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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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always on. i.good evening. another big announcement out of the primaries tonight, jeb bush has suspended his campaign. the announcement comes after a
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palmetto state today. >> reporter: he made the announcement he was spending his campaign for president and addressed his supporters tonight after he placed a dence assistant fourth. now following that announcement, many republicans are praising the florida governor for leaving the race saying he's putting the prospect of the party and beating donald trump -- >> i want to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans rise up and reach their god given potential. but the people of new hampshire
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and i really respect their positions so i will spend my -- suspended my campaign. >> we'll break down the numbers later. donald trump claimed victory in all but two of the palmetto state counties. >> reporter: this was race that was tightening and the voters went to the polls this morning.
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south carolina. >>. >> right1: to congratulate the other candidates. ted and marco did a really good job. >> supporters cheered when jeb bush announced he was dropping from the race. >> stops in -- stops in nevada are in his plans next week. >> this is the most exciting race i've seen since i was born. i want him to come out and see
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>> tonight he's spating where supporters. >> let's put this thing away and make america great again. thank you very much. >> ben carson finished near the bottom of the race. he said he would stay in this race. he said that again tonight. >> thanks. for ted cruz and marco rubio, a strong finish. on march 1, almost 600 delegates are at stake. rubio says he's confident he'll come out on top. >> the 21st century conservative movement is the son of a bartender and a paid in cuba who is one step closer to being the next president of america. >> he said it is also a three
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hillary clinton comes up golden in the golden state. she beat bernie sanders in nevada's caucuses in nevada. next up for the democrats, a dozen states will vote on super tuesday, three days later on march 1. it's a beautiful night in the queen city and if you were outside tonight starting to feel a little more like spring, but how much will it last. >> it will last the weekend, let's take care of that. we have half the weekend to enjoy. we have temperatures still pretty mild weapon we don't have any rain falling.
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tonight. we have the clouds and humidity, so those two kind of cancel each other out. here is what it does looks like temperature wise hiding into the next several hours. mid-40s. back to 52 degrees by 5 a.m. just as the sun is coming out we may hit the lower 40s. tomorrow it gets even warmer than today. there could be rain in the forecast. details a little bit. in the past 10 days the thieves are waiting for firefighters to go to sleep or respond to an emergency, damaging the cars, then stealing
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>> reporter: steve, several neighbors here are outraged. firefighters who save lives for a living. all eyes will be on the local fire department. >> i don't really know why's they don't have respect. >> reporter: those are questions left that people are asking. in a city like huntersville, whose support can be seen at the neighborhood bar for the fire -- fire department. -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> it's like, you know, you come back and your car is broken into. >> reporter: in the past week thieves have also car get other stations. >> it's like people breaking
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>> reporter: these crimes have made neighbors feel charitable themselves. they have received phone calls from neighbors asking how they can help. >> the overwhelming -- overwhelming message is how can i help out. it's taken a bad position and made it better. >> gladly no one has been hurt. what's going to happen when the firemenen counter these people breaking into their automobiles. >> reporter: until the thieves are caught people will keep a close eye on the fire station. >> if you see someone go car to car, that's not someone losing their keys. that's someone doing something. >> reporter: no word on whether the two most recently break-ins are related to break-ins from earlier in the week, but investigators are still
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> a very mild today. 66 degrees in the charlotte air. the forecast for the next couple days, especially your sunny, though. that one i think you're going to
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we continue with our
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donald trump sweeping nearly every county in the palmetto state. >> reporter: we first wanted to show you just how closing that race between marco rubio and ted cruz is. this is the live page for the unofficial lexington return: what that means, many on twitter and sounding off. now the race turns to nevada and super tuesday. they head to the polls this
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then super tuesday march 1. we'll see if marco rubio can become the front and center established candidate. >> that political drama kings. a gaston county girl honors her friend by organizing organ donations. her friend was killed last summer. all the money raised will go to the foundation, a nonprofit her mom recently made. it's been a great opportunity for the family.
