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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  November 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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annow. myavore pa valtine day. annow. what? the marc theeds whoo whoo! whoo! oo wh! wh! are u kidding me? no, i -- wait. you're right. it a minut skip the dancing. we don't tal to each otr all night, noand now u justwanto have sex? it a minut skip the dancing. not just. , yeahye. come on, wtalked. "this butt is the peect temperate/densitwas i wrong? you know what?
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we have nothing to say to each other. all we do is talk about the ki or tell stories we've heard over and or and er.what stories? robert swallowing that damn e -- ve hrd thastupid story a million times, ery time you see honey or a bee or aerson wi a puffy face. ery time you see honey oyeah, at's a million. or howbout thee your dad put a possumy in your tentt's a million. during a camping tri d you literay jumped out your skin? what? it was scary. yeah, that's not literally. you lirally jump out of your in, you're dead. body outf skindead. how about you? you're always telling me about the story where you wore purple shoes and your feet sweated and they turned purple. "it was like i was making wine." that's not funny. i know, see? we have nothing talk about we, we're talking now. and you don'ethis is great. all right, i'm sorry.
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no, don't apologize. i'm not mad at you. well, how about a little yelling at you, then?. honey,ou don't think we're in trouble if we can't come up th anything to talk about? oh, come o we do okay. maybe if we did more stuff tether we could come up with something to say to ch oer. ay. really? yeah. okay. all right, so -- so what could we do, you know, together? well.. yoknow what's lovely? falloo! oh, ray, come on. come on. what? maybe you could talk hduring sex. see, that's something tt -- i' always encouraged that.
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look, how about we go to the botanical gardens? oh. hmm. perhaps. could be fun. come on. i mean, they have trai and nature hikes and... aw, forget it. it's lame. ah, i mean, come on, pnts. aw, forget it. we g plants it's lamein the bathroo we never talk out them. all right, s what else could we do? we could watch the end of the nets-lakers game. kiing.'mry no, you know, that's what's wrg. i know, i make little joke i'm dumb. no, no, no, 'cause we should be able to watch sports gether come on, you're a sportwriter. that's a big part ofour life. i'm interested in your life. yes, yes, i will watch the baetball game with you. i would like that. really? yes. really? okay, all right. yeah, okay okay? all right, basketball it is oh, this is -- this is good.
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so, what could you do to takmore interest in me? oh. well, i was goingty you know --ing theatching you know, actually,rts. i would really likto know what you tnk about this book i just rd. you mean by me ading it? . i wod like tha yeah. oh, oh, oh. well, if i'm reading it, no, come on.e whicisbeogethe no, yeah, really. wa. nuts! nt you to read this. huh? look, here it is. "devilwood." hm uh-huh. doesn't sound that b. [ dramat voice ] "devilod." so, what dyou thk? i couldn take more of an interest in you
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just by reintroducing myself your bo u read tbooki'll lou take t. chapteone... [ roars ] [ laughs ] at's wrong with you? wake up. dad'sn his y.put. come on! hey, wminute let me askou somng. one would be correctd "dilwood," hey,in assuming th the bookwas ary orxcitg
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onor hadometngorrectd "dilwood," viy inn assuming wouldn o? one ul well, then, e woulbe wrong. what's going o raymo? bra was to read tsso we haff in bui swear to god this sucker's like a hor tranquizer. here, listen to this. listen tthis first line. "imagine a rain so beautiful it musnever have existed what ds th mean? wh doethat mean? ll mrighnow what does that mn?xisted i don'know. cause it's nonsense lk. you have to cse this book. yeah. looklike little raymie can't watch the game. he's got homork. at's the oertinking, rrible thing -- she wants to watch sports together, too, ke the knicks today. why? we wated a game together onalentine's day, and apparently that went well, the being togetherd talking. and apparentlyatou guy that went well, ta about?
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who kns? that's why i ask you guys to come over. i need you to kind of absorb se of her. , we're ke pawns in. anif s asks, you should s that you came by caabout not ving sta girlfriend. i stiummed t about that. perft. i'm ck. okay, yore not happy. yeah, keep that look. hey, i got se junk food for the game.k. ah, sweet. yeahi dropped the kids off bert's here?so we -- i ow. i know it's suosed to be our do-stuff-together time, but i thin he's still depressed about not having a girlfriend -- you know, being a loser. what are y going to do,ight? i can' just kick him out.
