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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  October 5, 2013 12:35am-1:10am EDT

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the senate, calling for funding of specifically targeted parts of the government... in an attempt to paint senate democrats into the unpopular position of voting against them. it's a tactic to which democrats say they won't fall victim. ((take sot)) ((take sot)) as this standoff continues, the deadline to the october 17th debt ceiling approaches, with many fearing a similar result to that fight. meanwhile, bethesda based defense contractor lockheed-martin announced they will be forced to furlough three thousand workers on monday, if an agreement isn't reached. and... with a pending storm,... they... may... soon feel it even
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more..../ while... the national weather service... continues to operate,.../ hundreds... of... employees... have been furloughed... and... some... federal resources... that provide information... about... hazardous weather ...are down---/ making it difficult... for vital information... to reach you and me. ((sot- amy fritz national weather service))
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after... annapolis police found... the man couldn't... have known... what was happening.../. the float... accidentally... hit and killed... 7 year old... kyle aldridge... of baltimore. distracted drivers beware...police all over the state are cracking down on drivers who use hand-held phones behind the wheel. janice park has more, as police roll out their first large scale deployment in the city. city officials have long
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city officials have long maintained... that red light cameras... are keeping the roads safe...../ .but... a new study suggest otherwise..... a study... from the university of south florida... found that the number of accidents intersections... with red light cameras .../ increase by 28- percent..../ the findings are similar... to a federal study... released five years ago... which found ...that while rear-end ...accidents... increase... at... red light camera intersections..../. side impact ...crashes decrease...... (12:25:53) "my thoughts are...they do cause more accidents...." (12:10:44) "its a money making issue, thats what i think about it...." the city shutdown its photo enforcement program in march and has yet to indicate when it'll re- open.
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maryland... has... its first confirmed case... of the flu. lab tests... show... a child... from the national captial region... diagnosed... with ...type a... h-1---n-1.../. state health... officials... say... the child... was briefly hospitalized... and... is... now recovering..../ but... the strand... is obviously out there... and... health officials say... it... can be dangerous... for everyone.../ "it can take a normal healthy child or adult and have them in the emergency room for 48 hours. this is the serious winter virus. now we can prevent many of these infections by being vaccinated and vaccine is abundantly available now." according to federal health officials... , the flu... can... pop up... as early as ...the beginning of october.../ although... it... usually peaks... in january or februrary. a bad day to caught sleeping on the job...especially
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when you're supposed to be finding ways to get others back to work. c-span cameras happened to catch republican congressman george holding of north carolina giving his eyes a furlough while presiding in the house during an hour-long speech by texas congressman louie gohmert. it wasn't an attempt at a "gotcha" moment. c-span rules require the cameras to pan around the room every couple of minutes to give speeches a context as to how many people are listening...or sleeping. a good day for t-v's longest running scripted its about to run even longer. fox announced today that they've renewed "the simpsons" for a 26th season. it couldn't have hurt that the show kicked off its 25th season last week with higher ratings than last year's average. earlier this week, simpsons producers announced they'd be killing off a major
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character this season, but wouldn't say which one. and a very good day for a three year old tampa girl, who is back up and running after losing both her legs earlier this year in a lawn mower cident. ireland nugent received a new pair of prosthetic legs thursday, after spending the last several months confined to a wheelchair. and her family says she's taken to them like her real legs. the family will have to return to the hospital every few months, to fine tune the legs to keep them in proportion with ireland's growth spurts. ad lib toss to dawn brown what could have caused this
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small plane to crash in a field in arizona, killing all four people on board? we'll tell you what witnesses saw....coming up. and we'll explain why battling a massive blaze like this has been a nightmare for firefighters in california. much more ahead, when the late edition continues. four people are
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dead, as authorities try and figure out what caused a small plane to crash in arizona. federal investigators say the plane went down on a ranch just west of the small town of paulden. witnesses say they saw the plane clip several trees and possibly a radio tower before exploding as it hit the ground. a... large fire erupts a recycling center... in stockton, california. you could see the flames... high in the air... over this recycling center.../. two propane tanks... at the plant... ruptured... during the fire.../. firefighters... decided... to... let that propane burn off.../. adding ... to the flames... were... large... wooden crates,... bundles of cardboard ... even... hay bales... lending plenty of fuel... for the flames..../ the gulf coast is preparing for an unwelcome weekend guest in the form of tropical storm karen. from louisiana to western florida, coastal communities are bracing for heavy rains...almost as much as six inches.. and
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seawater surges beginning tommorow. and although karen is not expected to rise to hurricane status, some communities are being told to evacuate. ((take sot))
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foxbaltimore dot com slash survey.... or click on "news survey" under hot topics on foxbaltimore dot com. a burger some say is sacriligious has set of a host of controversy in chicago. find out why, when the late edition continues.
