i...i know i did something bad. i'm a sick person. you don't know what it's like to be me. >> don't be afraid, darling. you still have a big role in my plan. in fact, i can't do this without you. >> i used to think magic was unknowable, unpredictable, and not to be trusted. you've taught me so much, tala. even my wealth of scientific knowledge would never have been up to this task. you will be the mystic conduit that will siphon brainiac's essence from the debris.
7:54 am
i'll be able to reconstitute him from that energy. but i doubt you'll see it. >> you planned this all along. even before i-- >> i'm a sick person, too. >> luthor, the collection panels are in place. >> lex, please! i beg you! >> hold that thought. do it! i said, do it! >> he cannot hear you, lex luthor. time has stopped. we exist between two ticks of the clock. in my travels through the myriad paths of infinity, i have seen the first and the last. but what you do today threatens the entire universe--past, present, and future. >> i should hope it does. look, i didn't catch the name. >> metron, scientist and chronicler. >> well, metron, i'll soon be ready for anything the universe can throw at me. tampering with forces beyond my ken, and so forth? nice try.
7:55 am
if you want my power, make your move. otherwise, you can get lost. >> you will regret your decision. we all will. >> ♪ twinkle, twinkle, brainiac tala's going to bring you back ♪ >> lex! [screaming] >> brainiac, i'm coming. >> [screaming] >> people, meet your new lord and master!
7:56 am
>> that rodent thunderbar thinks he can rule apokolips in darkseid's stead. we'll be the ones. [men shouting] [men shouting] [murmuring]
7:57 am
>> arise, my children. let this meaningless battle for control end today. >> of course, lord. we had thought ourselves bereft forever. >> but let the universe howl in despair, for i have returned. [cheering] >> what is your will, my lord? >> as ever, to search for the anti-life equation, that i may bring order to this aimless universe. but first, only then will i seek the ultimate end. >> forgive me, lord, but an attack on earth would violate your pact with highfather. new genesis would doubtless retaliate. >> where do you think i'm going next? [running footsteps] >> superman! you'd better get outside, quick!
7:58 am
>> we have a little problem. dragon ball z kai... the battle with the androids underway,
7:59 am
goku's friends have proved no match for these merciless machines, and are now forced to look on in horror as goku's energy is greedily consumed right before their eyes. ( goku yelling ) ( android 19 giggles ) ( everyone gasps ) vegeta: no painted scrapheap steals my thunder. the pleasure of vanquishing kakarot belongs to me. ( theme music playing ) ♪ mysteries abound ♪ made of a deep energy ♪ - ♪ energy - ♪ foes all around ♪ but i will go fearless and free ♪ ♪ i'll give you strength ♪ ♪ you give me love, that's how we'll live ♪ - ♪ that's how we'll live - ♪ my courage won't fade ♪ if you're with me, my enemies will never win ♪ ♪ we will fight for love and glory ♪ ♪ we will live to tell the story ♪


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