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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  November 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> right. >> no, i don't care. you know, there's this pissing match. did she take her torch? you know. and is she gonna out last her or not? and it's, to some people i'm a threat to the throne. i don't want your [ bleep ] throne. >> that was a read, madonna. that was my era. i like gaga but if i had to choose i like madonna better. in th particular fight i think that gaga won. [ applause ] and madonna stop arguing with these girls who are under you. not under because they are beneath you but under you because they came after you. originals never bite back. all right. let's move on. [ laughter ] so, the real housewife of atlanta star kena moore is weighing on porsha's messy
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dirce. kenya is actually defending kordell on the alleged gay mors. on the show porsha told her lawyer -- remember when she was in the lawyer's office after the violation of divorce and the lawyer asked her to make a list of things she need from kordell and porsha said if he does these things then i'll go back with him. so in my "hot topics" meeting what about the gay thing? there's plenty of women who are married to gay men and know it and tolerate it. it might nobe your taste but me women that their thing. allegedly if he's gay. this is what kenya said. she says, a thinking person with a brain would ask the question that if the main problem was that he is possibly gay, why would you want him back? i don't think porsha is telling
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the whole truth. well, do i. but i think that porsha has got to smarten up. like half the people on my facebook page were mad at me because i said she's less than smart. i think porsha understood what i was sayg. i like porsha a lotut she has a lot of growing up to do. regarding this -- look, if the man is allegedly gay or if you are allegedly married to a gay man that's your cice. ken area sit down. [ laughter ] [ applause ] so now joan rivers is lashing out at nnifer lawrence, and so it's time for celebrity fight. hit it. okay. he actress jennifer lawrence receny said that shows like "fashion police" which joan is the host promotes superficiality and body shaming.
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but that's fun. [ laughter ] sorr i mean do you watch "fashion police"? do you cringe when you watch it watch it?my gosh. yeah. but joan didn't appreciate jennifer's attack so here's what joan says and it's long. she says," it's funny how jennifer lawrence loved "fashion police" during awardseason when we were complimenting her every single week but now that she has a movie to promote, suddenly we're pick on all those poor helpless actors. wait! it just dawned on me why jennifer lawrence fell on her way up to the stage to get her oscar. she tripped over her own arrogance." [ applause ] >> wendy: listen, jennifer lawrence and not many people may like it. shows like "fashion police," reality shows," hot topics" it's
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what the public likes to onsume. i love the "faion police." even meaner than the "fashion police" the fashion queens. have you ev watched that show? mean. let's move along. did you watch "the biggest loser" last night? rubin is back. he was eliminated from the show last week. they are saying thanks to a technical glitch he's returning. i think that just means they knew they made a mistake of guesting rid of rubin. he deserved the tough love. he's the only celebrity on there. and he's likeable. and he's the reason to watch the show. take a look at how it went down. >> last week julianne broke the rules and gave caffeine supplements to each member of her team without a doctor's
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permission. because of this l violation julianne has been penalized and the white team will recee a four pound disadvantage. the eliminated player will return to the ranch tonight, so tha means red team rubin is back in this game. >> wendy: when she was delivering that news last night. all i heard was rubin returns. that's great. he's returning to the show. he started at 462 pounds. i saw him over the weekend, i told you that i hosted the red carpet for the soul train music awards, they air on december 1st. [ applause ] and i spoke directly to rubin. i said to him and i said through the turnsv why don't you plan o getting one of the operations. it's not a health thing but it's a thing-thing.
