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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  November 7, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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or talking to anyone else during that time. to me, the fact that he lied about this woman now everytime there's any type of accusation, i am always like well if you lied about that why should i believe you about something if it's not true? >> kirk: that is the only woman he has admitted to? >> yes. yes. >> kirk: there's been instances. you found a bra in his glove box? >> we were going to palm springs and we were driving and i opened the glove box and ara fell out. >> kirk: like a jack in the box? >> yes, i knew it wasn't my bra. >> kirk: it was a surprise gift? >> no, it was way too small. the girl must have been like an a cup. it wasn't my bra. so his story was at that time really defensive number one so i was like why are you getting so defensive. and the story was from the woman who lived in our apartment before us, who happened to be a
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lesbian it was her bra >> kirk: she kept herras -- >> i don't know how it ended up. the whole thing i don't know. >> kirk: now, when you got pregnant multiple women came forward and said they had been with michael >> now in 2012 that's when we got back together. and you know, i had worked on some of my issues, separately and michael worked on some of his issues. and we were at a good place. and we wanted to have a baby. it wasn't a surprise. we were trying and i got pregnant in april 2012. and then after that like i was five months pregnant and this girl contacted me like via twitter and said she had slept with michael. and i was five months pregnant and i'm like who are you? and she said her name was whatever. and i asked him about it and he completely said he didn't know
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her. like denied the whole thing this girl is crazy. and i want to believe him. and when -- >> kirk: did he know the woman on twitter? >> he said he didn't. but she sent me a picture of the two of them taken at a restaurant when he had been traveling, i guess, to new york. but he was in new jersey and said that he met her and was trying to get her sister into treatment. >> kirk: you don't believe that? >> i mean, i always want to trust my gut. it was the fact that he lied about the girl and she comes out with the picture. it was just the two of them posing. but i was upset he did not tell me he was going to dinner with a girl. >> kirk: you said last time when michael was coming to the "the test" on the way to the airport you found a key chain with a naked video on the key chain a video of some sort? >> yes, in his briefcase, that he carries everywhere with him, i opened it, and there was a little key chain where i guess you can download pictures.
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and it was a girl that i've never seen. >> kirk: and she was naked? >> she had a bra and underwear. it was just i was like floored away by this. so i approached michael about it, and he said that it was a girl that he had met that had sent him this key chain that really liked him but he didn't know who she was. if it was something old why would it have been in a box? or thrown away? >> kirk: let talk to michael and hear what he has to say. let's please welcome michael lohan >> kirk, how are you? hay, hey, kate, that was a mouthful. >> kirk: what do you have to say? >> that woman i was in jail at the time and this sicko sent me a box with a pillow case and hat and key chain and letter. never knew the girl and never met the girl.
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>>irk: why did you keep the key chain? >> because it was in all the stuff i had and i stuff to do in my briefcase i didn't want her to find it because she would have thought what she thought. and the bra quickly >> kirk: whose bra was that? >> when we moved into the apartment in west hollywood there was one closet full of stuff. and there was stuffed clothing. >> kirk: you med into an apartment there was still clothes there? >> the lady before it was two women that were partners. and there was stuff and we cleaned it out. i put a suitcase with the stuff and was going to return it. and there was a bra and in my trunk one day and i knew kate was going to be in the car and i stuffed it and put it in the back of the glove box because i didn't want her to think it was in there >> there would have been underwear, too. would i leave a bra sitting in a car if i was with someone?
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>> kirk: and you think that kate is cheating on you. there are some situations because she lied about it. and you've never cheated on mike. were you concerned when she was in rehab? >> she was friends with in the rehab -- >> you are like trying to fetch for things because of your guilt. i have not gotten to half of the situations with him. >> look you mentioned a few things. i'm mentioning a few thingsment i addressed the things that you said. >> kirk: half the situations? >> there were more people. whatever. >> kirk: we can get to those. kate and michael sat for hours of polygraph testing with our expert examiner to prove they are not cheating. we'll get to the results later. coming up... skeletons from the past are revealed >> we had an argument and she said don't think i have someone else. >> kirk: and later...
