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now if he is going to the sanctuary which is located at shiloh at this time is going in the wrong direction maybe the house of micah become so well-known ephraim authorities talking about i'm not sure verse 90 there's no want of anything we have everything we need all we need is a roof over our head web everything we need to take care of ourselves in other words we won't be much trouble to you at all if you could think of them 24 welcome in
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other words in other words let me provide for your needs colluding for your animals you save all that you may needed at a later time note old man though is very aware it's dangerous out there on the streets of gibeah at all costs he does not want them staying there one more verse. for the day 21the very generous host again he knows what's on the streets with happens on the stern gibeah do not believe what happens when we come back
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and next lecture to spin things are gibeah the talks going to be before christ returns things get worse before they get better short message will ask you listen a moment would you please the mark of the beast on cd is our free introductory offer to you what is the mark of the beast many false teachers will have you believe it will be a tattoo on your four head or a computer chip implanted under your skin it is getting late in the game you need to know what the mark of the beast is true revelation their team verse eight many will be deceived there's no need for you to be deceived christ said in mark 1323 behold i've told you all things jesus and the toll is how not to be deceived pastor omar to chew on a step-by-step study of god's word concerning this critical subject the mark of the beast of phone calls free cds for guido manas for shipping and
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handling is free as well all you need to call 800-643-4645 to request one-time one prosser copy of the mark of the beast or request cd by mailing the shepherds chapel po box 467 ar 72736 don't be deceived by satan welcome back glad you could join back with the results of the 800 number 1-800-643-4645 that numbers good to puerto rico united states and canada to give a biblical question you would like to be calling the possibly be answered on their toll-free call that number and leave your question please don't ask questions about a specific individual denomination or organization by name we teach god's word in a positive format going out negative about other serves no purpose simply won't do it let god's word to the teaching the correcting and the healing if your listing by short wave radio or study and internet
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somewhere around the world i cannot use that 800-number your announcer at this early hour will give you our mailing address quite a right mail your question in as well request do away with the number you don't need to telephone you don't need a mailing address your heavenly father is there for you 24 hours a day seven days a week our father came up this way you can communicate with them does not matter where you are some people think well i have to get down on my knees close my eyes to pray if you're driving down the highway that's not practical talk to your father what you're driving down the highway talk to them why you're driving down the highway or father is very intelligent you don't have to come to some fancy rigmarole to talk to him week he prefers you talk to him openly and honestly rather than the like i have to wait
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till i go to this fancy thing being the point we do have these prayer request wish to look upon these you know their needs father problem marriages illnesses father it is your will special blessing on each of these we always remember her military troops in harms way we also look to their families in prayer we think all of you for your sacrifice with father watch over god direct touch you in issue jesus precious name amen thank you father all right questions see what's on the minds first up kate and mike in north carolina question can't speak in tongues i gave up on local churches many different once they speak tongues and safe this is the way to pray in the spirit i can't believe that
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this is only way my spirit would talk to god especially if he didn't give me the gift of tongues first corinthians chapter 14 verse 50 about praying with the spirit spirit saying a spirit and understand also take a mid point out many would have you believe is unknown, is the gibberish that this week then they have to have an interpreter to translate what the verse the person says to the congregation knows what was said some whole lot like bible to me the battle is confusion when someone speaks to the congregation and nobody can understand what they're saying
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that this one interpreter is a lot of confusion going on that's not what god is telling us in first corinthian was an unknown tongue tom took it out of your strong concordance is a language usually one that is not acquired naturally in other words i grew up learning english english was spoken in my home i wanted to learn german so i had to go to school college took several hours of german in college so i can learn to speak german my wife loved her family are german is the reason it was important to me i acquired a second language it was a unknown tongue to me when i was younger and you go on to say my question really is how do you pray to the spirit of
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me say this is a certain first corinthians chapter 15 verse 50 flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of god you know paul taught many different times the flesh is of this world it is carnal it's not really concerned all that much about spiritual things to me to pray in the spirit is to let your spirit man who's inside of your flesh body talk to your heavenly father from the heart does not have to be due with speaking and some babble which is confusion were gibberish that nobody understands that's not what that tom was anyways the disciples spoke in acts chapter 2 remember people all over the world they spoke all different languages when the disciples spoke the holy