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if he tried to lose weight so many times, it's been successful. why not get the band. he's certainly large enough, right? you can't even see the rest of him but all bk here, like his suit jacket was pulling. anyway, i love seeing rubin. we always have such a great relationship. he understood what i was saying and rubin returns to the biggest loser tuesday -- why didn'tou tl me thi rubin when you saw me over the weekend. i think he did say i do have an announcement to make but i can't make it her t now. he returns to "the biggest loser" tuesday nights at 8:00 on nbc. congratulations, rubin. [ applause ] haveou heard what happened to zac efron. okay. it's tragic and suspicious. all at the same time. i'll tell you the story. look. zac is and i still think he
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would be the best christian grey ever. i'll stop beating that horse. zec slipped on a puddle of water in his home and broke his jaw and his jaw has to be wired shut. he also reportedly -- i don't mean to laugh -- he also reportedly suffered a gash that required stitches. now, m not saying anything, i'm just saying he's reportedly been t rehab twice this year. and question would be, was alcohol involved? who has puddles in their house? i mean except for our house for about a year because i was too cheap to get rid of our refrigerator and the ice maker broke so every time we wanted icy had to go up the 7/eleven and buy a bag of ice. it was ghetto in our house for a
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while. when my ice maker grow -- my after show family i was appling what kind of refrigerator to get and when i would get it and towe in front it was really hood. we at point did ha a puddle of water for a whole year. but zac? sounds suspicious that's all i'm going to say. let's move along and talk about sion well. he said he's not going to let the new baby changeis lifestyle. he told a lie he doesn't intend on keeping and that is he said i quit smoking. no i'm not quitting smong for a baby. you have to love simon, though. you know, he's not your friend. he's not your man. e's person on tv that we know and he's so entertaining to me and easy on the eyes, i might add. [ applause ] here's what he says about
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becoming a father. there are a lot of boring things that happen when you have a baby. you have to get rid of sharp edge, cigarette, alcohol. then there's baby-proofing the toilet. but i'll have a smoking room. [ applause ] listen. in the airport have you ever walked past that smoke room and seen people like desperately smoking and it's all full of smoke andeverything. i wonder if he's going to -- i wonder if he's going change diapers. did you baby proof? yeah. everybody is embarrassed. i didn't baby proof. i'll tell you why. all right i'm out of the closet with this. we didn't -- because, you know, after all the miscarriages and on bed rest for nineonths and gaining 103 pounds and finally getting the goober home, i didn't have time to think about baby proofing anything. i did not baby proof. they didn't baby proof in the '50s and we're fine, i think. aren't we? i didn't baby proof.
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[ applause ] the windex stayed down here. the clorox stayed down here. the light covers stayed uncovered and that's the way it was. that's all. i think for simon he will give it six months before he let's that baby's mother lauren know exactly how he feels because he won't stay with her either. why would he? this was a woman who was married with a child who was unfaithful to her husband with simon. the husband found out by seeing simon in their own master bedroom at the marital house. yes. yes. this is what i'm saying. it was a piece of disgustiness, ladies. it was disgusting. the man comes home after a ha day of work and there's simon prancing around in his bedroom. really? the man was simo's friend. like a friend they go on exotic vacations. friend. not a friend in the loose term. the woman i blame more than
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simon because men can be less th smart a lot but she's the one who had the most to lose. losing a friend is no big deal. but losing your family, like now your son has to know the legacy of where his little sibling comes from master bedroom on dad. what kind of mommy are you. i'm breaking this down good. think about this. [ applause ] i wouldn't stay with her. i would play along with it because having the baby is such a condition you don't want to make her agitated and you want her to deliver a healthy baby. but within six months i would tell her exactly where to go and send the child, you know, the baby checks also. hopefully simon will be a hands on father but you can't count on much in terms of good behavior from simon because like i said he's the same guy prancing around the master bedroom at his friend's house. it's just a nasty story. i love it.
