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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 6, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> okay. >> wendy: what celebrity hit on you -- excuse me, what celebrity did you hit on that rejected you? >> jerry singer. i swear to god. yeah. i didn't know there was a mrs. spring springer. i thought i was going to be kathy springer. >> wendy: you were ready with that quick. here is your 60-degree question. who is the stupidest celebrity you've ever met? >> kim kardashian. [ applause ] >> wendy: here is your 80-degree question. if you were a wizard and could make one celebrity disappear, who would it be? >> oh, kim kardashian. i mean, it's been enough. it's been enough already. it's been a lot of kim. >> wendy: here is your 100-degree question. which celebrity couple would you like to join in the bedroom?
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>> all right. just keep an open mind because you know i'm always looking for material. charlie sheen and brooke mueller. >> wendy: and that wouldn't be for the sex -- >> the material. just to hear their rant and winning, winning. >> wendy: kathy, always enjoyable. she is performing here in new york city at carnegie hall friday night, november 8. thank you, kathy griffin. time for "ask wendy." don't go away. only huggies diapers have all new surefit
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>> wendy: welcome back. okay. so it's time for "ask wendy. "have a seat, studio audience. you stay standing. >> how you doin'? >> wendy: you how you doin'? >> my name is yvonne. i live in this really nice neighborhood, all my neighbors are friendly, evee gets along, rdial. i have a dog. he mostly sta inside. i le him outside a coue weeks ago, barking, out there just a little bit. not too long.
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one of my neighbors, someone called the cops because my dog was barking. right? well, now i thought weigh all had a great relationship but now i'm looking at everybody with the side eye. should i confront my neighbors and see who called the cops or stgo? >> wendy: well, don't confront because that con tats aggression. you said it's a nice neighborhood. you do want to get something straight. >> i want the to know. >> wendy: do you have a favorite neighbor you can go to and explain that you apologize for the dog barking but you really do -- you do? a couple of them? find out who called the cops, maybe the other ones would have called the cops but maybe your dog isn't the angel you think your dog is. no, honestly. honestly, a barking dog -- i mean, they called the cops for a barking dog. do you understand how severe the barking must have been? >> he's never outside. >> wendy: what kind of dog do you have? >> he's a big dog who loves people. he goes outside to the bathroom
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and com inside. >> wendy: maybe you need to let him outside more. do you tie him to a trae or does he roam free? >> no, no. i have a fence d in yard. he does his business, he comes back in the house. >> wendy: talk to your neighbors. but talk in gentle tones, you know, and get to the bottom of it. and then apologize. >> okay. >> wendy: all right. hi. >> how you doin'? >> wendy: how you doin'? >> my name is bridgette. i'd like to dress glamorous. i'm not the at this poitypical . what should i do the next time they are judging me. >> wendy: this cannot be a problem. you just want to be seen on tv. where are you from? >> i'm from dallas, texas. >> wendy: welcome, reverend bridgette. i thought glamour originated in the church? so i can't figure out why they would be judging you, reverend bridgette? >> me either. >> wendy: and you can't curse them out on account you're a rev, but, you know, maybe you can give a part of your sermon
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on sunday regarding judging peop people's outward appearances. >> wow. >> wendy: you know, and project that with your sermon. >> good idea. >> wendy: all right, reverend bridgette. wow. >> how you doin'? >> wendy: better now that i've seen you. this hair. wow. how very linda hogan of you. i love it. >> which brings me to my question. i'm madly ilove with my husband for 19 years. my friends, i wanted to spice things up, and my girlfriends said, oh, you should color your hair. what do you think? i've grown to love it. i don't have to dye it for four years. >> wendy: i wouldn't touch your hair. your hair -- your hair is your calling card. it's signature, everybody knows the lady with the white hair. it's beautiful and it's healthy.
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normally when you dye your hair that color it breaks and falls off. >> i don't dye m hair, it's natural. >> wendy: it's natural? >> yes, this is natural, i don't have to dye it. >> wendy: i wouldn't color your hair. i would buy costumes and wigs and learn new tricks. >> i like that. thank you. >>endy: you're very welcome. keep it he. up next, fall coats for every body type. keep it here. [ male announcer ] mornings are your chance to start fresh. and only mcdonald's has freshly brewed mccafe coffee, a great tasting, signature blend made with 100% arabica beans. enjoy it with your favorite breakfast. one more reason there's something for everyone to love at mcdonals.
