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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 7, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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fans suffered a tragedy withhe loss of dan wheldon. now another accident on the raceway leaves a three-time indianapolis 500 winner hospitalized with several injuries. the mishap also caused debris to rain down pon spectato. ia rafferty shows us the video of the crash. mos: "it was pretty scary an horrific accident takes place during the gra prix of houston. mos: "cars just completely spun around, i mean the tires were flying off." it happened on the final lap of the race... afr tabwe three-time indianapolis 500 winner dario franchitti (dah- ree-oh, fran-key-tee) and takuma sato (tah-koo-mah, sah- tow). franchitti lost control of his car and it was sent flying over sato's and crashed into a fence -- tearing into piece. second place finisher scott dixon describes thscene. scott dixon #9 .. was a big hit, i hope dario's okay, he looked like he was moving around when i drove past." doctors later confirmed he sustained sustained a concussion, fractured two vertebrae and he broke his right ankle. scott dixon / #9 driver " looked like a lot of the car ot into the stands too so i hope allthe fans out here
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are okay." 13 ns were injured, 11 were treated the scene and wo reaken to t hospital for treatment. mos: "there was a lady that was trapped underneath the fence." (anchor tag) this latest race car accident is an erie reminder of the tragic death of dan wheldon. he paed away october 16th 2011, when his head struck a post at las vegas motor speedway after sailing 325 feet 5 ereai involved in that wreck. in new york, marianne rafferty, fox news. the government shutdown... or barricades... didn't stop a group of cetral new york veter from seeing the iwo jima mia yesterday, a group of determined honor flight volunteers... leading a group of over sixty world war two and korean war vets... reached the historic site. after tilting water-filled barricades and moving tm out of the way - the buses were able to access to the area. the veterans traveled al the ay fm syse the supreme court justices take the bench today for their new term... despite the
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shutdown. they're expected to take up cases about campaign contributions, housing discrmination, government sanctioned prayer and the presiden's recess appointments. abortion, contraceptive coverage der the new health care law and cellphone privacy also may find their way onto the court's calendar. the ravens found their n w su isouth florida. paul gessler is live at panera in towson... talking to ravens fans about their first- place status this morning. paul-- first place... at 3 and 2... along with e brns and bengals... who were also victorious this week... ray rice had a season- high 74 yards rushing...
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.scored two touchdowns. but, timely defensive plays... including an elvis dumvil sack to push the dolphins game- tying field goal attempt back to 57 yards away. of course... it was widleft. the first thing ravens coach john harbaugh addresed post- game.. those thousands of ravns fans who showed up in south florida..
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john harbgh: "it seemed like half the stadium... i'm so proud of the baltimore ravens fans. thank you. thank yo. our players went over and said something to them after the game. they were amazing. they were loud the whole game. just couldn't bemore proud to be e steeleremain winless. s: they we off yeterday... and yin.and- fourcomi turning the impossible... into a reality. the challenge a retired musician accepted... in order to make a young girl's dream of playing the flute. come true.
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gren coming up... the ravenset a big game from one of their sta. wt terrell suggs d inth 4th quarter put the ravens in position to win. "i just love a challenge." musicians need two hands to play the flute... or do they? the specially- customized
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licensed phone-ups available 24/7 ll 1-800-progressive. anything to play the fle in the chool band there's just one proble.. it ta two hands and she only has one. but as carla wade reports... with the help of a retired musician... she's finding out that where there's a will there's a way. abby gieseke was born wiout a fuy developed ft d, for years she's wanted to play a two handed instrument--the flute. sh knew it would be hard, but at just 10 years old she's already learned that when you can't change your circumstances--y ou cnge your attitude. " i've always foun my own ways to do things that other people can do and so i knew that i
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would eventually find a way to do it." ter searching the internet for a solution, by mom ta retired musician and instrument repairman clarence wood--or woody as friends call him. "i first thought 'that's an impossible thing to o' someone with no fingers on her left hand just couldn't possibly play a flute, i couldn't make one but she insisted, she was determined to play a flute." so woody became equally determined to help "it can be a adjusted in or out this way." since abby cant hold a flute with both hands he digned a stand for her to grip the instrument and hold it steady. then he redesigned the flute itself. because the fingering is not anywhere similar to regular flute fingers. i had to play it myself and work out each note at time to see which keys to
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andul less an w after getting her custom made flute, abby's already playing simple tunes. "i just jumped for joy, i was so happy" an already proving that by choosing to focus on what she has... "i just love a challenge." instead of focusing on what she doesn't strikes just the right note. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour.. it's not to early... to srt your holida oppi the great deals that are currently being offered.. and what's behind the low prices. the ravens fight through another close game. what made the difference inthe win against miami... verses the loss at buffalo. ((break 3))
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patrol car." a maryland state trooper is in critical di a inhit while on the job. hear why coworkers say she's a valued member of the force. a recall parents and caretakers need to know about... wht motrin found inside these infant drops. pau l op moay, october 7 -two baltimore -two baltimore city schools closed today. -booker.
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washington midd school - renaissance academy high school -electrical problems. -staff report to eutaw marshburn elementary.
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first on fox... a maryland first on fox... amld
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state trooper is in crictical condition this morning... after a car hit her... while responding to a call. it happened at about one a-m yesterday morning route 100 in anne ardel county. trooper eseoli help another officer who pulled over a man for suspected drunk driving. while walking along the shoulder of the road, investigators say anher driver hit her at full speed. many of her coworkers are conrned... noting trooper kline is highly regarded within thrchich she's only been a part of for the last year. 07:28:18-34 "jackie was just - she's a quality individual. she's the kind of person that everybody wants to hang ound and work with. she was a stanut in the academy. worked hard. she treated people wl. allou e t disot her facebook page and you can see the outpouring of love from friends and family and coworkers. " the 21-year-old driver stopped


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