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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  November 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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democratic mayor in the city since david dinkins back in the day. his wife, mrs. de blasio used to be a full-blown lesbian. okay. she wrote about it herself in "essence" magazine, you see. you thought i was outing her or something. no, i'm not that girl. listen, she wrote about it in "essence" magazine years ago before she met mr. de blasio, bill de blasio. so i was asking my producers, well, are you allowed to li turn in your g pass after you're finished with it? you know what we all agreed? it's different for women than it is for men. so she was probably going through something and in college and having fun and then she meets this 6'5" bill, attractive now, but you should see him back in the day.
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and then they have the two squirrely kids, dante in his afro. just congratulations de blasio. [ applause ] also, i want to shout out to governor chris christie in new jersey. the governor re-elected. that was him last night. can i talk with the surgery he got for weight loss? what happened? gov, like, i don't notice a difference. i'm sorry. i don't notice a difference. maybe there is a difference, i don't know. he got lap band surgery and it was before the summer started. now i know people who have gotten lap band and gastric byass and the weight just drops, you know, and en they end up putting a little bit back on when they find their sweet spot. maybe he's eaten his way through the bands. i don't know. or maybe his intention is to do it slow and steady so in 2016 he'll run for president and he'll be, like, skinny, like de blasio or something. i don't know. but congratulations, governor.
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and, now, charlie sheen and brooke mueller's situion with their kids is spiraling out of control. charlie's ex, denise richards, who i call the patron saint of exes, allegedly no longer can care for brooke and charlie's twins. the boys are 4 1/2 years old, and denise allegedly is saying that the boys are violent towards their classmates, violent towards the teachers, and even violent towards nise's three daughters and her dog. now she wrote this gigantic letter online, google snoogle when you get out of here. this giant letter online. maybe some of you have sen it but she spelled it out just horrifying about how these twins
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are. she reportedly is claiming that brooke, who just got out of rehab for over the 20th time a month ago, is blocking her, denise, from getting the twins the professional help they need. charlie is -signing on denise getting the twins help. apparently taking them to a specialty doctor and having them analyzed. i don't know, maybe it would involve some ritalin, at the very least a sedative. i don't know what to say. martin sheep and his wife are the grandparents. grandparents can't handle kids who run roughshod all around. these kids might end up being orphans. well,ou have a lot of family, i don't see anybody stepping up by denise and nobody likes a bad kid. do you like a bad kid? i have no patience for that. do you know who i am? i am the mother who when you come over to my house and your kids are there, the kids are running around and kicking their
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snaek eers off and the sneaker w scuffs my black wall -- ex that's me. and, you know what, and i don't do it in a mean way but i am doing it -- this is the hunter house and i am mrs. hunter and you just kicked your shoe and you knocked over my vase and scuffed the wall. now who is going to take care of that? i dare you as a mother to say something to me. i dare you. to me, the last thing you say to kids about before you ring the doorbell is, better behave. you'd better behave. that's all. yeah, you know, so i don't know who will take ce these 4 1/2-year-old twins. john gosselin is speaking out about his eiht-plus kate kids and, you know, he says that the down side of doing the reality tv is that the kids -- he sat down with oprah and talked about the negative effects of reality tv with his kids.
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and here's some of what he said. and i understand what he is saying, however, oiously the sheen kids we never saw them on reality tv and they're out of contl, allegedly. all right. so john says developmentally my kids have problems with their peers, and they he problems with talking to others, and tey have problems with wantsnd needs and matters and morals and what's right and what's wrong i think more so than someone -- i think more so than someone who grows up off tv. i appreciate him being hones and being candid but, ooh, i hate some bad kids. ew. that's why i believe deep down in tap-tap. yeah. and reward. reward for good behavior but not too many rewards. did you watch "the biggest loser" last night? i am so disgusted with ruben.