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>> wendy: hi. i was over here socializing though the commercial. fall arrives and what better time to take a look at the fall coats, the friends, the things that fit your body correctly. welcome to our show, the author of "the wow factor" our style expert jacqui stafford. i'm glad you're here. ok. so let's talk about the season's coats. what are we looking for? >> well, we're looking for great trends because there are the trends that work on everybody but women spend so mch time wondering about what they're
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going to wear and then they run out the door and just grab the nearest coat and ruin the whole thing. >> wendy: yeah. >> it's the first thing you see, your coat. >> wendy: coats are everything. we'll do a fashion show now. our models are from the "wendy" studio audience. tessa needs a coat to flatter her pear shape. tessa, come on out. very nice. all right, talk about her look. >> we're all about the trench. this one is fabulous, isaac miserati, $63. when you have this body shape, if you're full on the bottom half, cinch the waist and having a slight a-line flare. >> wendy: which means your coat should be longer. >> hit just to the knee. nothing too short. just to the knee. belt it. make sure you're using a belt, sinching in a smaller waistline. pop the color. that' an isaac signature, pop the color to give that extra
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sense of ste. leopard printis neutral. it will never go out of style. >> wendy: well, you look terrific, terrific. okay, nice jobon that coat, isaac. our next model is stephanie. stephanie is petite and she needs a coat that's going to make her stand out from the crowd. sorry, come on out, stephanie. i love everything about this. >> love, love, love. found this one at land's end. it's pe taet, a 'coat. we love a 'coat. here is why it works so well on stephanie. she's petite. double-breasted, i you're fuller figured, keep away from double breasting. because she is petite we wanted to go for a shorter length coat, something that hits just the top of the thigh. most flattering length. she can wear the double-breasted. go for the bright color not boring black, brown or gray. go for bright color. land's end does a petite version. >> wendy: good. how much is this coat? >> $150.
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>> wendy: and pea coats are timeless. i like how you styled these gir tere is next. come on out. >> beautiful. love it. >> wendy: wow. first of all, i am blown away that when you talk about, you know, a woman with a little bit more meat on her bones that you went for a puffer coat. >> i went for a puffer coat. i like 20 call this a nonfat puffer. here is the secret about a voluminous coat, a down coat. make sure you're looking for one that has a belt. >> wendy: oh, it's not the real thick either. it has the look of puff. >> is very enderizing, very slimming. we like the longer length. we found it in victoria's secret. >> wendy: really? >> $ 50. it's slimming because you're adding a belt. >> wendy: and it has a hood. you look excellent.
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thank you, teresa. i like that coat. our last model is susannah and she is tall and slender and wants a coat that's going to give her some curves. so let's see what you've done with her. come on out, susannah. i like the boots, too. sorry, i know it's a fashion show, but the boots are good. >> found this coat at burlington. here is why we love this one. it's about the mixed medium, the leather accent. when you're tall and slender you can go for two different styles of fabric here. look at the lining, the paisley lining. >> but if you're tall, you have gangly arms like me and you. look how long and generous the sleeves. >> the great thing they have their warm coats drive, so take your old coat and get 10% off the new one. >> wendy: youid a great job with all of these girls. come on up, girls, show off.
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>> wendy: we're back. thank you, everybody. ti for "fan feedback." we were talking about "the real housewives of atlanta" star kenya moore andthat she was texting phaedra parks' husband, apollo. phaedra and kenya don't get the along. kenya is defendng herself saying nothing was inappropriate about the texts, and the question is, is it ever okay to text a married man or married woman if there's no business between you all. and so here what michelle m. says. why does the man always get a free pass and the woman gets attacked? apollo has to protect his marriage, not the kenya. true, i agree. the second one is from whitney g. texting a married man is completely inappropriate. if kenya were married she wouldn't want another woman texting her husband. point well taken. thank you for your comments. you can always join in our lively conversation each day on may facebook and twitter page.
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>> wendy: this is like a circus. tomorrow on the show we'll break down the week's hottest topics, plus the lovely regina hall joins us. i love you for watching today and see you next time on "wendy." bye. -- captions by vitac --
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