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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ashton, any details about the victims? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. they have identified one of those three victims, they say one is her husband, giovanni, 40 years old. right now behind me you can see the investigators are still out here at the scene, they have been out here since before 8:00, i'll try to zoom in, it is a very dark neighborhood but you can see off there in the distance, if you can see, that is a gaston county pd truck up there. i haven't seen police going in and out kind of a shed area in the backside of the home, alexis-lucia road bringing out evidence from the scene. i did mention one victim has been identified, the other two found in the house has not been identified. around 8:00 gaston county police
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alexis-lucia road, for a welfare check. three adults were dead from apparent gunshot wound. police believe the other two were visiting. crystal gambino was arrested later in stanley, was charged with first degree murder in the death without bond. more charges are expected to come after the other two victims have been identified. i'll be out here as soon as i get updates, i'll update you on air and online at reporting live in alexis, ashton pellom p, wbtv on your side. >> christine: another breaking news story we're watching in north charlotte after a woman was shot. this is a live look from that scene on griers grove road, our mark davenport first to break the story bringing us live
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learn the woman's condition. if police are pursuing any suspects. we will update you on the air and online at and check in with mark in a few minutes. right now we want to go to meteorologist al conklin to give you an early first look at the forecast. >> al: a little colder than yesterday morning, you look at big map you can see we have dry conditions across the carolinas, there is rain across the middle part of the country. snow north of chicago, that will arrive here late today. we'll start off with a decent amount of sunshine, mostly clear skies, a few clouds right now, dry in center city charlotte, well. current temperature, 47 charlotte, kind of the warm spot, 41 wadesboro, 42 hickory, shelby, 37 in salisbury, 44 in boone. gradual increase in cloud cover, eventually rain gets in here, for most of us that is after
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48 here this morning, 65 lunch time, 69 late this afternoon. this will be the last of the real warm weather, we'll tumble in the more seasonal 50s the next several days going forward. i'll break that down in the seven day forecast. back to you. >> christine: al, thank you. we are working to learn about the man who rushed to save a couple from cleveland county moments after their house eggs exploded. on sunday night a pick-up driver failed to make a turn crashed in a propane tank outside a home. moments later the home blew up killing jb and naomi newton. the fire did not stop neighbors and a stranger from running to pull them out. our coleen harry has the story. >> reporter: the driver told me hes doesn't want to talk about what happened. 24 hours ago a mad scramble to rescue the couple who lived in the house. tonight, we're hearing stories
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the flames to try to help. >> loud commotion like a dumpster being dumped, and it was the truck hitting the house, stuck my head out the door saw the truck called 911. >> reporter: you can still see how the word "emergency" was an under statement. people drawn to the scene wonder what could have caused the driver to go off the road. jerry smith says he spoke with the driver at the scene. >> i gave him my jacket i said what happened? he said i went to sleep. >> reporter: moments after the driver hit the propane tank, chris weaver felt he had to help. >> reporter: a couple inside the house. >> i was yelling waving go out of the back of the house, go out the back of the house, she heard me, she turned around, made two steps and the house blew up. >> the flames shot up in the air. >> you see the movies and the great explosions and you see it 35 feet in front of you. >> about the time the explosion
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>> he jumps out of the car without one hesitation, runs in the flames. we go in after him. he got mr. newton out first and when we got him across the road, he was coming around the corner with the lady on his shoulder, carrying her. >> no one knows who that was, they never saw him in the small town before. now, fallton is waiting for answers. >> the driver stayed when i got to him at the road, he fell asleep at the wheel. and i fell asleep, i fell asleep, oh god, i feel asleep. later on sort are write on the story changed he was dodging a deer. a stranger was driving along and ran out of his truck to go help, he later only identified himself as an ex-marine. also a next door neighbor, a 20-year-old wants to go by justin, he ran inside, too, molly grantham talk to him over
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>> naomi said you heard her last words. >> yes, "is my husband okay" she said yes, tell him i love him and i went to tell jd that, when i did he said tell my wife i love her. so i went over and told her that and i was carrying the conversation between both of them. >> jb and naomi later died at the hospital. five minutes apart from one another. there will be a community gathering tonight at the fallton baptist church to pray for the family and the first responders working the case tonight at 7:00 at the church in lawndale. ron carlee plans to resign but will likely stay past his contract. city officials announced carly has agreed to serve through the end of the 2017 budget process. his contract ends at the end of march, not clear how long the budget will take.