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oh, well, okay. yeah. so you're reading thbook, hu yeah. yeah? you liking it so f? you know, it's really very, very, ry, very nice. y,ober how are you g? okay. just thought i'd stop by. well, good, antime sowh's yr columnbout this week? actuly, uh.. i'doinit out the knks so it's good we're watching it. interesting. i'doinit out the knks so iwould you ke tboun we're watmedeas offf us talk about it, huh? hey. dad, what's ? pass me the chips, that's what's up.
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are you here for the game, frank? no, e sparkling conversation. [ robert laughs ] okay, come on, move your ass! hey, dad. sorry. uh, step lively. come on, g it. jump! jump! oh. what, she waiting fosomething to come out of t oven? no, frank. ray and i are watching a basketball game together. oh. what did he do? what do you mean? what did he do wrong that you'd do this to him? stop it, dad. you know, frank, the game is on at your house, too. hey, don't get mad at me. ray invited me. that -- that's an outrageous e. he invite you, too?
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i, uh... so raymond. i tried. ea, noi cannot believe you okay, good. let me -- ea, noi cannot believe you! i just -- i just -- you just what? what? u just what? will you let me finish sentence? if y let me nish, en i couldinish it. well, now i'm at a loss for words. is is all so sudden. i can't lievyou can't even watch sports with me. you've goto have these two over as buers? i didn't think woulthey're good companyr even i don't buy that. have youead any of that book? i read lot. yeah? what it out? 's -- it's about a rain that's so betifu i can't ev belie it existed. that's theirst line. you read one line!
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and i wagoing to read the ne one when i ce out of my coma. so that's it? you're just not gointo put any effort into this, so te yos it? juston thinke ne turn our lis upde dn ju so we have re to talk about. tryingo ta to tning yr li upside down? i st- i-i-- stopalking. yeah, ray, don'even bother talking to me. you justnjoy your coma. all righaybe i will. see? this is why i stay out of relationships. yeah, that's why.
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oh, hi, dear. you here to pick up the kids? oh, yeah, right, the kids. yeah, in a minute. yeah. frank said that you and debra were having some sort yeah, inof a loud discussion. don't worry about it, ma. everything's fine. you hiding from her? yeah. then thishld be good. what, are you hiding out? no, i'm picking up the kids. didn't i just ask for the kids? whathe hell, ma? don't bother. i'll get them. i said i'll get them. i'm capable of getting them. hi, kids. i said i would pick them up. yeah, how are yodo kids? listen, i was saying hello to my parents, huh? a guy can't greet his loved ones? so, you don't mind spending time with them? , come on. will you give me a break? i tried, huh? didn't i try? oh, okay, i get it.
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you're mad at me for not talking to you, so now you're not talking to me. ah, isn't that interesting? maybe you should think about that, huh? put that pipe in your mouth, hmm? what? what, what are you looking at?
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may we help you? no. we're fine. there's a weird cat. it was outside. yeah, it's gone now. it was -- it had a brown eye and, like, one no eye. yeahit was one of e. it was weird. wow. i kn. that's really -- really kind of sweet. sweet? what, that? they're not talking. we, it like they don't have to. i don't think it's 'cause ey don't have to. i think it's 'cause they don't want to. i don't know.
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they seem so in tune. i see cows here's one doggie and re's another doggie. look at that. that's great you know what? i need you to draw four more doggies and a chicken. that looks good to you? they -- theyust em so comfortable with each other. i don't know. maybe we're that point where we can be comfortable just being with each other. you want to be like them? not exactly... but just imagine how much better our lentine's dinner would have been
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if we weren't so worried about filling up every single second with talk about butter. well, you were the one who was everbabbling about the bread. it's only natural you're going to get my butter theory. all right, i know. i know, but what if we had just been happy to be out of the house, just us, enjoying the peace and the quiet? i do like quiet... yeah, me, too. and peace. i guess the questions, for the next 30 years when it's quiet, when we don't have anything to say to each other, do i mind having you sitting next to me no, i don't mind. oh, okay. good. you mind sitting next to me? no. you smell good. oh. 30 years? why did you say 30 years? oh, i don't know. i just -- what, you think i'm going to die at 70? no.