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don't know what to do. he was sent home. he was booted off the show after only four weeks. he we'd 462 pounds when he first got to the show. he only lost five pounds this week. and -- but he lost like 38 pounds overall. you know, you have to start some place. and so just take a look at ruben and then we'll talk some more. >> leaving this place with a wealth of knowledge, i'm 38 pounds lighter and i'm going to take everything i learned away from here and try to live as heal healthy a life as i possibly can. it means the world to me to get a second chance. my goal coming into the biggest loser ranch was to leave here a changed person. america, my voice may be soulful but the next timeou see me, my body will be sexy. peace out. >> wendy: ruben is such a lovely southern gentleman. i love him so much but, ruben, i
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don't think that you can do this on your own. and, you know, the thing about "the biggest loser" jillian does not play on that show. unlike "celebrity apprentice" you can't fudge the numbers on the scale. if you're not going to put in the work, you're going to be eliminated. i'm so shocked. i thought he would have won and lost the weight. i don't think he can do it on his own. i think you need to get the lap band surgery and stick to it and, all right, so i did a little research for you, ruben. the lap band surgery you lose two to three pounds a week. so you don't lose it fast. maybe that's why governor christie is not skinny yet, you kn know. maybe not. the average cost for lap band surgery is $14,000, although it might be twice as much for you because he is twice as big. remember, caroline's daughter on "new jerseyhousewives" got the lap band surgery, but she wasn't -- she didn't start out a big, giant fatso. i'm surprised she even qualified for the surgery.
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she had issues with food. isn't she cute with that boyfriend? that boyfriend of hers, veto. so cute. so, anyway, the average cost is $14,000. sometimes insurance will cover it. ruben, i am sure that your insurance will cover it based on all this. so the next time that you're in new yo, what i want to you do, pay us a visit here at e studio. and then i'm going to quickly drive you up the treat to the hospital, they're going to strap you to a gurney and we're going to get her done. [ applause ] >> wendy: okay. so kenya thinks it's okay to text a married man. now listen, it's not -- look, every situation has its situatio it's not -- it's not thate's married, it's you're in business together and you're making money or something like that, you know. but we all know that kenya does not get along with phaedra.
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so you don't need to be having a relationship with her husband, apollo, on text. you all aren't in business together, and being on that show is not what i call being in business together. you are wro, kenya. you are really wrong. until you get right -- [ applause ] >> wendy: until you get it right, all can say to you, you are pretty. you don't play by the golden rule of the sisterhood. she says, i am like an open bo. i don't tray to hide things. so if i was texting it was in response to apollo texting me first. i don't see how that's a problem especially when they were not n inappropriate texts. listen, when you look like you, kenya, no woman wants to squint and wonder whether it's appropriateor inappropriate. you are gorgeous. plus, not onlythat, men are
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stupid. not all of you. not all of you. [ applause ] >> wendy: sorry. i'm sorry, men. i mean, less than smart. if apollo stupidly texts you, you should have called him up and said, look, with this body i have and with the way your wife feels about me, because she can't stand me, you don't need to be texting mae. this is inappropriate. men need us to scold them on what's right. you are wrong! [ apause ] >> wendy: okay. i have to get to this jennifer lopez story because -- how much more time do i have left? seven minutes? seven minutes? oh, well. jennifer lopez says that she's all natural and she wants
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everybody to know it. oh. well, let me tell the story. she says, mm-hmm. that's like my call of disbelief. mm-hmm. mm-hmm. let's do it together. mm-hmm. okay. jennifer, there's a plastic surgeon alleging jennifer had plastic surgery post iing pictus like these. okay. just clap if you think that's a new nose. [ applause ] >> wendy: there's nothing wrong with it, jennifer. you still have had a lot less -- she looks a lot less surgicalized than most of the
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women in hollywood, most of the women in may neighborhood, come to think of it. jennifer tweeted that she never had any plastic surgery of any kind. the surgeon has 1,000 followers on social media. jennifer has like 25 million so this is only a story because you handled back, jen. the doctor later apologized and claim his assistant tweeted without his knowledge. i think jennifer lopez looks tastefully tasteful. there is nothing wrong. the original nose looks like one of those noses where you go like this all the time. and then a little stump like that. you still look great regardless, girl. mm-hmm.
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okay. so it looks like jay-z is sticking with his partnership with barney's department store despite the racial profiling. i forgot all about this story. you know, he just launched his fragrance in the store. it will be in a gold flask type of container. i'm sure it will smell very good. i have to say that, you know, we pop culture people forget about what we learned and what we were upset about 72 hours after it happened. i mean, it's terrible. we never ride a car until the wheels fall off ymore and the world is spinning so fast that just when you grab on to a cause like racial profiling at barny's, well, there was a shoot ing over in jersey at the garden state plaza mall, so there's a whole -- first of all, if you're black, we know racial pr profiling -- we already know racial profiling. really that wasn't a thing. second of all, i'm concerned about the shootings at the mall. the holiday season is coming, all right?
