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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 8, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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knowing them don't you think there will be something more to this story. kim and kanye, baby north, all out for a walk in sant barbara. nice family morning walk. >> a truly idyllic moment but is story?ore to this yeesus looksthink happy here? >> he does look happy. such a nice city. >> so far, our headline is, family takes a walk in pretty place. let's try it from the top. kim's with her family. ne family having a morning walk in santa barbara. ass along.ought her >> boom! one big-ass happy family. looks like he's put on pounds. >> hard to tell. he's wearing baggy stuff but this be kim and kanye's future? kanye could have done if another baby tried to take picture.h's
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herf north tried to say first words. >> that's fine but don't talk. exciting.ave been what about baby north? >> baby's really ce. the baby's very cute. really," sometimes pretty families just take a walk. family!really pretty >> so tom cruise actually confessed that katie holmes bailed on him partly want suri toidn't be in scientology. he's suing this magazine for saying he abandoned suri so he's saying theel magazine had no basis for saying and it was in reckless disregard the truth but part of the article was because of katie scientology and he had to sit for a deposition and he wouldn't answer the
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dragged it outey h, yeah, one of the reasons that she left was because suri and scientology. >> that was a big thing that he said that. >> it was a big thing he said it. >> yeah,ecause they're not theosed to show cracks in armor in scientology and i don't have anything bad to say about scientology because i think they're great. dongs,now, songs about starring -- >> jon hamm. >> that's jon hanging with his co-star, jon jr. >> this gentleman is knownn hollywood for having a large penis and not a fan of the tight panties. >> it's like a baseball bat in pants. >> i know he gets mad when people talk about it but he should start wearing underwear. >> he doesn't really get mad. gosh, stop talking about that, why do peop care,
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oh, man. had a weiner like that, i would do that all the time. just around the corner. as for jon. >> he's packing. we're all impressed with your fancy clothes but not as much as your -- >> fire hose. >> you shouldn't have to wear underwear but please watch out zippers down there. oh, ben stiller, you scarred us for life. finish jon, you taught us a luab lesson. uncircumcised. >> jon's not kosher. a tripod.m is >> we got amber portod, teen mom, just got out of jail and we got her with gary. guys getting back together? friends?ing
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>> that's a bad way of putting it. he's back with her? no.o, no, >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> you didn't watch e season. me, that wall he got on his back is somewhat deserved. >> she deserved it? weighs 600 friggin pounds so when she hits him on his back, he doesn't feel it. >> if he hits her back, he's a bad guy? moreu could do a lot damage. if harvey starts to fight van, would you hit him back? hits me, we're going. >> you hit me, we're going. i'm going to teach you a life lesson. >> absolutely. you go back at me, we're going. >> we're going. >> hold on, why does your slirt off?me you can fight with your shirt on, you know. take your pants off, let's go! let's !
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off!them [laughter] >> coming up -- justin bieber, a security guard who dropped off his bike. justin bieber thinks it's an opportunity for him to jump on the guy and finally radio'd ahead or something like that. >> 4'8" suspect on a bicycle. smith from the red hot chili peppers in brazil. a jersey fromhim a popular team and he rubs his and the place melts down. i guess we'll find out in he lives or not.
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>> julianne lennon turned 50 this year. >> i swear to god, one day you're listening to music and dead.xt day you're
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>> you're looking at security footage of justin bieber aealing a security bicycle in las vegas casino only something's about to go vy, very wrong. it's justin bieber in the casino heist but not a very good one. back in september, he shows up to the palms casino. crew entered through an employee entnce and this biketely spots securitytended by a
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guard. >> justin bieber thinks it's an opportunity for him to jump on down theand ride it hall. >> the security guard shows up l ishe's like where the my bike? bieber twists and turns down the hallway. people run for their lives. -- guyess the goo radio'd ahead. casino security goes on high alert. guns, choppers, andy garcia shows up and he's really mad. >> guys in suits, they're the high level security. and this guy and this big boy here cut bieber off the pass and put an end to the death chase. the bike is returned to its owner, no charges filed against the biebs. >> it really is weird. he's 13 years old. >> it's a punk move. >> he's trying so hard to be a man. how is that trying to be a man? >> steal a car,usti steal a car, justin.
