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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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was injured but he was talking when they were pulling him out of the hole. they had to bring in crews to help get the worker out of the hole. we try to learn more about the injuries the construction worker suffer smed. a construction site on west main street in gastonia. hope everyone is ok there. >> we will let you monitor that and let us know if you get new information. >> snowflakes falling in the mountains. live look at king street in boone via resort and people can feel the bitter temperatures by a biting wind. lyndsay tapases in the first alert weather center. >> and that wind-chill advisory goes back into effect tonight. it's 15 in boone and it looks like the warmest they got was 16 all afternoon you have not made it out of the teens up in the mountains.
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out of the 30s. morganton and hickory and charlotte we are in the upper 30s. 37. 38 in albemarle and wadesboro. the warmest on the map right now. yes, that wind is adding that bite to the air. these are sustained winds 15-20-miles-per-hour in the mountains with the higher gusts. your wind-chills it feels like -2 in boone right n the low 20s on the 40 corridor. 28 is the wind-chill in charlotte in the middle part of the afternoon. that wind-chill as advisory back into effect tonight for ashe, watauga and avery counties and last through tomorrow morning. overnight and tomorrow morning the wind-chills can be as low as -15 above elevations above 3500 feet. we have more on this brutally cold forecast and an update on the storm headed our way for monday part of your first alert forecast in a few.
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take to get ready for below freezing temperatures. brody o'connell joins us live braving the chill in charlotte. we do not see this a lot so it is a good idea to go over some of these things. >> you are right, jamie and fortunately, the sun poked out. temperatures they will dive when that sun goes down. i was talking to meteorologist chris larson and it's not just overnight that it will be cold it will last through the weekend. temperatures well below the average for february. so went around town today and talked to different businesses getting ready for the cold weather. at michael and son they are expecting a spike in business with heating and cooling issues obviously as well plumbing. when you have piping in the cold weather things can go bad. take precautions there. more on that at 5:00 p.m. and a lot of people are bundled up ready to go. but i went to crisis assistance there is a good population in
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pay their bills and it will be extremely cold. keep that in mind if you are having trouble reach out to crisis assistance before the cold weather gets really bad with the lows. and something easy to forget... your pets. do not leave them out overnight. it can be dangerous and deadly to leave your pets outside for too long. >> like humans from frostbite we can get sick. pets can get sick. you want to consult with your veterinarian. >> and if you have a cute dog sweaters this is the week to bust it out. and tips we will go through everybody said look it's common sense but it is a good reminder because the home damages can cost thousands of dollars if you have a pipe burst. the tips that you need to know
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at 5:00 p.m. brody o'connell wbtv on your side. >> now is the time to download the weather app so you can track the winter storm with the first-alert weather team it is free in the app store. north carolina governor mccrory tweeted out a photo from this car crash after the super bowl sunday. the back of his vehicle smashed up here. he says he is glad he was wearing a seatbelt. highway patrol said a mercedes rear ended the governor's vehicle after leaving the stadium sunday. >> we are on your side this afternoon offering you help with your financial questions. our credit counselors are standing by right now. wbtv's kristen miranda joins us live with the experts kristen is this help free? >> it is absolutely free and i encourage people to take advantage of this opportunity it is and an opportunity to have answered. the folks from clear point have
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here until 6:30 answering your questions anything that you might have about what to do about your tax refund the payment you have to pay, how to get rid of your holiday debt, what to do about medical debt? they have the advice for you. and this is an opportunity that you should take. because these folks are working for you today. they are ready and armed with the information that you need to answer those questions and all you have to do is call... i will be here with them until 6:30 tonight. >> we will check in with you again. >> first at in our alabama health officials confirmed the state's first travel-related case of the zika virus. cases have been confirmed in 12 states. zika is spread by mosquito is somethinged of caution a birth defect. >> the presidential race turnpikes its attention to south carolina following the primary in new hampshire.
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overwhelming win over hillary clinton and donald trump dominated the republican primary getting 35% of the vote. trump appeared on cbs and said his popularity will tip to grow. >> tonight i'm going to south carolina and we will have 10,000 people. >> and new jersey governor chris christie is expected to dropout of the race. carly fiorina announced she suspended her campaign today. tomorrow, ted cruz, donald trump, marco rubio and ben carson are said to take part in the carolina values summit. the event is 6-9:00 p.m. free and open to the public. >> and they left new hampshire thinking they were coming south for warm weather. let's update the traffic with tonya rivens. >> good afternoon yourk first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in on i-77, volume building southbound. this is by tyvola road.
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accident at 485 outer and south boulevard. park road is a great alternate route. you may notice volume building on pineville matthews archbishop 485. however, as we look around on our mapping system, let's go back to the last slide here, no other problems around south boulevard and 485. back to you. >> thank you. we have seen the skyscrapers go up but could we see sandy
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too? a in/x charl wete heaining nds and weesl see what happens. >> a love story that survived yfnearly 70 years and more than 10,000 miles. >> the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >> next how thenternet brought them back together in time for valentine's day. >> and the cold not letting up we have the wind-chills in the 20s right now. subzero in the mountains.
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winter storm for early nextow]5o^ police just gave us photos of a bank robber in ballantyne. charlotte-mecklenburw').g police say this is the man that robbed the first citizens bank on john topps.ahgw >> and back to the other developing story the rescue in gastonia. alex giles live in the alert center. >> good news. looks like that construction worker nonlife-threatening injuries. pulled up on twitter from the
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twitter page. thatioker t hauled up by firefighters strapped in on the stretcher there. he has his face covered as well. jumped through the photos here from the fire department. nonlife-threatening injuries. that is very good in that situation. we will keep checking to see if there's developments on the story. >> great work by the rescue crews. >> in time for valentine's day a love story. >> a 93-year-old world war ii veteran reunited with his wartime girlfriend. the internet helped bringing the two together. maureen o'boyle shares their story first at 4:00. >> if slough patient. >> -- >> is love is patient. >> then they could be the definition of true love.
