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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 4, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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got into it with a couple of bouncers who were trying to tell him to call it a night. >> apparently took it the wrong way. got all pissed off. >> and proceeded with drunk flailing. >> he's so drunk it's hard to even call it a fight. finally the bouncer is like tricks him almost and looks at him in the face -- josh like stops dead in his tracks to get his attention and is like -- oh, good point. and goes and hugs the guy. ♪ >> but wait, there's more! >> you have another video that was a couple hours before the bar. josh brolin is at taco drive-thru. >> apparently josh rear-ended a cab while waiting to pay. the cab driver got pissed. so did josh. >> you look at that and there's a bunch of scratches. you continue to -- you know why?
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cause you suck. >> josh took off but could be on the hook for hit and run. >> you know they have have a dell taco in sacramento? i ask buzz apparently i will be at the punch line thursday, friday and saturday. >> we looked into it and discovered there is a dell taco and brian will be -- wait a minute! you just tricked us into promoting your show! shameless plug! >> back to the news. >> the brolin thing? no, we're done! celebrity bar fight! >> hey, mr. wainwright, how are you doing, sir? i'm a huge fan of yours, by the way. >> rupe use wainwright, singer, songer, actor. >> my favorite person ever! love him so much. >> he's at l.a.x. our camera guy is apparently a huge fan. >> my favorite duet would be you did a duet of "careless whisper" with -- >> ben folds, yeah. >> "careless whisper" is my favorite son ever. incredible singer. >> how is that your favorite song ever. >> i know you want to scoff at it. that son is beautiful. >> our camera guy goes --
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>> can we do it right now, you and i? >> careless whisper. >> he does it on the spot and it sounds actually really good. >> ♪ never gonna dance again guilty feelings got no rhythm so it's easy to pretend i know you're not a fool ♪ >> we should go on the road! >> it's so good. he's never going to dance again! >> ♪ i'm never gonna dance again guilty feeling i have no rhythm ♪ >> gary loves it, man. i used to play this at bar mitzvahs all the time! >> pleasure meeting you finally. take care. >> oh, this is too much! >> yes, it is, oprah. because that's you in santa barbara auctioning off some of -- in -so favorite the-so-favorite things!
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>> it was a very big deal. >> oh, yes, o did a little decluttering to benefit her school in africa. >> like couches and chairs. >> women of brewster place ca ladies and gentlemen, electronic bikes, pots and a 19th century secretary abattant. we don't know what that is but oprah touched it so you got to have it! >> oh, yeah! >> kelly and i went because i adore oprah and i adore gayle. i knew this would be a good auction. >> yep, here they are at the auction and that's the alk card and getting wa too lose to gayle. >> i got gayle's autograph. i was excited. >> who's gayle? >> oprah's friend! >> god, i know nothing about oprah! >> nope. but you know who does? >> wanted this amazing six-foot painting of oph. >> epic.
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you had to bid on that. >> you had her bid on something for you?s0 >> we keep peeling the onions. it keeps getting weirder. but o raised $600,000 for her charity. don't you just love her? >> give me a break. you're so cold. out of control! >> it's win better, try harder. stop hating on everything! >> oprah is selling a cult of self-help nonsense! >> no, she auctioned a cult of self-help nonsense! [applause] >> wow. got out of hand. thanks, o. >> how are you doing? >> we got dre's dad. >> drake's dad. >> i got to ask him -- >> is the dance one of the most common rappers out right now, do you ever get the urge to help the song or give direction or something like that? >> i have. >> ok. >> just did a song together. >> have you seen what his dad
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look like? >> thick mustache. >> he's got a very thick mustache. >> mustaches are so hard to pull off. i tried to grow one. >> it's noov right now. november zphrfment worse month out of the entire year. worse month ever. >> what's that? >> november. stupid no shaving. >> you don't like a man with a mustache? >> no. >> even if he gives you a little broom service? >> no! [laughter] >> good luck with everything, man. >> coming up -- >> danny mcbride. >> danny mcbride. >> marilyn manson finally made his cameo. >> he's on the episode for 20 seconds. >> it was weird. >> it's almost like he won a contest to get a speaking role. >> plus -- >> kendall jenner turned 18 over the wk. porn companies offered her $1.8 million. didn't tell her the catch, though. they have to get at least 22 minutes worth of footage. >> what is 22 minutes? commercials? >> coming up -- >> we have jeremy piven. >> "entourage"ou
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>> coming up -- >> we have jeremy piven.
