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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 1, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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reveal he's at to convicted manslaughterer. >> conrad murray out for halloween. >> what did he come as? >> as an aeupl. >> a gorilla but not just a gorilla, a gorilla that got his air did >>. mask k off the >> he's got corn rose now fabulous.ks gorilla isn't anyone wondering if that's like bad? t that like bad for a black person to dress up as a gorilla? >> i don't think there's anything wrong with it >> okay, we got black certification. and dr. murray was probably very ignified about the whole thing >> he jumped in the tree and started swinging around. >> he makes bad decisions which could have been afforded if he went to the movies 13 years old. the end of the he other coach gave denville washington a banana and compared
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gorilla moment. a powerful ro roll the remember the titans clip. that was clearly clash of the titans but good stuff. aybe this whole thing isn't racist after all >> maybe ate not a big thing anymore. that. nks for >> racism, no one understands it like those completely unaffected by it. thanks, dr. measure reufplt you have corn rows now. mar odomes ok like la off the wagon. we found out he was at beachers ight ande on wednesday n the problem is he was wasted e n and wning shots of patro drinking champagne the entire time trying to be sober. he worgs place you can go is a place like that >> no kidding. >> no way if he's still partying he's going to be in shape. >> i wonder what it's like when la more odom meets a little
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person >> it would be fun if he turned one into a crack pipe and that was part of the costume >> that's terrible >> what's terrible is him phant's out of an ele butt >> if they want to do it and they can make money out of it i ut nk it's fine to be shot o of an elephant's ass >> not for me >> you said you would get shot off an ass >> for enough money you would come out of an ass. >> no one is coming out of anyone's ass latter yourself. it's not gonna happen. >> thank you. i appreciate. ing?where are we go >> where are we going? hr. >> charlie sheen says his twin dangerous danger all because of an evil whore -- his -- and none ours other than ex wife brooke muler etent of the most incomp loser i've ever uncovered. >> he came on "tmz" live and
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unleashed the fury. >> he's saying his kids are terrorized by brooke. ed off at the department of family services because they're protecting brooke and not the kids. >> when bob came back and saw the house the first time, brooks house, he said literally quote, oh no. i'm back at the crazy house. ighting to block brooke from being the four and a half-year-old twins claiming she's abusing them physically and mentally >> it's a horror show. it's the kids being around drugs use paraphernalia and ho filled with creeps and creed epbts that have no business children?nd >> what he gonna do it? >> what more ground does he have to stand on >> which is why he's hoping denise will come to the rescue say give me g to the kids if you don't give them to me give them to denise but ooke. >> what kind offed deoderant
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rare something thing bad i have some going on >> no, unless you consider uncontrollable arm sweat >>t'the tpharpl stuff. >> come on. you can't use the natural stuff. >> dammit. i knew it. it was too close to the chick deowed rented. i knew. .> oh stop you can't just blame stuff on women unless it's brooke mueller be fair.ight thanks sweat staeupbz you're disgusting. >> how you doing, man go sew, ve nick did he one of the stars of masters of sex, that show on show time is one of the leads >> he plays dr. ethan hawke. he's coming out of 30 rock we said do you get a physical he says -- >> hell yeah >> you got to take care of yourself. you got to do -- it's all preventative. >> during 40 you have to have the finger -- they have do. that are you nervous for that >> you can't be too insecure,
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it's a your health ting you know, it should all be nervous. ave an worst if you h appendix issue, if it pufrb rates the day comes way sooner. eir hand up hoves th your butt >> no they put an if you knower in your butt to make sure it's not your prostate >> that's what they told you? you.hat's what they said to >> it happened t. tonsils, ten flamed sir. >> coming up, >> she went as a 95-year-old version of herself. >> would you bang heidi klum in old face? e her vagina old? no? then yeah. >> plus, i don't know why our camera guy asked this >> you have a clean weiner. war your need to hands >> i td him not to do this
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>> he ran this by you?
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>> new york city. all the taking you places where we have broken big celebrity news
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>> we'll take you where the celebrities live and where they shop and where they eat >> where they play. where they drink. they drink more. >> cruise through hot spots like chelsea, tribeca, the meat packing district and the lindsay lohan. 85-"tmz"-ny c >> it's a real show and where t is great. >> all aboard the "tmz" tour new york city. would you spaining hide die klum in hold face? >> absolutely. >> wait a minute. heidi klum?ly >> she went as a 95-year-old version of herself. >> she went all out on that costume.