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>> i'm not suggesting stealing. you're's schedule what doing. >> thank you, large security man, we'll all sleepetter. doing, man? >> we got noel bitterman leaving mandarin oriental in new york. of ashleyfnder madison. is about how to facilitate cheating. >> are you a married man? >> yeah, i'm married, happil which i thought was interesting. >> do you have an arrangement? no arrangement. drug dealers never tap int their own stash. i understand my users at the end of the day. drug dealers have dabbled in the drugs. dothere are a lot who don't drugs. >> haven't you heard "don't get supply."our own >> know drug dealers that if if you're smoking
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crack, they'll get you out of there. many drugyou know so dealers? >> have a great day. >> that's red hot chili peppers' drummer chad smith in brazil and about to do something that could literally get him killed. watch. [cheers and applause] >> he wipes his ass with a local soccer jery, i brazil, where they kill people! you out of your mind? >> this is not good. >> we have crazy video of chad smith. he's at this drum clinic and the crowd's cheering hear film and like a jerseym for one of the popular teams out there. the most popular club team in all of brazil. but back to chad. he holds it up all excited and the whole place starts cheering but then he takes it and rubs his ass with it like it's toilet paper and throws it
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melts down. like -- [screaming] someone threw something at him. [beep]. butk, they didn't hit him it's the thought that counts. know they're insane over soccer. >> let's just say they take it very seriously. when aas just this year former pro soccer player was bral.tated in >> you're in trouble. >> all these brazilian dudes going are saying they're to his show and throwing rocks at the stage because they're so angry. threatenedo been with death. the fans of flamingo wato kill you. they need grammar work but we get the gist. a concert in brazil this weekend. >> we'll find out if he lives or not. we'll be right back. >> good luck, chad. you're going to need it. lennon, at thean
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exhibit of the photographer who shot the beatles. julian turned 50 this year. beatle hasct that a a 50-year-old child. also, i realize julian's 10 than john was when he died. >> julian lennon is 50? day you'regod, one listening to music and the next day, you're dead. boom. >> we'll be right back. >> coming up -- fred armston and carey brown steve nash. we tell him avril lavigne's took took -- ex took his last name.
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>> a-rod, it's not the image you want to seif you want to say
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you're committed to baseball. superlooks like i'm
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>> avril lavigne's ex-husband has a deep, dark secret. hes not really who you think is and "tmz" is about to expose everything! cablooey! but first, hey, is that fred
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and carrie brownstein? >> i find washing the dishes to very manly. >> he was on "saturday night live." partner. comedy >> that hilarious show. you drinking? birth.s like a still >> delicious. but we're not joking ound. >> back in 2006 when deryck and avril lavigne got married, he took her last name. whibleyturns out deryck actually deryck lavigne whibley. >> but now since they're divorced, he's filing papers to his name back. >> why did he wait so long and take her name in the first place? >> would you ever take your potentialt name in a marriage? >> i would definitely take my wife's name, would you? names.uld delete all
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>> i'd take his name to her last name. who have donele that. >> like who? >> john len don it. the hyphenated name makes everything confusing. that kid getss if married to someone else and he does it. spanishup with those names that are -- right? >> yeah. that's not even racist. it's just true. no, it's still kind of racist. gracias, fred and carrie. have a good night. >> you, too. agbadgeay, the actor "thor" movie and "annie." >> he's in
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>> this is ali, she's our n new york tour guide. >> hi, ali. hello. >> so we got the actor who's going to be in the upcoming "thor" movie, adewale akinnoye-agbaje. him -- [applause] you just won the room over. >> they were asking him about if he was actually living in oz. because he was in the tv show, oz? be a weapon you would make. do you ever think aut how you weapon, how you would protect yourself? what gang you would join? >> what you saw is what i'd do. maybe we'll see some of that when he's the upcoming movie,
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"annie"? >> wait a minute, he's in "thor" and "annie"? "annie,"e doing black right? >> why you got to do black annie? because annie was the red headed white girl. "annie."ust >> when you google it, it comes up, black daddy warbucks. >> that's because you guys run google. hey, buddy, good seeing you. i wish you the best. captioned by the national captioning institute what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wo it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
