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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  October 10, 2013 12:35am-1:10am EDT

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sabriya towles died of heat exposure after being found dead in the back of her grandfather's truck in... lansdowne. and while that death was ruled accidental, her grandfather anthony towles has been charged... with involuntary manslaughter. that comes after an investigation revealed sab- riya actually died while the vehicle was on south paca street in the city. one man is dead after being struck by a vehicle on interstate 295 early this morning. this was the scene around 5 a-m... as cars were being re- directed off of the baltimore- washington parkway. 295 was closed for several hours as police investigated. police say the man was struck by a vehicle travelling in the southbound lane. m-t-a police are looking for a group of men accused of holding up a passenger on a city bus, then forcing him to an a-t-m, where they made him hand over cash. keith daniels,... live downtown, .../ where... police... released pictures... of the suspects.. keith. ....take a good look.. police say a bus surveillance camera caught images of the
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suspects around the time of the incident. police say the men boarded the number 40 on baltimore street near first mariner arena. one man asked the victim if he could use his incident. police say the men boarded the number 40 on baltimore street near first mariner arena. one man asked the victim if he could use his cell phone... the victim allowed the call. then police say the suspects showed the victim a gun and knife.. and demanded money for the phone's return. its a crime that has police searching for suspects and passengers concern (ms. steele) "well, it frightens me a little bit cause i'm not 23 and i can't run fast anymore. so, sure it's a dangerous situation." (mr. williams) "it don't really frighten me. i mean, i catch the bus, but i just hold on to my stuff, that's all." a grieving family says they'll protest... every wednesday.../ until... someone... from the city... responds..about the death of their loved one in police someone... from the city...
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responds..about a grieving family says they'll protest... every wednesday.../ until... someone... from the city... responds..about the death of their loved one in police custody. ((take sot)) < no justice no peace...tyrone west baltimore city police have bill of rights, family has rights as well vo> tyrone west's family says police kicked and pepper sprayed him last july, amidst some kind of altercation during a traffic stop last july. at one point 10 officers were trying to restrain him. west's family is crying police brutality.. "how do a roll lead to you being brutalily murdered how explain that to me how, how with a valid license and you get brutally murdered explain please!" officials from
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the state medicial examiner's office say autopsy results are still pending, and could take up to 90 days. meanwhile, baltimore city officials are under fire for illegally closing meetings that are supposed to be open to the public. the state's open meetings compliance board determined this week that the baltimore development corporation broke the law by closing a meeting back in july. that's the third violation by a city agency this year. back on may 20- th... the city finance board barred fox 45 and the baltimore sun... from attending a meeting discussing a huge tax break for developers of harbor point. and in march - a city task force shut the media out of an important meeting regarding speed cameras. the mayor says she's working to improve compliance among city staff.
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work will be to make sure we are in full compliance."> the only substantial penalty these city boards face for breaking transparancy laws is a fine of one hundred dollars... and that's only is someone pusues the case in civil court, the lights are back on at one of baltimore's oldest landmarks. after 17 months and 3.5 million dollars in construction .....the senator theater will reopen tomorrow with a screening of the movie hairspray.. the renovated theater has added three small screens and a stored decades old artwork and replaced seats giving patrons more room.... the opening also leaves nearby business owners hoping for better days... (take sot) (42:46) my business we lost maybe 20 percent of our foot traffic when the senator closed so did the other business owners n the area we saw a great difference there.. (take sot) (39:30) it went down we lost a lot of business hopefully its 4 movies at the same time so it might be good..
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the theater's seating has been reduced from 900 to 700 so get there early tomorrow to snag a seat. a bad day for a silver spring woman, who's finding that her neighbors don't feel quite the same way about her halloween tradition as she thought. for the last three years, donna kerr has opened up her backyard to thousands for a free haunted house tour. but friday, enough neighbors complained to issue a cease and desist order, saying the house creates a traffic and safety hazard. she'll argue her case before a judge next week. bad day for a florida family who's inground pool is now three feet out of the ground. jessica pedraza says she and her husband drained their pool for the fall last week, and within a matter of hours...the pool began rising out of the ground. at first the family thought it was a sinkhole collapsing around it, but it was the opposite...too
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much groundwater was forcing it up. jessica says her insurance company is trying to fight them on covering the damage. and it's been a good day for former hopkins neurosurgeon ben carson, who isn't letting the grass grow under his feet in retirement. carson has agreed to a deal with the fox news, as a contributor on t-v, radio and the web. the good doctor made his debut appearance this evening on fox news channel. no word on the length or terms of the contract. sll ahead, the new york city
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police officer who took part in a shocking gang attack on an suv is identified. hear why he says he waited so long to come forward, when we come back. and shots are fired once again on federal property. we'll tell you what sent people scrambling for cover, when the late edition returns.
