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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  November 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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they're all so talented. in the meantime, in our house, kitchen table talk, that's where i really do my talking about what i feel about my other people on daytime tv. but it's just not a pilot conversation for other company. it isn't. you are very unlikable. and ladies of "the view", please don't stoop to thatlevel. your show comes on abc right after our show. right after our show is finished i want to run into the dressing room to see if they come out and make this the first rant that they do. there's that saying, when a dog howls at the moon, that's not the news. it's when the moon howls back that becomes the news. please don't howl. not even my tacky behind would howl.
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so, a lot of people are very upset with the security team and people who like justin bieber. well, someone posted a really creepy video of justin sleeping, and it's allegedly taken by a female fan in brazil. first of all, it doesn't look like he's on a bed. it looks like he's on a pull-out couch. i'm thinking with the bieber budget it would be better than a pull-out couch. i know you're wondering if that's really justin booieber. that's his tattoos. that's him. here's the thing. he invited like 30 people, girls, back to his hotel room to party. reportedly he made all the girls sign a confidentiality agreement. he also confiscated their phones. but who these days has just one phone besides me? most people that i know have like two and three phone ls. that's number one. number two, we're going to talk
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about this later on on the hot talk panel. i'm not going do give you all my commentary on it. i find there to be nothing wrong with what justin bieber is doing. and i'll explain on the hot topic panel. let's move along. i mean, as long as it's not my sign. the country music awards were on last night. did anyone watch? carrie underwood hosted the show with brad paisley. she changed her clothes nine times, which i love. these are the kind of outfits, no disrespect, you would never see these on the red carpet at the soul train music awards. except for maybe that one. that's a good one. look at that! really? yellow flower pants. this is what i love about the the country community. there's no pressure to dress to impress. these people go out, i mean,
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miranada lambert and blake shelton. that's how they do in the country. it's about the music and the hair spray, and you can just wear what you want. i'm hosting the red carpet at the soul train music awards and those girls -- yeah, i go out to vegas tomorrow. those girls will be turned. and if, you know, i had a choce between fashion or just being comfortable and being myself, i would much rather be a country than a soul. yo know, in terms of -- anyway. miranda, your figure, darling. you've dropped a few lbs. you look good. you know, girl, that's the difference between soccer mom hair and vixen. look what a difference the extensions made. look what a difference a couple
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of pounds de. she's virtually unrecognizable. i know blake likes that, honey. she said she wanted to lose weight in time for her 30th birthday which is coming up. didn't we think of her as being a little olderha 30? she is going to be 30. she wanted to get it together and she has. taylor swift was the belle of the ball. there she is. she won a special award for artist who has achieved success world wide. i like taylor swift a lot. but for whatever reason i feel guilty for sharing that with you. this is why i like her. i'm coming out of the closet with it right now. first of all, she's 5'11" and handles it like a real gazelle. second of all, she is only 23 years old and she's got the world at her fingertips. and, okay. i have heard stories about her being nasty and snippy and diva like to people behind the scenes, but that's not what we
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see on the the award shows. she almost does the opposite. she's still acting like, oh my god! i can't believe i n! like she plays it safe and really girl next door. i i don't know. i really like her. i think she's very pretty, whether bangs or no bangs, red lipstick or no lipstick. she's down to earth enough to wear keds. she doesn't always have to be in diva mode. i like her. from afar, i mean, in her camp she must be, you kno she might be that diva that we read about a little bit. so jessica simpson and her fiance eric are getting ready to walk down the aisle, but her father joe simpson is not invited. now i cosign with this. i know what you're saying, oh, you're wedding is supposed to be the most special day of your life. if your wedding day is the most special day of your life then you have work to do on your life. it is one simple day.
