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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 6, 2013 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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and the f-b-i is asking for your help in fiing thr men edor a ie aed robberies at convenience stores around baltimore. the incidents happened between august and september. anyone with information is asked to call the f-b-i violent crimes task force at 410- 265-8080. ther is a reward for foioat ads to an arrest. terrorists in the crosshairs this weekend -- as the u-s military conducts overseas missions. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more. u-s special opations forces conducting two terro raids this weekend.. the fir enalda member in libya. the pentagon confirming the arrest of abu anas al libi in tripoli. delta force operators surrounding al- liby's vehicle... his family said he was nabbed as he pulled up to his house after morning prayers. al-liby is wanted with 19-98 deadly bombings of u-s embassies in kenya and tanzania.
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u-s officials say he is now being held on ship at sea...and they plan to prosecute him in a u-s court. secrary of state john kerry speaki about the raid atan econic onrencin bali, indonesia sunday. kerry: "we hope that this makes clear that the united states of america will never stop in its effort tohold those accountable who conduct acts of terror and those mers of al qaeda and other terrorist anio literally run but they can't hide." al-liby had been indicted in the southern district of new york -- and was on the rufor over a decade. king: "al liby has been wanted for 15 years. i wish he was being tried in guantanamo rather than the southern district of new e ndd in somalia targeting top members of the group reponsible for last month's deadly mall massacre in kenya. seal team six members leading the operation at a villa south of mogadishu early saturday... targeting multiple members of al- al eda fiate.
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mty sources say at least one somali s killed... but the seals could not retrieve the body to make an identification. griffin tag: "meanwhile back in libya, government officials say they were not told by the u.s. of the plans capture al-liby. fox news has learn the president approved these two operaontet t washington, jennifer griffin fox news." after a disappointing game ibuffalo, the ravens bounced back this week in miami. sports director bruce cunningham joins us as the ravens picked up their firsroad win of the season. bre. comg a shatting defeat at the hands of the bills in buffalo, their 4th straight regular season road loss, the ravens were looking to turn that trend around today down in miami...and it was a real hriller... the ravens went into the 4th quarter ahead by 10, but this erased that lead: joe flacco' pass is pped...and miami's resd jones pulls it out of the air... he goes 25 yards for the touchdown and the game is tied at 23.. . ...then, with a minute 42 left to play, justin tucker gets his h
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field goal of the game this from 44 yards out...26-23 ravens... . .miami mounted a desparate drive, and here, they ckcbie sturgis in to try a 57 yarder... it's not even cllose, and the ravens escape miami with a three point win. snapping a streak of four straight regular season road dfeats.... and if you watched the game, you know the snds were filled with purple and black... don't think the team did't notce.. wall to wall coverage of today's victory.. coverage of today's victory.. coming up on our expanded sunday night edition of sports unlimited, right after this newscast... thousands of mourning families and firefighters fcked to maryland this wkend for the annual fallen firefighters memori. paul gessle pos... he do forced the
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firefighters off the fema site... where the memorial stands. the sound of silence at mount saint mary's university.... "at the halt! slow. march!" (song begins) can nly be broken by bagpipes. (pipes sound full) sunday morning in emmitsburg... families arrive at the mount. chief compton: "we are here to honor 81 falle heroes who have made the ultimate sacrafice." e patches on slves these w far firefighters-- and families-- have traveled. chief compton: "we've been here before because of inclimate weather. this time, it was a much different issue thacreated the move." no activity down the road... at the actual site of the national fallen firefighter memorial. rep. steny hoy hontryland: shutdown has forced a change in our plans." locked gates greet visitors. rep. steny hoyer, d-maryland: "a fire has no political affiliation. it does not discriminate." the annual honor went on regardless.
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(names read) names are read aloud. nt handed to grieving families. chief compton: "you are as much a hero as your firefighter." then, two names stir a section on the bleachers. "michael chiapperini. west webster fire district." kemith, president, west webster vfd: "everybody in town knew chip." "tomasz kaczowka" ken smith, president, west webster vfd: "infectious smile / they're both greatly missed in the town of bster." two firefighters killedn the line of duty no by flames... but by gunfire. shot... responding to a fire in new york in december ken smith, preside, west " th were d: bh. ye ded... on christmas eve, a time of year that's supposed to be happy." west webster brought families and friends by the busload to maryland. ken smith, president, west webster vfd: "we're honoredto be here to honor them and to represent them and to pay respects for what they did for us, and for the community." two stories... rep. steny hoyer, d-maryand: "a gtenaon remembering, in a room of many... that will be marked in maryland for
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alltime. hoyer (con't): "remembering your loved ones and the heroism." paul gessler, fox45 news at ten flags in upper marlboro. the theme park is hosting its nual fright fest. from noon to six kid can enjoy hayrides, a trick or treat trail and a visit from theumpkin king and the mummy. the awakening of the dead happens at six. th park has 23 ightful tracons--ten thebrand ne. the month long celebration will run saturday and sunday through october 27th plus friday evenings october 18th and 25th. after a 6-month renovation... the historic edgar allan pou haon e iw open on saturdays and sundays of this month from noon to 4 p-m .. free of charge. it will permanently reopen in the spring. new exhibits show the story of poe's life and death in baltimore. it includes his writing desk and chair.