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tom cruise grilled about surrey. whhe dn' see his daughter for 110 days, now on "extra."i. why he didn't see his daughter for 110 days, now on "extra." tom on the defense, forced to explain why he missed suri's first day of schools, admitting katie left over scientology. inside the heated interrogation, in his $50 million lawsuit against the tabloids. new video, john edwards's out with his new girlfriend, who
10:26 pm
she is and why he kicked his baby mama, rielle hunter, to the curb. the curvy bikini girl who recorded a sleepg bieber and her x-rated secret reveal. plus, justin, selena flaunting it in racy lingerie. out for a stroll, kim, kanye you planning a $5 million wedding. >> will you be a groom zil ? aj in russia with miss universe, olivia culpo, as she hands off the crown. >> good-bye, maria and mario. beauty by the numbers, how this woman went from turkey net drum-tight jaw line without surgery. >> welcomeo "extra," i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. first video of john edwards and his girlfriend, how she has back mother figure to edwards'
10:27 pm
two young kids. tom cruise drops e bomb after another, from his divorce to katie to tot real deal on the relationship with his dauger, surry. >> othe record, under oath, revealing newetails from tom cruise's vorce, from tom cruise himself. "extra" obtaining the superstar's top-secret deposition in his $50 million lawsuit against these tabloids who claims he abandoned his daughter, sur rib, calling their screaming headline, absolutely disgusting. always doting over suri with us, but reluctant to open up about his surprise split from kae. >> have a never talked about it really. >> cruise making stunning revelations in his taped testimony, admitting he only saw his daughter ten times between june and november of last year, confessing he missed suri's first day of school, but only because he and katie feared a media circus. cruise testifying that katie admitted to him that scientology was one of the reasons for their split, saying "there is no need
10:28 pm
to protect my daughter from my religion." justin bieber's youtube brazilian sleeping scandal, now taking this x-rated turn. while the pop star's reps deny the woman behind the camera is a call girl, new totally naked too explicit tv photos surfacing from a south american men's magazine where she advertised her services. for the first time, we see them as a family. kim carrying 5-month-old baby nori, kanye pushing the stroller as they spend day in the santa barbara. today, the report that can jay planning a $5 million big than the royal he is two-week-long italian wedding ex-trav zahn last summer. west dunn dishing this on ryan seacrest's radio show. >> that would be very involved. lufrnlts be a groom zil la. >> what is a groom zil la? abc news anchor elizabeth vargas in rehab for alcohol abuse. >> addiction is a difficult thing. her network family rallying around her today.
10:29 pm
"gma" weather man, sam champion, and her husband, bullets and butterflies art exhibit. >> she is powerful, she is talented, anybody that can be strong and ovcome it elizabeth vargas can. trending big today, new shots of former vice presidential candidate john edwards and his new girlfriend. >> he broke up with rielle over her tell-all book but didn't take long for edwards to move on with newman. here is jerry. >> danielle cane, you are now headline making news you what happens when you date one of the most hated men in america, john edwards. danile and john just spotted dining in charlotte. so, who is she? the neay half his age single mom reportedly works as a cancer search for duke university. she is also the first woman the 60-year-old edwards has been publicly linked to his since his infamous aair with rielle hunter. the photos relighting the reorm surrounding the disgraced democrat. avoid the spotlight sce wife he, elizabeth, died in 2010, everyone assuming he would e
10:30 pm
up with baby mama hunter she did move into his home but edwards so upset over hunters a tell-all book, he ended their relationship h >> was it because of anything that came out in you book? >> rielle defended herself on "the view." i'm not a mistress. i'm mo ani don't want to hide. >> "extra," the only show with hunter talking about john before anyone knew about the affair, that would turn him from presidential wannabe into pariah. >> it was a connection. he recognized that there was something there and i recognized that there was something there. >> apparently, danielle already a fixture in edwards' fe. word is they have been dating for a year. one report claims they are eve living together and she has grown close to his family. >>as for rielle hunter, one report says she is looking to rehab her image, trying to get on a reality show like "celebrity apprentice." >> i think going to ke a little bit more than that speaking of celebrity apren tk toe were with the boss himself, donald trump and miss
10:31 pm
universe, olivia culpo. time for today's "from russia with aj." >> the man himself mr. donald trump. >> going to have a lot of fun. >> 86 of the most beautiful women in the world in swimsuits in moscow. the dald going native. >> bring a little piece of ruia to you. you ready for this? >> go ahead. >> there you >> wow. >> i put it up, i will mess up my hair. i know your viewers want that sucker on there >> go ahead. >> wow. >> oh. >> that's really -- >> you're looking very russian. >> that is really nice. >> i like it. >> miss universe pageant has a history of discovering huge talent. hello, lady gaga. >> she performed. she blew it out. andhe became a great superstar right after that. >> reigning title holder, olivia culpo, fessing up there is one perk to turning over her tiara, dressing cash. >> sweatpants, t-shirt? >> sounds like heaven. >> what are you going to do now,