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>> it was so believable. it was great. >> that's an awesome costume. question.up a great would you bang heidi klum in old face? fair question. >> i would is the answer. nice. parts are still >> oh, you mean -- these parts? those parts? those? yeah, they're all still under there. congratulations heidi klum because despite your best effort we know he'll do ya. especially this guy. amiliar boo and the f made the best recreation of the kardashian family i've seen. closely hopb boo boo dressed up as chris. here bruce ver jenner. the photo they f both are dressed up as kim kardashian because they couldn't figure out > don't you think they include
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you're going to go in black face-- >> there's got to be a black where ome >> you can't walk up to a black person and say i need to borrow for our halloween costume. everyone goes for it. >> kim kardashian is pissed. suing the man who allegedly leaked a videotape of her wedding proposal. because if anyone is going to ntimate the most i moments of her life it's going to be her. suing the dashian is guy who owned youtube. >> yes, billionaire chad hurley who is oddly in attendance at the very exclusive bedding proposal at&t field.o somehow he gets on that field. takes this edly video. >> but that could have come from anyone. why do they think it was chad? >> because the video first
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appeared on the site mix pit. >> it's owned by one chad hurley. >> but wait! there's more. >> why, yes, there is because ent had to the ev sign a contract promising they wouldn't leak anything related . the pros poll >> just to be safe they made everyone pose next to the signed agreement. the interesting part in the lawsuit says the only one with the right to tape it was the nt.ducer the eve >> yet, there was a prous deer of propose until that means plan was always a secret to put this on a reality show. coming.t see that one >> they're so naive. for a 're now serving fortune because no one should have seen that ultra private was edited, air brushed, promoted and blasted out to millions of people on a tv show. thank you, baseball stadiums, trouble. thing but >> what's up, bud stkeu. good to see you brother.
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op -- i don't know why our camera guy asks this. >> you have a clean weiner. need to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom he talking about peeing. >> there is a wayou where you ouch anything t >> how do you use the sink? s. paper towels and shirt >> there's also get this fresh soap. question, back to the it's not anymore dirtier and ause it's leaner bec not exposed -- >> i don't know. my elbows don't set. sweaty weiner? >> no. wish my hands. bo thanks, found proof that selena gomez and justin bieber banging again. her cell phone cover is justin bieber'sed a bum a black chick
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. >> pay attention. 'cuz this note foe of selena unlock the finally on going selena gomez secretly banging justin bieber or maybe not mystery. someone explain. >> her show the other night took a buncof pictures with the fans you and can see her cell ieber's ver is justin b album. >> oh my god! don't even tell us -- boyfriend album. >> it was at boyfriend album. ahhh! doesn't prove they're boning. album she really likes his >> >> if you were dating somebody and then you broke up r put hem, would you eve them on your cell phone? >> never unless were you banging again. >> unless you were banging again. >> mystery solved or is it? optical could be an illusion >> an optical illusion? >> we heard you the first time >> there's a girl it could be
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that's holding on maybe to her. >> so you're saying it's not the a's hand attached to cell phone >> that eight fan's arpbl >> i like how we're arguing because if it was her arm a cell phone cover means they're bangingely >> i'm banging a black chick apparently. cist at's ra >> no, you're racist. can we get an expert in here, inspector jack. >> celines wearing this outfit high and on that one arm the sleeve is not ther i think it's the girl behind. >> nice work inspector. while we can't prove she's anging biebs again we're positive about one thing, she looks damn fine in a bikini. thanks mystery arm, you're mysterious. >> coming up, abusing the hell last night. easts >> so creepy. creeper, dude.
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>> jessica simpson, aboozing the hell out of her breasts last night. >> she went to mastros and stuffed them into this black dress. they want out. creepy. >> he is creepy. creeper, dude. i never say breasts want to be crawling out. i don't say stuff like that. that's jack. >> hold on. hold on. picture. he
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>> jessica simpson looking leaving dinner >> boobs! boobs hanging out. >> pervert! >> what's he wearing. > she's wearing a tight form fitting breast and they're sort of pushed up a little bit. >> if were you to name them what would you name them? >> rocky and adrien. >> yep, you're creepy.
