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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  October 6, 2013 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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orsa"t derts have calculated that by prolonging the shutdown, and maximizing the pain, they can bully republicans into doing whatever president obama and majority leader reid want them to do. it's a very cynical game, but democrats have decided to play it." the president doesn't have any meetings scheduled with republican lawmakers this weekend. it has been a short furlough for hundreds of thousands of civilian workers with the department of defense. e workers are expected to return to their jobs this week. defense secretary chuck gede yesterday . hagel says the law also allows the d-o-d to bring back ployees whose responsibilities contribute to the morale, well-being and readiness of service members. when t government shut down tuesday, not only did people es h been planned for months, possibly years, were derailed. making strides against breast cancer---one of
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many groups that were affected. participants were scheduled to hold their annual walk at the national mall today---but its closed. amber mler is renve sl upper marlboro where the walk was relocated. marianne?
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chocolate lovers -- here's something that might just make you drool. more than 229 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter....combine d to make one gigantic peanut butter cup.. no -- it's not wishful thinking. it's deliously real. and -- as cat viglienzoni shows us -- it could land one vermont chocolate shop in the record books. chocola -- peanut butter -- and a shot at a world record. "i'm a peanut butter fan... and we found that there's really no set record for a pet er." here will be soon though -- if nick monte's plan works. he's been making candies for decades -- and hasn't tried anything like this before. "this is what we sell thetore -- these two." bry ht go home. they're turning this
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homemade mold -- into a giant peanut butter cup. "now, how are you going to get break this thing later on? nick: (laughs) "very carefully!" lss it breaks apart first. "thonly concern has a the weight might push the mold apart." only time would tell. first -- the inner layer of milk chocolate -- pouredn pitcher by pitcher. then -- the peaut butter cream filling as the smells wafd ogoh each bowl -- carefully weighed -- and recorded -- by town officials. then the top coat to seal the deal -- "ken, i'm going to need more chocolate!" and the final test -- could it tand on its ow "it's an imprsive peanut buer wa t spfou 5 anaaihes wide, an impressive 70.1 pounds of chocolate, and 159.7 pounds of peanut butter on the inside.
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altotal -- weighing in at 229.8 poundsof all profits from selling the pieces are going to project against violent encounters-- a local organization helping violenc survivors. "i's a great awreness for pave but also most of our money comes a a an that doesn't begin to cover all of our services." and their line stretching out the door and down the block -- their audience hungry for a sweet tte. "now what's your reaction when you see this pnut eovel i'm just really excited. i don't know how to express myself. there's just so much chocolate and i'm so excited to get a piece!" a sweet success the shop hopes will officially make it into the record books. the sd than 00 pies butter cup... raising almost 13-hundred dollars.
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a fresh look into a cold case... the records detectives plan to investigate in hopes of finding missing british toddler, madeleine mcca. u're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 1)) ñú
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paying to use your own money... that's one of many fees your bank may charge you... and they're really starting to add up. after the break, the four things to keep inind so you don't get nickel and dimed. pls... savin money on holidy shopping. teayo should start looking now... and not wait for black friday. you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 2)) ((break 2all the chicken in your grocery ste is inspected by the usda... but perdue ask them to go rther. they verify that allur chickens are cared f in clean, safe environment. nd ano other chicken company does this. but at perdue, we believe in a better chicken.
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well, at pere, we say you are what you eat...eats. sofeurck an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because aperdue, we believe in a better chicken. new this morning... a 6-year-old investigation... into the disappearance of a young british girl... is getting a fresh look. according to the guardian newspaper... detectives plan to examine cell phone recds from thousands of people who were in the vicinity of t
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dee egal mccann was last seen. she disappeared in 2007... at the age of three. police are investigating 41 individuals from several different countries as persons of intest. you could almost hear a colltive sight of relief fm folks living along th thgu coast region. karen has weakened to a tropical depression. winds are now at 35 miles per hour -- and all tropical storm warnings have been dropped. but -- the threat isn't entirely over. the national hurricane cter ys there could still be some caized coastal di- achs to three inches of rain could fall through monday. karen is expected to make landfall in southern louisiana sometime this afternoon -- before continuing to weaken as it treks across the northern gulf toward florida. the deral resee is abt to pull o i nely redesigned 100- dollar bill. the new currency will go into circulation tuesday. whats new??? well... it includes new
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security features such as a blue, 3-d security ribbon that'll make it easier for people to authenticate.. and harder for counteriters replicate you might use a few of those hundred dollar bills to do your holiday shopping... but you don't need to wait for black friday to get some good deals. shopping experts at "retail me not dot com" say you can score some great scounts now. ckscl season means retailers are going to be offering big price cuts to get merchandise out of their stores now to make room for the holiday items. one thing you probably hat spending your money on... is bank fees. a rect su riing o rd high levels. so what can consumers do to spend less of their money, while spending their money? karin caifa shares some tips. an annual survey of bank fees from bankrate-dot- com rcently fo consumers
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paying more for using their money - especially for those banking conveniences that can make or break a purchase. according to their survey, the average fee for an overdraft is 32 dollars and 20 cents, an increasof three percent over lt year. and the average for sg a-t-m -- 4 dollars and 13 cents, up two percent from 20-12. both are fees that consumers can avoid with good financial planning. but those looking to save even more money on bank fees can consider some other tips as well -- when you get mail rom the bank, read the e prt. e aware of changes to minimum balance requirements and service fees, so extra charges don't catch you off guard later. -- in an increasingly digital world, many banks have started charging for monthly paper statements. ditch yours to save a dollar or two per mth. edwiee if yo're tell your bank you're shoppi around. they may be willing to waive some charges, rather than lose a loyal customer. -- if they are willing to let you walk, consider alternatives like credit
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unions, community banks, or online banks, whic tend to he lowees. in washingtoni'm n a. the world of cybersecurity can turn into real life jobs for marylanders. after the break... where you can explore a career in computer systems and keeping our privat information safe. plus... the ravens cut ties with kl why the team dropped the wide receiver and who they resigned. you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 3)) ((bump i
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as we all know the protection of our information networks, data, and computer systems is important to our safety and our economic development. the federal government is currently lotting 13 billion dolars a year to th development of beur th c ad up to alot of jobs and economic development. this week the world of cybersecurity comes to baltimore . patrick tonui is joining us this morning to tell us more ao the event. oct. 8th- 9th hiring event
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exhibits a neywed chaed w killing her husband... the charge a jury added after t wom spoke to police... ad what a childhood friend said she noticed ut weid you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 4))
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♪ i wish was made money.i yer.