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30 years -- that's a weird number. shh, shh. let's not talk. okay. hey, if it works for them... i can't look at him eat anymore. captioning made possible by talk productions
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i think you did a good thing bringing stefania here. oh, thank you, frank. we should do like a foreign exchange -- she comes here, you go there. oh, robbie! hello, son!
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what's wrong? what do you mean, dear? the happiness -- what gives? what, we can'thistorically, no.? you funny bunny. come on, sit down. am i dng? [ doorbeings ] why n't you get the door, robbie? no. comey doou wt get it? it. gethe or! [ yellin] ust me, robert.en! it's oka marie: come on... you know, robbie -- robbie, i know that you've been lonely
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and in need of some company, so i have a little. what took long? i got bags here. this is it? i didn't like this surprise when you gave it to me 40 years ago. hey, how about "thank you"? for what? for this. [ italian accent ] roberto. stefia. what -- h-w diyou get he? had toabumper to cro oh, robb, are you ppy? i asked her to visit to cheer you up. me -- i did it. stefania. let me helyou.
11:28 pm
it is good to see you. oh, its go toee you. ma, you d ? who else? thank you for inviting me. you are nice and beautiful. man, does she need an english lesson. hi, i remember your head. man, does she need an english lesson. hey, hi, nice to see you agn.. so this is you after a 10-hour plane ride, huh? well, i give up. hello. hi. thank you for getting us. did you say "us"? you remember my father marco fogagnolo. yes, yes, of course.
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you waand then you your putteswing it back --y? oh. oh, boy. okay. all right. what's happening? okay. you take the putter back like this, and then you -- hey, look at that! hell of a shot there. you buy me another hot dog now. well, you know, there's more to america than just hot dogs. i like hot dogs. okay, well, i'll tell you what -- i'll buy you another hot dog later... if you're good. okay. you hit now.
11:31 pm
hey, there! hey!ll right. ha ha ha ha. oh! hey, hey, hey, hey, what do you think you're doing? what? i do nothing. oh, i think you did, you naughty monkey. ha ha ha ha. oh, come on! hey, you're a good golf player. well, i'm trying to be. all right. listen, about -- okay, okay, okay. come here. listen, listen. look, i-i know you're just trying to have fun, okay, but there's something you should know. see, when raymond and i were kids, he used to poke me quite a bit, all right? poke, poke, poke, poke. he was, how you say, uh, a jerk, okay? so that's why now i'm sort of anti-poke, okay? oh, no, no, no, no, but, listen,
11:32 pm
if i had to choose someone to poke me, it would be you... but don't poke me. okay? all right, here, you go first. okay. all right, very good. try again. okay, all right, take -- yeah, all right. take your time. okay, all right, well, that -- that's, uh, all right. that's an interesting technique. all right! very nice! okay. okay. very good. thank you. okay. [ hits ball into cup ] hey, bravo, 'berto! very good. thank you, thank you. aah! ooh, i like. so, you two having a good time?
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yeah, a blast. things are fantastic. did, uh, you two do the, uh... the what? the huckle-buckle? why don't you mind your own business? oh, come on, i'm married, man. i don't even huckle. here you go. hey, suzy, i got that. really? hey, nemo, frank's picking up a tab. don't take a check from him. hey, don't embarrass me in front of my international guests, all right? i'm buying. hey, youwo, we're splitting this. see what i'm saying? grazie. i want tsay something. i come to america take care for stefania, but i also dream always to come to this country,
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and it is like i dream. i like the people, i like the life here very much... with the large drinks and so much ice. and i have to say, did not like so much this one. but now i do. and i know stefania do. so what i tell you now is, we stay. what? wh-where? here -- lynbrook, america. that's cool. it's great surprise, no? uh, yeah. yeah! yeah, great surprise. but you just can't live here. i mean, what will you do...sir?


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