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the deadly shooting at l.a.x., actor tim daily caught in the chaos. >> i heard a loud bang. >> now on "extra." troerz at the airport as a gunman opens fire. james franco and tim daly tweeting moments after all hell broke loose. >> having a gun pointed at you is scary. new video, sandra bullock and little louis, ambushed on halloween. halloween faceoff with the photogs, trick or treating with melissa mccarthy and the kids. then, heidi klum's shocking
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transformation, how she went from supermodel to a wrinkled 95-year-old. >> happy halloween, "extra." plus, lindsay lohan as carrie. orlando bloom's first interview about his split from miranda kerr. >> we are going to be in each other's lives for the rt of our lives. then, "extra's" beauty by the numbers. the stars' questions for our top hollywood plastic surgeon. >> really want to know how to keep my abs really high. >> taylor swift. >> watch it if you want to this is "extra" at universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capal of l.a. >> hey, everyone, welcome to extra, i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. a scary morning here in l.a. as a shooting breaks out at the airport. >> and we have an eyewitness, actor tim daley. >> chaos at l.a.x. taking over the air waves, a gunman opening fire on tsa agents inside
10:27 pm
terminal three as stars are caught up in the chaos. >> heard a loud bang and then heard maybe a dozen or more -- luckily, there were no stray bullets going through the wall i was leaning against. >> tim daley you star of the '90s hit "wings" inside when it happened, tweeting this aftermyth pic of what he believes tonight gun and ammo on the ground and call nothing "extra." >> an assault rifle and three clips and some blood. i'm ultimately really glad i did not see what happened and that i was out of harm's way. >> james franco instagraming this photo from his plane with the message, some expletive shot up the place. others posting pics of the drama as it happened. nick jonas waiting to get off his plane tweeting, i am safe, praying for the victims of this shooting. orlando bloom breaking his silence on splitting from victoria secret stunner, miranda kerr. >> life sometimes doesn't work out exactly a we planned. >> the actor's first words on
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"katie" today. >> we most of all, love our son. new pic, miranda minus orlando with their son, dressing up as superman for halloween. broadway's new romo insisting he and ex, kerr's top priorities still their 2-year-old. >> we are going to support one another and love each other as parents of flynn. is this the moment michael and katherine reconciled? >> excuse me one second. >> the "new york daily news" reporting today shortly after taking this phone call tuesday -- >> i'm right in the middle of the whole red carpet ride right now. okay. okay. >> mikal was overheard telling friends qatar ribbon were back together, douglas and his "lost vegas" cast mates today. >> kevin, you are married? >> michael? >> yes! >> while qatar ribbon's publicist tells "extra" nothing changed, the daily news reporting she has even moved back into the couple's apartment. all right. now, sandra bullock's halloween ruined. >> yeah, she tried to take little louis trick or treating
10:29 pm
but things turned ugly. jerry has the new video. >> relentlessly hounded. followed, harassed. >> just ignore them. >> this is dan dra bullock's halloween nightmare. >> made him cry. >> outrageous video, a pack of photogs ambushing his trick or treat trip with son, louis, and friend melissa mccarthy and her kids. >> you want to scaring my 2-year-old? >> sandra's bodyguards stepping in, trying to cut a deal with the snappers, trying to make them go away, but they refused to sp snapping, then sandra snapped. >> you her cry. she is crying. going home. i hope you know you arehe one who did it. across the country, kelly ripa in a new york faceoff with the paps, a friendly one, bringing some heavy bargaining tools. kelly following up her tv halloween extravaganza on liv"l with kelly and michael" wearing this astronaut costume for a new york city night out with her
10:30 pm
kids. brand new lindsay lohan's scary spending a postrehab night out dressed as carrie, hosting a halloween party at the fox wood mgm grand in connecticut. rolling up to her annual halloween party in a vintage rolls royce this is heidi klum. >> how many years of halloween i have done? many years i've aged. >> it takes a village to age a supermodel from 40 to -- >> i think i'm 95. >> heidi tweeting shots from every step of her dramatic eight-hour transformation. >> happy halloween, "extra." bette midler transformi the big apple into the big easy for her annual hula-ween ball. >> tonight, the theme is new orleans. >> katie couric taking that very literally. >> i the big easy. get it? everyone thinks i'm dolly parton or something, but anyway, that's not the case. >> leann rimes with her own kenny rogers, hubby, eddie