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it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself. at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the business of life. >> happy birthday, kendall! >> yes, that's kendall jenner
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celebrating her 18th birthday in bev hills this weekend. it's a pretty big birthday shefment can letly vote and legally buy cigarettes and -- >> she can also do porn! >> can you guess which one we're more excited about? yes, "tmz" presents, first porno offer, a kardashian fairy tale. >> kendall jenner, she turned 18 over the weekend. >> basically now there's just porn companies pouring in offers trying to get her to do a sex tape. >> yes. so far six adult companies offered her lucrative offers including digital playground, babes and -- >> bang you offered her $1 million. >> bang you later, where procrastinators go to masturbate. but -- >> she had the birthday dinner and on the way out photogs asked if she would take them up on the offer. >> happy birthday, kendall! >> don't say that ther. that is so inappropriate. >> sorry, khloe. that was very inappropriate to
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assume a member of this family would do porn. what he meant to ask was -- are you going to make a planned sex tape and accidently leak it to a porn company? >> that's how kim gom big, right? >> true. but kim -- kendall's not like kim. we can't think of one time keptal exploited her sexuality. we can think of many times. maybe. but you know one thing we haven't heard yet -- the word no. >> so you're telling me there's a chance. >> well, probably not. but who knows? >> thank, kardashian. bang you later, alligator. >> how are you doing, man? >> jeremy pivens, "entourage" movie is a go. everybody is on board. worked out contract negotiation. >> for the movie, man. so happy it's happening. how many times do you think you will say hug it out, bitch, in the movie? >> you never know, maybe one good solid one, i hope. >> it seemed like everybody was upset because jeremy wagetting like some gigantic back end of
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the movie. >> you know why? he's -- he's the back bone of the show. adrian grenier went on a crusade why everybody should be making the same and he's making less. >> really? you can take -- you can replace adrian grenier. you're not replacing jeremy pivens. he's irreplaceable f that show. >> signs on for small part in "entourage." >> not a shot but i'm saying. >> you look like you could be pivens double. >> that's what i like to hear. >> after piven let's himself go. [laughter] >> have a good one. >> it's the celebrity cameo we've been waiting for, for weeks. on eastbound and down and last night it finally happened for 20 seconds. >> welcome to jelly beans. can i take your sfrash >> you think you blank? seriously, that's all the screen time he got. >> you saw him roller skating for a sked it f you looked
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early. >> added that to the total seconds? >> fine, 21 seconds. >> broke the story back in october he shot and played a characr last night. >> yes, that's marilyn playing roller skating waiter on the show. he's in a wig and yellow shorts and kind of looks like that guy from "blaze of glory." twinsies! tell us about the cameo. >> it was weird. >> it was kind of weird. but not bad. knack, he did pretty well. watch as marilyn plays awkward why kenny spat with his wife. >> i have a simple question for you. would you like to marry my wife? >> it's like why are we having this conversation? >> take that, daniel day-lewis! we have not seen a cameo back break since matt damon and euro trip. ♪ >> scotty really had no idea. anyway, congrats on the cameo, marilyn. see you at the emmys! >> what's up, how are you doing, man? >> we got awesome video.
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be real from cyprus hill and he's sitting there jumping his car battery. >> dome light got left on. >> battery died. >> battery died. >> he's like, i came in for a trip and then i left the dome light on and when i came home, i had to -- there was all this stuff at l.a.x. going on so i couldn't drive my car out of here. >> yesterday when all of the crazy [bep] was happening. >> now i'ming back to pick it up and it was dead. which was cool. i department know how you got an awe matek battery. >> the car battery he charges himself, didn't have to have somebody else jump it. one ready to go. >> you know this is the most boring story of all time, right? [laughter] >> why do you not care about cyprus hill? what do you have against sipe risk hill? >> nothing. i like cyprus hill. >> i'm glad be real left his dome right on and his battery -- >> all right, man, thanks. >> coming up -- charlie sheen had a r a his house. he brought in masseuses with
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like full massage gear. >> lots of napkins and stuff. .]