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it'san mom's turn in the hotseat >> i think heas been cheating on me. and i think that is disgusting. you are constantly on me. are you an annoyians
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[applause] >> kirk: welcome back to "the test." we're talking to michael lohan and kate major in their first interview together. kate says she is furious about finding a bra in michael's glove box. but michael says that kate has been acting majorly suspicious as well. he thinks that she maybe pumping more than iron during her frequent trips to the gym. michael she goes to the gym too much you think? >> well, actually she is obsessed with the gym because when she was pregnant she has been focusing on losing weight and has done amazing >> kirk: the gym is working. you look fabulous. and you think she is sleeping with her trainer? >> no. when i call sometimes she disappears. i cannot get in touch with her >> that is not true.
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>> when we had an argument once she said don't think i have someone else or something like that >> no, you made a rude comment and i said that is not what everyone thinks in terms of how i look. i love said that to make you angry >> you admit that you said -- >> i might have but i have not been with anyone else >> kirk: do you think she is cheating on you for real? >> do you work. besides being a great mother >> iake care of our son it's easier to go to work. i've worked all my life >> stop getting angry >> it is a rude comment >> it is not a rude comment. all i'm trying to get to is you go to the gym and go shopping and go out to lunch with your friends >> i maybe go to lunch with my friends maybe a girlfriend. we have no nanny i have no outside help >> when we have date night we have a nanny that is why we are
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attached to our son. all i'm saying is when i wake up in the morning and kate will tell you we feed my son i take a bath with him and play with him and then kate takes over and i go to work. i come home so my days are all accounted for >> and so are mine. >> i'm not saying they are not. i'm asking during the day you have a lot of time to go to lunch and shopping and this and that i'm not saying something happened it was that one remark that you made that -- >> it was after you said something about my figure and i got defensive >> so that was it. and that is it. that is all. >> kirk: at one point you said how do you know i don't have someone else. >> right. >> you are the only one who has admittedn 2011 >> well, i had to admit. i denied it at first. we were separated we were not living together. and again, thi and you know this, this girl was a staunch
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alcoholic she said she was better and wanted to get help. and i had no intention of sleeping with her. when i came in at the airport she was standing there, waiting and she had a bag packed and i said what are you doing and she said i was going to stay in a hotel. and like an idiot but it happened and it was wrong and i -- it was more of vindictive thing because kate was saying move on. i've moved on. so on and so forth >> kirk: and this is 2011, correct? >> yes, >> kirk: and this is the only time you have cheated? and we are here today to find out if you've cheated since 2012 and if you've cheated as well? is michael hiding more than women's undergarments? the test results, next. coming up on "the test"... test results leave kate seeing red. since 2012 have you had any
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sexual intercourse with aone other than michael? >> that's not right. i know that i'm telling the truth. i have nothing to hide. >> kirk: and later... tan mom tries to high tail it out of here. patricia txxócócv
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coming up tomorrow a murder mystery that has four siblings
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desperate to find answers. did their father collect a $100,000 life insurance policy? >> he was buying motorcycles and trucks >> i came to see if i could help them >> i owe it to my mother to find the truth. >> the shocking test results. >> i don't want to talk no more. >> they need the answers. >> it's killing me. >> that is tomorrow on "the test." [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". we are on location talking to michael lohan and his fiancee kate major in their first television interview together. kate says multiple women told her they have had sex with michael. but michael claims they are liars and drug addicts. mike sell accusing kate of cheating. michael are you ready to find out if your suspicions are valid. our lie detector administrator
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asked kate the following questions. first: since 2012 have you had any sexual intercourse with anyone other than michael? the results... incomplete. kate you were not cooperating during the test. at one point you became upset and ripped off the polygraph equipment, damaging it. and later you came back and attempted to finish the test and you were asked since 2012 have you had any sexual contact with anyone other than michael, and the results... incomplete. again, you took off the polygraph equipment and terminated the exam >> that is not right. first of all, let me tell you about the test. that was completely messed up. i was there for three-and-a-half
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hours. to answer three questions. the polygraph examiner i told him that i did not feel good and i stopped the test at one point. when we were talking about questions that weren't related to that question with michael. it was related to a question he asked me prior to 2012 have you ever lied to any family members or friends? and i asked him what that meant during the test. because before that, i think that is a pretty general question that of course at some point i've lied and i had given him an example in the past. >> the polygraph exam you have to setup the baseline and ask questions. >> for three-and-a-half hours? i kept saying i want to finish the test. you have asked me the same questions numerous times. and i kept saying if i get up because i do not feel good does it mean it will say i did not finish the test. and i got up and came back the second time to try to finish it because i know i'm telling the truth. i have nothing to hide.
