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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 9, 2013 10:30pm-11:05pm EST

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what about thehite pt? dor yellow?red you know, honey,if, so you do thinkon't u go see i have somhing?dram tomorrow? nobut if you don't believe , theno see a doctor. you' probably right. yeah, i should go. ohman, i exhausted. y, you know how you're aays colainin that i'm never in the mood? yeah. oh w you're getting it. does my neck -- does it feel swollenow ause -- no, this one side -- one side feels a little uneven. i'm just -- i'm just going to take some aspin, yoknow? or may some one side feels a of that u-profnian. i want credit for this!
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that's my nighe. give me that! i shgive me that nightie! ally: but wee a hoy. yeah, l rig. well, u're having more fun in ithan i do, so... alright, but ream utairs. kids screaming ] hey. hey, how are you? aryou si? is that what theoctor said? he's runng some tests. what kind of tests the tip in thehroat thing. hoy, they do that teverybody. the tip what did the doctor say?thing. doctors. look, i know how i feel. ok, okay, so thei'not fine sa you'rfine i'm not. you know -- yoknow how you feel the day before you get the flu? well, this isth. that's what it is. i should've went to t doctor tomorrow. ay, you know what? then go back again tomorrow. oh, noay.
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i probably caught sometng from just beinin tharoom th those peoe. it's lika germ casserole in tre you knowhat? i'm around germs all thtime. the kids bring all kinds of stuff home. i hardly maybe you're a cyborg. maybe, or maybe it's 'cause i'm always ihere washing stuff all the time. my hdsare always clean let wash myands. yeah, well, you know, honey, you got to use soap. soap, soap, soap. and scb really hard, use tyou know?re, like you're doing a pot. hey, do that p. i don't wash myands enoh. that's the probl. do that p. well, that -- tha. yeah, that'st. just g the soap all over that. hey, as long- as long as you are home, y don'you take theids to their play date? yeah, ah. as long let me just finish thire home,
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okay. take yr time. hi, dears. hey, marie. raymond, i saw your car. y aren't you at wo? i had you we to the doctor a doand didn't tell me? why wasn't i told? it's nothi, marie. the doctor said 's fin he's running tests. tests?hat's wrg? tell me. i ve a right to know. some g sneezed on me. what -- wh guy?who -- wu some guy. some guy at e airport. somee sneed on you at the airport? you could have anythinfrom. or you could haveothing. oh, look at this face. look at the bloodst eyes and the yell skin and the droopy ceks. that his regular face. i have been feing kind of drpy.
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he neverad to go to a doct when i was taking care of m. give me ur head. he's not hotis he? not yet, but somethins coming. you see that i always feel normal ght before i get a fever. oh, that's azing. alright. that's it,hat's it. get up to bed right ay, young n.oh, that's azing. we're gog to n this in the bud she's right, though. i think she's right. he wait a minute. what abo takg thkids? not in your condition. l t, no more discussions. go ahead. geup there. not ingo, go, go.maybe i'll jus, and, you kno maybe you could keep the kids a little quiet. 's such brave little sdier. soldier? , he's a hypochondriac.
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evy time he nicks himself shaving, he wants to call a iest. he's a sensitive boy. marie,e's not ck. whatre youaying that raynd is lyg to me when he tells marie,e's not he feels droop yothinhe's sick? my s told me that he doesn't feel right d i love him, and m going to take care of m. and i don't ve him? i'm nosayingnything. all right, marie. thank u. you know... what witthe women's libng woman, and all of that, and you probably think of me ay faiod,
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out-of-touch "hoewife"... and mae i am, t if someone in my family needs me and nts me to take care of him, i'm there for him, and i'm happy to do it, and noi'm goin to boil my raymond a chick. first date butterfes disappea whenonversion shte touoting classic '80s movies, like k grilled chicken with fre avocado, from our $2dinneror two menu. chil more life happens here.
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why? cause you said u were sic and i want toake care of you, and i'm happy to do it. ohokay. all ght. just be careful. whoo whoop, whp. you n't wantto bu whoop. okaythere yogo. got that? hey, a i brought you some soup.l rit. thanks. so? ah, chken so. my mom? nomine. oh. bring . i wa to ge there you go.hat s how is it? alrigh mmm. hot. yeah. i added some celery. yeah. , look - there's the lees. so, how you feeling, hmm? i'm still droopy, i ink. oh, sorry. is there anything else that y need?