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>> beyonce went and chopped off all of her hair. >> she has the best short hair of everyone who's had srt h. . ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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what does that first spoonful taste likok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. >> "tmz," online and on your phone 24/7. ♪ do yolike partying and
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having a blast and doing lines of coke off a hooker's ass as charlie sheen says you can do what y plee like smoking crack, a contract or disease ♪ >> it's crazy charlie sheen shindig, y'all. >> charlie sheen has a party for the cast and crew of "anger management" because they start work monday, today. back on the show. >> oh, yes. what crazy stuff did he have there? strippers, coke? strippers doing coke? pinatas full of bees? tell us everything! >> first herought in masseuses so when you walk in, you get a full massage. >> all right! that looks -- not sexy at all and very ergonomic. don't worry, it probably gets crazier! >> he had a magician, thing for all of the kids. hired an airplane to fly over the top of the house with like a note congratulating -- something about congratulations 55th episode. >> what the hell? musicians and airplanes? this is charlie sheen.
10:18 pm
where the hell is -- you know, chicks and guns and fire trucks and hookers and drugs and booze! >> oh, "bachelor party" you will forever be a stain on tom hanks' career. but really, what gives here? >> this is a wholesome wrap party, man. not one stripper present. not one stpwhrfment that sucks. but the point is, charlie sheen is a great boss. unless you're selma blair. >> poor selma blair. >> who's suss. >> you're a surpus. >> i am! >> "tmz," we're miserable but we're hon best it. thanks, charlie sheen. >> coming up -- >> simon cowell. cruising around beverly hills in his million dollar car. >> he drives a $1 million car? >> i think it's actually over a million dollar car. >> if you drive a car that expensive, i'm sorry, you're a [bleep]. >> closed captioning and other consideration for "tmz" provided by --
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how do you -- >> nothing. it's not that good looking anyway. it's just to say you have one, dude. >> if you're driving a car that expensive, i'm sorry you're a [bleep]! >> wow! >> right? >> right. >> a million dollar car? i can't stand it! >> you don't have to drive it then. [laughter] [ female announcer ] in the moments that matter most... you need more from your antiperspirant.
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>> new video. josh brolin getting in two drunken barack obamas. now on "extra." ♪ a raking fist fight with a bouncer. a screaming match with a taxi driver. >> stop. >> josh brolin's if you wouldly loaded melt down nearly one year after his arrest for public intoxicati intoxication. newly uncovered photo. the tsa agent gun downed at
10:26 pm
l.a.x. checking in kris jenner. the tell on. >> have you forgiven him? >> new have i yoe, taylor concerning and lady gaga kissing. >> the giant rum they're shutting down today. >> plus, justin bieber sneaking out of a brothel. then a interview with oprah inside her $600,000 auction. >> i bought a house just to get rid of the furniture. >> plus terri at home in simon about breaking news with brittney and bee yawnsy. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. is sha nighia twain still angry at her ex-husband for his affair. >> plus josh brolin on a wild
10:27 pm
bender this week. >> and jerry has the new video. >> punching. krursing, even hugging it out drunk in santa monica intersection. new questions about josh brolin's sobriety after this wild halloween melt down. it's not his first boothy brawl. the mayhem all caught on video and posted on tmz for the world to see. apparently rear ending a cab at a fast food drive-through. he's unleasing on the cabby who just tried to exchange insurance information. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> 2:00 a.m., that's him throwing bunches at bouncers outside an irish pub. after being asked to leave at closing time. josh stumbling into the street and tripped into hugging it out with the bouncer before walking away. with new year's starting
10:28 pm