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something that defies common sense.... while the government is shut down, guards at federal prisons aren't getting paid,.../ but the prisoners who work inside the walls... are. at federal corrections facilities like this one in oxford, wisconsin...corr ections officers paychecks are on hold, until the government payroll is back up and running. but because inmates selected to perform services get paid through the state bureau of prisons, those inmates are still receiving their checks. union officials hope this latest shutdown doesn't approach the length of the 1995 government shutdown that dragged on for 21 days. sacriligious, or sacri-licious? an chicago burger shop is
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drawing a lot of fire, and maybe some brimstone, for its new menu offering. kuma's corner has never been afraid to walk the line, or maybe even cross it a time or two. but they may have topped themselves with their new burger...named, "the ghost." it's named after a swedish heavy metal band that uses religious overtones. the special ingredients? red wine, and an unconsecrated communion wafer. as you can imagine, it's drawn its share of reactions. ((take sot)) ((take sot))
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is above the law in the town of american fork, utah... not even barbie. that lesson was learned this week, when officers hung a bright orange citation on this half-scale barbie jeep that happened to be blocking someone's driveway. the seven year old owner of the vehicle says she didn't mean to break the law. maybe she got distracted when ken invited her to the malibu beach house. her dad says out of all the
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tickets he's received in his life, this is his favorite. the ravens made bryant mckinnie expendable this week... how the trade for eugene monroe is affecting mckinnie... next in sports unlimited... that's all ♪
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woolite detergents clean your save jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes. late edition. now its time for sports unlimited
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with morgan adsit. whether it's this week in miami.. or next week against green bay... once the ravens feel eugene monroe is up to speed... he will be the starting left tackle. putting bryant mckinnie on the bench. when that day arrives... it will mark the second straight season...the ravens have benched mckinnie. . the ravens could trade mckinnie... left tackles are always a hot ticket. . monroe said he's physically ready to play now... but come sunday... he'll only have 3 days to learn ravens football. meanwhile mckinnie has practiced... and is working through this awkward situation. " bryant [mckinnie] has handled it like a true professional. he's worked hard. bryant always works hard. he's been a professional since he's gotten here. i feel like he's practiced really well from day one, throughout training camp, obviously, and through now. he's had another good week, so he's handled it like a pro." towson is off to a 5-and-oh surprise... the tigers are lead
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by an offensive attack on the ground. running back terrence west takes most of the credit... rightfully so. he leads the f- c-s in rushing t- d's with 12. but with any team... you're only as good as the offensive line... towson is loaded... 4 out of the 5 starters are seniors... led by eric pike at left tackle... who has 39 straight starts. it's those seniors... creating holes and picking up blocks... why towson averages over 200 yards per game on the ground. high school football... milford mill visiting kenwood... . 3rd quarter... millers up 27-0... they reach into their bag of tricks... deonte white to reggie white... hook and ladder to jamaal morant... down the sideline... milford mill on top 33-0... . kenwood down, but don't give in... jaleel feggins connects with chrishawn lewis...
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bluebirds avoid the shutout. but milford mill hands them their first loss of the year... 39-20. top-ranked gilman hosting mount st. joe... . all gilman... kai locksley keeps it.. he's on a different level than the gaels' defense... blows by everyone for the score... greyhounds cruising... . later... gilman showing off its "d"... penn state commit troy vincent junior, son of the former n-f-l pro bowler, looking like his dad... interception... . ensuing possession... play action... locksley fits in the pass... touchdown greyhounds... they roll... 41-6 over mount st. joe. gilman has loyola next. that's all for sports unlimited... i'm morgan adsit... thanks for watching... arsenio hall is next... have a great night...
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more than women, i think. men get that remote control in their hands, they don't even know what they're not watching. they just keep going. "what are you watching? i don't care. "who was that? "i don't know. it doesn't matter. "isn't that your father? it doesn't matter. i got to keep going." women don't do that. now, women will stop and go, "let me see what the show is before i change the channel." but men just fly. because women, you see, women nest, and men hunt. that's why we watch tv differently. before there was flipping around, before there was television, kings and emperors and pharaohs and such had storytellers that would tell them stories. i always wonder in that era if they would get 30 storytellers together so they could still flip around. what's your story? shut up. go to the next guy. what are you talking about? is there a girl? no? shut up. go ahead, what are you saying? i don't want to hear that, either. shut up.
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try it and you'll love it too. l'oreal color vibrancy. leslie's pregnant? there's no justice. she's the performance artist? yeah, she's a real performer, a real trooper. what's her husband's name again? chip... kip... skip... todd. todd. oh, yeah. he's a kennedy. no, he's not. he's a third cousin or something. by marriage. oh, by marriage, yeah. we went to the wedding. they tried to blame that whole chappaquiddick thing on bad directions. that woman was the worst date of my life. oh! pardon me for trying to set you up with a beautiful, intelligent woman. what? you don't think i can attract beautiful, intelligent women? thin ice, george, very thin ice. maybe for her new performance piece, she'll give birth on stage. she stopped performing.
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oh! what a huge blow to the culture. you believe this guy? he holds a grudge like khomeini. she dragged me to that brooklyn warehouse to see one of her performances. and she's on stage cooking dinner for some celebrity? god. she's cooking dinner for god. she's yelling and screaming, and she throws a big can of chocolate syrup all over my new red shirt. it was an accident. she was aiming at me, like putting out a fire. so i'm sitting there with chocolate all over my shirt. flies are landing on me. i'm fantasizing all the things i'm going to say to her. later, when i finally talk to her, i'm like a groveling worm. "what kind of chocolate was that?" "do you throw any other foods?" he thought he still had a shot. then...then...then... she leaves with somebody else. never even said good-bye,


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