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chances are, you're not made of money. so don't orpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how mu you could save.
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adlib chat with tony
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mixed results this weekend after the u launched two raids, aimed at terrorist suspects. the raid in libya ended with an al-qaida leader in custody. the militant is suspected of being involved in the bombings of s embassies 15 years ago. the pentagon says officials e holding the man in a secure locion. hipte could pe blow to what
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remains of the core al-qaida organization. however in somalia... heavy fighting forced a u-s navy seal team had to abort a mission to arrest a high-profile target. officials say the suspect islinked to last month's oting mpa a naea team got involved in a gunfight with al-shabab militants... killing some of them... before calling off the mission. no u-s serve members were hurt. u-s secretary of state john kerry said today the terrorist can run, but they can't hide a montana not guilty to murder and other charges in the july death of her newlywed husband. rdan graham is accused of pushing her new husband cody johnson to hs death from a iff in a national park. sey wian repor graham urt in missoula on friday. nats. prosecutors orinally charged montana newlywed jordan graham with second
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degree murder but now a grand jury has added a charge of emeditated, t ee dehi carries a minimum sentence of life in prison. nats the couple was only for married eight days when they got into a fight on july 7th. still upset -- they decided to take a ke -- where the fighting continued, physical and graham pushed her husband in the back sending him face-first off the cliff. psecutors say graham admitted nine days later to pushing johnson off the cliff in a fit of anger. hedefense attorney says it sll an id a foin hr arrest last mont graham was allowed to live here with her parents under home coiement, where sh remains today. ad) end ltaue w grha since childhood. levi even introduced the couple. nats.
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levi says the brideto-be was acting sle.e was crying dowt that even gotoh reafter her get e bledelsy theyoticed havior from sowe ways hadher sameld lifed, thtteitnhe kfrn thkhemay be involved. graham also is charged with making false statements about her husband's death, for allegedly concocting a story about a visit to the park with out-of-town guests. her attorney has conceded she deceived auorities, t cat prsia caey ian, cnn, los angeles. police in washington d-c will reconruct a chase and shooting from rlier this week... that left one woman dead. thursday's incident resulted in the u-s capitol being placed on lokd ffls nage day's events will allow investigators to determine what officers knew about the driver... and whether they followed proper protocols. police say they shot 34-year-old miriam carey afr she
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rammed her car thugh barricades at the whe huse anintool hee--o daughter in the car. the child is o-k. the man who set himself on fire on the national mall friday has died. the man poured a can of gasoline on hielf and set himself on fire fday afternoon. joggers passg by started sh tlp se flames. he died hours later. police say the man was burned so badly that he may need to be idntified thugh dental and d-n-a recds. an employee at an exoicnima this morning after a tiger attacked her. according to the zoo owner... the woman broke a cardinal rule... she stuck her arm intthe tiger's cage when the sleeve of her jacke got caught. the 450 pound tiger mauled and sevey injured r am. the limb was saved, but surgeons say she is still going to need several more surgeries
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and rehabilitation to gain full use of her arm. the owner thinks the clothing attracted the tiger. hou oc a cag republicans to vote on a spending plan that doesn't include any extra provisions... to bring an end to the current government shutdown. minority leader nancy pelosi is urging the more moderate publicanso join with sheays democrats are making a new offer and they've sent a letter with 200 signatures to house speaker john boehner asking for his support. it's day six of the government shutdown. eveday americans feeli the effects mo amber miller is streaming now from six flags in upper marlboro, explaining how the theme park is playing a role in the whole ordeal.