10:31 pm
cibrian. you want more pop divas? we got them. beyonce in a halo carrying her blue eye vicious mariah and nick with twins and britney spears playing snow white and the seven dancers. online now, the honey boo boo clan taking on that other famous reality tv family. >> you better redneck nice. >> >> some good costumes. >> very clever. >> did you guys get dressed up? >> i didn't personally, but i did have my little wicked witch of the west, gia and dog, julio, made a beautiful dorky gail, we went trick or treating. all about the kids. >> absolutely. we want to see your costumes, tweet us at extra tv, hashtag, extra costume contest and a prize for the best costume. >> very cool. well, now, our interviews with michael douglas in the "last vegas", the movie pretty funny. >> jerry has them and robert de niro is revealing what the cameras didn't catch him doing. >> four oscar winners, one
10:32 pm
movie. morgan, klein, de niro and douglas, all together for the first time in "last vegas." >> i want all of to you get in trouble. >> but when it happens here, you don't have to call them. legends, heavy hitters. >> the party animals. this man, god, he is out every night. every night. >> out cold in bed. >> bobby, he hit us two club every night. >> the real de niro secret, even he confesses he is addicted to this. >> i actually did a couple of scenes while i was on my phone and you can't see it in the tape. i just know when the camera is going to be over there, i can make the call, put it down. >> when you were out by the pool, judging the bikini contest -- >> ishis a bachelor party? >> that's actually when i made a phone call. i didn't waste a second. >> in last vega, the group reunites for michael's unmarrying a younger woman last bash and while it might nobody the hangover. >> do you guys have drugs? >> lipitor count?
10:33 pm
>> on-set spies letting me on this secret, morgan freeman is quite the ladies man. >> you know what women respond to? eye contact. >> you give them a little bit of at? >> then you can look at the rest of them. >> last vegas in theaters today. >> maybe i will give it a shot. maybe not. maybe now. >> also coming out today, the oscar buzz-worthy dallas buyers club starring matthew mccon hair, i heard he is amazing in it. >> i can't wait to see that this weekend. head out to new york now, where aj has the all-new interview with barbara walters. >> yeah, guys, barbara, i was hoping you had your grill on from your katy perry halloween costume. >> you should see the recording contract i got. forget katie perry, they all want me. >> the new woman on the view at the center of the headlines, some call her start on the show shaky. >> we are very happy with jenny. >> barbara giving her co-host rave reviews. how is she doing on the view? >> i love jenny. she gives the kind of excitement and warmth and she is sexy and
10:34 pm
funny. >> this morning, barbara celebrating jenny's 41st birthday. >> you are our gift. >> thank you. >> to have you on the show. >> every year, barbara gives tv the gift of her ten most fascinating people special. possibility you kim and kanye and baby? >> am i gonna tell you now? no. you have to wait until that night. may even be you but don't count on it. >> this isn't your last? >> this is my last. yaez. i know, i'm leaving television. >> i'm working hard to try to make the list, barbara. >> you got to work harder. >> tonight on 20/20, she is working on a real-life mystery. >> everything i thought was my life wasn't. >> almost 50 years ago this baby, paul fronczak, was kidnapped from a chicago hospital, found in new jersey and returned to his parents, but now the shocking twist, dna proves this man was not the stolen baby. >> he would like to find out where and who the real paul fronczak is. >> the investigation tonight on abc.
10:35 pm
up next, a warning to taylor swift's ex-boyfriends. she is writing more music. >> are things working out the way that you want them to work out? >> what she is revealing in her "extra" a-list interview. then, eva, a real housewife, snooki, the stars ask a top beverly hills plastic surgeon to solve their beauty dilemmas from stretch marks to butt lifts. >> without implants or surge ritz. plus -- >> how much? >> oprah is unloading her favorite things and we are inside her super-sized garage sale. >> extra brought to you by dom most. order from today and don't forget to track your order.
