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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 2, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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"my goodness they won't even sit down and have a discussion about this. " if the shutdown lasts a couple of weeks... it will run into a bigger crisis... the federal debt limit the president's traveling schedule... taking a hit because of the shutdown showdown. a malaysian news agency reports president obama is putting this month's trip to malaysia on hold... because of the government shutdown. 11 people are forced out of their homes following a building collapse in south baltimore. emergency crews say a home undergoing renovations... collapsed just after seven last night... along wilkins avenue... near south monroe street. people living on both sides of the house were evacuated as a precaution. wilkins avenue will also remain closed... until b-g-e can cut off gas service to the affected area three men are waking up in jail,
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this morning.. after being accused of robbing a bank. police say 22 year old ashley fitz, 24 year old czekiah fludd, and 19 year old alexis chandler held up the baltimore county savings bank on eastern boulevard last week, claiming they were carrying a bomb. after taking off with the cash, police arrested the trio in a car a short distance away. they're each being held on 350 thousand dollars bail. police have a suspect in custody and another man has turned himself in, following sunday's violent road rage incident in new york city. christopher cruz faces several charges... including reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child. the second suspect... whose name has not been released... surrendered to police and has not been immediately charged. as for the driver of the s- u-v, no word if he will face any charges himself. ainsley earhardt has more. (pkg) police in new york city are investigating a violent road rage incident that has left at least two
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people injured. the mayhem unfolded sunday along the city's west side highway, between an s-u-v driver and dozens of motorcycle riders. ray kelly says: "we are still, obviously, looking for people involved in the assault." investigators haven't determined what started the confrontation. but at some point, the bikers surrounded and forced the s-u-v to stop on the road. moments later the s-u-v driver accelerates, running over at least one of the motorcycles and its rider. ray kelly says: "we believe he has two broken legs. and he's intubated" the injured biker has been identified as edwin mieses (me-a-sis) jr. in a phone interview with his wife, she described his condition as much worse. dayana meises "if you look at the video, you can tell that man ran over something, that something is my husband who's paralyzed right now, in a coma... they induced his coma, because of, cuz of all the serious injuries he had to his heart. his aortic valve ripped during, when he got run over" more than two dozen bikers, then chased down 33 year old alexian lien, his wife and two year old child. they managed to
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get him to stop, then one biker tries to rip open his door, but lien flees knocking another rider off his bike. it was that rider who caught up with lien later and used his helmet to smash the drivers side window of the s-u-v. mos says: "as he took off, he hit me and just kept on going. once he hit me off my bike i got angry and i chased after him and i'm the aggressor because i smashed the window." (anchor tag) lein needed stitches to his face. he was treated and released from an area hospital. his family is said to be doing okay. in new york, ainsley earhardt, fox news. it's business as usual this morning at jacksonville international airpot just hours after two suspicious packages shut down the airport. one of the packages was found in a parking garage and another in the terminal near a t-s-a checkpoint. the bomb squad responded to the scene as officials shut down and
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evacuated the airport shortly after six p-m. incoming planes were held up on the tarmac until buses could arrive to pick up the passengers, transporting them off site. and no flights were allowed to take off. police are not commenting on a suspect but witnesses say they did see someone being led away by authorities. mos says: "he looked like a normal guy, very calm, with his hands behind his back. he wasn't putting up a fight, so he just looked like somebody getting arrested. he almost looked a little bit drunk to me." there have been no reports of injuries or damage from the incident. a new jersey man mistakenly sends a text message about a drug deal to a 10-year-old boy. and that's not his biggest mistake. turns out 33- year-old nicholas delear junior sent the text to the son of a police officer. lieutenant eric danielson took over.... messaging the dealer to set up a sting. they agreed to met at a pizzeria, where the man was arrested on numerous charges after police found 4 ounces of marijuana... six hundred dollars in cash and a digital scale on
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him. the make-a-wish foundation helps a seven- year-old boy become a crime fighting sidekick for a day. the anahiem police department presented alex le-le-noa with his own robin costume. he spent the day with batman, riding in a batmobile, and fighting crime. the bad guys were actually actors dressed as pirates. alex suffers from leukemia, and the foundation chose to make his dream come true for a day. are you our biggest fan? then you can become.. our fan of the day! everyday we'll pick one of our viewers from our facebook page... and feature them on fox45 news at 5. to become a fan just go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. coming up on the early edition... trying to ease the pain... of a government shutdown. how many washington d-c restaurants are doing their part.
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still to come...