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he could not complete the test. it wasn't me it was the same thing that happened the second time and i got up. >> kirk: you did not rip -- >> no, i was -- there was a hook here and i did not want him near this area and i was trying to unhook it and he said i had broken their equipment. you never said that to me i was trying to take the hook off. and i thought the test -- i thought that the test was completed by then because i was there for three-and-a-half hours >> kirk: does it concern you that she did not complete the test? do you have doubt or no? >> you know, i mean looking at her no i don't have a doubt i think the fact that she was willing to take the test, says a lot. so, no. >> kirk: but she did not finish? but then again she went to take it again and ripped it off again >> incomplete i would have take 10 on monday. >> she has a frustration level
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when she wants something over -- >> i don't like to be trapped in a room with equipment >> kirk: you were told it was incomplete? >> no. >> kirk: the second time were you in for five seconds before you ripped it off. let's move on to michael. is michael telling the truth that the women on twitter are trying to break up his engagement? or is it set of lohan lies? kate are you ready to find out the truth about what kind of appearances michael has been doing on the road? >> sure. our lie detector administrator asked michael the following questions: michael, since 2012 have you had sexual intercourse with anyone other than kate? coming up on "t test"... things go from bad to worse. for michael and kate.
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>> that was somebody else? >> no, there's nobody else. >> kirk: you saw a text should i get the room >> right, for a girl >> kirk: and later... tan mom tears in husband richard >> how many times can i tell you i cannot stand you. i pity you and that is why you gold bond men's lotion makes me look so good it should come with a warning label. [ male announcer ] gold bond men's lotion. skin strengthening proteins plus 7 moisturizers. man up.
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does your child have more than two potential fathers? are you desperate to get to the truth with dna? call... >> kirk: earlier you found a bra in his glove box >> we are driving and i opened
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the glove box and a bra fell out. >> if i was with someone else wouldn't there have been underwear, too? >> kirk: michael since 2012 have you had sexual intercourse with anyone oth than kate? now you have been telling kate that you have not had sex with anyone else since 2012. but you lied. >> i am tell you the truth i did not have sex with anyone after 2012 for sure >> no. what did you tell the polygraph? >> kirk: you told our administrator that in 2012 you had sex with the same woman that you cheated on kate with in 2011 and you said that kate knew about this.
9:26 am
kate, is this true? did you know about it >> i said no you have that wrong. he said y need mean to tell me you had sex with the same person and i said no, you have that wrong. that's wrong. that's wrong. wait a second. that wasn't even the question. the question was. -- >> kirk: then we tested you on the confession. since 2012 have you had any sexual intercourse with anyone other than kate and the other woman you confessed to? your answer? >> no. >> kirk: you failed that. >> so i got pregnant in april. interesting. >> 2012 in april of 2012. so that would mean that i did i cheated on her after she got pregnant? that is absolutely not true.
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we have been together the whole time. since 2012. >> since we got back together >> and there was no question of my whereabouts or anything since 2012. none >> this is all the girls since i was pregnant. five months pregnant. all after i was pregnant >> kirk: and kate you saw a text that said should i get the room >> yes, >> absolutely. 100%. i was in connecticut someone is going to new york and said do you have deals at places in new york. i wasn't in new york at the time. i was in connecticut the entire time and never left the state. that happened. because people know i get deals at places >> kirk: we are here today and today we are about being honest. this show is about truth. >> i wouldn't have come on the show if i had something to hide and i'm more than willingo take the same questions >> kirk: he believes you. we are ok with you.