this way with a mug shot arrested for public intoxication, later joking with me. >> i am in a good mood. >> and why letterman about posing -- >> they go action and i do this. >> it's not his first time. arrested in '04 and in '08. those charges were dropped. >> if i saw a video like that, i would be concerned. >> a doctor at a treatment center in beverly hills. >> i would sit him down and say what's going on in your life? >> a question josh maybe asking himself today. time for 9 other stories trending today. starting with the never before seen video of the tsa agent who lost his life in friday's l.a.x. shooting. >> this is the eerie video just uncovered today. december 20th, 2012, kris jenner
10:29 pm
at l.a.x. and checking her credentials is ger ar doe hernandez. he was the man gunned down friday andly targeted by shooter, paul ciancia. the first ever tsa jaebt to lose his life in the line of duty. >> our hearts go out to his family and we'll have more details on the story for you up now at also trending, two new headlines about two superstars. starting with miley cyrus. her hookup, bengie madden? miy undressed reportedly making out with a rocker. the 20-year-old even photographed leavi with what appears to be a bottle of liquor. she partied all night long where she met the 34-year-old madden. justin bieber challenging
10:30 pm
cyrus for the wild behavior li. the bieber was rushed out the a p brothel. sources close to justin revealing to "extra" today was actually a provide members only club and not a brothel. now we've got to talk about kerry washington on "saturday night live" this week. she was hidin a potential baby bump. also getting rave reviews for her oprah impression. >> i'm here. >> you seem winded. >> i ran here all the way from chicago. >> that's a pretty good o. >> yeah. and we were with the real oprah in santa barbara. >> how much would you pay to live like oprah? "extra" one on one with lady o at her $85 million estates. >> everybody goes through this at some point in their life,
10:31 pm
trying to declutter. >> not qui a celebrity horder, but -- >> after a while the things start to take over you. >> things like a signed color purple poster going for $4500. >> i need slip covers so that the dogs can lay on the sofas. >> 600 items were up for grabs. oh, setting up newly found half sister patricia lee first. >> i bought a house just to get rid of the furniture. >> anybody who's ever put one through college, you know what i'm talking about. you know why i'm selling the sofa. >> winfrey just getting her giv away muscles warmed up. tomorrow on "extra," a preview of oprah's favorite things. >> how's it going over there? >> going good. i'm hoping to he this done by easter. >> that's tomorrow. >> one of simons favorite things is ragging on his ex-girlfriend. and they're at it again as terri
10:32 pm
put simon in the hot seat about brittney, beyonce and his baby on the way. >>illhe perform? is she coming back? >> maybe. yeah. >> simon cowell breaking big x factor knews to terri. >> will we see beyonce making an appearance? >> i would love to. >> could you be reunited on th x factor. >> give them a call. >> would you have have brittney back to perform? >> definitely. >> simon the mentor making this prediction about his group. >> they could win the whole show. >> are they bringing out your paternal side early? >> why is every question linking to me being the father. it doesn't bring out my paternal side. >> really? >> no, darling. >> he will be a dad soon. simon and lauren villarman expecting a boy. >> you call your dogs squiggly
10:33 pm
and deadly. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> my number one choice is simon because i like the name. >> how does lauren feel about simon jr.? >> not thrilled. >> how will his life change? >> no change. >> you say that now. but when the baby comes it maybe different. >> maybe. i'm going to have a fun time and teach him how to do my job as quickly as possible. pass the reins over. >> who will get married first, simon or terri? >> likely to be able to get married at the moment. when he's actually legally allowed to get married, will you marry your boyfriend? >> why change the question. keep at it? >> i'm not even going to discuss this. >> good try. >> good try indeed. >> now this couples news for you of a different kind. robin roberts has sha nighia
10:34 pm
twain talking all about her messy divorce. >> robin doing a little moonlighting from her gig in new york on gma and heading to nashville. no bigger nashville drama than sha nighia twain. her reclusive husband leaving her for her best friend. >> i'm never going to be okay with my my friend did to me and my marriage. never. >> in five years have you forgen him? >> i'm still masds. >> she's one of country musics most famous people getting candid in the spotlight with robin roberted. >> you really are a country fan. >> i love country music. goes back to college. i was a deejay. i loved it. >> and it's country girl from mississippi, still reeling from her bucket list moment on stage with sha nighia on stage in las vegas. >> it's the campfire scene. ♪ come on over, come on in