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[ applause ] okay. so, now it's time for the "inside scoop." hit it. hey thea. hi, thea. >> hi,lad you're here. here with the juicy celebrity stories, say hello to thea andrews. it's nice to have you here. >> so fun to be here. what a great audience you have. >> wendy: thank you. let's talk kerry washington. >> there's a scandal going on. people are unhappy with the cover of "lucky" magazine featuring kerry washington. listen. she looks gorgeous because she's kerry washington. what people are saying is she's totally recognizable. they are saying her eyes look
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small. they are saying her cheeks look flattened. they are saying what's gng on with the whiteness around the nose. is that powder. is that photo shop. they are complaining about the hai they think the lights made her lights look gray. there's not much that anybody likes about this picture. >> wendy: does this look like kerry washington to you? clap if you think it does. not one person. gee. >> listen what i'm most upset is that outfit. it looks like my grandmother's kichen doilie. compound the mistake they put th red scarf. if the biggest scandal in your lif is you don't look like your most perfect self otheover of a magazine you have a life. >> wendy: has she answer this on social media. >> she tweet ad link to it and said, who-hoo.
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she's excited. >> wendy: she looks like herself on "people" and on "essence." >> we know she's gorgeous. >> wendy: yeah. right. absolutely. >> very sweet. a lot of odhings going on in her life. >> wendy: let's talk jennifer lawrence and miley cyrus. how old is jennifer lawrence. >> jennifer lawrence is 23. jennifer lawrence was asked about young woman in hollywood like miley cyrus and oversexualized and turned into sex objects and she was asked i she was worried about this. she said i don't really worry about it, it's just kind of a part of this world, it's a part of the entertainment industry that sells. sex sells. and for some disgusting reason, young sex sells even more. now people making a big deal about this saying oh, is there
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going a war, a feud. >> wendy: no, only if miley barks back. >> so far she hasn't. >> wendy: she's aowedto have he opinion. you need your ying, and yang. miley is the party gir jennifer s-i gues, the less tarty party girl but setting up on "hot topics." >> the reason why people love her except maybe joan rivers is she's so just authentic. >> wendy: she lost an oscar. she doesn't care. >> she doesn't have the filter on. we saw her in london. diyou see her at the premier. she opened thebarricade to go hug the girl in the wheelchair. what's interesting about this is you see these two women, miley is on stage at an award show lighting up a joint -- >> wendy: they have a
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relationship. jennifer and miley's ex liam hemsworth co-starred in the "hunger games." >> not these two. she met miley. >> wendy: yeah. >> people may visit -- >> wendy: how is liam's love life doing? >> supposedly he's single. yeah. nothing like asing hor brother on market. he was recently asked about miley and said he was extremely happy for her. he's extremely happy that enot with her. >> wendy: he looked better when he was with her. this man right here hotter than that picture before. >> she looked better when she was with him. but since then the pasties and all that fell apart. >> wendy: thank you for that report. be sure to check out "on mg
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insider" on yahoo!.com. up next don't miss our exclusive sit down with pebbles. she's up next. hershey's bliss.
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>> wendy: welcome back. our next guest is the creator of the most successful girl group in music histor i'm talking about tlc. for 20 years she's been accused of cheating them out of millions of dollars and she's finally ready to tell her story. she's giving us the exclusive. please welcome to our show the one and only pebbles. you look good. hi. hi. nice to meet ou i like your shoes. let's get a shoe cam before we get started. cute.
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you got a little bit of lipstick on your teeth. >> i figured i did. >> wendy: hair in your eyes. you look good. so this is our first time meeting. thank y so much for coming here and telling your stor you've been blamed for more than 20 years for cheating tlc out of millions of dollars. >> right. >> wendy: and it was depicted in the movie tt we all saw on vh-1. how come you never came out and talked about this and defended yourse years ago? >> it's a lot to it. i can only tell certain things because there's confidentiality agreements. i was a mom. a lot happening. >> wendy: you were ased of cheating them out of millions. if you didn't do it or if that was a half truth. >> it was complete lie. but once again there's confidentiality, you went through bankruptcy, actually
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settled in that case and people saw things but it was sealed. >> wendy: you couldn't tlk about it. >> no. >> wendy: you can talk about it now? >> i'm talking about it now to a point. i can't say certain things because of the confidentiality. that's what it's there for. just ask me the question did i -- >> wendy: did you steal millions of dollars? >> hell no! >> wendy: okay. [ applause ] this of course in reaction the tlc movie. did you ever let the girls see their contracts? >> aoluty. they had to get them negotiated. >> wendy: you had your pele do the negotiating for them? >> no no, . this is one of the biggest bogus lies that i saw in the movie. it was laughable somof the stuff. it was over top. >> wendy: even behind the music. >> all of it was bad. 20 years later, throughout the years, by the time i was strong again i was hertbroken.