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for those of you not here or know about jersey, the garden state plaza mall is one of the upscale malls in jersey, the one with bloomingdale's and neiman marcus and nordstrom's like the short hills mall. the boy walked in there, a nice looking fellow, too. he wanted to be a model and he shot in the air, he didn't shoot anybody, and then he went to a far reaching corner of the mall and shot himself. and so now he's dead. the mall is just opening back up today but it's been closed for two weeks. the weekend is coming. that's what my kids like to do on the ngd. no, you're not going to the mall on the basis of people being crazy. i don't even want to go to the mall and, you know, i'm interest jersey and that's what we do. [ applause ] >>endy: so, that jay-z thing, i forgot all about it and i'm on to us as a people being safe for the holiday season.
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i'm exhausted. let's talk about courtney love because she says that she is ready to make a comeback, and she talked to a magazine called fashion magazine. you know, that is such a random name but it's good. it gets right to the point. "mag magazine" is out of canada. here is what courtney says. listen, if orange is the new black star, natasha can burn down a house and robert downey jr. go to prison for two years, i deserve a second chance. i know there's hope for me. i think she does deserve a second chance. i loved her in the larry flynt movie. and i'm not a big fan of a whole nch of rock music but i certainly liked her when she got up there in those baby doll negliges and it was all girls in the band. i like courtney a lot and she
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does deserve a second chance, in my opinion. she's had a lot of ups and downs but is currently recording a new album and is writing her autobiography. that's a book i want to read. [ applause ] >> wendy: keep clapping, everybody. we have a terrific show for you. we're going to hit the wendy runway with style expert jacqui stafford who is here to show us the hottest fall coats for everybody's size. but up next, kathy griffin is joining us. i'd love to har her take on some of the latest hot topics. keep it here because kathy is next.
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it's back. olive garden's buy one, take one, just $12.99. choose one of five amazing entrees to enjoy today, like smoked mozzarella chicken. and take home a second entrée for later. buy one, take one just $12.99. go olive garden. [ male announcer ] when you feel good, no one is immune. emergen-c has more vitamin c than 10 oranges plus other antioxidants and electrolytes to help you come down with a serious case of healthy. emergen-c. making healthy contagious. >> wendy: hi. our first guest is never at a loss for words, which is why i love her so much. please welcome the always funny ka kathy griffin. [ applause ] >> how is everybody?
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>> good. >> you look great. i love it and i loveour hair. and you smell great. >> i love you. >> wendy: you smell terrific. >> that is funny. i'm wearing men's deodorant. >> wendy: are you? >> i thought it would be more powerful. >> wendy: it smells good. from head to toe you look great. >> it's the shoes. >> wendy: oh, wait. there. >> there it is. >> wendy: and i like the hair. i mean, i haven't seen you in a long time. >> ll, some of it's my hair, some of it is magic. some gay man flew from heaven and put it in. >> wendy: i've never seen you with the flat. do you like the flat? >> i can't keep it. if i work in a controlled environment, it's great. >> wendy: so congratulations for playing carnegie hall. >> carnegie hall friday night. i love it. >> wendy: is this the first time? i thought i saw you play it on
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your reality show. >> first of all, you're invited. i played there before. it's magical. i want everyone to know it's not t mormon tabernacle choir. it's an evening of vulgarity so me with an open mind. oh, my people. my people. and i should also let you know that i am trying to to get another grammy nomination for my latest comedy cd called "calm down gurrl" and i did some artwork you might enjoy. >> wendy: okay 0. let me see. oh. >> yes. >> wendy: now tell me about miley cyrus in the background photo bombing you. >> first of all, i'm not above a cheap plug. i am not above whatever hair is on my hair in that photo. >> wendy: i love it. >> and i am not above putting naked miley behind me. and if that is what makes you vote for me, then fine. if you're distracted by her nakedness on the wrecking ball,
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still vote for me. it's all about where is your head? where is the vocal point? >> wendy: this would be your sixth grammy if you win. >> i have been nominated five times in a row forest comedy albu i have never won. and only two women have won in the history of the grammys, whoopi and lily. so i would love to take it home. >> wendy: but let's talk about miley because i'm very into the new smutty miley. >> i'm all for naked maly. >> wendy: you've known her for a while. >> it was fun to work with her. >> wendy: hannah montana back then? >> no! i thinher team didn't want her to be around me because i'm a bad influence. and now she is really fun and she has that insanity haircut, remember that susan insanity? miley didn't know. who is that?
