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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  October 7, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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indianapolis 500 winner daro franchitti is n the hospital this morning tea serious crash n houston. here's a look at the moment it happened... "nats crash... that is a thundering, thundering blow." franchitti was in the final lap of the race when a japanese driver bumped his car and sent him airborne. franchitti's racecar flew into the protective fencing, sending pieces of debris flyininto the grandstands. "that barride jt imd ft me. and there was no time to run, move left, right. ((butt with)) "the car literally exploded into pieces - it disintegrated right in front of me." franchitti's team owner say the ce car drivewas sore, awake, and alert t eas he we to the hospital and just to be safe, dotors were
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keeping him overnight. three spectators also went to the hospital because of the crash. bris that flew into the crowd injured a total of 13 people... fircrews treated most of enhe the u-s plans to interrogate a suspected high- profile terrorist captured this weekend in africa. investigators believe the man is linked to the two u-s embassy bombings in9-98. his wife says he was returning home from morning prayers in lia on saturday when a groupf u- operatives ambushed him. "this thing came all of the sudden. there was no longer any talk of him in the media, so we felt somewha reassured. he even stopped taking his weapon or his sons ith him o hiring private security. he was living his life normally." the obama administration has activated an elite team of interrogators to meet with the man. it's not clear when he might arrive in new york to face federal charges. that capture coincided with another weekend raid... this one in somalia. a navy seal team was trgeting a comnder of
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al-shabaa which is the ouat climed responsibility for last month's shooting rampage at a kenyan mall. navy seals ran into heavy fire and had to abort the mission without knowing whether their target was dead or alive. ravens nation: back in the win column after edging out the dolphins sunday. paul gessler is live at panera bread in towson... where he is talkig purple pride with the regulars. paul-- glimpes of ravens football cameo the
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surface again sunday. dolphins quarterback ryan tannehill was facing heat from the ravens 'l atnn. ti ter kicked four field goals... including what would be th game winner. ray rice had a season- high 74 yards rushing... ...scored two touchdowns. no takaways.... but, timely defensive plays... including an elvis dumervil sack to push the dolphins game- tying field goal atempt back to 57 yards away. of coue... it was wide left. john harbagh... on the thousands of vensfans in souh lorida... johbaugh: "it emed khalf e stium... i'm so proud of the baltimore ravens fans.thak yo.
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thanyoor players wet over and said something to them after the game. they were amazing. they were loud the whole game. just couldn't be more proud to be the coach of the ravens after that experience." hard to quantify how many ravens fans were actually at the me. owfyour rplerendurple. you could win a prize from fox45. every week we'll choose 12 finalists for you to vote on. here's one of our finalists... you can go to our facebook page and click on the "inside fox45" tab to vote for your favorite photo. one person a
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week will win a 25-dollar gift card from poor boys. go to facbook dot com sash fox baltimore o get started and reatheoicial rus a stern warning from the nation's treasury secretary about the upcoming debt default... "it's very dangerous. it's reckless." what jack lew says needs to happen before congress votes on raising the debt ceiling. plus, a month- long eventai the aswi the best word in the american language: "free." details on this year's "free fall baltimore" next in our hometown hotspot. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. (bump out)) [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... aren't healthynlesyou actuallym becausall these whole grains
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events isnow underway. "free fall baltimore" kicked off on the first and is going strong all month long. joining me live is troy burton, ecutive dictor of the arts celebration. --for those who've never
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celebration. --for those who've never heard of it... what is "free fall baltimore?" --what kind of events can people expect? --what's new this year? --what are some
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of the more unique attractions? free fall baltimore is going on all month... for more information head to foxbaimore dot com slash mning. a bit of an "oopsy" in the olympic torch relay... what went wrong this weekend as a torch carrier ran through moscow... it s caught on camera, we'll
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show you after the break. jonathan a libs wx you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 2))
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the olympic flame has officially made it to russia. after a lighting ceremony a couple wees ago in greece, relayers have carried it io the hst nt..t erything went as planned this weekend. some 14- thousand torchbearers will carry the flame, but this got was pretty unlucky. as he was running out of a tunne, the flame blew out. the man noticed it and seemed like it wasn't sure what to do there for a second.