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poe lid at the housen rth amst from 1833 to 1835. a sigh of relief for those living in the gulf coast region. tropical storm karen has been downgraded to a tropical depression... although.. high winds and heavy rains still remain in the area. new orleans arishofficials opened an erncy tete issuing a voluntary evacuation. the national hurricane center in miami is keeping a close watch on karen's patterns... he storm is expected to continue dump a lot rain. we could use some of tha rain. we've had summer like weather here. meteorologist tony pagnotti has more in his weather authority first forecast. new developments in
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that biker attack, caught on tape in new york. why police may now be investigating one of their own. almost a year afterhe unbelievable tgedy at sandy ho residents have come to a decision on what they will do with the closed school.
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time's up. why monday... might be your tax day. decoding nutrition labels. why low fat might not help oue ht and what you should look for instead. and... boots weather is here! which styles are classic must-haves.. and which ones won't be in style a year from now. that's all coming up monday. (((can)))
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hutdown continues.... it has been a short furlough for hundreds of thousands of civilian workers with the department of defense. the workers are expected to return to their jobs this week. defense secretary chuck hagel made the announcement yesterday. hagel says the law also allows the d-o-d to bring back whe responsibilities contribute to the morale, well-being and readiness of service members. new details emerge on the biker attack caught on tape. at least one biker... appearing in court after
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the beating of a driver on the streets of new york city. ere t m charged in that attack. 35-year-old robert sims appeared before a judge last night on charges of gang assault, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon in connection with the videotaped attack between a group of bikers and the driver of that s-u-v alexander lee-en. the n-y-p-d... als formally charged 37- year-old reginald chance last night. police say chance used his helmet to smash in the driver's side window of the suv. the driver of the s-u-v .. has not been charged. police are also loong intoi whether undercover police officers among those bikers. reports that at least one undercover officer did nothing during the attack. he reportedly turned in his badge yesterday, and s placed on restricted duty. another report aims that as many as five off-duty officers we among the "hollywood ouik it's been ten months since the tragedyt sandy hook elementary....
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residents of newtown connecticut have voted to rebuild the school, but in a different location. the town has been allotted 50-million- dollars in state funds to rebuild. a new facility will be built away from the original site. a memorial will be constructed there. over 45-hundred people voted for the grant. "i believe the town needs it to heal and to go forward and it always has to be there so we can keep this event in our minds ando eeping these children and administrators in our hearts always." back in december of last year ... the mass shooting killed 20 students and 6 adults. plans for a new school are alrey in progress. it should re- open in january 20. an airport unr investigation tonight. who managed to sneak onto an airplane and why he'snow in protective custody.
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what you need to know if you filed for an extension this year.. before you file... monday on x45 morning news. news.
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have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is tryg to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment is oldhhiinsurance company. with aadjust. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! oo! later ted! stliwa onlineicm.appointments.
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teamed up with community members in southwest baltimore and docs in the park to host the "sowebo" landmark 5-k. our very own tom rodgers was there to kick off the 3-rd annual race and fun wa. the course began in historic nion sque through southwest landmarks like carroll park and hollins market. but the event served a much bigger purpose. "we're trying to call attention to fighting childhood obesity here in southwest baltimore and also really dealing with a lot ofother health issues that seem to be predie thremp to the national averages." more than 200 people attended the event. the money raised will go towards field days... which bring games, physical activities and health screenings to kids in
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southwes baltimore. the shutdown
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isn't just
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affecting the government. the changes one group has made to show support to those suffering from breast cancer
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tuesday.. not only were people forced of the job.... . but events that have been planned for month... even years... were derailed. making strides against breast cancer---one of many events affected. the annual 5-k walk at the naional mall was supposed to ke place today---but' closed. onust a few days notice, the
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walk was relocated to six flags in upper marlboro. about two- thousand pele ds walk. the goal is to raise 400- thousand dollars. next year, it's expected that more than 230 thousand people will be diagnosed with breast cancer. mayor stephanie rawlings bake took a break om her usual duties toe d ha n the cob dare. ---nats of parade-------- the festivities kicked off at the intersection of key highway and light street. groups from all over maryland came to join in... even raising awareness for a good cause. "we are parof the iners hospitale support our hospitals where we have crippled childrenand burn centers throughout
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he united states." herade al floats, the knights of columbus color guard and the poly, western band. a minneapolis airport is under investigation after a 9-year- old boy manages to sneak onto a flight t las veg. thursdathe 9- yer-old slid past the urcheck po, pst gate agents inside and onto delta flight 1651. the boy was finally questioned in nevada after airport officials say surveillance footage shows him passing through without a boarding pass. air travel experts s mistas li this s mwoere's th nee tobe done to ensure safety. all the expense in this to keep us safe since 911, and it has, but still we have gapping holes and this was a perfect exmple of it. the child is in prective custody and has nce turn to the twin cities. the ravenset a big game from
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one of their stars... what terrll suggs did in the 4th quarter to put the ravens in position to win... coming up in sports unlimited.