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action on this decision in two weeks. >> christine: a student at unc charlotte has been diagnosed with the mumps. university leaders say the student lives off campus and is in isolation at home. the health department says there are three total cases of mumps in the county and four more possible cases. a school in matthews will remain closed today as officials look into a possible case of the norovirus. covenant day school closed yesterday, after 50 faculty members became sick with norovirus-like symptoms. officials with the mecklenburg county health department told wbtv this all started friday evening, when about 70 staff members had a catered dinner from jersey mikes on matthews township parkway. only faculty infected, no students. official tests will be back by the end of the week. we'll keep you posted. looking ahead three men accused of shooting up this van in uptown charlotte will appear
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police say howard wright, dereke bolton and kevin thompson used several guns including ak-47 to fire 40 to 50 shots in cars and a lobby on south caldwell street. the men were in town for the ciaa tournament, the ciaa commissioner tells us the con fences are is working with police to work out ways to enhance security especially at unsanctioned events. a man accused of killing a prominent business owner in charlotte is expected to be in court. kevin dejesus was ex extradited, he shot and killed jesse campbell in campbell's home near lake wylie in january, officials say. campbell owned a green house in south end. north carolina governor pat mccrory will not call lawmakers back to a special session to address charlotte's controversial non-discrimination ordinance.
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protectionses to lgbt community including which bathroom they use. according to the news and observer in raleigh everybody the governor says lawmakers will take up the issue in a regular session which starts april 25th. he is pushing for lawmakers to overturn the ordinance, mccrory is concerned about the financial cost of a special session which is $42,000 a day. today is a big day for the candidateth running for president. a look ahead to the states holding super tuesday primaries
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we'll be right back. >> christine: it is 4:42, right now, and looking in the alert center here, kristen miranda has been in the early morning hours getting you headlines just hitting the wires, we'll check with her in the alert center in a moment as news is coming in. about a dozen states will hold primaries for caucuses today in the super tuesday races. as wbtv anchor paul cameron reports, republican front runner donald trump spent yesterday fending off attacks from other candidates. >> reporter: donald trump came under heavy fire for failing to disavow an endorsement from ku klux klan leader david duke during a sunday talk show. protests from black lives matter
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>> all lives matter. >> he took hits from candidates from both sides of the aisle. >> there is no place for bigotry, prejudice, david duke or ku klux klan in the republican party. >> we have to pay attention what is said because everybody else in the world pays attention. >> bernie sanders called trump a hatemonger who refuses to condemn the kkk. >> please come out and vote. >> there are a dozen contests on super tuesday. texas senator ted cruz is counting on his home state to give him a badly-needed boost. texas is the biggest prize. republicans competing more than 150 delegates while more than 200 are up for grabs on the democratic side. voters are are concerned about jobs and the economy. >> i guess i would be considered the middle class and we always take the bump. >> no one is expected to clinch the nomination tuesday. clinton and trump could pick up
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>> that was paul cameron reporting. voters will choose half the required number of delegates needed for the republican nomination and a third of the delegates need forward the democratic nomination. stay with us, still ahead here on wbtv news this morning, search otherwise for the people who committed two robberies near northlake mall, why they may be hard to find.
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charlotte-mecklenb charlotte-mecklenb urg police looking for whoever committed at least two robberies near northlake mall, happened hours apart over the weekend. alex giles talk to one victim who said even though it happened in a populated area, she doesn't think cameras caught the incident on tape. >> reporter: it was nearing 7:00 saturday night when angel townsend and her boyfriend were leaving macy's, in their car ready to leave, another vehicle pulled up behind them, a man got out of the car started talking to them. >> okay, all right, all right, well, i'm going to get your wallets phones and cash, he put the gun in the window. >> they were being robbed in a mall parking lot before dinnertime. >> very surprising. i was like are you serious, this is happening? it happened so fast.