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>> norwood and joyce embraced each other for the first time in more than 70 years tuesday. the two met in london before d day when the war ended he returned to the u.s. and she moved to australia. the flame never died. >> oh, he was full of fun. full of fun. he is a cheeky fella. >> between mailed love letters and a botched marriage proposal, norwood and joyce lost touch. then technology rekindled the flame. >> yes i'm here. >> the two reconnected over skype late last year after one of joyce's sons found norwood in an article about d day. when word about their virtual reunion went public hundreds of people donated money to ensure the couple reunited in person. >> most wonderful thing that could have happened to me.
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indication the couple will enjoy a special valentine's day together. >> to find somebody who loves you and you love them the latter years of your life it would rather be special, wouldn't it? >> true love overcomes space and time. maureen o'boyle wbtv on your side. >> cool. >> she was giggling like a teenager. >> and it doesn't matter if you are 93 or 16 you have those nervous feelings. >> love will that that to you. >> and check in with tonya faring. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. we have a situation i-77 north by west boulevard. now three police are on the scene and this is an accident but possibly something else is shoulder. what is resulted in this
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heeun west boulevard. we are talking about six miles of stop-and-go traffic that is a lot of congestion i-77 northbound. and again, looking at that that looks like police activity on that exit right there. back to you. >> thank you. and in the first alert forecast our team of meteorologists continues to track the snow in the north carolina mountains. this is the college in banner elk from resort you can see snow covering the campus, steve ohnesorge tweeted out a picture talking about it's beautiful but man it's cold. >> hard to enjoy it with the wind-chills. >> and you can especially in the mountains you cannot spend much time-out side if you are not completely covered with the wind-chill it is can be dangerous especially tonight and into tomorrow morning that
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ioffwe maybel get into the low 40s and the nt two day along tetream treas enbeatchf ono wking rougth parts of the midwest. locally, as far as accumulating snow is concerned it started to wind-down a little bit.
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but as far as accumulating snow for the time being it's taking a break right now. and outside of the mountains we've got cloudy areas but that is it. although the snow showers will continue in the mountains over the next two days we are not looking for huge accumulations. here we are fast forwarding the clock tomorrow 1:00 p.m. sunshine and it is a's not going to do much for the temperatures. and friday more snow into the mountains as well. additional accumulation this is going out 48 hours between thursday and friday, again perhaps another inch or two on top of what you have seen. the ski resorts have been loving it. and you will continue to have more your way over the weekend. and with the storm next week. it's cold up until monday and that is the president's day issue that we are watching. a little bit of snow changing to
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will be fine-tuning that forecast but watch to go for you that that could cause disruptive weather on monday of next week. up until that point it's just cold especially this weekend with highs back into the 30s and lows in the teens. back to you. >> those low temperatures gets your attention. experts are live in the studios answering your financial questions. if you want to talk to a credit counselor free of charge call the number on your screen. >> and a bout of cancer for one
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for just $9.99. online only. at papajohns.comq3 time for your "daily detour." here we go. >> hugh jackman revealed another bout with skin cancer warning fans wear your sunscreen. the actor posted this photo showing a bandage over his nose. the caption: an example what happens when you do not use sunscreen. use sunscreen and get checkups. he has been treated three times for a basil cell carcinoma. and he is getting it checked and taken care of. >> you may not see the long-winded acceptance speeches at the academy awards. they are introducing the oscar scroll.
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submit a list that will scroll across the screen. by doing that winners can use the time to deliver a more heartfelt speech when you are in that moment and you forget your agent of 15 years or your spouse god forbid. >> none of us know who you are talking about anyway. >> we'e' see how this goes. if it's your moment you might pull a henson y'all going to wait. >> fire up the music all you want. i'm still talking. >> will smith got candid about his teenagers when asked about his forms of artistic expression he joked quote, i think it might have been a mistake. they are the new face modeling in skirts. although his kids have free rain
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that campaign got a lot of tongues waggi. >> hivly duff and her ex-husband nailed co-parenting. they posted this picture. family first. and back the two are on vacation days after finalizing their divorce. >> ham it up for the cameras. and more news ahead a controversial topic has parents voicing their opinions to the charlotte-mecklenburg school board. >> why they are concerned about
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just >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> our first-alert weather team tracking snow in the mountains and another system that could bring snow and freezing rain to charlotte. welcome back. i'm jamie boll. >> i'm brigida mack. glad you are with us. that will get your attention. a live look from appalachian ski mountain where folks are taking advantage of the snow. employees have not had to turn on the snow machines. but we are monitoring another winter storm that could hits thre> few days away. lyndsay tapases joins us in the first alert weather center. >> we have had the cold air in
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air through the weekend and once you add moisture on top of that cold air when we can see issues. in the short-term we are concerned about bitter cold wind-chills especially in the mountains. it's feeling like -3 in boone and the rest of us have the wind-chills in the 20s. and air temperatures, we never made it out of the 30s today. east of the mountains. and in the mountains you never made it out of the teens. it's 15 for the air temperature in boone right now. 37 in charlotte. the numbers will drop off quickly through the evening as we put future-cast temperatures in motion. 8:00 p.m. we could be down into the 20s and in the charlotte area. and then we will continue to fall from there. lows will be down into the teens. 18 for your wake up temperature for first thing on thursday morning. so it is going to be a brutally cold start and a wind-chill advisory will go into effect for the mountains starting at 10:00
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and it could feel as low with
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