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luckily someone was there to offer him a luckily someone was there to offer him a light... and he was on his way again.
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when you're driving... put down the cell phone.
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take the "no text zone" pledge. go to our website at foxbaltimore dot com to get started. everyone who takes the pledge also qualifies for mnthly priz an important recall for parents and caretakers... the item officials found inside a batch of motrin infant drops that has the company voluntarily pulling them from store shelves. plus..finally fall seon is lte... tha means it's time to break out those boots. next... the best ways to wear the taller varieties. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. and when you get up -- can i play? no! you don't even get football. [ale announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you t it. america'sastest, most riable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading,
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about the boots. the fall season is the time to
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break them out. joining me again to talk shoes is susannah siger from ma petite she... thanks for being here. last hour we talked out short boot.. now let's takea lok at the tall one. has se this season?
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--how can you wear them with pants and skirts? --any sort of rulefor matching boot cors with your outfit? thank you so much for being
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here. boots may be on some holiday wish lists... coming up in the next half hour... why you may want to check out the prices now, instead of waiting for black friday. paul ad libs paul ad libs tease you're w[ phone ringing ] tease
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grene mpa the government shutdown is
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shutdown is getting further entwined with the upcoming debt-ceiling limit. treasury secretary jack lew is speaking about the deadline... warning lawmakers, who he says are "playing with fire." lew asked congres to pass legislation -ehe vernment and increase the nation's debt limit. lew says president obama is looking for some middle ground, but negotiations have to take place after the shutdown ends. "t reality is there are no good choice it's we run out of borrowing choices and we run out of cash. that mes the first time since 1789 will be not paying its bills, hurting the full faith in credit because of a political decision." lew noted that raising thedebt ceiling does not allow t government to spend more... it just allows the country to pay the bills it already owes.
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congress has 10 da ot u-s defaults on its debt... the president says he's confident a deal will be reached... before the deadline passes. during an interview yesterday... president obama claimed there's a majority of lawmakers in the house who would vote to end the goernment shutdown and raise the natn's credit itwit i conditions on an agreement. a major recall for parents and caretakers. motrin is pulling about 200- thousand bottles of its concentrated infants' drops off store shelv because there's a chance they may contain tiny plastic particles. the recall only iolves the ornarr flavor in half- ounce bottles... the lot numbers are listed on your screen. motrin discovered tiny particles in a different lot during testing... that batchas not released. the company traced the particles to a shipment of ibuprofen from a supplier. call it the hras ep.. checking items off your your holiday wish lists now may save you money. shopping experts at "retail me not dot com" say you can score some
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great discounts before black friday. a not-so-strong back-to-school season means retailers are going to be offering big price cuts toet mercandise out ofhests to make room for the holiday items. after a si month renovation ... the historic edgar allan poe house is back open. the doors are open on saturdays and sundays of this month from noon to four... free of charge. it ll permanently reopen in the spring. new exhibits show the story of poe's life and death in baltimore. it includes his writing desk and chair. poe livedt the house on north amity street from 1833 to 1835. get ready for your morng ose cues.. we'll tell you where this white lion cub is now on display. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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(brethe newest
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member of serbia's belgrade zoo. thiwhite lio cub was born on september 27... buusdets public debut this weekend. visitors could take a peak at the cub through windows. zoo vets say they're going to keep a close eye the cub for the next week causwhte lione especially weak after birth. the lion is not an albino... it's an actual variety of the african lion species. it's the same as your typical lion, except for the fur color. ((toss to
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weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) weather kid tese thvens
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the ravens found their winning ways
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sunday in south florida. paul gessler is live at paner in towson... talking to ravens fans about their first- ple status this morning. paul-- t e... at 3 and 2... along with the browns and bengals... who were also victorious this week... ray rice had a season- high 74 yards rushing... ...scored two touchdowns. no takeaways.... but, tmely fenve ays. including an elvis dumervil sack to push the dolphins game- tying field goal attempt back to 57 yards away. of course... it was wide left. the first thing ravens coach
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john harbaugh addressed post- game... those thousands of ravens fans who showed up in south florida... john harbaugh: "it seemed like half the stadium... i'm so proud of the baltimore ravens fans. thank you. thank you. our players went over an said something to them after the game. they were amang. they were ud he hole game. just couldn' be more pd the coach of the ravens after that experience." a cherry on top for ravens fans: the steelers remain winless. they were off yesterday... and still stand at zero- and- four. pioneering the
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journey to end childhood hunger. coming up... mayor stephanie rawlings blake joins us to talk about a multi- group effort to keep kids from going hungry. and next... it's a video mer's dream ride. we'll take you inide this and show you which games are sure to be on some christmas lists thisoliday season. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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typical couch perience on the road. the gaming company is traveling across the u-s in this deced-out airstream... but this isn't you gradparents' r-v joining me to lauth tour is ???. thanks for stopping by today. --why are you guys going on tour? --what games are you featuring?