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comparing the effects of taking medication... to working out. how people who increased their exercise benefitted health-wise... verses those... who popped a pill. mos 1 says: "it's ugly it's unconscionable, contemptible." federal employees... out of work... due to a government shutdown. the "shut down rebates" being offered... at restaurants around the nation's capital. ((break 2))
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a handful of washington d.c. establishments offering "shut down rebates" for all of the furloughed government workers. lauren demarco has the story. mos 1 says: "it's ugly it's unconscionable, contemptible." furloughed government employees.... forced to leave work, and head home at noon. it's unclear when they will return. and many are concerned about the impact it will have on their finances. mos 2 says: "even if
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i miss a couple days, it brings me to the question of whether i can pay my mortgage." mos 3 says: "we won't know if we're gonna get paid for this shutdown or not and it really makes me upset that they let this shutdown happen." there's also the question of what to do with the day. it's hard to make any solid plans... since employees don't know when they will be called back to work. a number of establishments across the region.. are stepping up and offering discounts. graffiato is among those in d-c with deals for federal workers who show an i-d badge. in arlington... ireland's four courts has a shutdown special... an extended happy hour from 11 a-m to 8-pm cahill says: "we've had a steady stream of people all day and we're delighted with it, happy that we can help the government workers today." it will continue until the shutdown ends... and general manager dave cahill says they decided to extend the offer to all customers. cahill says: "i'm sure government workers have friends or spouses so we didn't want to discriminate, everybody's welcome." abu-taleb says: "i think it's great it takes a little of the sting off of the burn
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off for sure." laith abutaleb's internship has been put on hold as a result of the shutdown. abu-taleb says: "i'm not to sure if i'll be able to get credit for it or not but i don't want to put myself as a victim because people can't afford to feed their families, it's definitely a big problem needs to be solved as soon as possible." among some of the other deals around town... cavalia's acrobatic horse show odysseo at the national harbor is offering a shutdown rebate-- 50% off all tickets sold through october 8th. straight ahead... treating cardiovascular disease. why hitting the gym... may be the best medicine. ((break 3))
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d@agree -- that exercise is good for you. but john roberts looks at whether the benefits of working out -- are even greater than what is commonly
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acknowledged? it's the first time anyone has done a head-to- head comparison between exercise and drugs to treat cardiovascular disease. remarkably it found that in almost all cases, exercise was just as effective in preventing death as front- line medications. in patients with stroke - exercise was actually more effective. atlanta cardiologist ken taylor says it prompts an interesting conversation.. taylor says: "something that says..hmm..there's an interesting idea here - maybe we should further investigate it." americans with coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke often take a cocktail of powerful drugs - blood thinners - beta blockers - statins - diuretics and more. while no one is recommending patients immediately drop the drugs and hit the gym, the study raises the idea that for many patients - exercise may be as beneficial to the body as prescription medication. taylor says: "i think the concept is reasonable and in fact we do see this - particularly in our cholesterol management. people who exercise - and especially if they exercise and lose
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weight can improve their cholesterol numbers significantly." and there are plenty of people who could benefit. the american heart association estimates 83.6 million americans have cardiovascular disease. that's 1 in 3. it's the number one killer in america, taking 800 thousand lives every year. yet according to the centers for disease control, fewer than 1 in 5 americans age 45-64 get the appropriate amount of exercise. sharma says: " these are the benefits of exercise and we can hopefully - potentially get you off some of these medications if you lose some weight and get active." a big road block to all of this is compliance. exercise is hard. much harder than taking a pill. few doctors would be willing to risk litigation by telling their patients to drop medication for a workout they may not stick with. in atlanta, john roberts, fox news coming up... administrators bring the "wrecking ball" down on a high school dance coach. 'blurred lines'
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how she claims this routine... got her fired. plus... getting a look at the inner-workings... of miley cyrus. the hour-long documentary... premiering tonight.
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how the impact is growing on fox 45 news at
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the state of maryland is feeling the effects of the government shutdown. it's projected the state is
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losing five million dollars every day... in lost revenue. megan gilliland is live from social security headquarters in woodlawn where the majority of workers there... won't be showing up to work today. good morning guys, 11-thousand employees work here... but more the half of them are now furloughed. only about 43- hundred are still on the job. it was a short and confusing day... for those federal employees yesterday. when they showed up... many were handed this letter... notifying them that they were being furloughed. but for robert askins... who's a homeless veteran... that means... not receiving the help... he had sought. (askins) "you talk about putting people out of work and not having them come to work because you want to prove a point but then again you got vets out here that's going homeless because they can't come in here and get the services that they're supposed to get." maryland's
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department of budget... estimates that a two week loss of income for federal workers... could reduce state tax revenues... by more than 50- million dollars. but university of baltimore... professor of finance... steven isberg... says that's revenue... the state can't afford to lose. he believes any interruption in government services will have an adverse effect... especially on a region still recovering from the recession. live in woodlawn, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. time... that's what baltimore county superintendent, doctor dallas dance and union officials say is needed.. to ease tensions and concerns over the new "common core" curriculum. on tuesday, he issued a letter to teachers and administrators, saying he understands their anxiety over the new standards being implemented so close to the start of the school year, but urged them to be patient, and not pass that anxiety on to parents and students.


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