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hey, maybe weould let this cool o a little more, huh? could you put it al? sure so what se? cai give you a backub or soing? what's the somet? a back r. oh, yeah. yeah? all right. ok. ere. w does tt feel? oh, that fee good. yeah. i should get sick more oft. yeah. ow, ow -- that hurts. yeah. that'sard,hat's hard. sorry. hey, coulyou do me a favor? could you -- could you chan thiblt? 'cause this one is a little itchy. that's the one we have on althe time. yeah, i know, but i ess i'm just, like a little more sensitive now oromng.
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[ ghs ] yeah, th's the ihy one. ohwe don't have thblue o? it's ithe laundry. , well, should i wt, or is it not even intohe dryer yet? hey, howou doing? or is it not even intoyour motr sent me. he's not all were i'taking care of him.verere. oh, tobad, 'cse on thway overer i watrying to think of what weould talabout. i tually came up with a little somethg. well, we could still talk. na il save it. did tell you about the guy sneezi ome? yeah, yeah, shirley. i ever tell you about rea? i shared a latrine with 100en. iyou werellucku if you got sneezed on.
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u know, frrobert ray shouhey, rayyou up he?.e? oh, yeah. robert: ye, yeah, guys, he'. hey,how you doing? oh, 's the guys. oh, what are they dngere? oh, yeah,i invid the just, yoknow, to cheer me . so how was practice? anni hit me in the face th the bl. i threw m a pass. just, yoknow, to cheer me . so how was practice? en i wasn't looking. not lookin it hit you righbetween e eyes. cheered now? yeah, yeahyeah.they me . , what did youet, guys? oh, a pepperoni smiley fe. yeah, we did that inhe car for you. excuse me,irls. pizza. andy: so, w you feeling, ray? look how cute yolook in your little pajamas there. yeah, do they ve a little trap door inhe back?
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u know, ray,s, like, it's the. are u sure pizzaure of you. is what you shld be eating right now? robert: it's comfortood. i'll take a slice thaco. speaking of comft. hey, dad, we already he one sick person here, alright? at's chien soup, what hapned hgianni ray, cou i get under couldn't kp it dthe vers? get out of here.o on.get ouof . no, no i'good f y. i'm like your lile t watebottle. get out here. you ys, i'm yingat? to take caref ray.. what a you doing? you ys, i'm playing the banjo. to take what does it look like? you don't kn how to do that. give me at. know how to do it. all right, lk,sob. the timeo beat is zero.
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ray, what areou doing? i'm gog to shohim how do it. ll shoyou how to dit. what , i can do it. herover. this is how it done. all right, lete tr comen, let me tr hey, boxing out. whoa, xing out. what a you boxing out? hey, boxing out. whoaandy: come on, r! , i was boxing himt so, itooks like you'reeeling better, ray. ah, i doknow. so, itooks like maybe it's, like, you'reeeling beta pizza high. well, whatever it takes. thanks, ys not the fe! alrit, mae you start givinge a ha arou he now, h? than for spping by, ys. y is alletter now. hey! i ha chicken soup. what are you doing u ohnothget back into oh, , boys, you shouldn't be up re getting him all excited.
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it's okay, mar, he's fine. you'noma, dea tually thinks- i said get into bed. don't let her pressu you. now give me your head. you'noma, dea tually thinks- i said get into bed. thiss a person who shld note standing. whatwhat, what?i . go on. go. go lieown. marie,y d. he wa st pyihow's ur throat? it ayou see?rahy. it is a l. d you' givinhim pizza? i didn't -- it acheese is a knownphle p. d you' givinhim pizza? all right, take tt out of here. right away, s. b. well, whe's yourlue blant? oh, it's in the laundry. tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. here you go. w i-i know you'repain, but i want y to tr toethis all wn, okay justreathet in.ight. oh, ah, it slls good thatoes smell . she mas good soup. thatl fix you right up.
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at stuff will grow. what else do you fl? are you achy? i don't know. where in yr chest your legs? th, actually -- both. what about coughing? are u coughing? [ coughs ] a lile bit. what about coughing? all right, that's enough! i can't ke this anymore! what?dea, ray is sick oh, at's rht raymd's sick raymond is very ck, and do know why? oh, at's rht because you made him sic you're both sick. i am giving ymond what he eds. you're giving raymond what you ed -- a sick little bo to take care of. well, don't need anotr little boy! aand every ti bo you come over re,of. raymond takes anothestep backwards, and i got to wean him l over again. well, m busy! and i don't appreciate e implication that i am noa good wif anmother and not nurring. i'm a damn fine nurturer now get out of bed!