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ever hard boiled egg eatg mpetion in kck mi f w taking the crown. 145-154 "with 141 hard boiled eggs... joey chestnut!" hot dog eating champion and holder of numerouother food eating chaionships... joecht. ard boiled eggs
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in 8- minutes!!... to set a new world record. competitors say eggs are a little different compaired to other food competitions... because the eggs do not break down ch in ur mouth. that's a for the newst ten... lr.e thanks for watching... bruce cunningham and morgan adsit join us now with a much-needed ravens win in sports unlimited... bruce and morgan... coming up tonight on sports unlimited... close game just like last week... the ravens committed turnovers just like last week... so, what was the differece this week???... y sh agst bills... today, they carried it 40 times... they didn't run all over the dolphins but they controlled the clock... t-sizzle, cca 20-11... suggs n defensive m-v-p form... his key sacks late in the gam.. eugene monroe did not ay... bryant mckine n'ep.. the mistake that probably sealed his fate as a starter... and remember this???... mark reynolds snubbing buck showalter after a home run... today, it happened to john harbaugh...
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the hilarius "leaving me hangin'" moment... sports unlimited starts after this.
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unlimited... alonide bruce cunningham... i'm morgan adt... we say this every week... it wasn't ptty but a win's a win... any time you go on the road in nfdet win it's impressive... it's an even bigger deal when you do it against a 3-and-1 team minus 2 of your starting receivers... (urn)) in the nfl, it's all about dealing with adversity...about bouncing back... after a touh loss in buffalo s wee, cossnt today in miami... the ground game...and a stifling defense.. it wasn't spectacular, but it did work.. and it got them a win on them an all too rare win on the road... 1st quarter... 3rd and 5... joe flacco over the middle torrey smith. torrey speeds down the sidene... ai 4rd up a field goal... ravens in front 3-0... . next dolphins' possession...
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james ihedigbo with the interception... check out john harbaugh... wants a chest bump... ihedigbo not in the mood... play was reviewed and rud incomplete... but that was a omfrhe ravens head coach... . later in the 1st... ray rice carry... ray rice fumble... former raven dannell ellerbe recovers... rice's 5th fumble in his last 8 games including playoffs... leads to a dolphins field goal... tied at 3... . 2nd quaer... flacco to ed dicson... s, ed dickson... shakesis defender... t i rds... great sight for ravens fans... . justin tucker comes on for a 50 yard field goal... nails it... ravens on top 6- 3... . fish answer... ryan tannenhill airs it out for mike wallace... the former steeler hauls it in for 49 yas... another mia field goal knots it up at 6.... just over a minute to play in the half... tannenhill escapee rush... hits brian hartline... slips jimmy smith's diving attempt... takes it 30 yards to the 30... . very next play... goes right back to hartline... why not???... 21 yards to the 0... . on 3rd and goal... tannenhill beautiful back shoulder fade to charles clay... touchdown dolphins...
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they led 16 at the brea... opening drive of the 3rd quarter...3rd and 5... flacco under pressure all game long... takes it himself... 14 yard scramble... tied for the 2nd longest run of thseason by any raven... . after 55 yards on pass interfernce penalties, ravens from the 2... rice punches it in... vens tie it at ... 6 utes later... flacco takes a big hit... tandon doss great adjustment... knocked out of bounds after a gain of 40 yards... tucker makes another field goal... ravens by 3.... . only 24 yards rushing last week... bernard pierce gets more on this carry... 28 yard galop... longest raven run of the as. they rushed for 133 against miami.... 3rd and 10... torrey smith has been the one constant on the offense... 22 yard grab moves the sticks... 6 catches for 121 yards... . same drive... 4th quarter... ricbounces it off takle... 3 yard touchdown... 74 yards and 2 scores... pe and black . . but back come the fish... tannenhill perfect throw to his tight end... clay picks up 45 yards... dolphins get a field goal... trail by 7... .
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ensuing ravens drive... already 3rd and 22 from their 9... it gets worse... flacco's arm hit on the throw... flouers in the air... reshad jones piks itoff... returns it 25 yards for the gaty toow. no eugene monroe... dion jordan beats bryant mckinnie... disrupts the pass leading to the turnover... . 5 and a half minutes left... terrell suggs takes over... pushes jonathan martin into tannenhill... his 2nd sack of the game... 5thtraight game with aq-b takedown.... sus on the opposite side... this time he drive tyson clabo into tannenhill... sizzle with the hat trick... his 7th sack of the season forcing the dolphins to punt... . under 2 minutes... tucker lines up r a 44 yard and the lead... bullseye... ravens in front 26-23.. . 90 sondleft... h 10 la cnc for miami... tannenhill rolls out... sensational throw to brandon gibson... good for 46, putting miami in field goal range... . 2nd and 10 from the 34... it's not suggs this time... elvis dumervil records the ravens' 6th sack of the gae... . now on 3rd dow fromhe 39... tanneillhi


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