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the nation's highest court is back in session tomorrow. the supreme court has seral controversial cases on the agea... at the start of its new rm rgtshe campaign contribution limits, housing and mortgage lending practices... and government- sanctioned prayer among others. the government shutdown isn't expected to impact the court's schedule. goodye stokely. the raven's cut 37 year old wide receiver brandon stokely yesterday... and re-signed tight end billy bajema to ke his place on the roster. with the tea' younger wide receivs ettingeahy aoo er raven's basically decided stokely was expendable as the deadline nears for the 53 man roster. stokely has been dealing wi a thigh injury that kept him out of last weeks game
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against the buffalo bills. the ravs are in miami today. kk-off is at 1 p- coming up... predicting commercial success... after reality t-v. snd full: (kelly clarkson music vid) how "american idol" has been been ablto uncover true talent... season ter season. you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 5))
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@mp) adlib chat ((ad lib meteorologist))
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with so ma singing reality evn shows out... it's tough to pinpoint who will do well after the show is over. adam housley looks into the success of american idol...
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and hothe judges ultimately find a singing star. snd full: (kelly clarkson mus video) pg million album sales worldwide, season one winner kelly clarkson is till the highest selling american idol of all time, followed by carrie underwood 15 million and then chris daughtry... snd full: (amican idol) in fact....out of shows onsinging television..amer ican idol is by far the most successful, both in ratings and finding superstar talent who can sell albums. connick says: "there's no spinning chairs, no blurred lines btween the udges and mentors, there's three judges, they listen to the singers, they ote and then they turn to the american people to vote. it's a streamlined, fool proof classic system that works." seacrest says: "i think the timate goal ito leave the judges spechless tt t t aut a hit record and have a lot of fans and have
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cheers when they walk thru a place like this." nat pop: (salt lake city guitar playing) as idol season 13 concldes it's judges auditions in sal lake city, keith urban, jennifer lopz and harry connick jr are all confident they ll find the next sgin sensation. lo s " alake to go tough so many people. we're not, it's not a show that's cast like some of the other shows where they go out and pick people and cast them for stories and this and that. we really just go throug thousands and thousands of peop and then we hed hrs pa lly try to find that diamond, that needle in the haystack " urban says: "in a lot of cases, especially we're seeing people at 16, 17. a lot of times you don't know who yo are yet so you've just got this raw talent and you have thg else. all that's gonna come whether wr pt of ot. nat pop: (contestants dancing) and just to make sure this years contestants are well prepared, we asked em to list as many idol winners or finalist as they can. crew says: "fantasia, ruben studdard, phillip phillips, uhh katie, uh not katy perry,
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carrie underwood!" graham says: lyrk justin guarini, tara gray, fantasia barrino, ruben studdard, clay aiken, kelly pickler, carrie underwood, chris daughtry, david cook, david archuleta in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. e xt season returns in january. people eat about two- billion pounds of oysters every year... and this month is a great time to get your prepare... and enjoy the seafood treat... we have your oysters 101 class next. you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 6))
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here's a something you may not have
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st..ny month that has the letter "r" in it... is a good month for the sea treats. joseph pastore is someone who knows all about the seafood... he'sthe executive chef at the oceanaire... nd he's here to give us an oyster 101 cssf w. nfoeing here. --tell us the oyster basics... how do you buy the best ones?
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--what are the different ways to prepare oysters?
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--what are some of the best ways to serve them? tony ad libs wx tease
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((break 7))
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competitive eater jy chestnut scarfs down several dozehard- bd gs... to t a rl cord. chestnut took part in radcliff, kentucky's first-ever hard boiled egg- eating championship yesrday. he managed to get down 141... in just eight minutes. miksu broke wor record finishing 104 eggs. adlib chat - 7 y forecast
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adlib goodbye
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jerry springer here for liberty ford randall's town. you're about to hear exciting news from the folks at liberty ford. if you're shopping for a new or pre-ownediclepien. reeitin ns from liberty ford. >> this is it, the event you're read about in the supervises and heard -- in the newspapers an heard about on tv. wime pciion at libertity ford alae guaranteed automotive credit, an event so big it could literally paint the quality of life for the better. if you want a new car, if you need a new car, i urge you to pay close attention. have you er been dolled you're
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>> hundreds and hundreds of people, your frie and neighbors are now iving the thimmade one toll-free call and were approved for audit this is an ent of unprecedented magnide. an event where you hould expect igc savings, low monthly payments, and even buy with no money down during this cere-authorized liquidation. your credit is guaranteed. whenou purchase any new or pre-owned vehicle, you get the full factory vehicle warranty. the remainder of tp-owned vehicles' manufacturer warranty and liberty's lifetime warranty, with no mileage limitations. now, you will be enrolled in that's right, we'll make your first two payments. >> we nt to be yr credit lifene. we're able to help justo
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ybghe nr pre-owned vehicle they need, the one they deserve. thousands have to depend on the bus or taxies to get to work, the super mket or frien. haoraby pick up the phone and call now for your guaranteed automotive edit. >> i havbeen seeing it on tv and in the newspaper i needed a car b b an ugly divorce and unpaid bills, my credit took a hit. i have been everywhere. no one wants to give me redit without a co-signer.


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