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spirit speaking through them it was that cloven tongue that everybody understood they did not need an interpreter that's the key that's the same language god's electoral speak when they're delivered up before the enterprise because it's not them that speaks but it's the holy spirit that's the proof is the holy spirit speaking because everyone will be able to understand man cannot do that any michigan have not written since my mom passed away she watched a program for 25 years she really respected you and i do as well were sorry for your loss amy we know where she's at i hope you know she is with our heavenly father the question who is the queen of sheba i'm talking about bathsheba shiva the queen of
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sheba was a very wealthy leader of the nation think the nation located north of africa were not told with certainty where she was from the queen of sheba heard about solomon wisdom and his prosperity she put it herself when she came to visit him generate about it first kings chapter 10 she could not believe the wisdom she heard how well things work in israel by hearing she had to go and see it yourself she and acquired of entourage went to solomon spent time with solomon gave solomon gives he gave her a lovely gifts they were both very impressed with each other especially her with solomon then they parted and went to their separate ways then you continue can you
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please explain what does rupture me rapture doctrine is false teaching will learn god's word and the truth i encourage you to study the word as your mother did obviously been someone that study with the chapel for 25 years rapture. false teaching to security blanket for those that think you don't need to understand the correlation because you can apply away and be gone the book of revelation does not apply to you anyone that tells you you don't need to understand part of god's word is not telling you the truth don't walk the other run the other tricia alabama question really been on my mind what happens to all the
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souls due to abortion didn't get sent back other parents were they not have to go through this age at all it's the latter same thing applies in the case of miscarriages i think there some souls that are just too good god does not want to put them through this flesh a they have met their obligation that they were in the flesh soon as they were conceived they were in the flesh of the way i believe on that george rhode island there's a difference of opinion between us and them you say that as an mr i did get the whole letter who are the dead in christ would you settle this for us once and for all who are the dead in
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christ we just talked about the rapture the scripture first thessalonians chapter 4 is where the rapture theory comes from totally misunderstanding the scripture in verse 16 first thessalonians 4 dimensions of their the dead in christ shall rise first if you backup verse 13 the pickup your subject which is where are those that are sleek other words those that are dead goes on to say in verse 13 of 14 with the scripture is teaching us those who sleep in christ in other words those that died believing in christ we who remain in the flesh until christ returns to proceed
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those that the term did in christ why is there arty with him they are in his presence in heaven they make it. of it that people are going to fly away rick illinois. someone who claims to be disabled but he is trying to get this ability i don't see why honest taxpayers should have to pay for this could you give me scripture so i know what to do bless you and the staff thanks for remembering the staff scripture second thessalonians chapter 3 verse 10 we learn there anyone who will not work does not eat that applies to able bodied people that is not apply to this able i know a lot of disabled people who are
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productive members of society they do good work for the lord witnessing for him in fact this many disabled people are a lot better about carrying their own rate that a lot of lazy able-bodied people that are new early north carolina the sin or women that their no not biblical end of the scripture the point to some point to saying women should not cut their hair first corinthians chapter 11 verses five and six there we learn woman must have her head covered with this is talking about the subject of this verse this chapter is the fallen angels coming back when satan returns in his role as anti christ i wanted should have her head covered of time why because the fallen angels
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are coming back they like women read genesis chapter 6 if you don't believe they like women is on the site in verse six it is a shame for them women to have the short or shaven but this is talking about their when a woman is disgraced whether that because she got caught committing adultery for example they might shave her head assigned everybody she sees that she's a woman who's been disgraced that's what the scripture there is talking about if a woman does not have her head covered with christ good piece she's disgraced as a woman who committed adultery for example doesn't mean women should not
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ever cut their hair shirley louisiana i go to heaven will i be able to meet famous people like elvis then you mentioned someone still alive not to mention that name continue i love you both arnold and dennis never met anyone in my life like you to i would marry you tomorrow if i could i just love the teaching i for one am a happily married man thanks but no things last time i talked to pastor arnold he was not looking for anybody either think maybe you'd be better off to hold off for elvis after all is a lot better looking dude then pastor arnold or myself i left indiana my name is alice i enjoyed your teaching very much thank you for that i've learned more from you than anywhere else my husband and i