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all right. time for a little trivia today. the subject is stars who once modeled for abercrombie & fitch. alma is going to be playing with us. i am going to say the name of a star, you say yes or no if they did the modeling. jennifer lawrence? >> yes. >> you are correct. ashton kutcher? >> yes. >> oh, you are correct. katy perry? >> yes. >> you are incorrect. but you were on a roll. you were on a roll. all right. keep going. last one, taylor swift? >> no. >> she actually did. that's okay. you got half of them right. high five. not bad. is with taylor right now in new york. >> hey, guys, i'm hanging out with the amazing taylor swift. >> oh. watch it if you want to. said it was going to be amazing. >> she modeled herself after no one and it's worked beyond what anyone could imagine. are things working out the way
10:37 pm
you wanted them to work out? >> oh, definitely. >> life plan? >> things have gone way ahead of schedule, as far as what i hoped would happen to me in my life. >> forget the awards, the album sales, the hit breakup anthems like "we are never, ever getting back together." ♪ we are never, ever, ever >> taylor swift about to tear it all down. >> i live to write songs. it's likehe only time i'm ever truly, like, oh, my god, le makes so much sense. >> back in the studio, she is writing a follow-up to "red" promising a side of her we have never seen. >> the way it is coming together is really exciting and i think it's going to be -- it's very different. for me, the goal has always been if i do this for this album, i will do this for the next album and then do that and then do that. >> if you're spending hours in the studio, you're going to want to wear some comfortable shoes. taylor collaborating on a new line with keds. >> i have always worn keds since i was younger, the design of the shoes is based on different outfits i have worn. >> how about a new career?
10:38 pm
taylor giving up music for movies in that's at they define red carpet perfection but stars have beauty dilemmas, too. this november, "extra's" beauty by the numbers is your ultimate authority. what to do what never to do. top hollywood plastic surgeon, dr. kao and celebrity skin care queen, nurse jamie -- >> if they could invent some sort of cream to tight everything. >> watch "extra" this is a beautiful thing. tonight it is eva is longoria kicking off the beauty questions for dr. kao. >> i really well really want to know how to keep my ass high without implants or surgeries. >> eye virginia, i can't believe how many people ask me that question. without surgery is really lunges and squats. with surgery, we can take fat from you and shape your butt like a 20-year-old. >> after the baby, is it possible to get away the stretch marks? >> hi, snooki. this is what we call a mommy
10:39 pm
makeover. we can get rid of the stretch mark in your tummy and make your breasts lifted and perkier. >> it's true it makes you look younger? >> jwoww, not true, i know there's -- doesn't do you any good. >> what age do you recommend to do a facelift? >> i go younger. it is really not about the number or the age. >> what is the next technology, aging without cutting? >> the next wave of technology is here it can improve the texture of the skin without downtime and redness. >> if i could ask the beverly hills plastic surgeon one question, who has the best pizza? >> the best pizza hands down, ve veto's.
10:40 pm
after that, your going to need liposuction. why booker is refusing to play a pickup gameith the prez. >> i don't want to take the president out. plus, exclusive with president obama chef, sam cass. what's k k k k k k k k k k k k k
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it was always one of oprah's most epic episodes, her favorite things. >> you got a car. and you got a car. too much? >> all right. that was good. >> all right. well, now you can get a few of oprah's favorite things as well, right, renee? >> from furniture to fine article, now, you can own a little bit of oprah's world. >> oprah packing up, cleaning house, auctioning off 600 of her formerly favorite things. what's up for grabs? this 18th century cabinet, opening at 7500. and just think of the pillow talk on this couch. starting bid, 1500. >> you're going to get years and years of mileage out of the stories that are going to be told over this sofa. >> all the worldly furnishings
10:44 pm
from oprah's home, proceeds going to the girls academy in africa. the auctioning happening tomorrow in california. how you can get in on the action at now, one of oprah's favorite people, cory booker, the former newark, new jersey, mayor just sworn into the u.s. senate by vice president joe biden. >> an interview with d.c.'s newest power player. >> new jersey's pride and joy, senator cory booker. >> [ inaudible ] >> i will not step in that travel. but he is stepping into the kabul to. has it sunk in? >> i don't think it will, honestly, until, you know, till i go down to that senate building. >> helping him get there, some of his biggest cheerleaders, eva longoria and oprah. >> she reached out after but she reached out before, during tough moments to of the election. she is an amazing person. >> booker's waistline getting plenty of support from jersey's diners. >> i ate my way through jersey. not a diner i didn't try to hit. >> bring jersey food to d.c. >> i would love it if d.c. had a
10:45 pm
good diner. >> d.c. short o partisanship, something corey thinks he is bring after working close which which will new jersey governor and possible 2016 republican presidential candidate, chris christie. >> as much as he and i may have lots of things not in common, recely, he is losing weight, i'm gaining weight. but the fact is we found ways to come over the differences that we have. >> one of booker's last duties before going to washington, being honored for his work on education by the folks at charity pencils of promise. >> here we have an organization affecting thousands and thousands of children. >> his next duty, perhaps a pickup game with the president. >> i had that call befor and i didn't do it. because look at this i play different style of basketball. >> i'm stopping the interview on that one. >> theecret service would have me on the ground, handcuffed, i knock the president over, like the heat of battle. i respect the president. i don't want to take the president out. >> as the rookie senator from new jersey, well played, sir.