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there's so many other things like the birth of your children, the day you walk across college stage and graduate. the day you come home after serving around the country. every life is supposed to have tons of special moments. so this is one day. i wouldn't invite him either. the national inquirer says jessica hs been at odds with joe since divorcing her mom tina last spring. jessica is worried he may cause a scene and take the thunder away from her on her big day. my thing would be, daddy, you're not coming to my wedding because i don't trust who your plus one is going to be. [ applause ] i don't need to remind you all the take on jessica simpson's father, do i? how you doin', joe? a mess. well, congratlags, jessica. tina, you got a good one. joe, she'll see you tomorrow at
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brunch. i mean, you know, one day. so speaking of the simpsons, her younger sister ashley people are saying may be addicted to plastic surgery. i don't see addiction. i do see surgery. here are the two sisters holookg modern. jessica looks great. ashley looks great. but jessica looks greater. ashley famously got her nose job back in 2006. best moy ever spent. really? best money ever spent. it looks like she might get a little on her top lip. but according to "the star" ashley is also a regular use of fillers and plumpers. listen, she's still very young. she's like 29 years old. she's been married and divorced and has a child, but i have to say, that is the best use of filler work. as a modern woman i say do what you need to do. especially if you have a sister as beautiful as jessica simpson
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and you're the frog on the side. it's jessica who has a problem with her doing this. probably because jessica doesn't want her sister to be as pretty as her. you know you pretty girls are. you always want to be the pretdiepret prettiest one in the room. don't tell jess what you do. go get the procedures. wait a month or two and then go see her. but ashley you better be careful, because from what i can see you haven't worked in a long time. and so your sister jessica with the fabulous clothing line and shoe line she has, ashley is the main model. she's the face of the line. now from business standpoint i get what jessica is saying. they are not meant for high glamour girls. they're really great bohemian and earthy. the comfortable stuff. the good stuff. and the affordable stuff. and ashley is the face of the
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line. and because it's not a glamorous brand that jessica simpson has, she doesn't want you to be plumped up and filled up with red lipstick and everything. she wants you earthy playing in a wheat field with a natural look. so be careful or you may get fired by your own sister. that's all. you know avril lavine, the singer married this guy named chad kroger. he's a rock star from nickelback, the group. they've been married for four months. they've set interesting rules for their marriage. when they're not together they don't go tonight clubs and they don't drink. now i understand the nightclub part, but the drinking part? really? life is better with a drink. and the thing about the
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nightclub, it's so weird. i know nightclubs are notorious for loud music and people hooking up, but you realize that could happen at lunchtime, around the corner. if you go in to cheat, you go in to cheat. it's only seven minutes or 100 pumps, done. you don't need a nightclub. and as far as the drinking, i smell that somebody must have a problem and turn into another person when they drink. because a grown adult at lunchtime with her girlfriends or in the evening -- i don't -- i want a divorce. i do. clap if you find the drinking thing ridiculous. like you can't drink. i think i would say yes to have my singers krszed behind my
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back. so the newest trend in hollywood and perhaps in your hood is the new pixie cut. you cut off your hair and you keep it short and cute. pam anderson cut hers off. we already talked about it. jennifer hudson cut hers off. you remember the big deal i made about her their that day. i was saying it was so thick and beautiful. after the show i'm walking around the wendy hallways and everybody is giving me the eye. really, wig lady? you can't tell a wig when you see one. i don't know if it's a wig or not. it does seem odd for a girl weaving all of her life that she has that much hair. because for a lot of you, and if it is a wig, then it's a good wig. they got baby hair realness. look. [ applause ] it's baby hair realness and good thickness. i like it.
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it doesn't matter if it's a wig or a weave or whatever. but my people do make a point, jen. so now the actress jennifer lawrence has gotten in on the trend very -- you got your haircut at a strip mall in jersey. how very kate gosling of you, jennifer. see. back away from the scissors. like my wigologist always says, it's just hair. if you don't like it, you leave it. that's just bad hair. sorry. so david arquette is drinking again. and i wanted to catch up to see if they were going to start clapping. you are on your toes. you got a good night's sleep, audience. david arquette is also having another child. i know! it's the end of an era.
