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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 13, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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is that to avoid a possible lawsuit from you? >> right. it's not going avoid anything. you said it was a true story. you told the public about th. now all of a sudden in your fine int you're going say some of it is made up. >> wendy: okay. did chili from tlc -- when i was on the radio, the way i got the story, ashley, pebbles, when i was on the radio, the way the story was you walked in on your husband and chili doing the horizontal mumbo on a desk. >> let me explain something. i would have caught a case had i seen something like that probably back then. that dn't happen. >> wendy: okay. >> that didn't happen. wendy do youelieve that chili was sleeping with l.a. re, your husband, bend your back. >> absolutely.
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i suspected a couple of things but i didn't want to believe that and i, for years i didn't want to believe that because i felt like they were daughters to me. >> wendy: after you departed management they stuck with l.a. was that during the time of the affair? >> i'm sure, plus they took them through a legal maneuver. i can't go through the food chain. i'm the woman down here visionary with the girls but you have clyde davis, l.a. reed, you have bmg, that's where the money went. >> wendy: why do you believe it is true th l.a. and chili did their thing? >> can't tell you that, but i'm going write my book and put it in there. but believe me when i say i saw a couple of things. >> wendy: did they know that chili was doing this? >> i believe so. >> wendy: your daughter ashley
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got on social media or excuse me on your radio show d said the most vile thing for a 30-year-old lady the next time you see chili you'll punch her head in the concrete. >> if i'm 30 i'm not allowed to being passionate. >> for the beat down part. you don't do the beatdown. we don't do beat downs. we don'to that. >> wendy: was this a full blown affair or just -- >> you'll have to ask them. all i know is what it produced. >> wendy: did chili, according to you, besides dallas austin the producer and according to you, your husband, was this her mon modus operandi.
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>> i rather talk about something else. let's talk about the lette tlc. we were told by the girls they had to buy back the name of their group for a million dollars a letter from you. >> confidentiality agreement. that is not -- i know. i know. no, no, listen guys tat's a sound bite they came up with. so in that you cannot state what happened. ballpark not how it went down. not based on letters and w my name not theirs. i created that name. let me say this if i can. i had a vision, everyone, to create a huge -- >> wendy: look they are working on an album right now. can they call themselves tlc. >> that's their name. they didn't come up with it. >> wendy: did money have to exchange hands? >> money had to exchange hands for them to go thr own way.
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>> wendy: i hate the music business. >> me too. the business of the music business is a mess. let me say ts. see the painted clothes, these are my visions. >> wendy: is anything about the movie true? >> yes. i washing l bags. i hadin pages of notes. >> we is there anything else you would like to say before we say good-bye? >> the supposed true story is not true. and the vh-1 will be hearing from me. i would like to be okay with everyone here but it's not okay, no, sir. >> wendy: on that note thank you for stopping by. up next it's time for "ask wendy." weep it here.
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>> wendy: thanksgiving is a te to be together. i want to spend it with you. >> announcer: enter our thanksgiving with wendy. you and a friend can win a once in a lifetime trip to new york city. and a lavish holiday meal with wendy. >> wendy: watch for the word of the day and go to our facebook page to enter. we' saving a seat for you. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: welcome back. time for "ask wendy." how are you doing?
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>> hi, wenty. how you doin. my name is jessica. i have a 7-year-old son and he never wants to go outside he only wants to stay inside and play video games all day long, all weekend long. how do i get him to put down the controller and go outside to play with his friends. >> wendy: make him. >> it's like pulling teeth. kicking and screaming outside. >> wendy: does he have a group of friends? >> he does. >> wend be a mom, mom. force it. >> kick him out. >> wendy: that's what moms do. kick him out. if he doesn't go outside to play for three hours he can't play video games when he comes in. lip mitt his time with video games. an hour. five days a week not seven. you're very welcome. you're very welcome. up next, everybody, dr.