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started a new church in january we decided to go according to the food loss in the bible we would be healthier for you however the pastor at the new church is continually talking about port when we get to heaven there will be a buffet waiting with the ham as the main attraction cover my husband and i know from our studies there will be nothing in heaven as unclean swine is unclean what he liked the people there and bill god led us to the church think god wants us to speak up or to be quiet about this error not clear started the church in your same another church to
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take it you understand the health loss might be good for you to encourage the people to learn health loss himself guarantee you if you start putting out leviticus 11 there to be quick to point out to you first timothy chapter 4 verse four were they rate the new testament made every creature good as long as it's received with thanksgiving biscuit verse three of the first timothy four which states.this applies let no man judge you and meets which god created to be received you know when i know god did not create the swine to be received makes it real clear in isaiah chapter 65 along about verses four and five those that eat swine's flesh
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or like smoke in his nose you can be assured we get to heaven will be a big buffet with pam on the main attraction course there will be physical. that's another thing on it with you health loss if you go against those who sin against your flesh i don't believe if you violate the health loss going to cost you spiritually barbara georgia please explain water of anna christ coming the millennium the new or earth thank you for your special teaching god bless you and your staff thank you for that arbor basically sequence the chronology of events that lead up to the eternity of course you have we were sitting today give the dispensations even
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call them trumps looks with the referred to in the bible that tell his event that must happen before juan jesus returns those events in chronological order our first bonus see revelation 13 the beast the one world political system established a system is going to receive a deadly weapon that's when the second beast of revelation 13 shows up false prophet who is the antichrist he is going to save the day is going to heal the deadly one chicken in every pot i'll pay your bills all you do worship problem is that satan and his role as anti christ after he has his period of time five months his actual time to a month's jesus
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returns that floor day beginning to wonder what the lord is 1000 years thousand years is one day second peter chapter 3 verse eight will document that the millennium during that period of time satan is in the abyss you be loosed for a short period of time at the end of the millennium that is also when the white arrow du jour occurs revelation 20 revelation 21 is the beginning of the eternity that's when god through the godhead returns to earth but will he will establish his throne forever those judged in the white throne judgment two options either going to the lake of fire satan or you go into the eternity with our father remi virginia his name rod black i heard from another pastor he is a mighty warrior
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on earth name rod was not black he was a descendent of cushite descendents of noah's son ham son name was kush kush was a grandson of noah the thought by the way he established quite an empire yes nimrod's quite a warrior no doubt the thought that nimrod was black probably incorrectly comes from numbers chapter 12 where aaron and miriam are given moses a hard time about the utopian woman he married to give a reference bible that should've been translated cushite woman many people think because she was a
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ethiopian that she was black moses. local she was not black she was a cushite nimrod was not black he was a cushite nancy michigan how do i anoint my house and myself to have that protection she means the action of jesus christ watching over you obtain olive oil from any grocery store a small vial put an amount of oil in their and prayer as god bless the oil time you'll only use and of obedience to him place a small amount of oil on your four head or whoever your anointing with the doorpost of your home order negative and evil out very important most important. in the name of jesus christ at a time love
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you because studying fathers were in-depth you know what when he looks down and he sees you with the letter he wrote to the bible it makes his day i can assure you his blessings are going to start in your life we are brought to you by your tithes and offerings if we don't you help us keep coming to you help us continue spread the word of god in this world of darkness he appreciates it you bless them you bless you most important this beloved status work everyday everyday and father's work is a good day you know why it's because jesus yeshua he is the living word with understanding will change your life we hope you have enjoyed studying god's word here on the shepherds chapel family bible study hour with pastor arnold murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherds chapel you may request our free
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introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast audiotape monthly newsletter written bible study tech catalog list of reference works available for shepherds chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 1-800-643-4645 24 hours a day you may also request introductory offer by writing to shepherds chapel po introductory offer by writing introductory offer by writing to shepherds chapel po box introductory offer by writing to shepherds chapel po box 416, gravatt, ar 72736 once again shepherds chapel po box po box 416, gravatt, ar 72736 we invite you to join us for the next and at bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today's program and god bless you he's got the whole world in his
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