10:32 pm
passioon tcrow >> i love host and acting. >> mr. trump giving his stamp of approval. >> olivia, your going to be a big, big star and i want 25% of everything you make for the rest of your life, because without trump, you would be nothing, olivia. and i think nbc has very big plans for her. do that, nbc. don't lose olivia. >> "extra's" got her first. oliv, our special correspondent monday, interviewing the new miss universe. i am today announcing my candidacy -- >> you have to check o the new "killing kennedy" movie thi weekend. i told rob lowe he nailed the boston accents. >> i want to check it out. i love history. looks the part too. we have the entire cast, including the star who is getting a lot of buzz right now, playing lee harvey oswald. >> the look, "the voice." >> i am the president. >> rob lowe transformed into jfk on the 50th anniversary of his assassination in "killing kennedy." >> he is important to be remembered. i think this is the right time to do something like this. jennifer good win co-starring as
10:33 pm
jackie. how did you prepare? >> i read everything, watched everything, listened to everything. >> but she is still nervous to watch the movie binds bill o'reilly's book. >> i'm terrified to see t she is my hero. >> rob feeling the pressure, too. >> i felt like i was sort of entreasured with a national treasure and you want to treat that leg gas which is respect. >> rob giving a lot of respect to his co-star. >> the level of acting i was lucky enough to be surrounded with was so extraordary. >> andee harvey wald. >> people look at him thais two-dim mention aal villain, monster, i think he was like a man who d a monstrous thing. i think you will get to know the man, which hasever been done before. >> michelle trachtenberg tap nothing her own russian roots to play oswald's widowed wife, marina. >> play a russian girl. >> how do you mourn the death of your husband, a man who just changed amera forever? >> and rob lowe and cast paying tribute to that dark chapter o
10:34 pm
american history sunday night on national geographic channel. >> i also sat down with rob for my digital talk show conversations with maria, he reveals the moment that literally had him crying, to look away. very powerful. all at conversations with >> very cool. check foul. you happened to see my twitter feed last night, i got to hang out with an all grown up sell lena gomez athe "x-factor," such a sweetheart, by the way. you don't want to miss her performance next week. it was hospital. >> so was the black dress she wore after show, emphasis onlism she was celebrating her new cover shoot and we have the pics. >> this is your disney good girl gone bad,n bed in lingerie, seriously sexy in black and white. sell is lena transformed with a short wig and some short shorts, showing off lots of skin for flaunt magazine, revealing it is fun to completely go to the dark side u christina aguilera flaunting her sexy new bod don't voice, slimmer, trimmer but still filling out in all the right aces, right carson? >> we appreciate you kept your
10:35 pm
boobs. [ laughter ] we talk about that. >> oh, my gosh. >>t is true. do >> some things never change. some things do. >> we talk a lot. we appreciate it. we are on with "extra." >> tom hanks at the afi film festival, learning facial hair can go a long way, getting oscar buzz for his role as walt disney in "saving mr. banks." >> you call me walt. >> known to bash the stash. >> she hated it she hates all my facial hair movies. she goes -- rolls her eyes. say things like, when are you done? which means when can you shave? dolly parton playing a country simon cow until a country christmas story. >> are you the star of tomorrow? >> do you keep up with the talent competitions like "american idol" and "the voice"? >> well, i watch them when i can. i think they are great shows. i get asked to be judges a lot of timesn the show. it is just kind of hard for me to kd of tell somebody they are not good. >> the movie airs tomorrow night
10:36 pm
on lifetime. onne now, dolly's 47-year marriage. >> glad when i'm gone. he is glad when i'm home. >> how she keeps the spice alive at extratcom. up next, only "extra's" on an exotic kardashian get away. kourtney a scott candid and revealing about her body. ly ever pop the questn an will they er leave the bedroom? >> working on baby number spree in. is drinking at kiley's swe 16 party? then battered and bruised, beverly hills housewife, camille grammer, her forr ctmat are he with their reaction to the shocking pictures. plus, "extra's" beauty by the numbers, the gundbreaking ne no-knife facelift, coming up. "extra" brought to you by --
10:37 pm
well, apparently, it looks like kri sand bruce generalers a breakup will not be in this weekend's season finale of keeping one t kardashians, right? >> got to save something for nesks season, right? the finale is full of fights though. stake tank a look. >> drinking. sweet 16, get it together. >> antagonizing me, trying to see if i will flip out. >> your buddy there >> have to see how that place out on sunday. this i do know, scott and kourtney were making love, not war, when i crashed their couples trip. only "extra" on the beachfront, fireworks exploding, private get away with kourtney and scott.