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>> wendy: join the party and be part of my live studio audience. visit to request your agree tickets today and make sure you dress time press. i can't wait to see you. >> wendy: hi. welcome back. you know, i get asked a lot of datg questions during my "ask wendy" segment and even though i
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never tried it before i think online date is a definite opon for single people. here with some online dating tips is the author of "the truth about men." y hello to our friend, dr. ian smith. [ applause ] i love that you love online dating. what are the benefits to online dating. >> people say right away that -- you always say this too, you got to cast your fishing pole in many ponds. online dating makes the world so much smaller. there were the days you went to a bar to fine that person. the second part is rejection. a guy stealing story he hathis date, went into t bar, the woman sitting there, he didn't sit down she's like you're too big for me. this cop down in san antonio i'm working with. the key is waia way to avoid th rejection. >> wendy: sites are out there what do you recommend.
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>> is one i work with. thha 25 million single users. number one dating app on iphone and they have this great technology called behavioral dating which is basically you don't fill out qzzes because most people are dishonest on the kwiszs. theyra like amazon and netflix they track where you click they populate your selections based on where you are, smarter thinking. i love the way they do it. [ applause ] >> wendy: interesting. what are some tips to hlp someone stand out with online dating. >> first of all be positive. don't say i don't want this and you can do this or do that. the negative doesn't work. say what you wantnd what you're looking for. you have to be different. just don't say i'm 25. what makes you different. what your great attributes. lastly you have to show personality. who wants to date a loern. >> wendy: it's hard to show
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personality in typing. >> in your language. be zippy a little bit. >> wendy: i like that. thank you, dr. ian. we have some audience members who have online questions for dr. ian so go ahead. >> how you doin. my name is deborah. i'm 32. i've bean 911 operator for the past 13 years. that's made me very suspicious of everyone i meet online or sometimes in person. so, how long should i wait if somebody i like contacts me how long should i wait before i meet them. >> first of all, the great thing about zoosk all your information is personal. it's private. i always say it's not how long, it's not a time issue it's a comfort issue. so don't just say well in three months i'll give my number. no. in zoosk particularly you hide your information. then when you meet them then you decide whether you're comfortable to give them t information. it's not a time issue. >> wow.
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we have another question. >> hi, guys. how you doin. my name is zoe. i recently decided to start onlineating for the first time, and i had a question about my profile picre. should i get professional photos taken or is that too desperate? >> wendy: what an investment. >> you would be surprised. i have friend online and they will go online and see this woman she looks like she just dropped off the cover of a magazine and in pers whole different story. you're beautiful. you definitely want to be flattering but don't go over the top because all this photo shop. >> wendy: don't get professional pictures. >> dress nicely. >>wendy: take a selfie from up top. everybody looks great from up top. thank you dr. ian. check him out on the doctors.
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>> wendy: time for wendy fan feedback. earlier we were talking about kenya moore and her questioning porsha stewart's alleged soon to be allegations that porsha's
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>> wendy: i had funday. tomorrow she plays the first lady ofscandal," bellamy young is here tomorrow. and "shape" magazine is here sharing the season's hottest
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beauty fine. i'll see you next time on "wendy requested. tv announcer:
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♪ men ♪ so, charlie, i've heard so many nice things about you. really? from who? hello. oh, right. thanks. i guess i only hear the complaints. you don't hear athing. that's not true. you're right. it's not. he hears what he wants to hear. so i'm right. well, u l make a great couple. thank you. and i'm really looking forward to your wedding. (choking up): i'm sure it's going to be beautiful. (whispering): what'd i do?
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nothing. i told you she's going through a bad breakup. when did you tell me that? in the car, on the way here. god. it's going to be okay. i know. it's just hard. i thought i knew him. i thought we were going to be together forever, like you and charlie. (sobs) charlie: hard to believe somebody got tired of doing her. ooh, french fries look good. why did i order the baked potato? isn't that right, charlie? absolutely. now, is this the one who'the old college roommate? i should really listen more. i mean, i knew he was insensitive... boy, i bet, if they were roommates, they did some experimenting. why is it that girls can experiment with other girls, and not be gay, but if a guy so as much kisses another guy-- woop, bad memory. drink... drink, drink, drink. so you're just all alone in that big apartment? he even took the dog.


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