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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 4, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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why not multiply the weird? >> the celebrity i would cast as christian graham "fifty shades" wou be eddie, so fine. >> bruce jenner because he's used to being tied up and held captive. >> zach efron. he's super cute. >> everybody go see it. i'd pay twice to go see it. >> the celebrity i think has the best butt in hollywood would have to be rihanna. >> bradley cooper, yum, yum, br bradley. >> i think jennifer lopez has the best butt in hollywood. the original butt out of all these new butts. >> the celebrity is kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian.
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>> kim kdashian. >> she is literally sitting on a fortune. >> the streets are always talking and we're always listen i ing. up next time for "ask wendy."
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>> wendy: welcome back. time for "ask wendy." how you doin'? >> how you doi? i'm a makeup artist so my face is my best advertisement yet every guy wants me to be more natural. >> wendy: you makeup artists do wear a lot of makeup. you do but you have to sell your product. so when you're at the makeup counter, the department store, where you actually sell, i think when you're on the clock, wear as much makeup as you can pile on. we want tips. we understand as women it's exaggerated on you but you're advertising. guysike a cleaner face. however, some guys just like it so natural that, no, i'm not doing that. i would say, don't be down so
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hard. not so much makeup. it's a turnoff. >> okay. >> wendy: it's a turnoff to guys. how you doin'? >> how you doin', wendy? i have an 18-year-old daughter. i just recently moved my boyfriend in of two years, and she is now hating on my relationship. what can i do to get her to grow up and let me enjoy my bed with my man? >> wendy: this sounds like a recipe for disaster. it really does. now is he younger than you? >> no, he's about the same age, two years older. >> wendy: when is your daughter moving out, going to college? >> next year, 2014. >> wendy: i wish you would have waited until she moved out before he moved in. recognize that she is there and, if anything, show her even more attention and more love because, like i said, recipe for
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disaster. always make sure she is wearing gigantic robe. i don't want him in his drawers sipping orange juice by the refrigerator. i wish you had waited a year until she goes away to college. keep your eyes open and your ears close to the door and clothes on. >> thank you, wendy. >> wendy: you're welcome. we have time formore. >> hi. >> wendy: how you doin'? had. >> i'm good, thank you. so i have a co-worker who constantly wears the same outfit, like constantly, four times a week. >> wendy: a woman or a man? >> it's a female. i just wanted to know exactly -- because don't think it's professional. i just wanted to know how i could bring it to her attention, okay -- >> wendy: does she put a remix on it? >> no. >> wendy: glamour magazine has
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one dress -- is she smelly and musty and fishy? now, come on. >> no, she's not smelly but i just don't think -- we're all really nice come to work. >> wendy: i don't know. i wouldack off. who is her best friend at work? maybe that person could say something to her. >> i don't want to come off as the mean girl. >> wendy: you will. she's not going to understand. as long as she's not smelly or musty. l alone. up next, everybody, celebrity chef rocco dispirito is here. he's going to help us learn twists on our favorite food including spicy ribs. keep it here.
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>> wendy: we're back. no hot topics hour is complete without hot food and hot guys. so please welcome to show us a healthy twist on our classic american dishes, rocco dispirito. >> pleasure to be here. >> wendy: nice to see you. >> i think i photo bombed you on live tevision.
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i it. i think i'm the first. >> wendy: tell me how things are shaking over at the food network. >> i started my career there and like the prodigal son i've come back home. >> wendy: we love your show. >> thank you very much. >> wendy: i heard you had a halloween costume to spire. >> it was inspired by "restaurant divided." i cut restaurants in half with a piece of tape. i split they will down the middle. so i decided to do gender divided, half gianda. >> wendy: very creative. what are we making? >> today we're making healthy barbecue, healthy coleslaw, healthy snacks for super bowl and football weekends and then i made a funny cupcake for you. so this is how it's done. >> wendy: the barbecue, these are pork ribs. >> these are pork ribs. by choosing the right rib you can reduce fat content by 30%. most like spare ribs or st. louis style.