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>> and i'm willing to do it to test me on the people >> people? >> the people you had in question >> the people that you questioned >> was there somebody else? >> no, there's nobody else, since 2012 there's been no one else >> kirk: but you failed that >> i don't know why, maybe nerves or questions. i seemed to be confident in what i was saying >> kirk: today might be the day where we have a clean slate. i mean, do you want to marry michael and spend the rest of your life with this man? >> um, i wouldn't have gotten engaged if i didn't feel that way. >> kirk: but you have been engaged for a few years? >> right, that is why we are not married because of the trust issues. >> honestly i don't know why you would come on the show if you have cheated. >> kirk: it happens all the time people come on the show -- >> you cannot beat a polygraph
9:29 am
>> i want to know who the people are and i can get closure >> i'm telling you now there are no one. maybe because of that question >> kirk: we asked you because you clarified the question >> but he was asking, he -- he asked the question and then, i took the test. and then we took a break. and then he asked me the question again and i'm like thinking about what he said and i said -- >> why would you have to think about it? >> i didn't know what he was asking. i didn't know what he was asking >> i did not hesitate once on the questions about you >> kirk: you did not finish your test. you ripped it apart. you were not happy. -- >> so we are both lying. >> kirk: might be a perfect match >> we have a perfect match because we have a god blessed son and we are getting married and getting on with this >> kirk: i hope to be at the wedding. i wish you the best of luck. we will be right back. coming up on "the test"... it's tan mom i tears.
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>> do you like action? do you want to witness shocking results? if you are in the la area and would like to be in the studio audience for a taping of "the test". go to
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>> kirk: back in the hotseat is patrina, known as tan mom. she has burning questions and this time she is her to grill r husband. tan mom patricia is back again. last time she was here she cleared her name of the accusations that made her famous >> you are accused of putting your five-year-old daughter in a tanninged >> nev happened. >> and you did take a lie detector test. she passed. >> kirk: the lie detector revealed she did not put her five-year-old daughter in a tanning bed but it revealed that she had a serious problem with drugs and alcohol >> i do drink sometimes to forget. i will drink to forget it. that is the truth. >> kirk: and this is the first step. from here you are going straight to rehab. >> a month later patricia return
9:34 am
clean and sober. how do you feel? >> i fee great. >> kirk: this time patricia is looking for answers in her marriage. she believes her husband is cheating and we put richard to the test to get to the bottom of the accusation. and later patricia has a big secret to reveal exclusively on our show. patricia welcome back >> thank you. >> kirk: tell me what i going on? >> basically in a nutshell i have been married a longtime. and my husband constantly is checking my phone, asking me questions, following me around in my business. harassing me. there's nothing i can do. he is on me 24/7 >> kirk: you say harassing you in-your-face? >> in my face, in my head constantly. it is a mental issue. it doesn't have to be abusive it's mental. >> kirk: and you have children together? >> we have children together and everyone everyonen my family
9:35 am
constantly is asking him to stop t stop bothering mommy. like live your own life, get a life or what have you. and it saddens me that it had to get to this point. as well, i think there's other issues that he disappears for hours on end. i don't know. >> kirk: do you ask him where he goes? >> yeah >> kirk: what does he say? >> he is running errands but it doesn't take three hours to run an errand. and i think he has been cheating on me. and i think that is disgusting. so if he is doing that, on top of harassing me, i just cannot handle it anymore. >> kirk: your husband is here and he admits he leaves for hours but he says he will prove he is no cheat. come out richard. nice to see you. so richard, are you harassing this woman? >> i feel i am a little bit nosey of what is going on
9:36 am
sometimes. i will say what is going on? and she tells me i will let you know. and i might ask her an hour later did you hear anything and she gets upset. >> tell the truth >> you get upset when i keep badgering and asking and repeating it, yes >> kirk: do you think she is cheating? >> no. not that i know of, no. >> kirk: but she this are you cheating? >> i know i'm not cheating but we'll see what happens >> kirk: was this marriage ever good? was it strong in the beginning or has it always been? >> in the beginning there is no like trust anymore. it's constant arguing. it's constant badgering he is on me 24 hours a day. in my face and everywhere anything i do you are constantly me. you are an aknowians and i'm sick of you -- annoyance and i'm sick of you. definitely the last three years >> i agree i do annoy her but it's sort of my nature.