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>> it helps a lot i hope we can reach out to have people become organ donors as well. this weather, will the warmth keep on giving? >> we're not done yet. the little taste of spring heading into your day tomorrow won't last forever but it should last into the weekend. we have mainly cloudy most of the day. here is your tower cam. certainly not a bad looking night outside. this is where we should be for a high temperature this time of year. 53 your temperature in shelby. it is warmer than it was this time last night. some areas almost five to 15 degrees below normal. it will get warmer heading into
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high pressure in place offshore. it's a warmer direction, a more humid directs so it's scooping up the warmer air and pulling it into our area. we had clause around. here is what it looking heading into tomorrow. upper 40s just as the sun is coming up. 52, that will be your 8 a.m. temperature. 66 and 68 degrees for a high temperature parking lot really warm, well, above the average high. 10 degrees above average. we do have a cold front just to the north of us. this is in the morning. that high-pressure system stays to the south of us. the second half of your day, the front still doesn't move
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we also have a better chance of rain tomorrow, especially in the highfst elevations. a new high-pressure system sets up. another chance ever showers comes down monday. wind comes out of the east a little bit more. chance of showers monday and a cooldown for the middle of next workweek. 68 your sunday high temperature. on monday, 61 is the high temperature. still not bad, still above average but certainly cooler than sunday. we have a chance of rain tuesday, 90% chance wednesday. we are going to dry it out by thursday, friday and saturday. temperatures aren't nearly going to be in the 60s anymore. back in the 50s for a couple days.
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>> that's what you should do. that's what i'm going to do. we have sports saturday night.
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night. > a lot of college basketball action. miami at duke. they're pumped up before this game, the fans. they're ready for the action, so let's talk about it. 13-13.
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follow dunk and he'll draw the foul making it 15-13 unc. knock down the long three-pointer cutting the tar hills lead. unc going to get the block and push it ahead to johnson. making it 71-42. running away with this one in the second half. nice, little roll there. the final won 96-71, unc. now to duke and louisville. shot clock wiping down. not a great pass. knocked down the deep three. going to step back. there's another three in the corner. another three to end the first half. allen has 191st half points. the second half, throwing the pass.
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it's the turnover. 54-49, blue defensively. duke up two. lewis going to miss the three. lee will stick to three to give louisville the lead 56-55. we go up one. going to get the pass on the wing. he would drain it from well beyond the arc. cardinals, second half. just going to lose their cool at this point. coach k not liking the plays. a technical for you there. he's on going to follow suit. he would get charged for that play. not happy about it. gave the ref an earful. technical for you, buddy. a floater that just won't fall.
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71-64, louisville. florida taking on south carolina. steve spurrier and his wife on hand for this one. michael with great position, get the rebound and put it back for two. later in the first half we're tied 30-30. knock down the three-pointer. here it is. putting them up by three. the second half, back and forth, a very close game. it will be tied up with 64. gulf coast not able to get a shot off. we're headed to overtime. 73 '-69 south carolina. clemson. edge out the tigers for a 77-74 win. 'next up will be unc on wednesday.
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for win one the tonight after breaking the record for most wins this week. the royals had a hard time finding the net. led the team with 14 points. the final score you, tough loss between 66-92.
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welcome back. nascar car in daytona. the truck race finished up last night. today it was extra infiniti.
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chase elliott. lead them down the back stretch. try and give it a run. coming off turn four, head for the checkered flag. there's contact with elliott, but would hold on to take the win. pga are in california. dustin johnson going to have a great approach over the tee. he would finish the day at 11 under. the 18th hole, rory going to make a tough par. he finished at 10 under. on the 18th hole after missing his approach shot, bubba bubba holds the lead at 12 under.
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that's so much for watching. jeff: hi. i'm chef jeff, and welcome to "flip my food." today we have some fantastic flips that turn ordinary sandwiches into something special. let's get in the kitchen,
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announcer: today on "flip my food," host chef jeff gets the best sandwich-makers in new orleans to share their secrets, from the surprising ingredient that makes grilled cheese unforgettable to tricks for making an amazing po'boy. [theme music plays] jeff: it's that time for an amazing sandwich, and my good friend chef diva dawg from new orleans, who's got the hot dog food truck, baby, is back in the kitchen with me. what you cooking for us today? diva: not only do i specialize in diva dawgs... jeff: ok. diva: but i specialize in my crabmeat grilled cheeses. jeff: ooh! party! no, everybody loves a great crab or meat or any type of grilled cheese. diva: love a grilled cheese. jeff: that's american food. diva: yes. jeff: let's go ahead and make this sandwich right here. all right, what do we got going on? talk to me. diva: well, this is how i normally make it. we have ou and, um, some pepperjack cheese. this gives it some spice here. jeff: ok. diva: i'm gonna add a little bit more crabmeat on top of this. i like to mix that up


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