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of this is it. i choose -- st. louis style ribs. i choose baby back. they are a third less fat. you can see the difference. >wendy: wow. >> you have to make a good sauce. in the sauce i put sugar-free teriyaki. i put garlic -- >> wendy: i'm watching this clo closely. do you see the calorie difference? you do it your way you're about 990 calories. with rocco's meat, 319 calories. that is a huge difference. i made short ribs last night for the first time. >> i heard that. how did you do that? >> wendy: they were dlibs. i browned them in the pot and cooked them all day. >> you brown them and braise them all day. >> wendy: two things i said i wouldn't eat on tv and ribs wasn't one of them, fried chicken and watermelon. so if you see me eat ribs today, ribs were not on the wendy won't eat on tv list. >> i would hope you would eat anything i make for you. i would like to be the
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exception. >> wendy: do you know how to make crow? >> no. you made a joke? >> wendy: i made myself a bet, i may have to eat crow ontv. why are you making this in the oven? >> tell me what happene >> wendy: kim and kanye, i said he would never marry her. i said if they do, i will eat crow. i won't until the73rd day of their marriage and i want someone to come in and prepare it. why are you making this this on top of the stove and not in the o oven? >> they seem very happy together. just so you know. >> wendy: enough about them. >> anyway, so this is the way you do it when you can't do it outside. you want ribs, first blacken them in a pan like this, and then take the sauce we just made, put this in a piece of foil and pour the sauce all over it. >> wendy: and now you're going to put it in the oven. i love it. >> make the foil pouch.
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>> wendy: and how long do they cook in the foil pouch? >> how are you going tdo i nice. tender, juicy. >> wendy: i love baby back ribs. i was on the right path, but the sauce is dynamite. >> look how this comes out after two hours in the oven. super tender. and you already talked about the calorie difference. 600 less calories. that's a big, big difference. >> wendy: this is giant. moving on. >> movg on tohe coleslaw. everybody loves coleslaw the way i do it -- do you need a napkin? >> wendy: no, no. >> do you want to use my shirt? broccoli slaw, you can buy it. >> wendy: i get it all the time. it's crunchy and lasts longer than regular. >> i season it with good stuff. it has sour cream, lime juice, lime zest, that kind of thing. >> wendy: i like a dry coleslaw.
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i don't like my coleslaw wet. >> do you want mae to do it over? >> wendy: no, this is good. >> i made some treats. these are loaded potato skins. and i made you a cupcake. look athe cupcake. red velvet cupcake. >> wendy: great. first of all, this is really good. >> you have to try one of these. >> wendy: i want to do a skin, too. >> go for it. >> wendy: these are good. >> the cupcakes are usually 300 calories, these are only 77 and they only have 1 1/2 grams of fat, completely sugar free. you can eat as many as you want. >> wendy: oh, good. >> isn't that good? >> wendy: really good. very creative. thank you, rocco, for being here. >> thank you, thank you. >> wendy: go to for all these great recipes. rocco, everybody, has a new show called "restaurant divided" thursday nights at 10:00 on the
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food network. we'll bright back with the insta-glam right here winners of the day.
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>> wendy: welcome back, everybody. time for wendy's insta-glam. the celebrity lack of the day is rihanna rocking the camouflage trend which i love. she is matching her camouflage with a pair of heels, a sporty look i love. today's insta-glam winner with her own twist to the camouflage trend is nadia interest new jersey. hers is with the pants and then the vest and the gold studded belt. nadia, we are sending you a mini diva fan. thank you. be sure that you follow me on instagram, okay? you could have a chance to be our insta-glam look of the day as well. we'll be right back.
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>> wendy: tomorrow don't miss my
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special one-on-one with rapper dmx. we'll find out how he went from the top of the rap game to hitting rock bottom. plus, we're going to be joined by swizz beatz. they'll perform "party up." bye. enough.
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