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dan five spice out on a new place for them to live they came across this house of micah which was in ephraim they found their micah had ephod molted image a graven image tear from the old priest he had appointed made a little funny they had 10 from lecture pl. had not use ward end of lecture when dan come back through with 600 this time armed for war they asked the men that was with tribe of dan did you know there's a graven image in a molten image in the fog careful and a priest or a sabbath could take them so they did they took everything priest, confronted them said what are you guys
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doing said look you want to be the priest of one man or would you rather be the priest of 600 the tribe of dan for example rethought himself what's the two i want to be the priest of one man or do i want to die at the hands of the 600 armed dan knights he decided in his best interest to stick with everything they had stolen and go with the tribe of dan ripping it up today verse 21 my program director pointed out i skipped the verses we wrapped up yesterday rebel back and pick it up verse 21 with s that would wisdom yeshua jesus precious name father we ask you open eyes open ears this day judges eight-team chapter
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verse 21 and it reads these are the 600 dni after he had stolen everything out of the heights of micah including the priest now would get a little information here that we didn't know the women and children are with them the carriages all their belongings is what this means is dan knights are not going to take stay temporarily this is a colonization they have everything with them their wife or children all their belongings but they're putting in case micah and his neighbor which was mentioned in last verse for this those that might be interested in being loyal to michael helping him
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try and avenge what the benefits. the group with the women and children in the front is a good b-movie kind of slowly because of the fact they have the women and children all belongings their flocks and herds as well if micah approaches them it will be from the rear of the sketching them as they're trying to leave at exactly what happens 22 here we have as neighbors they'd caught up with them we have trouble routing 23
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these are those with micah all they had done is still the house of micah everything that was then and there priest 24 this being micah saidsmall g that i also made i'll add argued nuts you wrong to me by stealing everything out of the house of micah 25 remember dan has quite a group their 600 that are all armed
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for war better to lose your preacher and your idols than to lose your life 26 i'm sure mike at about this time is evaluating the situation sizing up the strength of the dan knights you know he's probably thinking i could go back and still another 1100 shekels of silver for my mom and make more idols graven images i did have my son who my priest in the house of micah for a while ñlevi came along to be my son is still available 26
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there was a time micah had consecrated his son to be the priest and house of micah remember the levite showed up it was a son out of office levite and office now it's levi out of office son back in office after all i cannot always make more idols and graven images 47 this is back to the dendrites lie use this to work we capital of the world remember. set five spice to check out
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find this land what you should they discovered these people was very peaceable people actually i think are probably colony of the site only and we learned in last lesson they were a good distance from the side and therefore for the societal needs to send help to rescue them people who lived in peace will in commerce trade they were out or your so to speak had easy pickings from the tribe of dan after all they only sent 600 so they were anticipating much of a fight out of the people of each in other words for the
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people of like each that they were kind of isolated out there on their own stole the house of micah idols stole the house of micah priest killed the people of like each and stole their land from them you think is real happy with the tribe of dan at this point in time to answer to that is no you know it would be this idle worship that would cost dan and ephraim their place in listing of the 12 tribes of israel written in revelation 7 during the millennial. the individual they are reconstituted as tribes but in revelation 7 the tribes of
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levite joseph or substituted for ephraim and d again the reason they're left out is because of this idolatry 29 the son of jacob the patriarch of the tribe of dan their ancestor same as jacob god changed jacob to israel dan would be one of the locations after the nation split into the 10 tribes of israel to the north and judah after that nation split the 10 tribes of the north had their first game jeroboam you may recall from
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our studies thinking and also chronicles the jeroboam his claim to fame that he made to golden calf put one in dan this location were studying here obviously very receptive to idolatry had an early start of it as we see here also one of the golden calf and bethel you said you do not have to go down to jerusalem to worship yahveh here he is right here in the form of this golden calf in fact i made to for you so you would have to travel very far to worship him jeroboam was good about pointing his own priest only problem they were appointed by god lord gifted of god 30 the one they had stolen from
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the house of micah some scholars try to say the captivity of the land reverse to the captivity to the assyrian. to the assyrian centuries after this particular time this history is being written i think the captivity this is referring to verse when the philistines took the ark of the covenant in the time of samuel backup in time were back around 1400 bc if you have a companion bible even though on this word manassa here it's interesting
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this meant essay is one of only four words in the entire bible that the letter one of the letters in the word not talking in english and talking in hebrew is a suspended letter also called known as a hanging letter by some in other words you have on one line the letter of this word manassa he in hebrew language but the hebrew letter which is roughly equivalent to our letter in his and the seat is raised up off the line in other words it suspended above is done the original writers known the word has been changed from the original manuscripts if you remove the letter in from this word translated manassa here it is moses it's believed some of
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the translators protecting the name of moses because moses certainly had a son named personal who would've been about this age and jonathan would've been moses his grandson certainly would fit with the time age of moses when they went to the promised land to the time we are here for early but interesting if nothing else 31 shiloh means peace or rest is indeed were mosaic tabernacle was for many many years and shiloh however there would not be any peace or rest in israel while this idolatry is going