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it's kind of like even when you divorce a guy, there's something about him going on and having another child with another woman that just puts the nail in we'll never get back together coffin. so meet the baby's mother. according to, david girlfriend's name is christina mcclarity. she's a correspondent, and she's four months pregnant. now last month he drunk dialed howard stern. he said he fell off the wagon. howard is smart. he detectedt in his voice. he admitted he had fallen off the wagon and all the people around him were nervous. as long as you have a drunk person on the phone, you may as well get all the information from him that you can. so david declared that christina, not cou courtney, th mother of his child, is the love
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of his life. how hurtful is that for courtney? they were married for many years. they had trouble having cocoa. and i know because she was having troubles when i was having troubles. did you know she's a friend? we bond over cocoa. how old is cocoa now? she's nine. yeah. anyway, david, good luck with getting back on the wagon. he also admitted that she's no longer with her "cougar town" costar. what's his name? they're no longer together. but she does have another man in her life right now. she's dating and having fun and hopefully not too upset that he's pregnant with another woman. hmmm. i need a drink after that. thank you. so pauly d. from the jersey
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shore finally met his new baby girl. pauly and the baby's mother amand agreed to meet at a neutral location in new jersey yesterday. where is neutral? a rest stop? oh, i know the tiptop diner on route 46. where is neutral? i'll dig and get back to you. no word on how the visitation went, but he is still battling for sole custody of the little girl. he's even already built a nursery in his vegas home for his daughter. pauly, get off of it. she's not so far been declared an unqualified mother. why would you want to rip your daughter from a bosom? why would a judge give a dj in vegas from the jersey shore full custody? learn to coparent. come on. this is so stupid. it's so stupid.
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well, up next, everybody three outspoken rm personalities join me for our hot talk panel. we'll talk about all the the gossip and continue to talk to you about what i was going to say about justin bieber at the hot talk panel too, so don't miss it. [ cheers and applause ] > tomorrow -- >> my very pretty friend regina hall is here and she's going to tell us about her new movie "the best man holiday." >> plus wendy has y covered with the latest celebrity news with her h topics. it's an all new "wendy" toorrow.
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[ cheering ] welcome back, everyone. it's time to discuss this week's hottest topics. in the latest edition of hot talk. joining us today is nicole lapin. hi, nicole. welcome back. also from the howard stern radio show on sirius xm, say hello to lisa g. and tv editor, say hello to jawn
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murray. hi, jawn. let's get into it. justin bieber as we know was recently photographed in his ho -- in his hotel room, but also leaving a brothel in brazil, and the hotel room was in brazil as well. allegedly he left with two prostitutes from the brothel. his supporters are saying, it's not a big deal. his actual fans. the kids. it's not a big deal because prostitution is legal in brazil, and you can pick up a prostitute as young as 18. so he's within the confines. >> double for your trouble. the more the merrier. why not get two? the kid can afford it. as long as he was safe and it was a good time. my concerns is about where is he going to go musically? because we're not going to respect him as an artist. he's at a roads. he's going to go one way and become justin timberlake or go another way and go virginia nil la ice. he's leaning towards vanilla
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ice. >> the sleeps with her and she sneaks in and takes pictures of him. he's having a lot of growing pains, but i don't think it's a good signal to his young fans. if i was his mom wou say, you're staying home and doing your homework. i'm very conservative like that. >> his fans are the same girls seeing this bad boy behavior. oh my god. he slept with a prostitute. that means i have a chance too. >> he's got to go into a brothel with two huge hunky securi guards. of course people are going to notice him. he can't just slink in by himself? >> i know this may come as a shock to you, i'm not his girlfriend, and i know we think it's going to hurt sales, but he's laughing all the way to the bank. he's like a male version of miley and amanda and lindsey. >> my only thing is i wish his security guards and his minors didn't have him go into the brothel. why couldn't have they gotten two tricks at the brothel and
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taken their picture to submit for approval. send them back to him, and handle it on the down low. what would you rather for him to do? sleep with groupies from place to place? for this young man and for a lot of these rockers, they are, if you're single, you're traveling the world. there's a girlfriend every place. but a random groupie, oh, god. you have so much conversation. where as you just get right to the action when you get with a prostitute. >> the groupie he had in a video, she recorded that. i want to know where his security is. when you have a night with a jump off they're supposed to leave when you're done. walk them to the elevator and send them o their way. >> what happened to prince harry? everybody has a camera. they are hiding cameras in the bras or wherever. >> they got google glasses now. >> i don't know. i still think this kid is winning. although i'm glad he's not my son. all right. we're going to moven. let's talk about eminem.