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charge of all the nation's nuclear forces has been fired for his suspected role in a gambling scandal. navy vice admiral tim giardina has been relieved of duty, after accusations that he tried to
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cash in counterfeit gambling chips. giardina took over the strategic command position in december 20-11. they oversee the entire u-s nuclear force, including nuclear-armed submarines, bombers, and nuclear missiles. police in new york have arrested one of their own, as the investigation deepens into the attack on an suv driver by a group of bikers. undercover detective voy- check brazh- chock faces felony mischief and riot charges, after allegedly being among the bikers that were beating on the vehicle before the driver was dragged out and beaten. police officials say brazh-chock waited three days before turning himself in because he was afraid his cover would be blown. so far, police have arrested six members of the hollywood stuntz gang in the attack. police have a suspect in custody after shots were fired at a federal courthouse in wheeling, west virginia. witnesses say as they heard as many as 20 shots
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coming toward the facade of the courthouse this afternoon. no one was seriously injured in the spray of gunfire. the alleged gunman was tracked down to a parking lot across the street. we're told he was critically wounded when officers returned fire. it's unclear what prompted the shooting. ad lib toss to vytas rknew yo
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school's controversial playground decision has left them with no balls. that's right... you heard me. no balls of any kind. that story's next. next. hey lena, what ya looking for?
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possibly do next to defy common sense when they banned the game of tag from the playground. well, ask a stupid question... new york's weber middle school has now banned footballs, soccer balls... baseballs, any kind of recreational ball you can think of during recess. the superintendent says the policy change is due to a rash of playground injuries. some parents say it's really about liability and lawsuits. the kentucky
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public school system is tossing common sense and sportsmanship out the window, after banning post game handshake. school district officials say because of several incidents that have occurred between opposing teams over the last three years, they no longer support the post-game ritual. school officials say should coaches violate their recommendation, and a fight breaks out, they will be held accountable. still ahead, go up, up and away in one of the most spectacular aerial sights you'll ever see.
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i'm jennifer gilbert. and i'm jeff barnd. now, here comes sports unlimited with bruce cunningham. last sunday, the ravens headed into miami... with 3 active receivers. during the game, they lost left guard kelechi osemele to back spasms and tossed center a-q shipley in the spot. needless to say... injuries have taken their toll on the ravens offense. but this sunday against green bay... they hope to add more bodies to the mix. morgan adsit has more from owings mills. the good news is the ravens
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the good news is the ravens seemed to re- energize their running game last sunday in miami.. the bad news: a troublesome problem returned for their number one running back... rice has always had a reputation for his sure hands.. but in the playoffs last year, he started fumbling... twice in the playoff win over the colts, once more in the super bowl and then two more this year, including last week against the dolphins... it's a problem that could becoming more serious, but rice is doing his best to keep his cool.... meanwhile.. inside linebacker jameel mc clain has been medically cleared to return to football.. he's been dealing with a spinal cord contusion and has been out since last december.. mc lain underwent an mri, and the results got him, at least theoretically,
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back on the field... mclain was played on the physically unable to perform, or pup list in training camp, and begin practicing after next week's game at pittsburgh when we last saw the baltimore mariners, they were celebrating the championship of the american indoor football league.. and then they just kinda went poof... the mariners disbanded after the 2010 championship season when their owner was afrrested on wire fraud and embezzlement charges... but in 2014, they';re coming back... with new management in place, the team announced todaythat it will return to the league, which begins play next march...veteran area player and coach ron meehan, a former towson state quarterback, will serve as head coach.. he spent his entire 21 year career with the orioles.. his hall of fame plaque bears their logo..
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but is there a chance he could be wearing someone else's uniform? well, maybe... cal ripken told the nfl network that he's starting to get the itch to manage...he says he spoke recently with dodger manager don mattingly and that made the itch a little stronger.. with davey johnson retiring, the nationals need a manager, and one of their stars, jason werth, has said ripken would be his top choice.. for his part, ripken says he's flattered by that and admits that he'd quote have to look hard if the opportunity arose... that'll do it for this edition of sports unlimited...... thanks for watching... i'm bc... arsenio hall is next... goodnight
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