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but her speaking voice is amusing to me because she's a good singer, but she talks like this. but i enjoyed working with her. >> wendy: yes. i understand you're very big in the hip-hop community a now. >> now i don't know -- first of all, i don't know if you know, i'm in a love triangle. there is a rapper named rocky and he is in love with me. so he reached out to me. he and his friend, danny brown, who is another rapper -- danny, by the way, is in a tease optional situation, and they made a really cute video. >> wendy: we have it. take a look at this video. >> [ bleep ] kathy griffin. >> who that? >> [ bleep ] who is that?
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kathy griffin got [ bleep ]. >> yo, wait, who [ bleep ] kathy griffin? >> you remember the eminem video? >> which one? >> remember [ bleep ] the big nose? >> yeah, yeah. [ bleep ] >> she's not that old. yo! >> okay. >> wendy: just so funny. they're sitting there -- they a sitting there, looks like they're talking about what they do you. >> and it terms out i'm wavy and, yes, they want to tap my fatty. >> wendy: i heard that you have since become friends and have invited him to your house. >> yes, i have become friends with rocky and i went to see his show. he opened for rihanna, her world tour, and he came over to my
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house and what's funny -- i don't travel wi a hype man, but there he is at my hous and you can tell he's hitting on me, by the way. >> wendy: where is your b boyfriend? >> my boyfriend is livid. he's going to be in a ghetto turf war about this. >> wendy: do you still live in the beautiful house? >> yes, i live in that beautiful mansion. >> wendy: you invite a lot of people to your house. >> yeah. >> wendy: do you ever get worried about bumps in the night? >> yes, of course. i'm a nervous nellie. i hear every sound. that's why i have my 93-year-old alcoholic mother maggie in the guest room. and i'm going to throw her, take her, take her. she'll be drunk. she doesn't know. >> wendy: so have you been following anything justin bieber? >> all of it. >> wendy: what's your thought? >> "a," i'm a believer. "b," i'm over it. i'm both. i have the music but i'm also -- first of all, the video of him, you know, in the middle of boyfriend, one of my favorite songs about him, and someone threw out the water bottle and
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he's like, i'm out. of that is so funny to me as a comedian. he would never last in a comedy club for two seconds. >> wendy: tell me about it. >> that is a normal friday night for me. no, he's out of control. what's going on with -- do i have to have rocky have a talk? >> wendy: his side kicks. >> and he has the ferrari painted lake a cheetah or something from the kardashian collection. who is painting his cars like wild ngle animals and driving around in the whitest neighborhood in los angeles? i call bs on all of it. and you know i lo the white suburban kid who thinks he's black and, yo, what's up? yo. and bieber is canadian which is worse. it's worse. i love when he grabs his -- you know, i think the whole thing is funny to me. it has the can k-fed sideways cap. remember when he thought he was
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black? bieber is the new k-fed. i am never at a loss for words. >> wendy: this is why we love kathy here. tell me, so you and your boyfriend, 18 years younger than you. >> yes, i know. fatty. i'm wavy, wavy. >> wendy: are you living together? >> no, he still has his own place. he stays at my house primarily. i like that he has his own place. that's good. >> wendy: over two years? >> two years. >> wendy: marriage? >> i don't think so. i think it's different because i -- i think when you don't want to have kids it's different. for me i don't see the point of getting married. i was married. i was divorced. >> wendy: we remember. >> we all -- can we collectively, mm-hmm. yeah, i remember, too, every day i remember. anyway, i'm sorry. where was i? love iseautiful.
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love is beautiful. >> wendy: good for you. she is not going to go anywhere. up next we'll put kathy in the hot seat.
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>> wendy: okay. we're back with kathy griffin, and she's brave enough to take our hot seat. so let's see if she can really stand the heat. >> i'm looking forward to it. i live in the kitchen.


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