10:35 pm
>> and i'm like, i'm playing vegas. >> i can say i played vegas. get out of here old lady,ou didn't play vegas. >> yeah, i did. >> and after missing her special last year, robin is happy to be back. >> i don't have to wear booty pads anymore. >> robin -- i have to look at robin's butt. >> who are you? who are these people. >> and sharing her love of country music tomorrow on abc. >> and her booty is back. >> it's back. this just in. >> up next, james spader and megan boone spoil a revealing interrogation on the set of the black list. >> what kind of cracter is he? >> why it turned into a total love fest. >> then rob lowe's intervention
10:36 pm
for zac efron. >> he reminds me of myself when i was younger. >> plus the blond bombshell still recovering from the new york city marathon. guess who? >> "extra" brought to youly l'oreal because you're worth it. spoiler alert. james spader about his one of our favorite new shows is the black list. i've got trivia about star james
10:37 pm
spader. before made it as an actor, he had a lot of odd jobs. robin, here is the deal. i'm going to name a job and you tell me if he did it or not. a busboy? >> yes. >> yes, you are correct. >> railroad car loader? >> no. >> yes. he actually did that. yoga instructor? >> yes. >> yes, he was a yoga instructor. can you believe that. he got his downward dog going. go for you, james. a.j. is at the set of the black list in new york. >> the best description of this run away hit we heard from james spader. >> in train left the station at full speed and on fire. >> at the scene of the black list. >> i still haven't decided whether reid is a bad guy capable of good things or a good guy cape ab of very bad things.
10:38 pm
>> he's taken a keen interest in meagan boon. >> why did he pick this. >> that's a good question. i don't know why. i don't think anyone does. i think the writers are finding it of the anything is subject to change. >> what answer do they already have? do you hear those crickets. >> even if she can't give up secrets, she gives us a little sugar. >> i love you a.j. >> from what she told us, not so nice. >> i kill my first guy. first criminal kill. >> and "extra" just happens to have a sneak peek. >> it's easier to blame me for framing your husband than facing the truth of what he is. >> and the last word, we give to james. >> i think it's got to be a little more. more than that. twists and turns to it.
10:39 pm
>> he's playing one of history's most beloved presidents, welcome rob lowe. [ applause ] >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you. >> congratulations on your red sox. >> thank you. >> robin knocking it out of the park. >> as a bostonian, i'm going to tell you that i've never seen anyone nail that accent like you did. >> i am today announcing my c kansas daes. >> what do you think people will take away from this movie? >> this season he's ending his four-season gig on parks and recreation but not looking to go away from prime time tv with two shows development. one of them based on his life growing up in the '70s. >> when mom wasn't wearing a bra
10:40 pm
all of the sudden. >> now celebrating 23 yearsf sobriety and coming to the defense of zac efron's recent stint in rehab. >> he reminds me of myself when i was younger. >> any time i can share my experiences with people, i like to do it. he's good a good addition in my life. >> he deserves a round of applause for that. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> be sure and watch them sunday, november 10th on the national geographic. >> coming up, all new video. time to play -- ♪ what is gaga wearing >> then which star is hiding her baby bump under this dress? and vanessa hudgens in a head lock. why she got in a girl fight. plus melissa mccartney on the set of mike and molly. >> all of your favorite tv shows
10:41 pm
and stars. >> you're watching "extra." the ultimate ncis of sorts. >> from zombies to firefighters to modern families, they're breaking news right here on "extra." from hollywood -- "extra." frwhat does that first spoonful taste like?
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next "extra." chicago fire's concerning new video, a wild hair pulling cat fight. vanessa hudgens thrown to the ground. it was stagedf course. and we were there working it for "extra." >> it's a star packed night at the youtube music awards and lady gaga's fashion.