10:38 pm
welcome to punta can nah, guys. >> thank you. >> the couple on the cover of just about every tabloid, talking wedding. a new kardashian war and another possible baby. maybe working on baby number three this weekend? >> sure. >> and with little sis, kim i getting engaged, i have to ask if scott would ever put a ring on t very romantic setting. one would say it is the perfect place to maybe get engaged, proposed. >> it could be. >> what about a destination wedding? could be the perfect place for a destination wedding? >> some people that twoochbltd a wedding, for sure. >> i would recommend this to anybody think bug getting married. >> we can think of two people, just saying. kourtney breaking news to me about a new kardashian body showdown. >> khloe and are actually in an ab contest. we said by the beyonce concert in december, we want to wear cr tops and we are going to have an aboff. >> do you fully support this? >> yeah. >> of course, thanksgiving not going to help aboff and kourtney
10:39 pm
revealing, like everything else, the holidays with kardashian sized. >> my mom has the big thanksgiving at her house it is all about the mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. >> until then, the two will relax and enjoy the new breakfast resort in the dominican republic. you guy does make the best looking kids, seriously, they are beautiful. >> a soccer team. knock one out of the park. little tmi there. good luck with that scott. much lining the kardashian, these next ladies know plenty about reali dram match the real housewives of beverly his taking on all the headlines. cat fights you shocking splits, even rehab. >> i'm sober around i like it. >> the real housewives of beverly hills, no drama, but now being rocked by claims of domestic violence by former star, camille grammer. what do you mak of her accusations of physical abuse? >> i just feel really bad for the whole situation. >> standing by their real friend, grammar granted a
10:40 pm
restraining order against ex-boyfriend. did get to meet her boyfriend? >> we have known her boyfriend. >> enough said right there. >> the show must go on. the ladies back for season four. who's in? >> go really ugly, i hav pursuing this for three months. >> new girl, joyce gerard two-time miss puerto rico. and other new wi, carlton, a witch? >> i have taken traditions from wicca and british traditional witchcraft. >> are you able to cast spells? that's what i know? >> not quite. >> not quite? kind of? nice. maybe these ladies should take their own advice? >> [ bleep ] >> b sure to watch kim, brandy you carlton, real housewivesf beverly hills monday on bravo. coming up, hollywood's new pretty little secret, the
10:41 pm
no-surgery facelift thatrases wrinkles and takes you from this to this. plus, the anat move a soap opera sex scene. the red-hot stars of general hospital dish what they really do beforeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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to this.
10:44 pm
well, renee zellweger is speaking out about the shocking photos that got people wondering if she had plastic surgery. >> rehn stay in calling it "unfair around disappointing" to read reports specuting about her looks. >> guilt is disappointing. today's beauty by the numbers, we are revealing a new procedure that can take years off your fa without surgery. >> want to look like a star? no need to go und the knife anymore, just talk to this guy. >> like a painting, like a sculpture and you need different tools to keep it beautiful. >> beverly hills plastic surgeon, his first beauty secret, start early. >> about age 30, you start
10:45 pm
looking to anti-aging program. >>is new weapon in the war on wrinkles, a machine tt uses radio frequency to literally lift the face, jowls and neck. i can't tell you how different it looks than before. it takes a month to seat transformation but the results speak for themselves. check out laurie's before and after pics. >> last but a year-plus, you know? would you go it through it again? >> yeah. >> how bad was the pain? >> i mean, it was painful, but i mean, the results are so amazing. >> but beauty comes at a price. >> be about, if you do the face and neck together, it would be 2500. ars offer off her face. s taken >> very youthful spirit, so i want the outside to match the inside. well, this hollywood staple just turned 50 and better than ever. aj is on the set of "general hospital" getting some secrets about those infamous love scenes. >> 50 years of murder. >> you miss me? >> mayhem. >> i was shot in the back. >> i was shot in the neck.