10:46 pm
well played. >> and aj, you are on a roll man. you also just interview ready president obama's private chef, right? >> the rock star chef of chicago who cooks exclusively for the first family. so i had to ask him, what is the obamas' favorite things to eat? >> mrs. o's new secret weapon. >> just imagine what will happen when we take our kids to the grocery store and they see the "sesame street" muppets lining all over the produce aisle? >> "sesame street" teaming up with the first lady and foodie sex symbol, white house chef sam cass, to help reduce childhood obesity. >> can be a lot of fun and have impact. >> what is the president's favorite food? >> you know that's top secret information. no, just playing. always have vegetables, whole grains but will love a good burger. >> i'm going to give you an extra challenge. you ready for this? >> bring it. >>e have maria menounos, greek, mario loz, mexico. i'm from jersey. make the salad?
10:47 pm
>> pickles, let us it, cucumb s cucumbers, red pepper, jalapeno dressing for your man. >> works
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
were you a fan of "cheers"? >> sam malone is one of the greatest tv characters of all time. >> so, always cool to talk with ted danson, of course this week, not only got to see him, but i got to chat with hillary clinton? >> ted and mary steen bunchen at the awards gala in l.a. >> hillary clinton will raise close to $1 million this evening so it is a huge thing. >> oceania co-chair danson recruit an impressive guest list
10:50 pm
for his gala. harvey weinstein made sure we each wore his wife's design. >> wear marchesa. >> get more information on helping the charity at
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so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the businesof life. why did you walk in on me? you have a mustache. what's the matter with you? you don't even knock? you have a mustache. you just barge in on me? i forgot deodorant. you have a mustache. it's not a mustache. it's a little peach fuzz. well, how long-- how long have you-- what? how long have i what, ray? been sporting that. for as long as you've known me, and for as long as you've known me, i've bleached it, and it's not a mustache! let me look at it. would you stop?! don't examine me! you should be apologizing to me! i'm sorry, nature can be cruel. you just don't walk in on somebody. you weren't even supposed to be here anymore. you walk in on me all the time. 'cause you don't close the door. that's 'cause i have nothing to hide.
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trust me, you do. the bathroom was the last place i had any privacy, and now thati could build you a tree house. i never get to be alone. never! you're with me, or the kids are with me, and when the kids are gone, i'm still not alone 'cause your parents walk in here all the time. i mean, you get to leave. you go to work, and you're alone in your car and the office, and i just need some time to myse-- what are you smiling about? i'm just picturing you tying a young girl to the railroad tracks. nyeh heh heh heh! i don't have a mustache! all right, all right, all right! come on. you want some time alone? that'll stop the yelling? yes, ray. all right, all right. let's do it. what do we do? you could go, take the kids, and do something. the kids? that's more yelling. yes, ray, that's how i get to be alone. you could take them to the park for an afternoon once in a while.
10:58 pm
a whole afternoon? all right, ray, take them over to your mother's, and she can baby-sit all of you. all right, i'll do it. we'll do it tomorrow. ok? but you gotta promise to keep up the maintenance on the old soup strainer. come on! that's it. that's all i got. except groucho. somethin' about groucho. look... come on. look at the bright side. the mustache will distract me from the cellulite. what the hell is wrong with those kids? they're always sticky. debra wants time away from raymond. it's an afternoon, ma. it's no big deal. oh, but it is. raymond, dear, a marriage is about being together, about closeness. puh! heh heh... she's right.
10:59 pm
what? it is about closeness, about how much closeness you can take. about how close you can get to killing her before you kill yourself. well, i did it. around the block... in 37 minutes. he beat your record, marie. what am i rushing back to? raymond, you need to go home and put a stop to debra's behavior. it's not right. look, it's an afternoon. it's nothin', all right? she just wants time to be alone. yeah. when i was married to joanne, she wanted time alone. she used it to pack up and move out. raymond, whatever happens, you and i are keeping the children. oh, ma! all right, will ya stop? check her credit card statement. look for the word "u-haul." she's probably over there just doin' girl stuff.


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