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throughout the years by the time i was, okay i want to say something. it's too late. been done for so long. now you get this movie and you go to another level. so now i have to say something. >> wendy: you're suing them. >> i have it all on table. all options are open. t just for -- it's not really about the girls. if you really want to know about truth. other than they are the messengers. you keep saying that's not true. that's not okay. but vh-1 you are helping to promote an untruth. >> wendy: it was a good movie. [ laughter ] twos juicy. >> how would you feel iyou were being portyed as something you're not. >> wendy: i would be very upset. >> and, you're not bing portrayed as who you are, a visionary. >> wendy: yes. >> not just here looking around getting a hairdo and nail polish. i'm a visionary. the bottom line is you had your
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own attorneys. the only thing is i did get a referral for you because nobody knows you. >> wendy: the attorneys you referred to were the people you didn't know. >> i didn't know. 20 years ago. in atlanta. a reputable firm. so the shampoo gl are they going to pick h up and say i want to negotiate a contct? no. it has to be based on reputation. i'm saying would you please, i have a group that i want toign but they need representation. please take the meet field goal it works cool. >> wendy: in the movie we saw that they were being paid $25 a week and when they went platinum they got rav-4s. is that true? i'm just asking. >> look at my boot that i got for you wendy. i don't do $25. i'm a very generous person. that's a lie. a huge one.
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in terms of the rad-4 that's what you asked for. wendy: that's what they wanted. they were simple in eir wants. >> listen, you don't have ferrari money. why you one. you haven't made that. you just came out. u're a new group. >> wendy: they went platinum. >> went platinum too. no, no. first artist, first new artist contract, you get promotional tours. you do opening act tours. that's not ferrari money. >> wendy: did the girls ever see millions of dollars individually? >> yes. but i can't talk about people's money. i just know -- >> wendy: did they spend fool lishly? >> that's their buiness. that's why we have conservative vehicles until you can afford what you're supposed to have. >> wendy: did you kick chili out of the group? >> absolutely not. lete say something.
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i love it. >> wendy: tell the story. why did they want her kicked out of the group. >> because of what they said was happening in the studio. i did all of i had stuff and i only came into the studio when i was producing vocals because i produce as well. i'm over here co-dominican republicing video, writing, i wrote "baby baby" video. >> wendy: in the movie we saw chili had it bad for dallas austin and subsequently had a baby with him. is that the conflict of ierest that the other two girls didn't like? s is what they said to me. she's in here doing this and doing that. they have group rules. i sat down with them early on d i said establish how opportunity a unit to keep your communication together. make rules. don't cross these rules. you got three girls. you got to keep them together. >> wend no fraternizing with
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the help. >> i married my procer. but that was love. understand what i was saying. but, my point to you is this -- >> wendy: wait. the two girls wanted chili out of the group because chili was fraternizing with the help. this is my first time hearing it because i always heard chili was kicked out of the group because she slept with l.a. reed. can we take break and we'll be back with more. we'll be back with more of that ashley, her 30-year-old daughter is inhe audience. we'll
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>> wendy: well, the rest of the -- we're back with pebbles by the way. her daughter ashley is in th studio audience. hi, ashley. before we get to did chili sleep with your ex-husband, pebbles was telling me through the commercial break that vh-1 scene her a telegram or some sort of notification yesterday saying the story you saw on vh-1 -- >> she said was a true story. >> wendy: not a true story. all of a sudden they said


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