9:37 am
i have to change that a little bit. but the other things with the cheating is not happening. and hopefully it will show later. i'm not cheating on you. i'm not with anyone else >> kirk: if annoying is your nature you might have to adjust that. when we come back we will find out if this marriage is done or just slightly burned. the test results next. [applause] coming up... >> it is a tan mom tantrum >> kirk: while married to patricia have you had sexual contact with anyone other than patricia? >> you're disgusting >> thrown you out and you come back crawling. this
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be in the know this november opportunity "the test"... >> here is what i want to know when is the next woman coming in. >> anything i need to know about? >> i want to know about the life insurance. >> i don't know she is out of control >> you know what? >> i know who my baby daddy is >> kirk: we all want to know the truth. >> you know you are the father of my daughter. >> there's one place to get it. did you know they planned that pregnancy? >> i know she is. >> i don't know this. >> you said no. be in the know on "the test."
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>> i know where you at. i know where you at. [applause] >> kirk: welcome back. we are here with tan mom patricia. she is joining us for a second time because she wants to know where her husband richard goes when he disappears. patricia are you ready to find out where richard has been hiding? >> yes. >> kirk: our lie detector administrator asked richard the follow questions: while married to patricia have you had sexual intercourse with anyone other than patricia? your answer, sir? >> no. >> kirk: you passed. but we asked another question.
9:42 am
getting comfortable? >> yes. >> kirk: while married to patricia have you had sexual contact with anyone other than patricia? now you have been telling patricia you had not had sual contact with anyone else. >> no. >> kirk: but you lied. you confessed to our examiner and what did you confess to him? >> i wept to strip clubs a couple of times and she knows one instance when i went with a guy that we went. and i went a couple other times with people from work because that is where they want to go. it's your job you have to go. i didn't do anythingment that is 13 years ago went three times >> kirk: let me read it. i will not stumble. you confessed to our polygraph examiner between 2005 and 2010
9:43 am
you visited strip clubs on three or four occasions. you admitted you touched the strippers breasts and private areas and on a few occasions the strippers fondled your private part as well >> i cannot listen to this. >> kirk: patricia this is important. you are here for this. i know it's hard but this is why we are here. >> you're disgusting! >> kirk: we tested you on that confession. other than what you admitted to, have you had sexual contact with anyone other than patricia since you were married? >> no. >> kirk: you failed that as well. >> it's vague when you say that. you are admitting to something so you have it in your head and they are asking you a question
9:44 am
like -- it's different thing have you ever been with another woman other than patricia >> kirk: patricia you know what this says? >> yes, >> kirk: you know what the truth is >> i know what the truth is. i have not been with anyone else >> kirk: i see that -- >> i'm disgusted >> i have not been with someone else? no. and the second question is vague, 95% of people have been to strip clubs >> kirk: we are talking about you and you said they were holding your private parts >> he said you have to admit if you think it happened i'm with clients and people from europe that want to go there and you sit there and you have no choice but i'm not having sex >> kirk: you had no choice? >> it's your job or you get fired. >> kirk: you have a job where if you do not touch a stripper's breasts you get fired?
9:45 am
>> that is not -- that is not being realistic you are going because the clients want to go there. she knows i went with the one person >> kirk: what if we let that strip joint slide. other than what you admitted to have you had sexual contact with anyone other than patricia and you failed tha >> you failed. you failed, period >> kirk: he has not had sexual intercourse but he has had sexualontact >> i don't want to be with you anymore. i thrown you out a million times now it ends it here, period >> i have not been with anyone else. >> i'm no not staying with somee you are not worth it >> kirk: patricia do you want a divorce ? >> yes. >> kirk: is this the first you heard? >> the first i heard and this is not going to help it. >> kirk: you've had sexual contact with others? >> i admitted it.