10:45 pm
>> gaga's fashion bizarre for sure. no pants. and this creepy little grill. >> she looks a little like beetle juice and a zbie at the same time. but the big story was gaga's rumored breakup with taylor kinney. now the two decided to clear things up by kissing on camera. they posted on instagram. they certainly look very much together to me. >> and more star sightings. >> this is one a-listing fashion parade. and this is drew barrymore's first red carpet with baby number two. her baby bump hidden under a flowing vivian westwood number. kate hudson in fifty shades dakota johnson srting gucci.
10:46 pm
at the l.a. museum of art. >> mr. martin scorsese. >> for more, go to and slick on l'oreal paris, get the look. sean penn's new york city marathon team has a different look. >> as runners, i've taught them everything they know. >> the team is joining more than 50,000 runners. >> this is the marathon. >> skeeter tighter than ever this year. other famous runners christie turlson and pamela anderson later tweeting this snapshot of the aftermath. the highest paid man in television moonlighting. ashton kutcher becoming a product engineer for a computer company. >> i was a engineer in school, but i dropped out of school. i think wt got me most involve was realizing the impact that
10:47 pm
can be made by being one voice connected to the world. >> online now, ashton's latest invention at >> and one more star sighting for you. a kardashian, the beach and renee. >> i spotted them at the new resort. but right now i've got my all-new interview with melissa mccartney on the set of her hit show. two words, season four. breaking down what's new this season. moyuits her teaching job to become a writer. >> follow your dreams where ever this me take you. >> there will be more police activity. >> kind of like law and order svu on mike and molly. >> really? not really. >> going to be a lot more
10:48 pm
physical comedy. >> do you hurt yourself? >> yes. everywhere. >> she's just fearless. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> which means not very bright. >> but very >> closed captioning and other considerations for "extra" provided by --
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that's definitely her, right? it's her. who? that's joanne, robert's ex-wife. [spits] you mean her? no, it's the spicy smoked sausage sandwich, honey, see? see the spice? right. it better be. you going to the car? we're going to eat in the car. add some spice to your day with dunkin's new spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. grab one today. america runs on dunkin'. start your morning spicy. hurry in today for the new spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich.
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oh, yep, the infamouss robejoanne.-wife? [spits] mom, stuff's coming out. i almost didn't recognize her without her broomstick and flying monkeys. when was the last time robert saw her? oh, not since the divorce was finalized. well, you don't know the story, amy? no. he never talks abouher. that's 'cause he's a nice boy. i'll tell you. go ahead. ok. ma, no spitting. uh, let's see. well, we had just moved in across the street from my parents, right? i don't remember. i've blocked that out.
10:58 pm
well, that's when it was. 'cause right about that time, robert and joanne, they had a little house, and they lived about a... you know what i liked best about that movie? we had to leave our house to see it. i mean, this is the first movie we've seen since we had the twins. hey, you're the one whose egg divided. hey, and you know what? your mother told me they would baby-sit the kids whenever we wanted. it is just so great that we moved across the street from them. hey, joanne. hey, sweetheart. hey, guys. what's happening? how was the movie? oh, i'm telling you. i wish you'd come with us. i really liked it. i'm thinking of putting it in my top 5. reallybecause the preview looked kind of stupid. you know, now that i think about it, you know, the dog drove a car. what is that? that's why we can never see movies together. we have the exact opposite taste in movies, books, stop! music, tv shows. he likes the kind of thing
10:59 pm
where someone steps on a rake. yeah. this movie had that, too. yeah, right. oh, no, no. no, you can put your feet on our furniture. it's all right. i'm ok. i'm good. i'm good right here. no, really, it's--it's ok. until robert gets a raise, we are blessed with your parents' old stuff. if you get really close, you can still smell frank's feet. i'll pass. [laughing] sorry. i thought we weren't doing that anymore. no crazy chin. yeah, you're right. you're--you're right. you know, sometimes when i eat, i do--i do a little thing with my chin. oh, i didn't know. i didn't know that. so, debra, your hair is looking good. oh, thank you. it's not as yecch as it was when you were pregnant. thank you. what are you doing? i'm rubbing your shoulders.


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