10:46 pm
>> more bed hopping than caligula. >> unbelievable. >> five weeks' notice for a love scene? >> right. >> hit the gym. tight and right. that's very good. >> warning. >> "extra" celebrating "general hospital's" golden anniversary with the cast and executive producer. >> what wou you like to see happen with your character? >> well, i mean, i'm about to walk down the aisle again. >> will you marry me? >> and i'm about to see supposedly my dead wife come back. >> wake up, please, please, wake up. >> kelly monaco and tyler christopher already looking ahead to the nex50 years. >> maybe forget we are cousins by then. we are in our 90s, we can finally sleep together. >> are you ready for a little yiz? >> sure. >> how many emmys has "general hospital" won? >> oh. >> 1 million. [ buzzer ] >> 11. wh created gh? >> frank tin doris. >> name some celebrity guest stars on the snow roseanne. >> luke. >> richard simmons.
10:47 pm
demi moore. elizabeth taylor. >> good. thanks. >> what do we win? >> another 50. i wantou to know stuff i don't. i want you to be kind.
10:48 pm
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move over hat fields and mccoast there are two new families feuding, the honey boo boo clan and the kate boss crew. stuck in the middle, playing referee, steve harvey. >> they love to eat cake. he loves to make it >> we way more crazier than u. >> honey boo-boo mama june and their kinfolk. >> just having fun with it.
10:53 pm
>> batting cake boss, gid val last stro and bigity tallian broad. >> prepared to win toy. >> ste harvey for the family feud. >> sister-in-law on tv more country than i am. ain't gonna come on m show and be more crazy than me. >> the boo-boos versus the boss, next monday.
10:54 pm
so you're stuck with debra's parents for the whole weekend? well, we hardly get to see them, so when they come to town, we want to spend as much time as possible with them. i've been told that's how i feel. i don't know. there's something about debra's mom. she gives me the willies.
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oh, and, robert, rt. how nice that you're here.
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oh, he had to go. he's -- he's -- he's, uh, passing a stone. could you get up, frank? and would you give me those? yeah, yeah, yeah. pants, dad. pants, pants. you want them up or down? what kind of party is this? you can never complain about my parents again ever. i mean it. okay, well, this is all of it. oh, my goodness. w long are your relatives staying here? we hardly get to see them. when they come to town, we want to spend as much time as possible with them.
10:58 pm
this is for our trip to baden-baden in germany. it's in the schwarzwald, right on the banks of the oosbach. oosbach? you know, there are plenty of places with funny-sounding names right here in the u.s. that's enough, frank. milwaukee. dad. lake tahoe. what's funny about that? tahoe. warren: ha ha ha. actually, baden-baden has the most amazing spa. it is amazing, or as they say, erstaunlich. i got spit all over me here. [ buzzer ] ooh, my yams. plenty of marshmallows, right, marie? because without the marshmallows, it's a damn vegetable. i know, frank. i'm right in the middle of my yams, so, ray, could you show my parents upstairs? uh, yeah, all right. it's up those stairs. take them up to the room, ray! we hardly get to see you. when you come,
10:59 pm
we want to spend as much time as possible with you. it's so nice of you to give up your room for us, raymond. i hope we're not putting you out. oh, no, no, except for theart where i got to get out. ha ha ha ha ha. okay. uh, i'll just get my jammies. you know what's the best thing to sleep in? a hotel? nothing. au naturel. it really gives the body a sense of freedom, huh, honey? oh, let freedom ring. ha ha. yeah, this is wunderbar. nice firm mattress, huh? this will be great for my hip.


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