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--are e going to be on a lot of holiday wish lists? thank you so much. the goal is to make sure
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nn!nn!n!n!n!missi tend
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ild hunger. you can help their cause tonight by dining out. joining me now to talk about share our strength's "taste of the nation" is baltimore city maor stephanie rawlings-blake. thanks for being here. --tell us about the "no kid hungry" campaign --how does "share our
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strength" help baltore chdren --ell abo tonight's event to learn more about tonight's "taste of the tonight's event to learn more about tonight's "taste of the
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nation" event, head to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. our little sumr-like streak is coming
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to an end... the rain is starting to fall on the harbor... jonathan is in next with the more fall-like seven-day. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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>> this man once tip today scales at 400 pounds. >> blood pressure, breathing problems, i was a mess. >> today he is nearlyalf that i am sitting here a healthy
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man. >> plus the true story behind the new movie "i am in love with a churchgirl." on today's "700 club [applause] >> pat: welcome to "the 700 club." the ding does not dane to speak to the peasants who inbit rliament because the king is above all that. and yet the peasants are saying if you don't talk, we are going into default. terry? >> terry: it is not just the king that is not talking to the peasants, he is not talking t the house speaker, john boehner, either. the october 17th deadline draws nearer, ephraim graham has the story.
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>> reporter: govnment is in shutdown, debt ceing approaching, still nignsf budget deal. house speaker john boehner says a default is likely if president obama won't agree to negotiate. >> the american people expect in washington, the leaders will sit down and have a conversaon. i told my members the other da eaybe a back room some where, there is nobody in it. we are interested in having a conversation about how we open the government and how we ben to pay our bills. >> reporte: the president blames the standoff on house republans. s party threatened to not pay our bills except for 2011. the last time that speaker boehner and some of the same people in the house of representatives thought it might give them more leverage in negotiions. >>or: treasury secretary jack liu backed the president's
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message calling on congress to do their job. stop playing with fire. >> it is reckless. reality is there are no good choices if we un out of ow cit and run out of cash. >> reporter: last week, they warned it could drastically decrease the value of a dollar and skyrocket u.s. interest rate >> extremely bd fhe president to shut down the government. we are willing to negotiate, we are willing to compromise. >> reporter: ephraim graham, cbn news. >> pat: the issue, ladies and gentlemen, it is not the debt ceiling. it is how many debts we are addi on to other debts by le spending. unless we do something with entitlements, also we do something with the democrat care, 'obamacare,' forexample, we are going to give over 500
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llion dollarsola parenthood, can we afford to borrow from the chinese to give planned parenthood more money? can we afford all these thgs in the government? the president and democrats need to negiate on this. this has happened over and over again toay hver happened is not true. it is not good to have a leader who doesn't tell the truth! the truth is, time and time again, congress has asked for concessions before they raise the debt ceiling. an they should. d all you do is have sound bytes and throw bombs back and forth, nothing is happening. coming up on this program later on, we are talking to stephen moore, wall street journal about what a government default would f america later in the program, first let's go to john jessup in


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