9:46 am
>> he just said it >> because i admitted to the guy that i did. >> and you failed. hello world >> kirk: and are you not supposed to touch strippers and they are not supposed to touch you >> there's clients with you it's not like i'm doing anything i don't like going i went a coue times for years. and it's with the business. if someone wants to g and you are dealing with them >> no boss should hold a gun to your head and fondle a stripper >> it's not like that. >> like wow. like wow >> the question is do you have a girlfriend >> you failed everything. it doesn't matter. so many times in the past few years i've said i want a divorce i cannot stand you i've thrown you out and you come back crawling and it proves it >> kirk: why do you let him come back? >> he bolts down and there he is
9:47 am
back in my home? >> first -- >> how many times can i tell you i cannot stand you >> you know that is true. >> why would you want to be can someone who can't stand you? >> she loves me. she loves me. >> no, i pity you and that is why you aaround because of children but that is not healthy >> when we come back we are going to find out if there is a chance to possibly save this marriage. i hope there is. don't go away. more with tan mom when when. when whenwe come back. [applause] coming up... can richard salvage his marriage? >> i don't want to be married >> i'm willing to change. i understand i aggravate you but i'm not i 88888888jñjñjnxñññwóóó
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[applause] >> kirk: patricia, do you love richard? >> i will always care. >> kirk: i mean do you -- >> i love patricia and she knows i was not with anyone else >> kirk: is there anything that he can do to sal vandal this? or is this done for you? >> the best way forhis to be rectified he leaves for a long -- a while. like out of the home. the only way this will be -- with counseling. through us and the family. because this is not always about patricia this say family issue >> kirk: do you want a divorce or get help and get out of the house so you can regroup and fall in love again? >> that will not happen. but i think divorce would be the best. and start fresh. i don't want to be married >> she doesn't want to be married to me then i'm willing to change i understand i aggravate you but i'm not seeing anyone else. i love you and i love the kids
9:51 am
>> kirk: he sounds like he is willing to make effort. i don't know if you are but you have children together and if the kids are seeing this much fighting and someone who thinks you are pitiful, don't be there >> if that is what you want i'm willing to work counseling and go somewhere for a couple weeks whatever you want to do. >> kirk: why don't you let her be along uil she doesn't want to be alone. wow. those were revealing interviews. i wish the best to both couples. check out what is happe happenig tomorrow on "the test"... >> comg up tomorrow... a murder mystery that has four siblings desperate to find answers. >> did their father collect a $100,000 life insurance policy >> i owe it to my mother to find
9:52 am
out the truth. >> all new test. that is tomorrow. >> visit our website at and look at today's unseen footage. thank you for watching. see you next time. [applause] [♪]
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live from new york city, it's wendy williams' halloween extravanza. today, holly robinson peete stops by with a few tricks and treats and a fabulous costume you won't believe. plus, spooky creatures that will make your skin crawl. and the inside scoop on halloween plans. and all the latest hot topics. now here's wendy sglmpts.
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>> wendy: welcome. wow.. >> wendy: welcome. wow. thank you for being here. how you doing. or should i say "how you booin". we have lots of tricks and treats for you today. pamela anderson is showing off a shocking new look. demi moore and ashton kutcher are finally divorced. let's talk about it and more. it's time for hot topics.
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oh, wow. so some of you guessed, wonder woman is my favorite super hero of all time. i have a very large collects io of memorabilia. i have tons of wonder woman mugs. some i bought myself, many were given to me by many of you watching. lynn take cinda carter has beae the show. and she signed -- i'm so out of breath. i'm a mess. and my friend vanessa williams also gave me this giant colctors wonder womanthing. i think she's awesome because she's strong, she's beautiful, she's feminine.
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and studio audience, you all look very festive today. it's so funny riding up to the studio in the morning, everybody is always out seed waside waiti ushered in and it felt like i was riding up toet's make a deal. anyway, happy halloween, everybody. okay. let's get down to the business at hand. congratulations to kerry washington who is pregnant with her first child. and i think this is terrific. sources are saying she's four months along. and she and her husband, nam
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asomugha, they've been married for four months, so the baby was probably conceived on the night of their wedding. i hate when they hide them behind couches and chairs. some shows require you toide the pregnancy, but e ne is saying that kerry's character is unlikely to get pregnant. no, you guys at scandal, write the pregnancy in that she got pregnant by the president. anyway, you know she's always sting s"saturday night live" this weekend. i'd like to see her do comedy. we all know she's a serious actress, but i can't wait how she is it on snl. and musical guess is eminem, who


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