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on is the reason got brought enemies against israel to oprah's because they just would not do things his way you don't do things his way expect cursing and they would cry out god would raise up a judge to deliver them over and over again we sought through this book would come to chapter 19 i want to take a little home assignment make a note of hosea chapter 9 verse six through nine what you'll find there is prophecy of what it's going to be like just before jesus christ returns as king of kings and lord of lords of the second advent hosea 9 verse nine it states going to be just like in the
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days of gibeah that's what were to be studied in chapter 19 is what is going on in the days of gibeah we learn that we know what's going to be going on just for christ returns as the states there in hosea 99 when he will remember iniquity and visit the sin upon those who committed the sin with the economy like just before christ returns chapter 19 verse one indeed days for two is the same days referred to in chapter 18 verse one of judges shortly after the death of joshua while joshua of remained like those of sir joshua they did a good job of keeping the people of israel away from idolatry as soon as that generation was dead. they
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went running to the gods of the other nations there wasn't a leader there wasn't a judge israel to set things right and rule again when they're so keen the people start wondering looking for something new religion if you will that explains the unlawfulness of the people once again see the levites and the priests are on occupied there's no work for them they're looking for something to do which is indication the church if you will the tabernacle is fallen in
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disarray when you leave god out and you lose him you've lost a great deal this concubine in the hebrew language is paula moore it means secondary the time of this writing it was legal for a man to take a secondary wife they were known as concubines as is translated into english again we see house of god neglected what else is new think that's only time it happened here in the book of judges i submit to you the house of god is neglected today as well very few people keep the word of god chapter by chapter verse by verse
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verse two some commentators scholars things actually she was unfaithful to him therefore went back to her father in bethlehem judah to have the opportunity or means to check out this word were in the septuagint says this woman left him not other words discuss homesick what home to her father really talking about days here i want you to consider these days as being symbolic of the very dispensations or might even call them drop us to a certain
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extent one of the dispensations if you consider the first earth and heaven age come out with the prompts as whale bear that in mind i'll be covering that with you and helping you sort your way. if you don't know what i'm talking about verse three this is the leviteswe see he's confident she is going to come home with them because she's bringing transportation this talk friendly to her in other words in hebrew this means to speak up general way to her heart and other words going back to
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court her trite to win her heart back again obviously her father in bethlehem judah wanted the marriage to be reconciled as he rejoiced to see the levites verse four the damsel's father's word retained in hebrew is to fasten or cds probably a little stronger word than what we would equate to the word retained in the english did he literally line in hand and foot i don't think so the reason for pointing that out were to see her father was very insistent in some cases
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this equating the period of time after man appeared on earth in the flesh but there was no law in that dealer time. the time covering the six day creation was created in other words we could also include with that the creation of death i don't also even in the garden of even the law had not been given at that. the time verse five in hebrew strength at tab a little better than you depart
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had back for help and mount ephraim if you wish to do so a four day workweek to the dispensation of the law the law given in that fourth dispensation also rejected by most we see her father his father-in-law's been pretty consistent he stay receive more of that verse six the levi he was evidently quite fond of the levites to consider people did not travel
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great distances in a very short period of time therefore the travel from bethlehem judah to ephraim might be several years for this man see his daughter again china went than that out as much as possible seven levi what's one more night stayed with each of got some special wine will make our hearts mary and you can get up and get an early start in the morning remember hebrew day begins at sundown
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strength in yourself the day from noon getting late in the evening here we go again remember that they is a period of grace period of time the dispensation to the dispensation means a period of time of grace dispensation we live in at this time after christ paid the rice on the cross were able to go with a repentant heart hurt with your heavenly father and asked for forgiveness therefore it's called the dispensation of grace call at sunset the beginning of next day which is the sixth day this notation of antichrist if you will what things are going to be like just before jesus christ
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returns as is written in hosea chapter 6 verse nine getting late weight till the morning then you can get an early start the levi is not going to go for it this time
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the levi so here is approaching gbits which is at this time not jerusalem gbits occupied by jebusites tribe of canaan it was gbits up until the time of david which is about 400 years after the period of time were at now what we have the canaanites living in jesus at this time verse 11 service new it's dangerous to be out on the road at night
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levi or foreigners canaanites jebusites gibeah should be a safe haven safe place to stop the fight because it was allotted to the tribe of benjamin were talking this down gibeah occupied by israelites our own people verse 14 the sixth dispensation begins with gumby like just before christ returns verse 50
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problem one like the word in the new testament the two witnesses slang rather than the street probably was like an open area in market that had closed there was not a hotel on every main street in the town at this time if you are traveling someone would normally offer to take you in this case nobody offering to take the new in other words he was a farmer he was not a benjamin remember the levites sojourned he was sojourning in
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ephraim among the benjamites not as hell 17 this being a traveler of the words levi goes with them where you're from and where you going with you doing here


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