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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 12, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> take my daughter. >> nathan, you confirmed also that you are dating the beautiful ariana grande recently you did. [ applause ] >> i have to say, i have to say that that is all the buzz. when people talked youere coming on the show, that's what they wanted confirmed. is he dating her? is he worried about losing female fans? >> no, i have the most beautiful female on the planet. i'm not worried. >> she's a singer as well and she hits octaves like mariah carey. she's like the next big thing. terrific. siva, you've had a girlfriend since theand started. >> yeah. >> how difficult is that, traveling the world, girls throwing panties, all the hours separated and days? >> i mean, the only thing that was difficult, though, was i missed her a lot. >> aww. >> she's important from the get-go. >> gorgeous.
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>> a bit -- >> six years you've been with her? >> yeah, yeah. >> roll and you want to do -- what lindsay lohan has brought up. we talked about, they had hung out for a moment. you moved on with your life. now you have a girlfriend. who you met from a billboard? tell the story. i like it. >> no. i saw h on a billboard in new york. i obviously thought she was very beautiful. we ended up bumping into each other in l.a. a few months later. we became friends for a long time andhen eventually i saw her. a cool date, right? empire state building. >> she was very hot. >> i mean, she's awesome and i finally feel --
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>> everybody has girlfriends except for jay. [ cheering and applause ] >> i guess you're the perfect wing man. >> apparently so. i think we learn words from -- not specifically here. but jersey shore is very big. >> i'm from jersey, i know the words. >> a guy -- she's got a very attractive friend and i am the one who willake the grenade. >> grenade! >> tell me where walk with rihanna comes from? >> other women we went to first as your inspiration. there was never anyone about rihanna. especially americans, how does ran walk? hot. more about that attitude she has. it inspires any young lad. >> walk like rihanna. the guys will stay for another
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session of chitat. coming up, we're going to go to the audience and go to social media and we're going to ask the wanted questions from you guys. keep it here.
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[ applause ] we're back. music superstars the wanted are still with us. you guys have made so many fans all around the world. but we have some audience questions and some viewer questions and social media questions right here. let's just get started. these are your questions for these guys. alyssa from dayton, ohio wants to know who has the most groupies? >> straight outthere. >> i think with me being the only single one. >> jay has the ost. jasmine from burlington, north carolina wants to know what's the most embarrassing thing you bought with your first big paycheck? good one. let go down the line. siv >> well, i bought an emerald
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green mini. >> mini cooper? >> yeah. >> very masculine. >> come back to me. >> nathan? >> most embarrassing thing? i bought this like spaceship. it was very bizarre. it was one of them things that like- >> with the remote control that you have. >> it hovers and goes really high up and it was about two years ago. it's still in the box. >> jay, what about you? >> possibly a pair of trainers i t my brother. i have little to no fashion sense. you shouldn't buy that. >> max? >> i actually bought a chihuahua. >> you weren't able to take care so you had to give him to a friend? >> he's now being cared for by someone else. >> tom? >> i boht jeans that looked
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remarkably like leather chaps. >> that's a good question. we'll go to our audience for our question. how you doin'? >> hi boys. so jay, i love your new hair. why did you cut it? >> actually, i didn't cut it. max did. it was at 4:00 a.m. we were about to do a gig in brighton in the uk. we had been out -- >> alcohol was involved? >> of course. yeah, yeah. max like mate, mate we have a great idea to cut your hair. he got this razor this size and went straight up the side. you can see some of the worst pictures of me. i had such long hair, it was like a samurai ponytail. it wasn't the greatest. it was like what have you de? >> that was a great question. we have another audience question. how you doin'? >> hi guys. my name is a.j. how you doin'. siva, who would you love to collaborate in the studio with, as far as an artist, as far as a
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male or female? >> i want to cut with rihanna, because we done a song about her. rihanna, if you're looking, you need to do a song with us. >> anybody else? >> anybody else have a different person to collaborate with? >> kendrick lamar. >> nice. >> let's go back to the social media. emily from ann arbor, michigan, wants to know which one is the biggest diva? this is not throwing one another under the bus. >> it basically is. >> siva is the diva. >> siva, it's okay. >> it just rhymes. i'm leaving. thank you all for being here so much. we got a chance to know you. just break a leg out there. congratulations on everything. everyone in our studio audience is going home with the wanted's new album, word-of-mouth.
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it's in stores now. you keep it here because we'll be right back.
