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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 10, 2013 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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all right,uys. we, we havto d"proud mary" inheelchrs. that's i ve wked justs hard as you, and i'just as good as you. you know, you alys endp ealing the stlight. merces, do y honestly thi yore as rong o a balladr as i am? hispering): ballads arkind of my thing. emma: okay, um, chel, why don't you let merces thanks, mrs. p. ma: okay. rachel. do i eveneed to tell you what son horns,trings, keep up. ♪ a i am teing you i'm n going♪ ♪ youe the st man ll ever know ♪
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♪here's no way i can ever go ♪ no, n there'so way ♪ no,o, no,o way i'm livi without you ♪ ♪ i'm n living without yo ♪ ion't wt to bfree ♪ i staying ♪ andou, anyo ♪ you're gog to lovme ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh yl, screaand shou♪ ♪ou can say what yowant, i'nowalking t ♪ ♪ stop althe rirs ♪ush, strankill ♪ i'm not goi to lee you ♪ tre's no way will ♪ a i am
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♪ telling you ♪'m notoing ♪ i'mot livg witht you ♪ not ling without you ♪ i don't want to be free ♪ i'm stayingi'm sting ♪ and y, and u, andou you'rgoing to love me... ♪ yea... yeah! ♪ love me, ve me ♪ le...
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(cering d applse) oughts? it clearhe room ador you. and, altugh itouldn' be my rst choice, well... i can't wait to seyou singhat ss you're azing, mercedes, and you deserve . ok. come o aughing) (schl bell ringing) that was prey cool in tre. i... i kw that mt have been ha for y. it was the rig ing too. . you know i toe hone. i'kind opumped out sectnals. thisas beea... hard cple of months--with qnn ay and evything and... i don't know-- i really tnk tha.. winnincould make erything good for while
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t up? it'sot stupid at all. is something up with you? i want you to beappy, finn. oh. you can't sit arnd and watch them suffer when you know yo can do something aboutt. whatre you talking about? i have to tell you something.
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hey, ce come on. get off him! knock offget f! g off hey. tell the truth! pu just walked in and suer puned me. obvio. what? i dn't danythi. yeah, was rache but i nt to heart from you i want to heart itfrom boto. finn, ju calm down no! they'rboth g to me! ist true? just tl me-- is true?
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yes. puthfa(smms) so, all... you just madthat up? you werepi enou to y it hey,ey, he hey. (sobbing): . i'm doneith... i'doith l ofou! (cha cin i fully understand if you want to bt me up. if you can, just try to avoid my nose. i'm not mad at you.
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tell the truth. was lfish when i td and now neither of us have him. i have hurt so many people. i ju rwa bal hey. niffling) soi know you're upset now. and i'm going to do everythi i can
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be a ado by an any more stress in my life right now. i'm going to do this on my own. i know you don't understand it. but please respect it. (mechanical whirring) so, the competition arts at 11:00. ght. i'll have my cell one on i kn. you ready tolde. ree mes. and you wrote it dow reporting for duty, mr. schuester. i have to tell you, i get terrible public event anxiety. you knowt, jacob? it's oy. we st nd a 12th member. all right, so, u just sway in back. you don't even have to ng. yeah, don'ev sg. okay. ok. ea (uer breat: my god.
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i can't thank you ough. okay. hey! havyou ever ted honey nut cheerios? love '. at! noyou on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean honey wand? [ shouting ] [ lat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now tt voice...
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my voice? [ to-tuned ] what wrong witmy voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. o! you d't even get ftball. [ale announcer ] wh you've got 100fiber opc fios, y get it. america's fastest, mosreliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading, streamin, and chatting. y have that guy all over the football field. thnks, joe! if the running backson't start picking up the blz, the quarterback is going to have a long nht. ithr st okare yoyingack is going to have to te my job?ong nht. maybe. [ male annocer ] this is yo last chance to switch to a fios triple play onne for st $89.99 a month guaranteed for t first year. plus, your choice of a $300us with a 2-yeaagreement. fios is 100% fiber optic. so you get america's fastest, most reliable internet and unbeatable tvicture quality. this amazing offer is going fast, so switch to fios today. visit call the veriz center for customerwith disabilities
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and g this deal before it's gone. at 800-976006 tty/v. offer ends novemb 16th. techlogy thalets you play wi the big boys. that's powerful. ♪ techlogy thalets you play wi the big boys. er fo h, u.evy. that's powerful. buqu ♪ afleeare techlogy thalets you play wi the big boys. ses r t ch-l w.ct peinswi locrst that's powerful. amppwi d aneshoo owth'sre h len t eed.-l w.ct peinswi locrst that's powerful. ♪heat tt es aneshoo owth'sre h , u nt ah'lfelenc ]ma fsoig ♪heaty d .s aneshoo owth'sre h , u nt 'salthatysveoran, ig ♪heaty d .s aneshoo owth'sre h llcrce ouavgh , u nt an] r tr [ngus p
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n hi i ns wlay,. asr e ♪ ns wlay,. , smooth saili so fa emma:'re all sign in. .ango ogm, u ha dwnerformce slot number three. rdly. thiss good new my eensive auditioning f counity ear has taht me at we either want too rst or las in the judges' minds. freshest and did you ever get ofhose pts? s right now. ah, ms. pillury's right. i mean, we're here now, right? no rean no to go in with some positive mojo.