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his album dropped earlier this week and he's projected to sell almost a million copies in the first week. despite the fact he continuously uses homophobic slurs on his album and it's projected to be number one. why does eminem get a free pass for this? >> his fans know he's pro gay marriage. the words he uses are from back in the day when he started and this is what is comfortable for him and his fans should know. i'm notaying it's right. but wendy, his album sales are huge. so he is getting a pass. >> it's not back in the day. he's no longer in detroit. he doesn't live in the trailer park. this man is in his 40s. he has a kid. grow up. yourords matter, mr. mathers. >> i think he gets a pass because he's white. if jay-z did it we would have a
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fit. he gets a pass because he's white and he's very irresponsible using the derogatory word for gay people that starts with an "f." i'm 49 years old. remember when that word was -- it was like a stupid person. it had nothing to do with gay. then you grow up and realize it's a g thing and you stop using. >> wendy, people are buying his albu albums. you come from radio. you have the power. you don't like something, you don't buy the cd. what's it saying about the public that is buying his music. >> there are groups who go after people who use the words. they went after my friend rowland martin because they took a joke of his that they thought was a homophobic joke and did a camign trying to get him fired. and it was taken out of context. you have an implied joke that you target but you have a repeat offender and you don't go after him. >> what that say is that, you
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know, a person he's very close to is elton john. exactly. exactly. let's move on. at a recent halloween party we all know derek hough was spotted hanging out with his sister's ex ryan seacrest. we talked about it. i don't like it they remain friends. i think it's a violation of family. you know, when you split up with somebody, choose a side. you can't remain my friend and his friend. so what are you going to do? you might not feel the same way. >> why not? this was the tamest relationship in hollywood history. i don't think i saw these guys kiss ever. there was no adultery. there was no domestic violence. there was no any drama. so what is the big deal. this is a different tuation. >> i wrote in my book sex life
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and cookies that i he a no fly zone. if you wake up with a guy, i don't think if he's in new york, l.a., every place in between, you cannot go near hi a friend, a close friend, a brother, a sister, i thi it's very dichlt. >> yeah, it is. >> i can't disagree more. my friend is janetta. her son is usher. he was with chili. we all know they were in a high profile relationship. they're still gd friends. if it doesn't end bad, you can stay connected. >> wait a minute. who is janetta to usher? >> january it's usher's mom. >> i need a new mother. really janetta? i know chili is a good girl, but no they can't, they were married. no, she wasn't married. but they broke up. yeah, but you bring these people in. you make me want to like them. you want me to engage with them.
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just because you break up doesn't mean i have to get rid of them. >> that is such a violation of it all. let's talk about the hol wean costumes. a young woman was --'re going to the break? you won't believe the halloween costume i want to show you. it was one that got a woman fired. we'll talk next.
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[ cheering ] >> and we're back. 're sitting at the table with our hot talk panel. all right. so halloween. it's an event that i love and i can't wait for it to be done with, and the reason why is because it brings out the stupidness in many people. here's this 22-year-old girl who dressed as a boston marathon bomb victim and poested the picture of herself online. well, the internet exploded in rage, and she subsequently wound up losing her job. [ applause ] well, and my question is for the panel. do you deserve to lose your job for a stupid costume like this. >> yes. >> nicole? >> absolutely. this is ridiculous judgment. twitter wasn't invented yesterday. >> she's not in boston. >> she's still stupid. >> you repres y


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