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♪ [ applause ] just taking it in. taking it in. thank you. it's time for ask wendy. i'm jennifer, how you doin'. i have a 2-year-old son. my only child. uh-oh. >> the other day i picked him up from school, he was playing with the little y. the little boy snatched something from my son and when my son went to get it back, the mother grabbed my son asf he had done something wrong and said to me, i didn't hurt m. wendy, how do you not beat that girl, right but get the point across that's unacceptable? >> are you sure that she touched him or did she just touch the toy and gently take it out his hand? >> no, she grabbed his upper arm. >> listen, we're all protective of our kids. i feel in nursery school when none of the kids can fend for themselves, we need to get along as parents. that might be difficult unless you want to take him out of the school.
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i would talk to the teachers in the class or the ladies and gentlemen who mind the class and i would have a conversation with the mother in a sort of apologetic mother to mother kind much way. don't be all, he's my only child and like this. you have one classroom. so you have to survive until june al all together. calm tones. >> yeah. >> how you doin'? >> how you doin', wendy? >> how can i help. >> i've been married for 15 years and every time we have an argument my husband goes to his mother for advice. e gives bad advice. the last time she told him she was going to make him divorce me and get another woman. how do i help him -- >> how do you know this? >> because she texts me. >> what did she say to you in the text? >> she says, you keep acting the way you do, i'm going to make my son leave you and find him a better woman. >> you keep acting the way you do, i'm going to make my husband faout ofove with you, his
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mother. really? >> really. >> this is your husband's fault. >> yes. >> do you mind me asking wt age range you all are? >> we're both 38. >> 38. you've been married for 15 years. >> early 20s. >> he moved out of the house and into the house with you and never learned how to stand on his own. >> no. >> hestill calls his mother -- that's unacceptable as a husband. the holidays are now orpedoes. it's okay. there's always next year. you and your husband have to get your kmien indication back on track and ge your mother-in-law to butt out. >> i agree. >> when you want to say something nas toy her, don't next it, tell it to her over the phone or face to face. >> ve been umble. >> you're a better woman than i. >> eye candy next. don't g
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[ applause ] i've got a diva fan. i'm giving it to our audience eye candy winner of the day. u all look nice, by the way especially for a snowy rainy day in new york.
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but the winner is kimberly. [ inaudible ] [ cheering and applause ] really. you look good. come on over, kimberly. let everybody take a look at your head to toe look. talk quickly about your outfit. >> my necklace is from new york and company, $24. my shirt from express. $40. my skirt, same thing, express, 5 4ds. my choose from steve madden. >> i love a woman with a strong watch. michael cord. >> always. >> here's your diva fan. this is kimberly. we'll be right back.
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[ applause ] i had some fun today. tomorrow we have another big show. my one-on-one interview with the
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former manager of tlc, perry pebbles reid will be here. plus, we'll have interesting dating tips. thank you for watching wendy. bye! [ applause ] surgeon. a pediatrician.
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would you like to join us for dinner? oh, no, thanks, i had a late lunch. and she sent a piece of pie out to the car so i could eat, too. anyway, i better get going. well, thanks again, mom. say thanks to grandma. thank you, miss evelyn. good to see you. you, too. oh, i almost forgot. have you two set a wedding date yet? no. we haven't. but we're gonna. well, it just so happens that a client of mine schedules the weddings for the bel air hotel, and she told me that there was a cancellati for the weekend of june 26. the bel air hotel? in june. charlie, the bel air hotel. in june. yeah, i heard. wow. what do you think? gee, i don't know. we hadn't talked about a date. boy, it's almost impossible to get a june date at the bel air hotel. thank you, alan. judi a i had to get married at the sportsmen's lodge in november on the wednesday before thanksgiving. yes, i remember the indian corn centerpieces.
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oh, charlie, i've always dreamed of getting married at the bel air in the garden with the swans. yeah, but keep in mind those birds are vicious. they look pretty, but they'll peck your eye right out. besides, i thought if we had the wedding here, the money we save could pay for a nice long honeymoon. yeah, i guess that's probably smarter. shame on youcharles, depriving your fiancée of her dream wedding. especially considering all the money you blew on the hooch and whores over the years. thank you, berta. tell you what-- the wedding at the bel air will be my gift to you. are you serious? gee, mom, thanks, but that's a little too generous. a little? all she gave judith and me was a dinette set. yes, and who's eating on that dinette set now? that's not the point. charlie's marriage is just as likely to fail as mine was. thanks again, bro. anyway, i asked them to hold the date for 24 hours. so you can talk it over and decide. thank you, evelyn. that is so swe.
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well, i do have an ulterior motive. the sooner you two get married, the sooner i'll have more grandchildren. why? does miss evelyn need a cook and a butler, too? let me know, dear. i will. the bel air hotel! in june. let's see you get out of this one, houdini.
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