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rit. rht. right. right. right. ♪ andou, and you ♪nd you ♪ you're gonna love me (holdingote) ♪ you're gonna love it's really populasong. (cheerin applae) ♪ rolling, rolling ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ rolling on the river... emma: we've got proble theye doinall of o numbers. the kidsre complely freakingut. artie epinhiin wl, and i'm pretty sure jacob ben israel wet himself. ak the set list. will.. will, ese kids nd a er t now.
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just hold tight. i know what to do. okay. sue! at kind ofeacher e you? hey, buddy! i justame by toeemy venuslytrap. u ak t lt! anyou arnogoing et away wi it! that ia libelous accusation, you have no prf. no proof? yoare e only perso who d the list but other than tt, yoha. 's timto face cts, wli. your little ub will ha h s shot at e big time anthey will have failed. glee cluwill canled, and all that money fiins has be funneling u ve crossed the line. am not going to si idly by anymore.
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i'm reasonably confident that you will be adding revenge t ing being married... don't. ...running a highb and finding a hairstyle love ya ke a sista geyour hands o me. u're n going to push woman, are you? hey, finn. i st cald yourom shtold me you'd be here. yeahyou kn, footba season ended, so i'm jt cleaning o my tng unds lsomething that could' waited ti monday. yohearanyt? yeah. pretty ba i can'be the.
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and i can? i can'tven be in the sa rooas her without crying le a gi you know i know how you feel. ali kn is that between you and me-- e to be e bigg man? becaussotimesbeinecial... sucks. i just waneverything to be like it-- liket never haened yo? well, fi... .you can't always t at youan listen, ll be in the choir room. oh, mr. shue, you foot.
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after these ts is thereamy chicken corn chowder. i mean,ook at it. sondulgent. did i tell you i am othe... [ bh ] ickepot e diet! [ malannocer ] so iulgent, you'lver lieve they're lit. 10calori resso light soups. [ femalennounc ] 100 calies, not all food choices add up. some a giant. some not so giant. wn manang youweht, bigger alwaybetter ♪ ho ho ♪ green giant a pediatrician. of asurgeon. ♪ ho ho and these are developinggroundes art suer ey'rthe handof the nation's top doctors kaiser permanee doctors. and though they are al diffent, they work togetr on a singlmisse doctors. savi lives.
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discover how we are adncingmedi. diffent, they work togetr ins, and tive. he los me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ]arm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grds! gl ] make dinner pop! [ femalennnc ] 00ories, not l food choic add up. some a giant. ome not so giant. when managi your weht, bigger alwaybetter ♪ ho ♪ green giant i'm buyingcelebratory. i don't fe muc ke celrang. one of gngtoak tng. why t? nice set list. cou iaven'teardyo ddseret i arreoing onp lieving." um, who aryou? i'm so sorry, let me introduce myself. i'emma pillsry.
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i'm e facultadvisofor themckinl. . apne the y ar't you ashamed?yoshe hame. of dadvantagedids. you ta cae and you're teaching them that e onlyay thecan mpete in this world is by cheating. i'sorr but whakind of message is that? i n'ow wtyou'realng. 'ttoevg"ut whakind he history of itunes. i've only got one good ear, right, and "d mary?" in wheelairs? do you he ea w chnings g mean mgi it's goingo ling-- thefeel le the sothai i'i'm rry,o yo do you thi up e fact thayojust gicay ca up th two brand-new numbers daefore competition? they we great uphere. th's all know. think what we ve here is casef deafacis ame you. is thaybe if you believed them just a little bit more
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♪ tht ng (off) on't stop believing ♪ ♪ hold on to that feeling ♪ streetlight people oldi note) mein trem e nu you're just sue sylvester's little moles. know for aactthat. sue askeus spy f her. ana:look, l beheerio well... i-i did, but i didn't know what she was going to do witht. okay, look, belie wh youant, t none'sor me to here. and if you ever tell anyone this i'll deny it-- but like being in glee club. itheespa of my day, oy? i wasn't going to and mess it up.