10:48 pm
and,arie, yotake your soup d yourlowersine nurturer and your probablyhome-be and get ouof ouredroom [ lephone rings ] what? uh-huh, -huh, ok. that was dr. sundr. [ lephone rings ] get back into bed. you got. here you go, hon. ve yousoup w. strep toat. -hmm. i probably shod eat some ice cream, right? oh, of crse, dear. anything you wt. chocolate, vanla, or strawberry? could you x ahey, you know, ma,
10:49 pm
i-i'm thinngha since i've been re my thrt is little scratchy, t. ohhoy, givee your head.that's rht. you sit down i'll get you a bowl. [ coughstl] [ coughs louder ] i'll get you a bowl. [ coat is it, gianni? ybe you'better have se soup, too. oh, okay. i t hit inhe face with theall toy. oh, have plenty of soup. i'vead a pain in the ass for e past 4years. you got any soup for that?
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happy birthday,ichael ohho ho. wt? i sd happy birthday. hank y. that's reallyice. toy is my b-day and peopleround here st gcrazy for it i don't kw why. , fun fact. i share my birthday wh eva longoria. so i have a perfect icebreaker if i ever meet teri tcher. you excit? mm-hmm. everybody freaking o? mm-hmm. cool. gonnae fun y're late. bui forgive you because "dh it imy birday." what's up? oh, hap birthday. ah, thanu, sir. michael's birthday. it'pretty fun to watch, actually. he gets vy excited, and then he es a lot cake. andhen he runs around the office.
10:59 pm
thn has a sugar crash in the afternn. d then heal asleep. and that's en we get our work done did you hr anytng yet . i'm still waiting. [knock at door] yeah. yes. here he is, the bthday boy. oh, god. birthday hug no,o, no.ew suit. please. that it is amazg. thk you very mh. it is from italy. actually, no, bulria. maybe i should g one. go luck. one of a kind. eba question. may i be in char of the party plning festivities? not necessary. th party planng committee is all overt. they've been working 24/7 all day yesterday. excelnt. ony part i d managto reserve the-- don't. no. please. don't want to spoil it fornybody. poil the surprise. let's get the party srted. let's g the party started. not the way i taught y.
11:00 pm
umming] [making kick bas hen shlde bng out the cake? 1:00 or 1:30? 1:00's good. 1:30. i'm sorry. are we boring you? party planning committee, lien up. miael woullike trick candles or his bthday cake. so make that a priority. where doe get ose? ot my obm. here's list of this tt michael would like to be surprised by. michael wants a strippergram? yes, but he doesn't want to know when or whom. no. this is a closed door meeting. [telephone rings] ah. (pam) chaeli havean on the line. oh, gatt her through. an) hello, michael. y,ou i'm returning youcall. you said it was urgent. it is urgent. i st wand to call and wishou a happy birthda well, today' nomy birthday,o. real? 'cau i thought wead theame birthday
11:01 pm
happy rthday, michael. thanks. am i on camera? nop totally private. you can say whatever is in your heart. [hangs u you can take a five ifou want. mebody brout in doughnuts for my bihday. ppy bthday. thanks. ma, i'o sorry. when do you find out? ey said this afternoon. they're waiting on a second opinion o okay. second opion on what? i mighhave sn canc.
11:02 pm
oh, no. i was wching grey's anatom d there was a leguardn it. and he had skin ccer to kelly, you kw what... i ner really thought out death until prcess diana died. that was the saddest funeral ever. thaand my ister's. who brought in doughnuts? somebody got doughnuts fory birtay. ppy bihd. yo didn'know it was my birth i guess i forgot. l, gss i fgo o give you a doughnut. you sious? skn cancer is treatable. right. it's gonna be okay. you d't know it's going to be okay. d't givhim fae pe. 's probly nothing thou. hi. delivery or micel sco. (michl) ere we g okay, ts is gat.
11:03 pm
thank u, my iends. e is perct. uh dwht, may i have your chair, plea? and somsingle if you ll. all rit. ♪ nnnn-din okay. ... all right. this has arms. thagoa be, uh-- that l right? su. okay. i'so nervous. i can gn for it. oh, thanks. when i was seven, myother hired a pony and a ca toome to my house for althe kids. and i got really bad rash from the pony. and all the kids go to ride the pony. and i had to inside. and my mother wasubbing cream on for probably three hours and i never came outside. and by the time i got out, the pony was alrea in the truck and around the corner.
11:04 pm
so that was my worst birday. [billy joel for the longest te] ♪ stop itstop! what that? is for t longest time by wiiam jo. t's yoavorite song. yeh, when it's on the rao. my birthday blows. nobody ev signed mbirthd poste apparentlmy mother is the on one w c eug send me hing. irobablcare more than e does. yo're making it worse. bet luke perry'sfriend don't tat him s wn does he hear? sometime today. poor kevin. if i knew i had a week to live, i uld obably go to europe... and south america... and the grand canyon... and i would want to see the pacific oce.


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