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suspect took more than $50 and drove off with another person. she was left spooked. >> i was in tears as we were leaving the mall, i was so shaken up. >> northlake mall was in the news with a fatal shooting christmas eve. another man shot outside target. a shopper says the latest robbery is surprising. >> you don't think it would happen at a busy town and it could happen to you. kind of frightening. >> you never think of it happening to you, you don't wish on it anybody but you never see it coming. >> that was alex giles reporting there for us. if you were at the mall saturday, and any you may have seen anything related to this crime, contact police. the victim says the robbers were or two men in a dark colored four-door sedan may have been an acura. a live look at 4:49 at uptown charlotte, great shot of the skyline as we start our
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of the month of march. maybe we'll feel spring-like temperatures? meteorologist al conklin giving you a look at first alert weather. >> al: right now, christine show you the five sweeps of power doppler radar, we're pretty quiet at the moment, not much more than a couple clouds out there but as we widen this out and head back toward the west. what we have going on is a little bit of a frontal system heading in our direction. as it does, that will bring us an opportunity for some showers. now, having said that, most of this will come in after the sun goes down for the vast majority of us. that said you may be one or two showers in the mountains this afternoon, this is a long way away, area of low pressure will be progressing eastward. a gradual increase in cloud cover going through the day. start off with a decent amount of sunshine, clear skies for the most part, here in the university city area, likely in your neighborhood as well. a couple clouds out there. current temperature, 47, a little cooler than yesterday
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not much of a breeze. that will be picking up here this afternoon and certainly tomorrow behind the front we look to have a windy day. 40 in jefferson, as close by as boone and morganton, 31, 41 shelby, 37 in concord, 37 in albermarle, 44 in monroe, 42 in rock hill, south carolina. so, starting off mostly sunny, 48 degrees, warm in the 60s in fact middle 60s expected toward lunch time, partly sunny skies, by late this afternoon mostly cloudy, by then a 20% chance of a shower, mainly going to be west of town. here we go as we go through time, this is noon today, still enjoying a good deal of sunshine well in advance of the front, still back to the west of us, as it moves in tonight, we get the showers and perhaps even a couple of gusty thunderstorms, not out of the realm of possibility and that front will push eastward through the overnight hours, followed by drier high pressure that will be thursday. thursday during the daylight hours, by thursday night, already looking at the next
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coming in again from the west, that will bring us another opportunity for showers, but they should be out of here quickly on friday, and with dry upcoming weekend. here is how the precipitation chances go, not much during the day today, up high as we go in tonight, obviously will rain, then we dry back out for tuesday and wednesday. heading in friday, though, and thursday, we get more showers, then we push out with the rain going in the weekend. as far as temperatures go, warm on the edges, 68 degrees today, in the 50s for several days, at least four days before we rebound on sunday and in monday, by tuesday we could be close to 70. yesterday we hit 74 degrees. not a record but boy, was nice out there. the seven day forecast, front moves in, dry during the daylight hours, 30% chance of rain during the day as we go in tonight, like an 80% chance of showers and thunderstorms. we get the next front to come in not so much thursday, but
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friday, and then saturday we're dry, seasonal, sunday, 62, up to 66 on monday. that is the forecast christine, see you at the top of the hour. the charlotte knights looking for a few good singers. we'll take you inside their auditions for someone to sing the national anthem, that's coming up. wbtv is always on your side in your community, we'll be
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5:00. >> christine: nascar ceo is endorsing donald trump. brian france and alongside trump at a rally in southern georgia. france point to his success in business and his personal life. >> any of his children you would be proud to have them as part of your family that is how i judge a winner how someone manages their family. >> bill elliott was there supporting trump. singers were uptown to audition to sing the national anthem at bb&t ballpark for the charlotte knights games. [ music ] >> people came out to the queen city to give their best rendition of the spar stang he'lledstar spangledbanner, we asked about singing in front of thousands of people. >> it would be amaze, i have been there a few times, i saw a student sing it was amazing.
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2016 home opener thursday, april 14th. a little more than a month away. at the top of the hour, a lot to cover, we continue to follow breaking news in the investigation of a triple homicide, the charges one person is already facing in the case that is coming up in a live report, al? >> al: no rain out there right now but there is rain in the forecast i'll let you know when it arrives and more importantly when it pulls out. the seven day forecast straight ahead. chris? >> chris: al, keeping a close eye on tuesday morning commute, i will tell you about one early morning road closure, already underway this morning. we'll keep an eye on the rush hour traffic as well. kristen? >> kristen: new video of thousands of migrants stranded right now and unexpected visitor
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come up from the alert (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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wbtv news starts right now with breaking news. >> christine: on your side following two breaking news stories. right now charlotte-mecklenburg police searching for the person who shot a woman in the head. this is a live look at the scene near beaties ford road. they are on griers grove road at the townhomes right now. we just learned cmpd is blocking off roads and working three scenes to investigate this one case. we'll have more details in a live report in a few minutes. >> john: also following breaking news out of gaston county, as authorities are investigating a triple homicide, last night police found the bodies of three people at a home in alexis. >> 42-year-old crystal gambino charged with murder in the death of one of the victims, her husband, 40-year-old giovanni gambino. wbtv's ashton pellom live in gaston county, ashton, what do you know so far about the other victims? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. the other two victims have not
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only thing police are telling us is allle three of those victims were found shot in this home on alexis-lucia road. i'll step out of the way you can't really see because it is dark but there are investigators out here on the scene, out here since shortly after 8:00, last night. we have crime scene investigators in a wooded area beside the house like a shed area. seeing them taking evidence bags from their cars and also seen investigators going in and out of the home this morning. let's take to you video i shot overnight here around 8:00 last night, gaston county police called to the home in alexis-lucia road in alexis because a concerned family member asked police to check the welfare of the people in the residence. police found the three adults who died from apparent gunshot wound in the house. one of those victims have been identified, his name is giovanni gambino, he lived in the home and police are trying to identify the other victims in this case but they believe they


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