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i belie you. okay, ok, gu, thers no point in us arguing anyme. and we havno songs. perhs i cod imovise me of mdef etam yeah,o atldin"a i'melli you," and th ain't hpening. lookrachel e trutis y're ebestinge. ku asast meadmit it-- and it d- she's rit. rachel's our star. if anyone is going to go be it on the fly, sbeer well, i do have someing then i guess we have our ballad, and can close with "somedy to love it's a reale ahat a a c of upwill grantee utc (sighs i the shsion i ed the cheios' ciertoake coi
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and then i trashed the thing. ma, brittany, santana, you're oest dancers. gu somethingutd 'lall fo your . 's gng tbe chop. od we're best when we're loose. and what we're singi about. ife cashow thjudg that. we might have a shot athiing. it's good to have you back, finn. you co if i ke mspot b quite. was just here beuse i s hopi to get into rachel'pants. ighs we cool, dud no. finn.. n't worry about me ok, this is all up tyou now. you wanted the solo, you nted
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thchceo t star. this is your cnce. don't screw up. ighs)
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promotional consideration sponsored ...
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wirit , a-are theyervo? has it started? shtime. emcee: and w our final team-- mckinley high's new directions! ("don't rain on my parade" intro) ♪ don't tell me not to live ♪ just sit and putter ♪ lifs cand ♪ and the s's a ballf butter ♪ ♪ don't bring aund a oudto rai♪
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♪ don't tell me not to fly, i've simply got to ♪ ♪ if someone takes a spill, it me annot you ♪ ♪ whoold you you're alled rain♪ ♪ parade ♪'ll march my band out ♪ i'll beat my drum ♪ and if i'm fanned out r tut bat, sir ♪ ♪ at ast i dn't fake it ♪ hatsir, i ess i didn't make it ♪ ♪ but whether i the re of sheer perction ♪ a frele on the no ofe's complexion ♪ ♪ t cinder or the shiny apple ♪ ♪ of its ey ♪ iotta fly once, i gotta tronce ♪ ♪ only can die on and you see ♪♪ o life c ♪ i gotta have my bite,ir get rdy fore, love, 'cause i'm a comer ♪ ♪ i simply gotta rch,my hea♪
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♪ don'tring aund a oud ♪ to in on my parade ♪'m gonna live and li now ♪ get what i want, i ow how ♪ one thr, that bell will go clang ♪ eye othe target a wham!♪ ♪ one st, one gunshot, and m! ♪ ♪ he i am... ♪ i'll marcmy ban.. ♪ out ♪ mdrum ♪nd if m fanned out ♪ your turn at bat, sir ♪ aleast didn't fake , hat, sir ♪ ♪ i guess i dn'make it ♪ get ready fore, love ♪ 'cause i'm a comer
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♪ nobody, no, noby rain on my ♪ ♪ parade! dies a gentlemen, the new directions. ♪ you can't always get at youant ♪ ♪ you can't always g what you want ♪ but if you try sometimes you'll fin ♪ ♪ you get what you need ♪oh ... ♪
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♪ i saw her today ♪ athe reption a gss of wine ♪ ♪ in her hand ♪ i knew she was goa meet ♪er connection ♪ at her feet was her footloose man ♪ ♪ no, y can't ♪ you can't alys get whatou want ♪ ♪ yocan't ways g whatou want ♪ ♪ wt you want ♪ yocan't ways g whatou wa♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want♪ but you t sometimes ♪well, yojust might find ♪ you t what you nd ♪ merces: ♪ey, hey, yeah and ient down the donstration ♪ finn &achel: ♪ingin' we're ♪ gonna vent our frustrion
10:34 pm
if we don't, we're gonnblow0-amp se♪ ♪ sing to me n ♪ you can't always get what youant♪ ♪ no, no, no, n ♪ yocan't ways g whatou want ♪ mercedes: ♪ n no, n no ♪ u can't always get wh you want ♪ ♪ oh... ♪ well, you just mht find ♪ ♪ you gewhat y need♪ get what you need ♪ ♪ o yeah, what u need ♪ what you need, yeah yeah!♪


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